Good Tuesday to you! I have a tip for you that I am sure that many of you are going to CLICK ME OFF 🙁  but I ask you….please read and take in in before you click me off! Heck…another reason for you to read on is I will share with  you the end result of the move of dumb-dumb (the donkey) and Arnold (dear sweet, old Arnold) to the front field!

I am one that adores sharing with you tips and ideas that make life easier…it is as easy as that because one thing that I think we all have that uphill climb with is the 4 letter word that gets the best of us….

 🙂 TIME 🙁 

When I can find a way to shave off some time but still get the result that I am going for….I do a happy dance and that is what we are chatting about today. You know that I have blogged many times that I love using Stick It – a product that we do not sell but one that you can find at Amazon and who knows – maybe where you live…you have a great store that sells it . (Our Michael’s, Hobby Lobby etc….do NOT carry it)

Let me go back 3 or 4 years ago……I made some Christmas Cards for a customer and remember this was before we had fast fuse and I had no clue what Stick It was (it might not have been around) and I resorted to using a spray adhesive. Not only did it smell terrible….I actually went into the garage to use it….IT WAS A STICKY MESS.

The other day I was trying to finish up my kits and I knew that I needed to get a bunch of the flowers adhered (I was out of stick it)…..PLAN B – I was driving past a JoAnn Fabrics and thought – I’ll see if anything new has come out with adhesives….and WOW – there was a HUGE shelf of all different ones (some I remembered from the past) and then I saw good old Elmer….

I figured if Elmers glue worked for so many years as we were growing up in school – this might work out….so I had a 50% coupon and it worked out to be around $2.35. I still was skeptical but thought….if it doesn’t work – I’ll give it to my son Will that is a teacher.

It worked and WOW – it was a huge time-saver. I am one that is AGAINST aerosols because of the fumes etc….but this was soooooo minimal that I did it right in my work area with no mess. Would I use this all the time??? – NO…but it sure is a dream machine for intrigue pieces. Enjoy the parade of pictures and if I were you…..stop and give Elmer a try….he might help you out when you are working on a project!












There you go…..a tip to make life a bit easier. Again, I would not go through this all the time but it sure is a handy trick to have up your sleeve when you are wanting to get a bunch accomplished and still have a super clean and professional look.

Several weeks ago Jeanie, Rosanne and I went to a workshop (and had a blast) but they had some spray adhesive. It was a mess on your fingers and I am sure if they are reading this post – they are shaking their heads that I am blogging about it. Maybe Elmer did the trick.



The darn donkey got the best of me…AGAIN – It was CLEAR TO ME that there was NO WAY he was going to let me clip him as he kept running under Arnold’s stomach and I was getting frustrated trying to catch him….and Arnold was getting upset that his donkey was stressed so all we did was move from A to B….

James and his girlfriend helped and we made it for about 10 yards before that little thing pulled the lead shank right through our hands….HE WON….we laughed as when he does this he really, REALLY thinks he has one up on you.

Well Ashleigh and I were laughing and James was saying MOM……I need help – Poor Arnold was getting “very large” as he was worrying about where is donkey is…..(we do call him Arnold’s seeing eye buddy) and when they get separated – Arnold worries. I took Arnold and we made the trek to the front field and every one is happy. 😀

Enjoy the pictures….see you tomorrow for HUMP day!


He made the escape…..


Then he has the nerve to look back to see if I am chasing him or if he is really free…


He now runs down the fence line and gets Oscar all upset …


I’m FREE…..


He gets half way down towards the front field and stops and looks to see where we are….I swear he does this to torment me….



FINALLY – life is good, Arnold is happy and dumb-dumb had an adventure (His big Sunday outing)





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