Wow….wasn’t hop yesterday SUPER SPRING fun? I hope that you all had time to hop 21 times as there was so much talent out there. My head is swimming with ideas and I am excited to do some CASING!

By now, you know that I love packaging as I think that it is the icing on the cake that truly makes a difference. I think many of you forget the great packaging products that we have.

Today I am using the Glassine Gift Bags ~ it is simple, I would never be without these bags as they are simply the best for my big cookies. My family likes (and makes comments to me if I change) BIG COOKIES and these bags are the perfect accent for 2 BIG cookies to fit into.

True, you could just go ahead and give them in the bag but I think that the way I did it today is SOOOOOO much more fun and special! Because I used glue dots to adhere the fun flowers, I bet you could easily pull them off and re-use them on a card! Sounds like a winner to me – what do you think?





I shared with you yesterday that I was going to be show casing this stamp set for the next 2 days….or I shall say – the bundle – Special Reason….as it is one special bundle. (I adore how the framelits cut out) and I also coupled it with one of my all time favorite thank you sets, One Big Meaning!





I used this stamp set last year for one of my Classes to GO! (kit in the mail) and it was a smile maker to me to pull it off the shelf for you! I think that it is important to have a couple great thank you sets, and this one is a keeper 🙂 I adore the fonts and whenever I see this….I smile – it fits the bill for many cards that we make…





The next 2 pictures will show you “up front and center” the details of today’s post. One thing that I will say all the time is…USE IT UP – if you have ribbon that is not current with Stampin’ Up!….guess what – USE IT UP…..This ribbon has been discontinued for make years but it still works…again, use it up!

In the 2nd picture you can see that I placed a piece of Washi Tape over the staple….again – USE IT UP! This is a quick and fun accent to make the fun sparkle…

It is truly about the little details that not only make it special but it also makes you feel great! Try it….you’ll be super happy.








You might be saying to yourself that this must be a pain to adhere….see the picture below and you will see the tip for you ~ LOVE THOSE GLUE DOTS!

Always tell yourself (as it is soooooo true) ~ there are many ways to get some accomplished without frustration!





I hope that this has inspired you to take an extra step in making someones day….cause’ I know it will….trust me! Enjoy the day!

It is truly amazing what we can do with crafting…stamping…creating  ~ let you talent shine as I know your efforts will make a difference to someone….GO FOR IT! 😀




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