Good Morning and Happy “Simple Saturday”. I am so excited or this weekend post. By now you know that I love to share stories and today I have some stories about why I am excited about this weekend post.

In May I will mark my 5th Anniversary with Stampin’ Up! and even though I was one of those…“get the kit and run” individuals, I am glad that I did not do that as this will make sense to you.

Last Saturday, Jeanie and I took a “road trip” to another wonderful Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator in Purcellville, Va. , Sharon Cline. It is ALWAYS a treat to go and see Sharon and even though she is not on my team or Jeanie’s….we met and instantly connected when we went to a fabulous workshop in Northern Virginia 2 years ago. The reason that I am sharing this with you is simple…the people you meet along this journey are the best – it simply does not matter who and where they are from because it is simple…we all love to stamp!

Sharon is always a ton of fun to be with and she has started a  “Technique Book” for her customers and Jeanie and I signed up for her workshop…so we were able to start a technique book. Today’s card is all about the “technique” that Sharon shared….paper piecing.

I have used this technique before and I adore it. (Do you all remember Vivid Vases single stamp???? Well it is still on Randall Lane and gets used hard with this technique). Tomorrow I will go into more detail about the ins and outs of the technique but today, we need to chat! (Trust me, the stepped up version might be worth it…just sayin’ “

Now to another great story….the making behind the Stamp Set Mediterranean Moments, this was the stamp set that was designed by Susan Nygaard. (I have hyper-linked to her name and I would read the fabulous story that will inspire you).


I am sorry – I did not realize that the link would not let you access is but I do want you to read it!

I had the pleasure and honor to hear her speak in Atlanta in October and let me tell you….she is an inspiration but she is also sooooooo darn funny – a total hoot!






When you become a Million Dollar SUD you get the opportunity to create a stamp set with the design team . This is Susan’s stamp set that she designed. It is a beautiful classic stamp set and I would wager to say that many of you think at 1st glance – this is too hard to watercolor.

This is my thoughts! 1st, you do not have to watercolor it (like I did today) but step back tomorrow and you will see how a simple touch will make it POP!







Below you will see the “mask” that I made to  make the card and tomorrow, I will go into deeper detail. The key to masking is to “make the mask” and then store it in the stamp case so you can use it over and over again!

If I were you…I would go to Pinterest and see all of the AMAZING ideas that people have created with these 2 stamp sets together. They truly are breathtaking and I will say…if you break it down and understand the technique, it really is easy but has a huge WOW factor.






Here is another “scoop” – this stamp set is being carried over for next year…..Beautiful You. This is a classic – and one that can be used with so many DSP’s and also for so may different themes of cards. There is something so “beautiful” about this stamp set…(DUH – maybe that’s why it is called Beautiful You)  😉 but truly, the ideas are endless with it.





One tip that I have for you and trust me, it was an “a ha moment” for me as Sharon was sooooo right. We used the Early Espresso Ink for the “lady” and I admit I would have used black (by habit) but this is still  dark but without the harshness of the black.

Isn’t it funny how we all get stuck on doing something just out of “habit” but when you do something else you stand back and say…wow, I like that!







The “Paper Piecing” came from some DSP in the Falling In Love Collection. Tomorrow we will go step by step in how to make the mask and also some tips along the way – (you know that I love to share my tips with you – that’s how we learn!)







This is the kind of card that looks hard but in the contrary, it is so easy and effective. When  you look at the supplies that I used, you will agree ~ it us very minimal. I also think using the Very Vanilla card stock as my base really gives a soft and subtle look for the total feel of the card.






Well I hope that this inspired you, actually I hope in many ways! Wasn’t that article about Susan Nygaard just the best. I simply cannot tell you how funny she is and wow – what an inspiration to be a full time Pharmacist and become a million dollar achiever….WOW – it goes to show you that anything can be achieved with a vision.





