2 Days left…you’re gonna smile!




Hello and HHD (Happy Hump Day) to you!!! How is everyone doing?


I survived Thanksgiving and it was an AMAZING one…just like I like it – AT HOME! I feel like these last several months I have been here… there ….and everywhere l but it was all great and I am happy to be home to enjoy the Holiday Season!

If you have followed my blog then you know when the peeps come home…our family loves to do a good 1,000 piece puzzle. We were true to form but the bad news….it isn’t finished. Hannah was not able to come home because of the distance so I say….we had one man down! John and I are still working on it and are determined to finish it!

Did you do any great Black Friday and/or Holiday Shopping? I sure did….from the comfort of my own home and mainly in my jammies…..now that is what I call the way to shop! I have something for you today that you too can order from the comfort of your own home but you need to act FAST as it is only available thru Friday….November 30th!






Well….it is the Snowflake Showcase offering! This is the limited edition offering that Stampin’ Up! has for the month of November. Being totally honest I was NOT going to purchase it but then I caved and I am glad I did…..please continue to read and you will see!

Remember, this will GO AWAY ofter November 30th so I would act now as we know what happens….we get SUPER BUSY this time of year and the reality is…you just have 2 DAYS! Whenever SU has these offerings….I seem to get emails asking….is there anyway that you can get me that….and guess what – the answer is NO but I am sure that you can go to Ebay and pay a CRAZY amount for it! Happens every time!

Ready for what I call…“confessions of an honest stamper”

You know that I am always honest with you about my likes…dislikes…..and I realize that we all have different tastes and styles with our crafting…but I will say….there are (2) keepers in my simple eyes with this promotion! (Please do not shoot me….I do like the Snow is Glistening Stampbut I think that I might get tired of it and the fonts are just to hard for me to read!)

I adore the below (2) offerings and I have blogged here with the Happiness Surrounds Stamp (and you will see it again on Friday) Tomorrow you will see a fun 3-D project that I will be using more of the Snowfall Thinlits with.

I have become very selective with my purchases as let’s face it….there are just so many options out there! I know many of you know exactly what I mean! The thing that gets us is ALWAYS THE TIME…and also…THE EXPENSE!






Take a look at these (2) offerings and then take a minute and just see the versatilely of them and how they can take you well past the Holiday Season. True, the snowflakes are now through the Winter but this offering has 20 dies that also match and work with the Happiness surrounds Stamp set!

That takes care of the TIME factor..as you will be able to use these 2 things for all year long and I am sure if you googled Happiness Surrounds….you will see what I mean as many people have made some great projects!






Next we will get to the EXPENSE factor…but before we do that I want you to peek below at this special stamp set, Beautiful Blizzard. I was very late in the game in purchasing this but it is a part of a bundle, Beautiful Blizzard Bundle. We all know that bundle will save you an instant 10% off but honestly, I would not purchase this as a bundle. I found the die very frustrating to work with and I go back to the focus of “having fun”….well it is not fun when it is super hard to die cut out!

So….the moral of the story is….just purchase the stamp set! We do not know if it is carrying over yet (the retired list comes out on Tuesday the 5th) but that honestly would not have made a difference anyway as SU’s Extravaganza Sale did not include any of the Holiday Products.

These sentiments and this font are just so darn classic  –  I think that they look stunning with these beautiful Snowflakes! To me, this is a perfect clean and simple card that has a sophisticated modern flare to it!








Do you see that super yummy stamping underneath of the ribbon and sentiment? Yep, I LOVE THAT! I did it with the Stamparatus and also with Versamark Ink. I simply used the images on the Happiness Surrounds Stamp (the 4 little florals) and used it with the Stampapratus made it not only a cinch but it was a breeze to do!

Having a Stamp Positioner is just simply a must have. I know that there is a learning curve with getting used to using it but trust me, practice, practice and then practice some more and you ill not only see what a time saver it is….your work will be totally STEPPED UP A KNOTCH with the clean and crisp coverage.

Let’s get back to the EXPENSE FACTOR thing….this must have tool, the Stamparatus also was not on SU’s Extravaganza Sale…..so here you go….you can get THIS, the STAMPARATUS and the SNOWFLAKE THINLITS and the HAPPINESS SURROUNDS STAMP SET…. plus pick $20.00 more dollars to spend and the SHIPPING IS FREE….now to me, THAT IS A SALE!





Now you might be saying…..Where is the Beautiful Blizzard Stamp Set in this deal? Well….that would have taken you over the allotted $125.00 worth of product that you only pay $99.00 (plus free shipping) Anyway, if you are going ahead and getting this deal…I would have advised you to wait until the retired list comes out as who knows….it might be discounted?

When the retired list gets unveiled…..it is WATCH OUT as things go flying off the shelf….but all of these ARE A GREAT DEAL NOW but remember, this is ONLY GOOD THRU FRIDAY (2 more days)November 30th. After that….this Snowflake Framelit and Stamp Set will no longer be available.







