I say HIP…HIP HOORAY for many reasons!

Today John and I are probably on a plane going to see Will for his 30th Birthday….my oldest is turning 30 and the family is going to celebrate. Hannah’s flight get in about 30 minutes after us (which we are thankful for as it is GREAT to have a “young one that is tech savvy” to help her dear parents figure out driving in the city!)

Next….I think that this is a fabulous stamp set….I know that I blogged about it before and I am sure that you have seen many posts using it …WHY DO I LOVE IT???…..the font – it is classic and just so fun with the watercolor splash behind it – brilliant move Stampin’ Up! as it is a sentiment that can be used for many cards we make!

Lastly, I love that I am using the Whisper White Note-cards! True, you could easily adapt this to a regular A-2 card but I just think that these are the BEST bang for your buck! 20 Cards and 20 Envelopes for just $6.00 – YEP, works for me! 🙂





I just love blues and yellows together, how about you? I think that we all have our “go to favorites” and I just seem to like this color combination. So Saffron is BY FAR my favorite yellow that we have as it is a color that works with Bright and Bold colors but then you can pair it with something completely different and it is super soothing.





I just have to share with you the measurements as I think that this is one of those cards that you are going to want to case! It is super simple yet it has an impact that gravitates you to making it!

Naturally you can change up the colors etc…and I will say  – this is one for the masses as what a sweet card to keep on hand, “just in case”






  • The white piece that I stamped the sentiment on is 3 5/8″ X 2 1/2″ stamping in Pacific Point
  • The So Saffron Mat it s “smidge” larger, 3 3/4″ X 2 5/8″
  • The fun Polka Dot is 1″ wide and then matted in So Saffron that is 1 1/4″
  • I “lifted up” the sentiment part to make is POP!!!






Here is the picture for the future…..PIN away but please do not forget that this stamp set, along with all of the other SAB Items are only available with an order of $50.00 and just through March 31st!

I have to tell you, as a Demonstrator I get equally as giddy as you all do with this time of the year! The home office always does a fantastic job of picking “keepers” to get us through the long winter months!





Enjoy your day today! WOW – the East Coast is have some AMAZING weather and YEP, I’ll take it. I admit, it was like an act of God to try to leave for 2 days with my 4 legged friends….

Our AMAZING dog…horse….pig…donkey and oh yes – house sitter moved away and I miss her so…actually for many reasons – a super young lady! We have called in the troops and have our bases covered – there are people that are great with dogs….but know nothing about horses and vice-versa but we have all of the bases covered and are ready to have FUN with the peeps!

I will see you tomorrow – I am a girl scout and I am prepared for you all over the weekend! We will be “mixing up” a storm!




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