Well I admit, I am doing the “happy dance” as the time is just about here to see the NEW Annual Catalog. I will say that I truly enjoyed this past catalog and I am going to be sad to see products go but at the same time I am excited to play with “new toys”

This stamp set, Crafting Together is THE BEST. I think that it is very fair to say that all of us will smile when we see it because IT IS ALL ABOUT “us” and WHAT WE LOVE TO DO!  😀 







Yesterday I shared with you that taking advantage of Bakers Twine and goodies would be a fabulous gift for a crafty friend….well – how about this great card to write a note. You could easily make this a Birthday Card or a just because etc…but I think that you “get it”

There are 2 stamp sets in the NEW catalog that caught my eye the very 1st flip through…and yep – you will see the 2nd one tomorrow!  (can you guess which one it is?) I think that you all know the feeling…that feeling in an INSTANT I just have to have it  feeling!

Yep, I am so happy that Stampin’ Up! created such a fun stamp set that depicts all of the thinks that we like to do – CRAFTING and then the other one that I just had to have, because it is a Susan to the tee!








Today I watercolored the images using the Aqua Painter and a variety of ink colors. (you can see the colors that I used at the bottom of the post) but heck, you can use whatever your heart desires as we all know everything that we have is always so fun and colorful!

I also used the watercolor paper today, I usually just use the Thick White Card Stock but today I chose to use the watercolor paper because I wanted to go for the texture that it has…..(to kinda go along with the feel of the card) and also this paper is super heavy so I knew that it would be a great choice to “fussy cut out” with the paper snips and then pop up with dimensionals!

I like to tape my image to a small cutting board and tape it down to hold in place. This just seems to work for me and I find it to be the easiest as well (it is funny that we get into habits)







Below you will see the (2) DSP’s that I used. At a first glance when you see the Color Theory paper you might be thinking that you are in a paint store….well – I can see why and I will say that this is becoming a very helpful collection of paper. This little print is so subtle but it gives an instant depth.

The wood piece from the Wood Textures is just the perfect choice to ground the images. Just look at all of the different warmths of colors and hues of wood. This will be a very helpful and useful stack to have!








There really isn’t much to say than to go for it and have fun. I am glad that I used the watercolor paper as I honestly forgot how forgiving it is…because of the properties of the paper….you can slop a bunch of water on it and you will be good to go!

Even if you do not watercolor a bunch, having a package of this paper is a great idea. You have heard me COUNTLESS times go on and on about the basics – well yep, this is one of them. Watercoloring is a very simple technique that many of us THROW THAT WALL UP and say – I can’t do that…..but in fact we all know that we can and guess what….with practice and time we all get better!







I just had to show you one more time the front angle of this card. I just am giddy about this stamp set and I know that this will be inked up over and over and each and every time I will smile bigger and bigger as I truly love what I do!

There are so many ways that you could step this card up but I will admit, I am happy with it just as is! The addition of the linen thread and bow not only gave a layer of texture but it reminded my of my tin that I keep all of my swatch books in….I know that it is silly but I often tie a piece of ribbon around my containers as heck – I see them each and everyday….why not make them pretty!







Well….that’s it and guess what???THIS IS IT!

Yep, the last chance for you to get anything from the catalog as tomorrow…all of the waiting will be over and YOU can shop away and can share with you the in’s and out’s of the new catalog!


Here is an important “head’s up” for you tomorrow…

When you wake up tomorrow the new catalog link will be ready for you but Stampin’ Up! online ordering will be down from midnight tonight (May 31st until noon tomorrow June 1st) As you can imagine it is a huge job to make sure that the “cyber gods” are all “behaving” and ready to rumble for us  –  crazed crafters…so please be patient and I hope that everything is a smooth transition.

I will be like you…..patiently waiting and I would imagine if they are ready before this timeframe then we will all find out at the same time! I have a list and I am sooooooo excited! This excitement inside and being an adult is just the best! (you see….we are STILL young at heart)







Please do not be fooled that just because today is the last day….than everything will just go into the clearance….It doesn’t work that way…trust me….I have BEEN THERE DONE THAT – and them I was sad. If you want something – GET IT TODAY…just because it is retiring that doesn’t mean that it is going to clearance.  😐

I have LOTS of Bakers Twine stocked up as I just love the look of it, the ease of using it and the price – you just can’t go wrong!

Many thanks for a fabulous year with this catalog. It is a journey that I loved being on with you and I am looking forward to more fun and inspiration from what the NEW KID ON THE BLOCK will be offering to us!









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