By now you know my simple, clean and classic style. I think that these cards are a perfect example of a “Susan Card” and I hope that you will see where I was going with the “HOW’S and WHY’S” of why this is a great offering.

I wish that we lived in the same town so I could reassure you that becoming a SUD is not a big deal at all. I think that there is a perception that you have to sell…that you have to have workshops….that you have to blog…..and here is the answer...NO, NO and NO!!! It is so simple….just CLICK HERE and you can get going…and if you were like me when I joined – I did not want anyone to know….so your secret is safe but honestly, there is nothing to be concern with…


I would much rather you think of it as you will be getting a 20% discount each and everyday!


Face it, this “hobby of love” that we do is an expense but it is an expense that we love to do and that we feel proud to do. I do not know about you but…I deeply love getting a deal on my crafting supplies and this IS the BEST and ONLY way for you to get these items before November 30th and not have to pay that icky 10% shipping! (shipping makes me grumpy)





Just take one more look at this card…and then ask yourself…. Would be a great opportunity to get these products….and still have $20.00 to spend??? (and I do not think that you need help from me with that one) ….it will only cost you $99.00 and there is NO 10% SHIPPING!

Ready for the icing on the cake? (look at the card below….Here you go……do you see that GORGEOUS Lovely Lipstick Ribbon in  the picture below? Well, it is just over the moon and it is in the new upcoming catalog and well as that YIPPEE FUN GINGHAM DSP PAPER

Tuesday the 5th of December…(the same day that the retiring lists comes out) SUD’s are able to order the new products from the catalog! I did go to Orlando and I will say….I am excited about the new upcoming catalog.

Now,  I do not want to get overly excited as we are in the HOLIDAY SEASON….and I want to enjoy the season…but let me tell you STITCHED RECTANGLE FRAMELITS coming our way….and the DSP is sooooo fun…..you better believe that I will be ordering on Tuesday with the pre-order and YOU CAN TOO!

Let me help you put this together….sign up….get the goodies I blogged about today….pick up the new kids on the block on Tuesday AS WELL AS the Beautiful Blizzard Stamp Set ….and you will be saying….I LIKE THAT SALE!!!

CLICK HERE…you will be happy you did.You have nothing to lose and a 20% discount to gain….it is as easy as that!





I will see you in the morning as I have a 3-D project for you that always is a hit at this time of the year (and I have also been asked to join a design team) I will be showcasing probably one of the most emailed requests that I get from people…..I hope that you pop back!

Friday I have another keeper for you…showing you how to whip up a quick and thoughtful gift that anyone would surly love to have. I just love creating this time of the year, I just wish that there was more time!

I have been crafting more lately than I have in a LONG TIME….as I have realized that the reason that I started this whole SU thing was for my love to stamp, create and makes gifts with my hands as it is both rewarding and a therapy for me. I know that I have not been blogging as much but please know….my craft hands have been busy!

Hugs to each and everyone of YOU!!!!








Same Stamp 3 ways….SIMPLY STUNNING!





Happy Saturday! Are you as confused as I am with what day it is? This happens to me every time a holiday is in the middle of the week and I just can’t seem to get it right! Oh well…what can I say but let’s all have a great day!

I know that this is another LONG POST but heck – I am the co-pilot as John, Milo and I are rollin’ down the road with the truck and trailer to load up Hannah’s apartment (again) and to pick up Stanley (her horse) to bring him home! I admit, I am a bit nervous having Stanley at the house as John and I laugh….we call him (pretty boy) and I will have to make sure that he is pampered to the max!

This trip was not in the original plan to be doing this over the next couple of days….but we need to get it crossed off the list! We are always at the mercy of having someone cover the animals… (Daisy can be picky about who sits for her) We thought we would be going next Tuesday – Thursday…..but oh well! What are parents for…??? John and I sure are good animal sitters and movers!

Hannah will be moving to Seattle later next month to work and continue her education for the next 6 years so…heads up stampers in the Seattle area….I will be embarking on your state and with it being SOOOOOO far from little old Maryland, I plan to have extended stays!!!

Let’s get going as this is a fun group of cards that I have for you today! You can tell that I have done a bunch of editing on the pictures…as truth be told I am trying to keep my head down as it makes me nervous to have John drive the truck and trailer…..you betcha that I will be doing the driving home on Monday as when there are fur babies…..I’m the driver!







I have a beauty for you today and I admit, I was super happy that I hit that button in Monday to have this gem of a bundle come to live on Randall Lane! I admit, this purchased was TOTALLY UNPLANNED as I did not even know it existed…let me explain!

Last Friday I was all set to place an order for the NEW BLENDS (woot-woot) and have them expedited shipped to me….well truth be told I always forget with the time difference for the cut off in ordering expedited orders from Stampin’ Up! and yep, I missed it! After having a brief pity-party with myself I thought….OH WELL….what the heck is one day – and I am super glad that I waited until Monday!

