Good Saturday to all! I have a super fast and elegant card for you today! I admit, this is my kinda card and it just came together in a matter of minutes! I sure do love when it happens like this.

Pop back tomorrow to see how I made some changes and stepped it up! I am being honest….I have not created the card for tomorrow yet….and I really and thinking that I might be stumped….as I love it just the way it is!

There are (2) elements of this card that you might have a learning curve with and I highly suggest that you grab that extra cup of coffee to watch them….I know that when we see a set of framelits and an embossing folder we immediately think……I know how to use them but these 2 products have some unique characteristics about them so I highly suggestion to take another look.






  • Eastern Beauty Photopolymer Bundle – This is a very unique and detailed stamp set and framelits. At first glance it looks rather straight forward but the unique element of this is the framelits…..the amount of different ways to use these framelits are remarkable…making this so fun and special.





For today’s card…I allowed the simplistic beauty of the die to be my focal point and then used the amazing clean & simple sentiment, “You’ve got this.” to make a statement! I admit…I have not played and used these framelits to their best ability and I truly think that if you have a “play date” with it….your paper and Mr. Big…you can come up with some amazing unique shapes!






This sentiment is from the You’ve Got This Stamp Set that was carried over from last years catalog. This was a huge hit last year….filled with not only 3 great sentiments but the font…..oh, so classic!








Here is the other product that has the learning curve….if you turn to page 211 in your catalog you will see that we have (5) of these special dynamic folders and this video will be a HUGE help in making this product work for you! I am just giddy about these as the end result is this deep…rich and 3D looking image!

In the video Donna referenced to using a Stampin’ Spritzer to help with the papers fibers…and yep – I would recommend that. This makes a difference with the deep impression – have you ever ran an embossing folder through Mr Big to see areas that there are “cracks” – will this will help soften the fibers of the paper to help prevent that! (just a little tip!!!)



  • The Layered Leaves Dynamic Textured Embossing Folder – There are 3 words – IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I think that you can imagine its beauty but let me say… can 1 folder create such a beauty time and time again with all you having to do is add paper and crank!?!?





Whew…..we are over the technical part….let look at some pictures of the project up-close! I am really tickled with this and I am still amazed at the ease.








It truly is like I say over and over…..when you have the “basics”…..(like – Mr. Big….layering framelits – circles, squares etc…) then you can add the “specialty items”….(like this bundle and embossing folders) to create an amazing classic card you just cannot go wrong!

I chose a square card for today as I thought that it lent itself to the shape of the die…and heck – you know I adore a square card. Here is a funny for you – I am a “stamp nut” – what is a STAMP NUT???? Easy – I like to have fun and complementary stamps to go along with the card that I make….call me silly but I do love my stamp collection.

When I made this card I knew that the “LOVE” stamp would be a perfect compliment to the card. When I see a stamp that comes out that I love….I buy many sheets of it to have on hand!






Tomorrow I will share with you tips and tricks on ow to make this card “safe to mail” to protect this delicate and beautiful die. As I said in the beginning of the post….I really don’t know what I can do to step it up….any suggestions?????

I am in my “motherhood glory” as all 3 of the peeps are “in the house” and we are having the time of our lives….we have many to do’s today and I really am not sure if they will be completed….as we were having dinner last night we all shared what we wanted to do….here is a sample and then I think you will agree – GOOD LUCK as there are only so many hours!

I feel very blessed that they all surround us being together….and that is the element that makes my heart pitter-patter…..pick blueberries, power wash the aisle-way in the barn, have a family tennis tournament, have a family corn-hole tournament, give Oscar & Arnold a bath, set off fireworks, make a fire in the fire pit, have a dessert throw-down in the kitchen, go for a long run,play Scrabble & Backgammon, wash the car…..

YIKES  –  if everyone gets their wishes….we are going to be one productive family! (I bet you can tell which ones are my suggestions) Anyway, have a great day….make some memories and I hope to see you back tomorrow!

Remember, the Daisy Punch is back…and I am sure that you saw from many blogs that SUD are super happy about that so please do not miss the opportunity to grab yours… is AMAZING of the popularity!






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