Good Morning! I have a treat for you this weekend….(and the next several while I am away) – I have some team members that are sharing their talent with you! At the end of the post I will share with you some fun facts about the guest designer!

Today’s fun is from Ramsey Alexander, a SUD from Annapolis, Maryland! Ramsey is a super talented stamper loving a clean and classic style of design and I think that you can see her style showing through with this sweet card!

Ramsey does not have a blog but she has a Pinterest Board with her personal work . I know that you will have fun looking at her designs! I was so excited when Ramsey wanted to do a card for the weekend post….please give her some good old fashion blog lovin’ love for sharing her work in the comments!

This bundle, the Daisy Delight has been a super popular choice for us all! To me, I think that there is something super special about the simple shape of this flower and with this bundle…there is a punch and we all know that we love our punches! Let’s face it – it the name DAISY comes up…..I’m in cause’ I love my swine lovin’ Daisy!






You can see in the following pictures that this is a super easy card to makes and the other thing that is for sure…you will be smiling! So clean, so crisp, so classic!

To create this layered look it literally takes seconds…a stamp of the flower…and stamp (2) on the daffodil delight and POP with the punch – stand back and smile!







The sentiment for this card came from the carried over stamp set, Sunshine Sayings…a super popular one from the previous catalog that you will surely find the appropriate sentiment to “fit the bill”

This stamp is chocked filled with great sentiments and ones that you can fit together to make a “custom one” to fit the theme of your card!








The simple BLING to this sweet card is the gold faceted gem in the middle – you all know, I am not a big “glam and glitz” kind of gal but these gems…they get the job done! Great accent Ramsey!






Here you can easily see how this card would brighten anyones day! Ramsey has that characteristic about her….you instantly smile! We share some late night fun as we road tripped it to Richmond earlier this year and WOW – was it fun….so much fun we are going to do it again in November but this time Salt Lake City!

This is what is great about Stampin’ Up! The relationships you develop along the way that in turn develop into friendships! When Ramsey is in the house, there is a FUN TIME in store!







Now here is a picture of my sweet Daisy-Mae…she just LOVES to be scratched on top of her precious head! (It makes her hair stand up and she squeals) While we are gone….Harry is Daisy’s human care giver. Daisy has a thing about men and I knew that Harry would love to have the honor of being the “pig sitter” while we are away.

His job….easy but oh so important…she likes to come inside to the air-conditioning during the day and out at night to do the town….(well hang out with Arnold and the dumb donkey) Harry comes to the house each morning super early to bring his girl in and give her some love! (I am sure that he tells all of his retired friends his important job!!!)





I hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see the stepped up version for this sweet card! How can we go wrong with this amazing and classic bundle – when you think of it….you can clearly see that was no wonder why it sold out on the first day but I am super glad that it is back in stock!

Still no luggage…good thing that we will never see any of these people again….where we are now is soooooo remote, not a bunch to do but “take it all in” – I was teasing John….heck – if someone ever went here and didn’t tell anyone where they were going….you would never be found! The people are so gracious and appreciative – it truly makes you feel so blessed. They live by simplistic values…and are truly honored to make you feel at home!

As promised….here are some fun facts about Ramsey that I thought that you would enjoy! Ramsey plays on an Ice Hockey League….a gal after my own heart in taking a challenge “later in life” and she also sails each week!

This one is great – one weekend Jeanie and I wanted to do something with her and Ramsey said –  “shoot…I am going to a miniature convention”….I said WHAT THE HECK????? Yep, she has had a true love and passion for miniature things…houses etc…..(maybe she will leave a comment explaining) – I just thought that was great!

Until tomorrow…..Jeanie will be in the house! Many thanks Ramsey for being a guest designer this weekend…..let’s give her some love!!!!