With July and its HEAT & GLORY…Stampin Up! also has something HOT to reveal… a promotion for a limited edition bundle….appropriately called Color Your Season! You can CLICK HERE to see the flyer showcasing this beauty! It does just that…having a little from the season with some fabulous and oh so classic sentiments!

Before we get to the cards that I made for you today…..let’s look at the images that Stampin’ Up! took showcasing this bundle. You better get your glass on to see the details….but I can say that there is one thing about “us stampers” 🙂 – we can spot a newbie and also something exciting when we see it!








This will be available starting August 1 – 31 (while supplies last) and we know what that means….the early bird will get the worm so I think you know by now how things like this just SWOOP right out the door! As a demonstrator we could order it in July and this is why I was so happy that I had to wait to order until Monday!

I admit, (I always try to be totally upfront and honest with how I feel about my stampin’ goodies)… and when I saw this I thought….

  • Wow…this promotion came out of left field….
  • I am not sure that I am going to take the bait and get it…..
  • Hmmmm…l love the images and the STITCHED FRAMELITSshould I….should I not!?!?




Then…I allowed that to settle in my simple brain for a “nano second”

and did what every die-hard stamper would do… 





OK – I caved and when it actually arrived I squealed louder than Daisy….as the stamps are sooooo much larger that I thought from the picture and the stitched framelits….WOOT-WOOT! I am also very partial to fall…the leaf framelit and also Fall stamps made me smile!







Did you also notice on the flyer (again, CLICK HERE) that there is a new set of water color pencils making its debut!!! Here are the watercolor pencils that we currently have but WOOT-WOOT – more colors!!!  Yep….that’s right – new colors – 10 pencils in Stampin’ Up! colors. (Balmy Blue, Cajun Craze, Cherry Cobbler, Coastal Cabana, Crushed Curry, Flirty Flamingo, Garden Green, Gorgeous Grape, Granny Apple Green, Night of Navy).

Here is the best thing….you can go ahead and get both of these products now and use them towards the Ultimate Bundle….of getting $125 of product for just $99! YEP, that’s right and then there’s more….(YIKES – I am feelin’ like an infomercial on TV) but honestly stampers…why not.

Like most direct sales companies there are always incentives to join and face it, we do love our products or you would not be on my blog. This is the perfect time to get the Ultimate Bundle. In my opinion, I think July or January are the best months to join but the offer now with getting an entire collection of ink pads…..TRUMPS IT!

You can CLICK HERE to see each of the collections to see which one you want. (to make the image larger…simply click the + sign on the right of the PDF or put your readers on!!!) We all gravitate to certain color families but I think that the Brights Collection has the most of the new colors in it.

After trying them at On Stage in March, I knew that the minute they came out I was going to bite the bullet and make the change to them. I know that it was an investment….but I looked at it like this – I get a discount….I can even use a 50% off item for a bundle and the most important one to me is…IT IS A BASIC that makes a difference in what I do with loving to craft!

It is like having the right items in your kitchen…if you do not have the basics and quality ones at that…then you will either do one of 2 things…



BUY MORE (cause’ we bought lesser quality ones) or BECOME FRUSTRATED as

BASICS work all of the time!



This is why you hear me say over and over…get the basics…and then build from there! Not to be “flippy” (a term that my wonderful Mom use to say)….but I really do not care – I am simply being 100% honest with when there is a good deal…SNATCH IT UP!

The very first thing I hear from people that are intrigued and purchase the Ultimate Bundle is…..Susan, I just want you to know that I am doing this only as a hobbiest as I have no intentions in teaching a class…having a workshop….doing a blog…or anything… and you know what – THAT IS GREAT!

Again, being 100% honest….yep, Stampin’ Up! does require a quarterly minimum ($300 RETAIL) to remain active but remember when I said that July is a great time to join…reason is, your quarter that you join does NOT count so in reality, you would have until January 31, 2019 to meet your quarter minimum! We just started the 3rd quarter (July, August & September)…so no worries about that quarter…

Let’s face it….we have THIS NEW ANNUAL CATALOG…and then the Holiday Catalog (demos can get the pre-order August 1st)...and then the Occasions Catalog (demos can get the pre-order December 1st) and also Sale-A-Bration all before you would have to worry about January 31st and I know “us” well enough….we WILL have many things that we just HAVE TO HAVE…..so really….now is the time!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or you can also CLICK HERE and build your kit! Have fun with choosing the $125 product of your choice…..I think that it is always so much fun to see what people put in their Ultimate Bundle…..

If it were me….I would go for this Blended Seasons Bundle ($64.75) …the NEW watercolor pencils $12.50….then fill in with the NEW STAMPIN’ BLENDS (you would be able to get 5 sets of the new colors)….with $2.75 to spare and I would get the Vintage Trim in Clearance and then you only left .35 on the table (you did GOOD) and remember – IT SHIPS FOR FREE PLUS (music to my ears) and also – you can pick the set of ink pads…..that is another $67.50 free to you….all for just $99.00!

