Todays guest designer is Nancy Farrell from the great state of New York and more specifically Massapequa, NY….(now that’s a mouthful to say!) I was super excited when Nancy wanted to do a card and I love how she “blinged it up a bit”. Make sure that you read to the end of the post to see the fun facts I have about Nancy – my way of getting you to know the “pups” in the Top Dog Team!

When Nancy mailed me her card so I could take pictures of it and also be able to type the post I instantly smiled. I smiled because I was so happy that she just made it hers with simple yet fun minor changes that in the end made it a signature card that would bring a smile to whomever was lucky enough to receive it.

This 2 day post is a great example of how simple works. The #1 concern that I hear time and time again from people about their crafting desires and goals is…“There is just not enough time”…sound familiar? I think that you are already going to know what I will say about this….but here you go.

Time is a precious thing that we all seem to have a struggle with. Look at the time that you have for card-making as an outlet not only for yourself…but as a way to make a difference to others. This wonderful little thing that we do is a gift in itself and it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you find that you are overwhelmed…sit back and say – I can do this…because you can – remember it is not Hallmark…it is YOU and that IS the “gift”!







Above you can see side by side the 2 cards. Both super clean and super classic and today Nancy just tweaked it a bit to bling it up! If you were to hold the 2 cards in your hand you would notice the bling a bit more…but the center of the Popsicle is Dazzling Diamonds Paper…and that wee bit of bling makes the card!

In the “stick” – it appears that Nancy used Crumb Cake and heat embossed it to make the stick shiny….another little change! Here is a definite go-to in you are down in the dumbs with your card-making….pull out the heat gun and Heat Emboss. There IS ALWAYS SOMETHING MAGICAL about this technique….as the “I did it and wow factor” happens each time you see the powder melt.








Do you remember what I shared with you yesterday about Bakers Twine? Well yep, today is no different! Nancy used some fun Bakers Twine that we had earlier in the year and just the wee bit of metallic shimmer in the ribbon is the perfect amount of interest.

I think that the contrast of color against the white really makes the difference. The one thing that I m not sure about  is…on the sides of the card where the bakers twine is…Nancy has “notches” on both sides of the card with is a great “resting point” for the twine….I am not sure how she did this but hopefully she will “POP” on and leave a comment about it!








A classic card that will certainly make someones day! If you were to give someone this card in person….here would be a great gift idea! Go to the grocery and buy a box of Popsicles’s…. get the recipient a couple of magazines and in the card write the sentiment and say….Here’s to your special day…..enjoy some good old fashion “me time” and enjoy!

To me, all I would need is a hammock and that would be a welcomed treat! Many thanks to both Bridget and Nancy for sharing thier time and talent with us this weekend. It is a joy to be able to see their work and to share!






I will be BACK IN THE SADDLE on Tuesday and I am hoping to provide a FUN week for you as it will be “MY TURN” to inspire you with some simple and clean cards/projects but more importantly…it will be a week of Blog Candy as this is MY CHRISTMAS IN JULY gift to you!

Please pop back on and we will get the comments rolling. I have missed being “present” from my home computer with you but I tried my best to keep you on your toes! I will upload some pictures of the fun we had while we were away. I did purchase a new camera before I left and I am soooooo glad that I did – you will be able to be “up close” with the Elephants and also see the amazing foods that John and I made at a cooking class!

Enjoy the day and before we leave….her is THE BEST fun fact about Nancy and each and every Thursday I think of her. On Thursday she gets together and plays Scrabble with a friend. I just LOVE that idea and it probably hits home to me because I adore that game and no one in my family likes to play with me…as YEP – I just seem to go for the “simple words”….it is always a conversation when the peeps are home!

Nancy was one of my 1st that joined with Stampin’ Up! She has the most beautiful heart and that wonderful heart of hers crochets her little hands off for people. I feel blessed to be the lucky recipient of her work and each and every time I see it….there is a sense of calmness that comes to me  as I know that it IS a gift of art from her heart!

Now let’s give Nancy some love for being a turtle and doing a card for you today! Stampin’ hugs to all!



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