Good morning! On Tuesday’s I like to share with you tips! You might be scratching your head saying….this is a card? Yep, you are right but I want to share with you a tip that totally GIVES YOU PERMISSION to get inspiration from others!

I cannot tell you how many time I hear, I just cannot come up with something of my own….and then I say – there is nothing wrong with CASEING (Copy And Share Everything) and getting inspiration from others….I do that…I hope that you do it and the way that I look at it is simple, it is a huge compliment to person that created it!

I will say that when a new catalog comes out – I go over it front to back…..then back to front….inside and out etc….but I will admit, I TOTALLY blew right past this bundle until I saw it blogged by Jeanie. Click here to see her post and her tips are SPOT ON.

Obviously this is a great tip….make sure that you look and then look again to see what others have done with it before you pass it by! This bundle is one that I BREEZED right by until I saw Jeanie’s super cute card….then I flipped to the page and said to myself….WHAT???? How did I miss that!






I hope that you popped to Jeanie’s post and took it all in as I said above, her directions are SPOT ON but there are (2) things that I added a twist to….you see – this is why CASEING is so fun – you can be inspired and then add or take away and PRESTO….you are happy…you feel great and trust me, I would feel great to receive this card!

  1. I added Stick It to the back of the So Saffron Card Stock….WHY????? Easy – it is a life saver and a time saver for me. This is a fabulous product that does wonders for adding adhesive without any mess. The other thing that I adore is the fact that it is NOT permanent until you rub it HARD….so re-positioning it is always a breeze until you get it “just right”
  2. I added color for the flower but the ideas are endless for this fun die. It is classic and one that will always be “In Style”






Enjoy the pictures as you can see how I am taking the weekend post of Paper Piecing….and showing you still another way to do a similar technique. This one is super fun because it is like a puzzle but the best part is that you already know what the pieces are….so getting them to fit is a cinch – the only thing that you need to do is decide on colors that you want!





You know by now, I love square cards and this one is a 4 1/4″ square and then the dimensions are the same for the focal part are the same as Jeanie used.

I added some white gel pen dots, (I love my dots) and then added some whited Bakers Twine to the left! I will say, I like to stagger the ends of the twine when I go to finish it off….it is an extra interest that makes it festive and fun. Here is another tip! Tie your bow separately and then adhere it with a glue dot – simple and works every time!





I think that we all over look the Envelope Punch Board. I have said this before….I actually feel guilty that for just $20.00 this does soooooooo much! If you are in doubt – go to Pinterest and type in Envelope Punch Board and you will be WOWED.

Here is another TIP: I would write this down and tape it to the bottom of your Envelope Punch Board. For some reason there no dimensions for a 4 1/4″ square envelope… you go – take a 7 1/8″ Square and score and punch at the 3 5/8″ all the way around like you normally would do when making a custom envelope!







One more look at the beauty from a different angle! This is finding its way to Aunt Karen in North Carolina…..she is taking such amazing care of my Uncle George that I thought she would enjoy a simple card to pick her up! We all know what it is like for the care-giver….it is so exhausting because of the worry and constant running to and from the hospital.

I do not know about you …but – I think that there is something so classic and soothing to see a great with a pale pink. I do not use Pink Pirouette much so today…I thought – WHY NOT????










Thanks for popping in and I hope that you will come back tomorrow as I will share with you more ways to utilize this bundle. I think when you can see many options as to how to use a product….is a HUGE help – remember, I get it!!!! I am in the same boat that you are on…you have to see how it can work for you and your needs.

I think that you are going to like tomorrows post because if you are anything like me, a gift that is handmade always WINS!!!! Have a great day and I hope to see you in the morning!






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