Good Morning…Happy HUMP DAY and I have a funny for you to make your day start with a chuckle. I will get to that at the end of this sweet card…. if you have the time – read it as you will understand why I am late today!

I loved reading the comments from the post yesterday….about Mr. Elmer (I think Elmer would be a good animal name….just sayin’) and I wanted to share this card today and some thoughts about using Elmer with this type of project. (I am envisioning that a bunch of you went out and bought Elmer and are ready to SPRAY AWAY….but I want to share more thoughts/tips with you so you do not get frustrated.)

Today’s card is a note card size, 5″ X 3 1/2″ and I cut my own card stock because I wanted a vertical card. I I envisioned that covering the whole front panel with Pacific Blue would be perfect for this sweet card but I also knew that it needed something a bit more.

In the picture below you will see the faint white lines….where did that come from???? Well, 2 products – the whisper white craft ink and the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set.







Before I adhered the blue to the front panel I stamped it. Please remember that the craft ink takes a bit longer to dry so you will have to be patient or use your heat tool to set it up but the end result is fun.

I sponged the outer edges of the clouds in soft sky and popped some up and then adhered some flat. I think be doing both it gives more interest to your project.








Now HERE are the thoughts I have about Elmer on this kind of card….SIMPLE – be careful and know that the “stick factor for your fingers” is there are spaces on the outside of the cardstock that you are placing.

Darn, I love this bundle and I love that the framelits fit this perfectly with no worries of fussy cutting but you can see that there is an edge of white – no worries if you start with the 2nd piece first (the green one)….







WHEW…..I hope that this all made sense and at the end of the day that you can say – THIS IS ONE CUTE CARD. In my eyes it is…but the reality of it is… is all about this amazing bundle and the dies are so well thought out.

This weekend I will be able to see the NEW Catalog and I am really, really hoping that this is carried over…but remember, if it is – it probably will not be at the bundled price (saving 10%)….trust me, when I know and see….I will communicate as IF this is carried over…..I would HOP on it to get the 10% discount!




There you go…..I hope that this card “LIFTED” your day and this sentiment…..priceless and one that I think we all would use over and over because in life – we always have people that “lift us up”

Now to my saga……if you wish to skip it….I get it but you will find the products used at the way bottom to help you navigate. Thanks for your time and GO LIFT SOMEONE UP TODAY….as you all always lift me up!


Yesterday I was having some computer problems that my You Tube was not working correctly and I was super frustrated as I needed to get some links out for videos of my kits… picture this – it was about 5 pm my time and I am on the phone with fellow PAL, friend and my blog gu-ru Nicloe Watt.

We did a screen share and she was saying “they are working fine on my end – I can see them”.….they still were buffering…buffering on my end and while figuring it all out (REMEMBER – it is ME….the one that says that she is computer challenged) Nicole says, let’s update your browsers to Google Chrome…..I thought sounds good to me – (she’s the pro)…

Naturally I was all ears as we were doing a screen share and I believe anything that Nicole and her dear hubby tell me to do… I was clicking away and having a good old time…..then she said – let’s update this….now we’ll do this…..and I was feeling like an assistant to an Apple Executive and inside laughing because I thought  – this is kind of like how we believe what a GPS tells us….turn here – you have reached your destination.

While we were waiting for chrome to download Nicole said, let’s remove this….then the question was, “When was the last time you cleaned your cookies?” – Well….well – I said:  that is what you do at 350 for 10-12 minutes 😀 …then I said – Nicole – I have no clue how to do that…..well we did that and then removed some more…..then PRESTO CHROME was installed and it was time to get ride of the FOX… FIREFOX that I have used for years…..this was making me sad as I liked that little fox.

Nicole then said, to keep all of your familiar places that you go to regularly….we will click this before we delete the whole thing. THAT IS THE PART THAT IS ALWAYS SCARY… is that finale that scares me. WHEW…..we did it BUT one thing happened….and this is why I was LATE today…..

When I went to log in to type up my blog post for you…..I couldn’t remember my PASSWORD – I had 4 attempts….I tried, nope…I tried…nope – finally I was blocked out and had to reset it. When I went through that whole thing it said that I needed to wait 20 minutes before attempting to log back into the site….

Being impatient and really testing it… said I had 11 minutes left and I thought – this is crazy, I am just going to try again…..NOPE – it reset the damn thing to 20 minutes….so I thought – GOOD NIGHT COMPUTER.

I was able to go in and type responses from the post yesterday and I will say…..Chris R. from Iowa’s made me go to sleep with a smile on my face….it you did not see/read it  – and you need a pick me up…..please go back and do so as I can just see her face with the guy waving to her and then I bet after he drove past she told Teddy something funny!

The moral of the story is LIFE HAPPENS….it is about how we deal with it that counts. I adore Integrant Services and they keep me up and running for you…..I know that I drive them nuts and they probably laugh at my silly questions…..and I have been known to call them back after 5 minutes of hanging up and saying…..ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME…..they really are the best and I am grateful for their help!

So that’s my SAGA for the tardiness of your inbox fix….I sure hope that you still had your coffee without my post and that you have a FABULOUS day….see you tomorrow…..Mr Bunny is in the house!!!



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