Here you go..it is PICTURE TIME and today I have lots of tips and tricks edited for you so you can Pin it…and then refer right back to it so you do not have to come back and search for what colors I used!

ENJOY…and always remember…there are MANY WAYS that you can create clean and simple cards….with little tweaks here and there….to make them look totally different! Trust me, I get it that we need a change up every once in a while….do you have a favorite? Please feel free to leave me a comment as it would be super fun to see what everyone likes!



Card  #1 –  This new paper, Gray Granite it my new favorite Neutral…..I invite you to play with it as your focal color of a card base. It will surprise you…..looks GREAT with many color combinations! Also….LOVE the liner –  it is from the Best Routes DSP….I told you that was a great pack of DSP….as I know at a glance it looks soooooo busy!








Card #2 – Fun and Fresh! These new blends in Lovely Lipstick and Pineapple Punch are WOW! I am just so happy that Stampin’ Up! has a line of Alcohol Markers….and the best thing – they match our color collections!







Card #3 – This color combo is stunning and I keep forgetting to say…the Granny Apple Green Blends were the “green” that I used in all of the cards! It is so bright and clear! How about that envelope…..LOVE IT!!!





Well..there you go! I warned you that this was long…..we are on 95 right now and my computer is about to expire….so…..I guess if I do not want to watch the road (with John driving) – I might just just join Milo and sleep!

I hope that this post inspired you today and I hope that you know how much I believe that each and everyone of us have an inner gift….I am just so thankful that I caught the bug on cardmaking as it is a wonderful outlet/therapy for me! I do think of my Mom often as she truly was the “queen of cards” …she would be proud of me knowing that I am creating works of art from my own hands….

I would take handmade ANYDAY over store bought! Have a wonderful day and keep us in your thoughts!!!! HUGS!!!




“Watt’s Up”…a reservation for one!

Good Morning and Happy Last Saturday of the year! WOW…that sounds super scary but yep…it is true!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful Holiday Season sharing love and laughter with family & friends!


Before we get going…I want to thank you for the well wishes for my dear Dad…he “sprung”  from the hospital yesterday and is soooooo happy to be in his own home and is doing GREAT!

It’s funny how your body reacts to things….my “internal clock” woke me up to say…..“It’s time to get crafty!!!” and I admit, it felt great knowing that I was going to be able to have a “jammies day” as I am not going anywhere!!! Driving back and forth takes a toll on you…and truth be told – I wanted to get this STAMPARATUS inked up!



WARNING….this is a LONG post

(but I do hope that you will read it as my hopes are you to learn more facts about the STAMPARATUS!)



I have a super sweet…super easy….super duplicatable card for you today! As I shared, I woke up before the chickens and wanted to have some good old fashion “me time” and make some thank you’s but really, REALLY wanted to play with the new kid on the block so I can give you some feedback.


(click on the image to see it in use)



Here you go….let’s open the book of “Confessions of an Honest Stamper”….remember- this is the book of ME that I share with you as I always want to be upfront and honest with feedback of products that I use….and that is both Stampin’ Up! products and also others that are not Stampin’ Up!…here you go…





I firmly believe that a Stamp Positioner is a necessity for a card maker. There are all types of stamp positoners…let’s start with the Stamp-a-ma-jig….I can hear MANY OF YOUR SIGHS…..but YEP, I do love it but I agree that there is a learning curve but it is like learning to ride a bike…once you “get it…you get it”….and I DO think that there is always a need/purpose for this handy and inexpensive positioner.

Moving to the “nuts & bolts”…..many of you have heard of and possibly have a MISTI…it made its debut in 2014 ( I think?) and brought a whole new element to stamping in being able to mass produce….to have stamps stamp not only a super clean and crisp image, but also to be in perfect placement.

I do have a MISTI and also a Mini one and YEP, I have learned to use it…and I have used it hard. There was a learning curve but I ask you….Don’t you think there is a learning curve in just about everything we learn to do?

I admit, at first I did not like it because I did not take the time to embrace learning the “how to”…and I thought – well now that I bought this….I will be an expert card maker…(doesn’t work that way)

Earlier this year, Tim Holtz came out with a Stamp Postioner….and YEP, I bought it and I too have used this hard. I have known that Stampin’ Up! was developing a Stamp positioning tool but I also knew that I needed to try, play, get familiar with….other products so I could give a fair and honest feedback on what Stampin’ Up! was going to come out with.

We all know that it is hard to develop something that already is an amazing concept and I truly think that this is one of the reasons that it has taken Stampin’ Up! soooooo long to develop the STAMPARATUS….but they have and it is AMAZING!

I do want you to know that just because Stampin’ Up! comes out with a product…doesn’t mean that I need to use it or blog about it…I use and promote what I like….and what works for my stamping needs!

