Happy Hump Day!!! Wowza…yesterday I posted about the clearance rack having some new additions and WOW….things flew out but there is still plenty of great basics to stock up on and the other item that went ZOOM was the April Paper Pumpkin Refill – that does not surprise me one bit as it is just adorable and I am glad that I took advantage of them!

At the end of this post I have an animal funny for you….it will bring a big smile and giggle to start your day off!

Here is a Susan kinda card for you today…it is one that I refer to as a “formula” card. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?….easy  ~ a classic that you can make over and over with some changes of a DSP and/or the sentiment and you are good to go! I love cards like this because I bet if I were to show it to you with changes you would never say or think – Isn’t that the card that Susan did in April! (I’m going to try it on you one day to see if anyone notices)

The sentiment is from the stamp set Big on Birthdays and I am thrilled that this is being carried over. It is a great stamp (even if many of us do not care the one that says the “pretty comment”) – you can click here and here to see posts that I have used this stamp set.




The card base is the “walking the plank” In Color that has been so popular and one that we all are going to miss….Mint Macaron – as of last night it is still available and I admit, I am surprised as I know that this is a soooooo loved color and I admit, I picked up an extra pack to have as I just love how it goes with so many color combinations.

Here is the “formula” for you and I hope that you jot it down to use in the future or better yet – find a bit of “me time” today and have fun – remember…..use what you have and you will be surprised at how this formula will work for many stamps you have!





  • The base is a horizontal card (A-2) 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4′ in Mint Macaron


  • The Sweet Sugarplum is 5 1/4″ X 4″ and ran thru “Mr. Big” with Large Polka Dot folder that is already sold out but trust me, it will always be on Randall Lane as I adore this one. You just tilt it to the side and adhere it – then simply trim ff the excess (I love this look)





  • The White card stock  is 5″ X 3 3/4″ and then the sentiment is stamped in Tip Top Taupe….and yep, I am so glad that I listened to you all and use this color more (and I love it…too bad that it is retiring)


  • The DSP strip is 3/4″ X 3 3/4″ and then the solid strip is just 1/4″ X 3 3/4″ and then I used a white gel pen to add the dot accents. I did use the aqua painter a wee bit to add some color to the flowers but you could easily just use a marker to color it in.





Super simple right? Can you see how you can make this formula over and over again? I admit, I adore this DSP, Succulent Garden– the colors are so fresh and fun and I just adore ginghams….and this pack has 2 different ones. At the time of typing this it is still available and it is just $6.60!





I hope that this sweet card perked you up this morning and I hope that you will give it a try! This is such a funny time of the year for us with Stampin’ Up! as we all are getting super excited to see the new Annual Catalog and I can hardly wait for you to see if yourself.





As soon as I get my paws on this catalog to mail to you… If you have placed an order with me over the past year, I will sent you a catalog and a little In Color fun for you to get excited.

If you are anything like me, you need to FEEL IT in your hands and go over it again, and again…..and then another time to take it all in! :- I cannot tell you how many times I have flipped through it….and each time ~ I see something new! I will be able to order it on May 2nd….that is NEXT TUESDAY! 😆

Now for a FUNNY.….never a dull moment on Randall Lane. Below is Rosie. She is a mess….a BIG MESS. She is the one that some creep was trying to sell at a Yard Sale for $25.00 and she became an Itell about 2 years ago.

When we saved her from this terrible situation, she did not move from our family room for about 18 hours. We had her in a kennel to introduce her to the other dogs and she was terrified and actually she was kind of mean. By nature I am not afraid of many animals but she was a feisty little thing….

I will never forget it because it was the day before Thanksgiving when we picked her up and when John and I woke up Thanksgiving morning and came out to check on her…..she was still in the back of her kennel and growling at us…..I honestly thought that there was no way that it would work out with our other dogs….

John said…..let’s sit on the floor…open up her kennel door and just have a cup of coffee and see if she will come out (HECK – I thought…..well what fairy tale are you livin’ in) but we did it and after about 30 minutes…..she walked out of the kennel and went right to John and the REST IS HISTORY. 

Most of our animals like me the best except for her and that dumb donkey. She lives and breathes for John. It is truly pathetic. He tells her when he is leaving for work and she waits at the door each and every night.

The below picture is a bi-weekly thing that happens to her during “grass season” if she is outside when John is mowing the fields. We usually try to keep her in because I am truly afraid that she is going to get too close to the tractor but what she does is sit at one end of the field…..and as John turns to do the next piece of field….she runs to the ends to wait for him….and keeps doing it and below is the end result!

She is ONE LUCKY LITTLE GIRL and when you talk about a Daddy’s girl….that is Rosie. That 1st Tax Season that John went through after we rescued her…..I said – you should take take Rosie to the office with you on the weekends as she would LOVE to be with her Daddy. Well, that lasted one afternoon as when John came home and I said – how did it go…..I loved his response –



That’s my 8 lb. girl…..she loves and protects her daddy….Smart girl. Have a GREAT day!






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