As the eighth person to achieve an astounding $1,000,000 in personal sales, Susan Nygaard has joined a group of elite demonstrators! We offer her a million congratulations and a collective high-five on reaching this mind-blowing milestone.

Susan, a senior manager from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a pharmacist by day and a stamper the rest of the time. Her husband Lance is no doubt celebrating with her. She shares, “He is always so thrilled for me when I achieve something at work or through Stampin’ Up! (and he loves the vacations).” He says the same thing to her every time she heads out, “Have fun, sell tons.”

For her, this journey has been one of self-discovery, filled with aha moments, charting goals, and-most importantly-being a positive influence for those around her.

Back in 1997 when a friend invited her to a workshop, Susan very adamantly told her that she was not interested in a new hobby. She shares, “Well, then she showed me the catalog, and ahem . . . suddenly, I was a little more interested in coming to her party.” You know where this is going . . . Susan ended up with a $260 order and before she left the workshop, turned to the demonstrator and said, “I want to do this.” And, boy has she done it!

Some of her early workshops included mopping the floor for a hostess, kids walking across the dining room table, and a $30 bounced check. Actually, that’s just one workshop! (Who’s been there before?) She took every experience in her early demonstratorship as an opportunity to learn and grow.

She shares, “It [went from] ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ to ‘I think I may have a plan,’ to ‘Focus, focus, focus,’ to ‘I am going to reach that goal if it kills me.’ Goal setting drives me–sometimes I write it down, but mostly I don’t have to. I visualize earning an award or reaching a milestone, and then I just do what I have to do to make it play out just as I envisioned it. Works every time.”

She hasn’t missed a convention since she started and remembers one time as she watched the top demonstrators walk across the stage; it suddenly hit her that she was only a few thousand dollars away from the number 10 spot. She set a goal, graphed it out on paper, and the next year she made it to number seven in sales! “I always wondered what it would feel like to sit in the front of the room at convention and hear my name called,” she recalls. “Well, it feels pretty darned good.

One of Susan’s greatest passions is to help others discover the joy of creating. She shares, “I love it when someone new comes to a workshop or party and immediately states ‘I am not creative.’ And I say, ‘Neither am I!’ Then, I show them how easy it is to create something without being creative, and I just love the look on their face when they realize they can do this. Such fun.” She takes it a step further by surprising her customers with little gifts or cards tucked into their orders.

Besides stamping, her customers love her workshops because she is hilarious! “If people are not falling off their chairs laughing, then I have not done my job. I use a lot of humor in my workshops. It breaks the ice, and everyone has a pleasurable experience that they won’t soon forget.” She adds, “I love taking them away for an hour or two to a place where they can forget about their troubles and just laugh and have fun.”

So what’s her advice to new demonstrators? “Take advantage of the strengths that you have and make those the focus of your business. If you’re creative, then show that off with a beautiful blog. If you have a head for business, then run your business to help support your family. It’s kind of like going to college, really. Sometimes you have to get in a few semesters before you are able to declare a major. Just try out a little of everything until you find your niche.”

The “million dollar” question is this: What are Susan’s thoughts about this achievement? “I think of the confidence I have gained, the friends I have made, the unforgettable experiences traveling around the country and the world, and the absolute joy that I experience when sitting down to show someone how to make something beautiful and lasting. It has been a privilege.” Well, said, Susan! You are an inspiration to all who are striving to reach goals, feel joy, and make a difference in the lives of others.

There’s no doubt that Susan is still busily planning her next fun-filled night of comedy and stamping. And we can almost see the face of her newest customer, lighting up with laughter and creativity! Keep it up, Susan. We’re cheering for you!


Isn’t that a wonderful inspiration for all of us to read! I say…WAY TO GO Susan….your vision and passion are amazing!

Have a great day but I do hope to see you back her tomorrow to see how I have “stepped it up” – heck – I think it already looks super special and I cannot tell you how easy it was. Here is that PAW PRINT for you to give a “high five” and get some goodies… is almost over!





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