I learned to use the MISTI and then earlier this year when the Tim Holtz one came out….I learned to LOVE the Tim Holtz one….and I think that I found this one to be easier of a curve than the MISTI but again, I am just giving you feedback from my personal experience.

I also at first glance thought that the STAMPARATUS was basically the same as the Tim Holtz one but with 2 plates….I WAS WRONG!








Once the final prototype of the STAMPARATUS was developed I admit, I was getting a bit “perkier” about the design and how the whole “double hinged reversible plates” was going to work. Well – let me tell you….I have been up since 4:30 a.m. and I am like a kid in a candy store. This product is a keeper of all keepers!

Not only is the design of it brilliant…but the sheer ease of use is a big winner in my eyes. I am all about being able to “get the job done” with ease and precision.

For this card I used both a clear mount stamp (red rubber) and also a photopolymer stamp as I wanted to have the “feel” of both types of stamps on the plates. I even took it a step further to mount a third stamp so I could get the feel of how it felt to take the plate off and rotate it to the other side…and YEP, it worked perfect.








To me, this is a wonderful concept…when using Photopolymer keep the black foam in the STAMPARATUS and when using red rubber…take it out! This is just amazing that you can use all sides of the plates for different stamps!


I am just in amazement that the STAMPARATUS does the job so effectively yet with ease.


I know that there are many blogs and videos out there from Demos that have already received their STAMPARATUS but I invite you to watch these short videos from Linda Heller as she perfectly showcased this product! Linda calls it her Stamparatus 101 Series.

I know that there are (6 videos) but trust me….they are each super short and Linda does a fantastic job in describing all of the in’s and out’s. Linda demonstrated this tool during the Stampin’ Up! OnStage Event so she has had it for months and is sharing her knowledge and tips!

I know without a doubt that you will find these videos a HUGE help to you shine the light on this amazing product.


  • 4 Step Stamping with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Die Cut Stamping with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Perfectly Stamped Sentiments with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Alignment Tips and Tricks with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Hinge Stamping with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Inking, Cleaning and Storage with the STAMPARATUS – click here


Well…I was right!!! Isn’t Linda just the best in explaining all if the aspects of the STAMPARATUS. For those of you that are not familiar with Linda….she also has an amazing online school called Stamping School where she does videos every week! Take a moment and check it out!

Whew….I am sorry that this is such a LONG POST but I felt the need to really let you know my thoughts about this new product. This will be a game-changer for Stampin’ Up! and they have really thought this through and have really made it the best.

Today IS the last day for you to “make a reservation” for your STAMPARATUS until the New Catalog comes out in June of 2018. Here is what I would do…

I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT BELOW and reserve yours. Please remember, this will NOT be offered again until the new annual catalog comes out in June. I ask you….why in the heck would you want to wait that long when you know that this will not only make your stamping cleaner and more precise…but it will be a time saver as well.



(scroll down a wee bit and to the right –  then click the STAMPARATUS image to get going)



Here me out here…have you ever made a reservation at a restaurant or a hotel and then had to cancel it? Well…my guess your answer is YEP….well….this is how it will work with the STAMPARATUS as well.

Beginning March 19, Stampin’ Up! will ship the Stamparatus in the order the reservations were received (first in, first out) and continue through the next few months and beyond as product arrives in the warehouse.

When your “reservation window” is available (remember..first in, first out) you will have the opportunity to cancel the order (which I am sure you will NOT do) and also be able to add other products onto your order….so you can see….there is plenty of time for you to continue to learn about this product and then IF for some reason you change your mind….no worries, just cancel your reservation!

As I continue to play and learn all about this product, I will continue to share my thoughts, learning curves, tips & tricks with you. As always, it is my goal to give you honest feedback.

Please make sure that when you secure your reservation that you leave current info (shipping, cc# etc…) You will NOT be charged until you confirm and close your reservation when notified. This is a new ordering system for Stampin’ Up! and they are trying to minimize backorders.








WHEW AGAIN….this was a bunch to put into words but I do hope that you have found this helpful. You can see, you have nothing to lose in making a reservation. Remember, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY until JUNE 2018.

As always, please feel free to email me if you have any questions…I know that this is a bunch to take in and I know that many of you have been on the fence because of having other stamp positioners. I admit, I am thrilled with the design mainly because I can use the “set up” for an entire card if I am using multiple stamps like I did for this card. Being able to use up to 4 stamps with one tool….WOOT-WOOT – I’m doing a happy dance!

I am sure that I might get some questions as to where the other stamps came from? Well…I am sure that you and are are the same in the way that we do not buy all of our groceries at the same store or wear just one brand of clothes….well I am also the same with my stamping.

When I see something that I think is useful for my needs, it’s simple….I just get it and use it. The other stamps that I used were here and here….you know me, I adore sentiments (and especially simple and useful ones) and I adore my envelopes!

