Good Friday to all….it is a GREAT day for many reasons but the reason that you will like the most is…..(drumroll…drumroll…)




The Daisy Delight Bundle is off BACK ORDER!!!!




I know that many of you had ordered the Daisy Delight Bundle and Stampin’ Up! will be shipping your item and for those of you that have been waiting to be able to order…..I say ORDER AWAY as it is obviously ONE HOT ITEM!







I think that it is clear to see that this was a product that just FLEW OUT THE DOOR….and took the projections for sales up in smoke – but as for today – the GREEN LIGHT is on so if I were you….I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT and make sure you secure this bundle.

Most of the time when we think if a bundle….it is a stamp and framelits….this is a stamp and a FABULOUS punch. By getting the bundle you will save an instant 10%….and I think that you can see with this simple card that the stamped flower that is over the stamped/punched out flower creates a fun feel for this card.






I think that it is far to say….Stampin’ Up! has amazing DSP and I know you guys….I know that there are lots of you that have “paper addictions” – well I get it….I am guilty as charged and if that is my worst addiction in life….than I’ll take it. This paper, Delightful Daisy is beautiful, just beautiful.

At first I thought – the prints are so big and busy… am I going to make it work? Well here is a tip…..when I have paper that I need to “figure out” – I keep a couple of the patterns out in my work area that I need to “see it” – by being forced to look at it as I walk by etc….it always jumps in my head and makes me think of ideas – try this….I bet you will see that it helps you break through that “what can I do block”






In honor of the GREEN LIGHT IS ON for this product that we have been waiting for….I chose to do the post in greens and also use the faceted gems as they too are off of being backordered!

For those of you that participated in the product share….I am happy to say that these are back and I will send you the missing items from the embellishment share. You can see….that Stampin’ Up! is making many of us super happy with the back orders being caught up!

You all know that I am not a BLING BLING kinda gal….true I like a “little makeup” by I am not one that likes a bunch of glitter and bling (truth be told – I am happiest in my barn comfy clothes) but these faceted gems are quite stunning. There are times that a touch of bling makes a statement…and these make a statement.







I can remember when I would see posts that had the “nestled thread look” and thought – I like that look for a change up….but when I attempted to recreate it – IT WAS A HOT TANGLED MESS(sound familiar to anyone) After trying and trying to master it I found the easiest way….

  • Make sure you have ample adhesive on the back of whatever you are sticking it to
  • Just roll the tread around your hand (I either use 3 or all 4 fingers depending on the width of my nest) and make sure that you wrap many, many times as you need more than you think.
  • Cut it…Take the circle of thread to the adhesive and PRESS….AFTER you have it adhered then you can fru-fru it to the look and feel you are going for.


I used to try to get it “just right” and then attempt to adhere – that’s when Mr. FRUSTRATION set in…..doing it this simple way – it is fast and easy.







I am happy that this product has the GREEN LIGHT for you. What is more clean, crisp and classic than a good old Daisy!

Speaking of Daisy….she is in HOG HEAVEN as I had a call from my Postal Lady saying… church made a bunch of strawberry shortcakes for a bake sale….and I have a bunch of strawberry tops for Miss Daisy….well – THAT IS MUSIC TO MY EARS and I gladly drove in to make my girl smack her lips! She just LOVES strawberries!!!

Mr. Perfect update…..well he is still perfect, we all know that…he still is not able to put much weight on his wee little leg but he is happy and in no pain. Being that he has soft tissue damage….they want him to try to put weight on it to start to get the muscles stronger and then he will get a cast back on right before we leave for Thailand. (I think that Dr. Hurry knows that I am more worried about the animals) so while we are away I know that it will be protected.

The things we do….never a dull moment but a moment that is “just my life” and that makes me roll! 😀

Speaking of rolling….IT IS ALREADY the deadline day for Product Shares! If you wish to take advantage of a share….THIS IS IT – today is the last day to hop in a SHARECLICK HERE to see the offerings!




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