Good morning! Boy, do I have a super fast card for you and yep, it is from a hostess stamp set but do you realize that a hostess stamp set is soooo doable? I know….I know…..Stampin’ Up! makes these stamps so darn tootin’ cute for you to want them…really want them and then you feel like – “That is just for those people that have parties”


NO, that is NOT TRUE!

This stamp set, Pun Intended is a great and versatile stamp set… it is fun, whimsical and still classic! There are several ways that you can earn this stamp set and do you see…it is just $9.50 😀

If you have an order that exceeds $150.00 that allows you to earn hostess earnings and yep, you could choose to purchase this with your earnings and just think – (you would also quality for 3 SAB items)

You can contact me for your own Hostess Code and then share that code with family and friends all over and when they order, they use that specific code you give them and then you can watch your event sales grow to allow you to earn FREEBIES.

The best thing is with this is Stampin’ Up! ships their product directly to them…so you can have a friend that lives on the other side of the country and still have your event successful!




You really do not need me for this card, but you will get a wee bit of me! This is one of those cards that I call a “formula”WHY???? Easy – it is basic, it is clean, it can be used over and over and no one would ever say – “She always makes the same cards”

Again WHY???? By changing up the stamp, the DSP, the paper colors, the ink colors….you will have a totally different look and feel each and every time!




This DSP, Urban Underground is just one handsome collection of paper! I have used this so much. Look at the above picture, it might appear that I used a bunch of paper for layers but actually I did not!

The outside piece is just “5 x’s wide” – I was going for a clean and symmetrical look on the paper and then the black dot piece is just 1/4″ wide…because it is adhered so tightly against the other piece, it gives a visual that you layered one on the other.




Here you will see the other dimensions but did you notice the simple dots from a black pen to make the rather plain image have a bit of pizazz? You all know that I love my dots, my dashes etc….as I truly think that they are a super easy way to add a unique touch that cost nothing more of some extra time!




I want you to try this for a week….when you make projects, try to say – I am going to make it complete from beginning to end. What am I talking about? I am saying, look at the below picture and you will see what I do just about everyday – pull it all together by having my card and envelope work together!

If you do not have enough DSP…no biggie, how about stampin’ on the front of the envelope? You could have easily stamped this sentiment across the bottom of the envelope several times and trust me, whomever was receiving it would be so excited to see what was inside.

You could add a simple piece of Washi Tape across the back flap of the envelope…that would pull it together as well. I guess the point I am getting to is…..try to make your projects special with your own flair and signature ~ once you start doing this it just become automatic and that element of extra touches makes a difference!







This fun card could be sent to so many people in your life. It is one of those good old faithfuls that would be great to have on hand. We all have so many people that “light up our lives” in many ways and also for a variety of reasons.

Face it, we love to make cards…that’s why you are here looking at what I am up to today. I encourage you to make up multiple cards and send them randomly to people that least expect it – guess what???? Two things are going to happen...I PROMISE….

  1. You will make someones day 😀
  2. You will be proud of yourself because YOU will have this amazing feeling inside that you took the time so make a work of art from your heart and shared a special message to someone. 😀

Now go have a great day and I hope to see you tomorrow…..bring some Kleenex because I might touch your heart strings!



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