Also….my Occasions Catalog Product Share is now open. If you want to get in the first wave of the share please email me your share requests and I take care of you! I have also added a Share Drop-down box on my blog header to make it easy to find!

I will NOT be sending Pay Pal Invoices out until January 3rd as per Stampin’ Up! policies so when you see your invoice, please take care of it to finalize your share. Product Shares ARE the best way to take advantage of the goodies!

Have a fabulous day…it feels great to be at home and also to know that I am not going anywhere! There is nothing better than a jammie day!





Holiday Stocking fun!




Good Morning and Happy Labor Day! Today I have for you the other great way to use the Tags & Trimmings Bundle from the NEW Catalog! I was thinking to myself when I was playing around with this framelit….Why does this bundle make me smile… why does it make me excited to use….and why is it on my “tops of must have’s”?

Well let me answer that. It is super unique and fun! It is MUCH BIGGER (the stocking) than you think making it quite the “fun statement piece” to your crafting fun!

I will do my best to walk you  through this but I am going to say….I might need to “cave in and do a video” as I think it would be a huge help. Videos are not my strong suit but I do think that there are tips that might help! I hope that the pictures will shed some light into this fun bundle.






Below is a collage of pictures that will show you the size and the way that the pillow box “works” with the stocking. In hindsight I should have used a different color of card stock to show you but we’ll get through it!

You can click on the picture to make it larger but here are some “key points” of each picture.

  • #1 – showing you the size proportions….the overall size dimensions of the pillow box is roughly 2 1’2″ X 4″ and I have laid a gift card on the stocking to give you a visual of the size of the stocking….it is much bigger than you think…roughly 2 1/2″ X 6 1/4″ (that is from the corner to the end of the toe)


  • #2 – To make the stocking into a pillow box stocking you use (1) stocking and just (1) on the pillow boxes…you adhere the pillow box TO THE STOCKING….this is why you only need 1


  • #3 – The is the flip side that I think gives you the visual of the “connection of the 2”…you would be putting a wee bit of adhesive to the rectangle piece and also to the other long side…..put it together and SMILE!


  • #4 – You can see how the box is finished and it is directly behind the stocking….a BRILLIANT way to have a place to put a gift, a check or even a note wishing someone a wonderful holiday and then they can proudly hang the stocking and think of you each time the see it!






Whew….I hope that that explanation gave you a better idea of the “how to’s” – Let’s move on to more pictures….(we all love our pictures as “visuals” are our friends)

Clearly the sky is the limit as to how you can decorate these. The framelits in this bundle we so well designed that the guess work has been eliminated for to let your creativity go wild! The gem I used the fun paper from the Merry Little Christmas DSP pack and then I used the Garden Green to give the greens an off set. The neutral of this is Very Vanilla.







Here you can see the details a bit better. When I stated that this was so well thought out….just look below and you will see what I mean. The snowflake is in the bundle as well as the stitched star. There are many framelit elements that can be used with many other projects/cards you will make!

I have yet to master the “how to do” with the hanging of the ribbon (probably the right way) but here is the quick way I did it….I punched a hole and knotted the ends of the ribbon and it worked! A gold faceted gem in the center of the star was the perfect amount of bling!






I used the stamp from the stamp set of the bundle to add a sentiment to the front of the stocking. Don’t you think that these are jut too cute for words? I am excited to hear your feedback.

Before we get to the next example I want you to get an idea of the size again…I have had emails form people saying that they still have a stocking punch….well that is GREAT but this is totally different – these are sooooooo much bigger and being that you can make them into a 3-D project makes them fun!







Now here is another way that you can use them! You will read in the pictures some of the tips and why’s but wouldn’t this be adorable as a table favor or to give to co-workers for their desks. Again, the sky is the limit with how you can use them and how to decorate them.

This guy is the traditional holiday colors of Real Red and Garden Green – the Quilted Christmas DSP Stack is a perfect compliment to this. Wrapping Hershey Nuggets seems to be a “peanut butter and jelly” thing for me during the holidays….they make a PERFECT compliment.

Enjoy these pictures…I think that they show you the fun you can have. I am just giddy over the pom-pom die that goes under the band of the stocking….do you agree – these framelits are just so well thought out!













I know that I mentioned it above….but I had a bunch of people email me about the size of the pillow box. Below you will see the one that we used to have (you see….I do keep some “keepers”) as I started to sell it with retired inventory but then I changed my mind as it is a fun size as well.

The one that I blogged about on Saturday is roughly 2 1/2″ X 4″ – the perfect size to slip in a gift card. I hope that this helps and you can see the retired one is much bigger.






WHEW….this was a BUNCH to try to put together for you and I hope that I was able to accomplish the “scoop” on this bundle. I hope that it helps you see the versatility of this bundle. Please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

I knew that I was going to love this and true, it is more steps to make but I think we all can agree, it is super cute and to me…it is a work of art and love. I am excited to continue to learn ways to put this together but I think that once I get on a roll with them….I will be ROLLING!

