I am blessed….I need to say that again, I am blessed!


When I saw this truck I melted (it was pictured in the SAB Catalog) ….and as much as I knew I wanted to see it made in person, I knew that I did not have the talent, patience and time…so the LIGHT-BULB went off and I shot my dear friend and customer an email to see if she was up for the challenge!

Game ON as she was excited  😀  and in the mail went the stamp set to her! Mary Ann has sooooo much talent as she is one that often (really just about daily) leaves a comment and it is a GOAL for me to meet her one day!

This SUPER FUN food truck was made with the SAB FREEBIE stamp set, Tasty Trucks. I it is just adorable and even better…. is is free. I shared with you last week about a BUCKET LIST and true, I would LOVE to have a food truck! I have it all planned out in my head! 😀 In the adorable note that Mary Ann wrote to me, I burst out laughing when she said….“You can now cross #2 off your Bucket List!”




Doesn’t this just make you smile? I admit, I have a cold…and I feel like my head is a bowling ball (and I rarely get sick) but when this was in my mailbox yesterday…it was the BEST pick-me-up one could ever have and I was soooooooo excited to share with you!

I do hope that you give Mary Ann some COMMENT LOVE and let’s hit it out of the park as this is OUT OF THE PARK! Please feel free to ask her some questions if you have some… I cannot credit the super patient person that came up with these but here you go!

(click below)

How to make the Food Truck

(Good LUCK – and maybe I need to give it a try – heck what’s more grey hairs sprouting!)

This was shared to the PALS from Mary….and again, I apologize that I cannot give proper credit to the patient person that created this – for some reason I think that these came from the home office!


Side view…..this is just a SMILE MAKER plus it had Hershey Kisses…..it doesn’t get much better than that!




If you read my comments when I respond, I often refer to Mary Ann as the Sheep herder…..below you will see why! She made this for me probably 2 years ago and it proudly sits at my work area so I can see it daily!

When I tried to recreate it….mine looked like Rod Stewart.… I can remember sending her a picture of mine…(she was complimentary to me but I knew it looked ridiculous)  and I will say it created a great laugh! I know that many of us do not do a bunch of 3-D’s but they are actually fun! Mary Ann has taught me to try……pop back tomorrow and you will see a “Susan 3 -D” – in a SIMPLE WAY!

My Truck will go right up in my work area and I will smile every day when I see it. I am really serious about having a food truck one day – We often have a dicussion about what to name my business – we all know my truck needs a name….any ideas? This is my vision….you all know that a “happy place” for me is being at Horse Shows…well most of the shows that we go to have food trucks .

I told John that this just makes sense….I could have a food truck – help pay the expenses of the horses being shown…I would be in HOG HEAVEN….(sorry Daisey) as I could take care of many of my loves…..COOKING….BEING WITH PEOPLE…..BEING WITH HORSES AND DOGS….I COULD SCRAP IN THE DOWN TIMES….heck – I should have a mini studio built on the end of the truck!





This is how sweet Mary Ann is….one for me and one for my dear friend, Jeanie (now she is also super talented with 3-D’s and I am sure when she gets her paws on this truck ~ she will make one as well!).….she will cherish it as much as I do!




This food truck means the world to me because it reminds me of the fun and friendship I have gained by becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. It’s hard to put into words as most of my local friends simply “don’t get it”…but I will say John and the peeps know many of you by name because I talk often of you.

I started this fun just about 5 years ago to get a discount and then I was going to do nothing…..cause it really is as easy as that….but I sure am glad that I stuck around because the friendship and sheer inspiration of this wonderful journey is the best….

I would LOVE for you to be on it with me…..email me and I will be glad to share with you how easy it is and how you truly have nothing to lose…no obligations to sell and the great thing…you get a discount each and every time you want something! 🙂


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