You asked for some Masculine Cards and you are in luck because Uncle George is turning 88! I am saying right now…I really like this card and I will use this layout again…with different colors as it is a classic! I know..I know, I could have left off the bow but I just could not resist ~ I think it makes it festive!

I took the lead from the catalog and I am tellin’ ya….USE THE GREAT EXAMPLES in the catalog for inspiration! Not only are they fabulous ideas but the photography is over the top!





Along the way…I made some changes. Why do I show you the below picture? I do it because it happens to me…just like it happens to you. There was NO WAY that I would “scrap” this card and I hope that this shows you that you can make changes to have it be the vision that you wanted!

I used the grid Paper to help me stamp as evenly as I good. I think that we forget to chat about the grid paper as this is a MUST HAVE and you will use it forever. I bet that I have had the same pack for 3 years and I will say that it is not only super handy but I like the ability to stamp on the paper before I go to my project.





Here is where I made some changes….I guess that it is not fair to say that it was a boo-boo….it was more of a personal preference and I am glad that I “covered up” some of the “It’s Your Day”….I know that you can see it (if you look close) but I can say – it does not stick out like a sore thumb!

Sometimes you need to think of your paper and embellishments as make-up – they are great cover ups! 😉




Last week I blogged with this stamp set and I loved it last week and I am lovin’ it again this week….(hmmmmm – I think I will use it next week to see if we can get Tick -Tack-Toe – 3 in a row of winners!) I am still on the fence about the “pretty one” so if someone can explain that to me, I would appreciate it….I know – I am a little slow out of the gate I guess.





You know that the Urban Underground is one of my favorites and it looks like there are a bunch of layers but there are not…..I hope that I can explain….let’s call it a work in progress and this was the end result!

  • I started with a 4″ X 4″ Very Vanilla
  • I added a 1 1/2″ wide strip of the DSP…(did you notice that I colored in some of the circles – LOVED that touch!)
  • I then stamped all of the sentiments
  • I added a 1/4″ strip of Dijon and then a sliver 1/8″ strip of Dapper Denim right next to the DSP…..this is where it appears that I “built” it up but I really did not.
  • After I did all of this fun, I matted the whole thing to a 4 1/8″ square to peek the blue !!!!


By “bumping the thin pieces together against the edge of the circle DSP, It allows the visual of layering but in reality it is just green glues to the vanilla piece! Make sense???? 😕







Here is another look at the different angle of this handsome card. That font of the Happy Birthday is just wonderful! It makes such a statement. Another tip that I wanted to share….I often am asked about making the “flagged ends” to the banner. I did not use a framelit …..I simply take scissors to the center and then do the other angle.

I am sure that they are not perfectly balanced but remember about what we do….







Here is your picture to PIN AWAY! You can see that I made my own envelope to fit this square card. They are some of my favorites to make and I realize that the postage is a more…but Uncle George is soooooooo worth it. I know that he will enjoy it and display it proudly




Well…thoughts???? I sure do hope that this has inspired you as you will see it again with a different look. This is a perfect example of “you can’t go wrong with the classics”

With the great incentive with the Ultimate Bundle, the starter kit that you customize and it is sooooo simple – you save money…you get to pick and 2 stamps sets on top of the bundle and it ships for free….a win-win all the way around! I would definitely have this in my Ultimate Bundle….

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the card and also about getting the Ultimate Bundle. If you join with me during Sale-a-bration, I will let you pick (2) SAB items (as they are not in the bundle deal, this is a personal promotion from me) 🙂

Guess what is back  – SIMPLE SATURDAY…..and let me tell you, it is sooooo easy!

p.s. – I LOVED your comments yesterday, all was quiet on Randall Lane yesterday, I guess the biggest thing that happened that was funny was that it was super (weirdly) warm and I watched poor Daisy just walking around looking for a friend to play with ~ well honestly just to acknowledge her and she struck zero.

It is a long walk for those little stump legs to go from the barn to the house and back~ finally I saw her in the field with Arnold. I was happy, she found a friend but the sad part is…he is the one that is almost blind that needs the donkey (I wouldn’t darn tell Daisy that)…life was great!


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