My Dad does not put up a big Christmas Tree anymore….but you bet that he will be getting several of these to enjoy. They just are too cute and the sky is really the limit in decorating!

Enjoy the holiday and please be safe if you are traveling! Thanks for hanging in there for this long post…..





Just Cruisin’ along…




Happy HUMP day! Ok – are you smiling when you see this classic bike? I bet you are and this is a super fun bundle from the new catalog. The details that Stampin’ Up! put into this bundle is over the top…..(kinda the way that I felt about the Hot Air Ballon Bundle) – I think that we can all agree that there is just something classic about a bike…no matter your age!

It’s not hard to have a fun card when you have fun products to work with! Yesterday I chatted about stepping out of the color box that sometimes I think that we get trapped in….so today I challenged myself to use just solid colors of paper…and it worked and I was happy!

Here is a good peek at this dream of a bundle! You can see that again, I took the “freebie” idea that was right in front of me to get my mojo going for the card! This truly is a fun set to work with….so fresh!

You can see that there are a bunch of diecuts….(15 in all) and next we will chat about an idea that I like to do when I make the investment of a new bundle. I admit, I was doing the happy dance that this is a photopolymer…..they make stamping soooooo easy for perfect placement each and every time.







This is what I do when I get a “newbie in the house” – I will say that the stamp sets that I do not do this to right when I get them….I find that they are “SHELF SITTERS” for a while……does this sound familiar to anyone or am I on the “Island of I have never used that Stamp before” by myself!

Below you will see a picture of the images of the stamp set as well as the die cut pieces in the bundle. I will be honest, this takes time to do but the outcome is well worth every minute that you take in getting to know your stamps as well as condition them. I have blogged about this before but I wanted to mention it again….

We all spend so much money on our stamps and goodies…we need to make sure that they work the best possible way for us! I do like to stamp them in black as it does help to SPOT IT when you are in the trenches of playing! It’s funny, it used to bug me that the stamps were stained….now I LOVE the stains!







The sentiment came from this adorable Stamp Set, Pieces & Patterns. This IS a keeper set. I know at a glance you say…it’s ok…but I’ll wait – well let me point out….there are LOTS of little stamps that are perfect “fillers”. I think is you were to go onto Pinterest you will see what I mean….people are coming up with fantastic projects with this set….and the matching DSP  – can you say adorable!







Enjoy the pictures and let me know how you like this inspiration for today! It is just wonderful when you have a great basic element to let your card ROLL….I tucked in some clouds hear and there from the Up & Away Framelits…..they are the best clouds with little effort. I have a little container of white clouds so when I need a little something – BAM….right at my fingertips!






A quick chat about the “road” – Is this the best or what! In the framelits there is a small little one that creates an embossing effect….it was so easy to do – just position it in Mr. Big …crank away and presto – you are riding down a road. I took a sponge and soft suede to “dirty up” my Soft Sky card stock.

The other thing that is the best are….THE MINI DIMENSIONALS….those little guys are perfect. When you first see them you will say – WOW, these are really tiny…..but when working with them you quickly see that you want them tiny…..no more sticky scissors and the size is perfect for many little areas that need that EXTRA lift!







A card would not be a card without a beautiful envelope! This bike image would be adorable stamped on the front of an envelope….Here’s what I envision that would be super ….. Make a custom envelope out of the Soft Sky or Lemon Lime Twist and then stamp the back wheel going off the envelope with “enjoy today” stamped multiple times….. 😀

Wouldn’t that be super cute! We all can come up with lots of great ideas but sometimes that TIME thing gets in the way!






Here is the picture to Pin….just hover over it and the “P” will be right there…and presto – you have an idea for the future. There truly are so many different ways that you can go with this bundle. It is a classic…it is a keeper and today I just did a quick way to use it but truth be told – I love this card just the way it is!

That is a great tip I can give you….if YOU are happy with a project….than stick with it – no reason to make it harder than it needs to. We do this “THING” of stamping because it is to be FUN….

Before we leave…a quickie about the sentiment…..After I stamped it my plan was to have it in a banner…..well – I was not happy with the width of it so PLAN Bsnip it and let it roll!







Now to my little buddy….he is laying low and actually doing what he does best – SLEEPING and hanging out with Mom! He is in no pain….it just looks worse than it is – he IS a sweet angel that brings me more joy than one will know…..we go back to the Vets tomorrow and then next – Orthopedic Specialist….he has always been “gimpy” but we need to make sure that he has not damaged it more.






That’s it for today! I hope that you enjoyed this card as much as I did. I am really looking forward to playing with this bundle more. It is definitely a “KEEPER” and a classic! I hope that you do take it to heart to condition and really get to know your products.

I know that I try my best to share and teach you some ins & outs of basic stamp care and things that I have found to be helpful. It is great to have products….but you really need to know how to make the most out of the products that you have! When you take the time, your results will be better …hence –  you will even be happier stamper!

Little by little we learn and once we implement change, it becomes second nature to us! I cannot wait for tomorrow….it is the DEBUT of the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge….and WOWsooooooo much talent~ I hope that you will PLAY!!!!





Tweet-Tweet….you’re amazing!



Tweet-tweet….I hope that you are having a great weekend! I changed up what I had planned for you today for a simple reason…I was missing playing with my stamps and decided to take a break from working on the product shares last night and I got inky!!!

I have ordered…actually a bunch but I will say the things that I have ordered have mainly been the products needed to fill my shares! Remember, today is the LAST day if you want to sneak in a product share. WHY did I do that? Easy – if I ordered a bunch for myself right now….I know me well enough – I would easily be sidetracked and sneak upstairs and stamp so I guess you could say that I am “exercising stamping willpower”

On Thursday I shared with you a CASE from the catalog…and today is the same! I wanna tell you….the samples and ideas that are RIGHT THERE at our fingertips in the catalog are the BEST springboard for you to CASE. Now go get your catalog and turn to page 220 and here is my inspiration!





As I have been cutting paper into the Swatch Books I have really started to learn and get a feel for each of the offerings. Do you remember during Sale-A-Bration we had the DSP that you could color called Inside the Lines? Well…in the new catalog we have an offering that is the similar idea…it is called, Just Add Color. Let me tell you…it is fabulous! I will blog about that another post…it is super fun and fresh!

The stamp set that I am using today is called Feathery Friends and it has a similar “color me” feel. This is a Host Rewards set and I think that the offering for Stampin’ Rewards Redemption are wonderful in the catalog….please go to 220-223 to see the offerings.

I want you to think back when you were in school and you were sitting there listening, or trying to listen but your pen just kept doodling. This is how I can related to images like this in the stamp set and also in the Just Add Color DSP…they are super simple images that are just BEGGING for a bit of doodle here and there – it is as simple as that and this is what I did for today’s card!





There are so many elements that make me smile about this card. At a glance there seems to be a lot going on but this is a card that you could make in the masses and just have fun with an endless array of color combinations. Here are some things I like about it….






  • You can stamp the images…cut them out with the Oval Framelits ….grab a bunch of pens, watercoloring pencils, blender pens etc…and GO TO TOWN! For the card I used the Aqua Painter (as it is my true blue friend) and an assortment of ink pads…that’s how I like to roll!


  • The card uses scraps….the DSP is a strip from the Coffee Break DSP that I had that is 1″ wide and then a quick flag on the ends did the trick!


  • I ADORE the look of “tone on tone” and if you look at the Soft Sky Card Stock I stamped the images in Versamark to give it a special look and feel…we all need to have Versamark in our stash and also it helped to “condition” my stamps….remember that tip from before?


  • The sample that was on the catalog gave me a PUSH to use something that I have but do not use a bunch….Doilies…I think that it just added that “something-something” – sometimes we need that nudge! 😆


  • A card like this allows you to add ANY sentiment. Because the image is so general, you could easily put a birthday sentiment, anniversary, thinking of you….or heck – just leave it blank!


  • I ADORE using different textures…the wee bit of the burlap ribbon again was the perfect “something-something” to make this card sparkle…do you agree? It is amazing how tucking in a simple glue dot does the trick!




Enjoy the pictures….I hope that it makes you chirp! To me this is a relaxing “therapy card” as face it – there is not a right or wrong way to color this…the only rule is – JUST HAVE FUN!

Please do not overlook my generous rewards program that I offer to my customers that shop with me….collecting Paw Prints is fun but it is even better when you are able to pick a free stamp set.

In addition to the rewards program I am offering another personal incentive to my customers….buy any 3 bundles in the current catalog throughout the year and be able to pick a Host Stamp Set…..now that should make you smile! Trust me, I get it….that these special stamp sets are soooo tantalizing but you just do not want or feel like having an event or hostess code…so here is a solution to that!







Here is a funny for you and I bet that you would not have “caught it” if I did not point it out. Look below at the envelope. Do you see that the flap is straight across? Well, confessions of an honest stamper…..when I went to go trim the excess let’s say I had a bit of “user error” and instead of starting over…I simply trimmed the boo-boo’s off and presto – a fun envelope!

Again, another example of how we can make lemonade out of lemons!





Enjoy your day and I will see you on Tuesday! I wish that I could say that I am having a day off tomorrow….but I will be in the Product Share Trenches work to make a bunch of you have HUGE SMILES….I know you are very eager to get your goodies and I am like Lucy in the Chocolate Shop!

I just turn the music up…sing (watch the dogs turn their heads because I hurt their ears) and just go to town! I have a funny for you on Tuesday….enjoy the day and remember…shopping from home is TOTALLY on trend!!!




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