HHD to you! This week is zooming by and I am excited about that as John and I are going to head South for the weekend to visit our dear Hannah! Visiting adult “peeps” is both very exciting and just FUN! 

I was so excited about this super simple card! It is right up my simple “one way alley in life” and the classic color combo of Black and White…I ask you, how can you go wrong? (let me answer this for you)YOU CAN”T GO WRONG!

The stamp is a new kid on the block (Count My Blessings) that will be available on Sept 1st….I think you all are going to like it…no I know you will LOVE IT as it is a beauty!

Darn, I could not share with you picture from within the new catalog but I was squealing (did you hear me) when I thought – “I should just take a picture of the sheet that I made when I conditioned the stamp set”!

Here you go! I was doing a happy dance when I stamped this – look how clean and crisp the images are. I swear by the versa mark…stamp….ink with Black…stamp…making a 5″ X 7″ stamped image of my stamp set just works for me.

I slide it in the inside of the cover as a reference. (I know its kinda strange, but I like to see an inky stamped version with my own eyes)






This embossing folder, Layered Leaves Dynamic Embossing Folder….is just beautiful sooooo beautiful that this is the “freebie pick from me to you” this month when you place an order of $75+. The super deep impression of these dynamic folders is just amazing!

Here’s an important tip! I like to mist the piece of paper before I run it through the Big Shot. Stampin’ Up! did a video that I have shared with you before but just in case you missed it….click here – it is a great video and it will also show you the correct “sandwich” that is need for Mr. Big.







This card is sooooo easy! I am holding tight to my motto…”If you have a keeper stamp (Count My Blessings)…the basics (the circles)…fun DSP (the embossed piece for texture & the pick a pattern for contrast)…. a wee bit of bling or interest (silver thread and the black rhinestones) you will have a great card!



Stamp + Basics + Texture + Bling = a Keeper Card



I used this embossing folder for my monthly card kit just like I am doing today and I will say – the amazing details in this folder are so clean and classic – it makes a card come together in no time as the embossing folder has done the work for you.







Let’s chat about the Black and White DSP…You know that I have blogged using this paper a bunch since its debut. It makes me smile (and that’s a good thing)

To me, this pack of DSP  – Pick a Pattern has a learning curve. WHAT? Yep, a learning curve. At a glance many thing that it is a kiddie paper as they see the big, bold, graphic designs but always remember my friends…we know that there are always 2 sides to a story….well for us – there are always 2 sides to our DSP!






Whenever I see a Black and White print…I not only “squeal” but I “cut it wisely” as I just LOVE IT! We have some new DSP’s coming out that you are going to LOVE as they are the same…a FUN & FESTIVE print on one side….and the flip – a classic! No worries, I will be doing a Product Share and we all know that they are the BEST way to try the newbies out!

This DSP that I am using today is a perfect reason/example of why having a swatch book from my shares is the way to go. WHY? Easy – as we chatted about this from a glance…the DSP being a busy bunch of prints….well having the swatch book on my work area makes it a breeze to flip through the offerings and then make the decision! They truly are lifesavers!







I know that this card is super easy (that you do not need me) but here is a tip about using this thread. I had a love/hate relationship with it until I figured it out and let me help you as well. The effect and texture it gives to a project is fun but it can be frustrating to work with.

To make it a  😀  process I just put a bunch of adhesive (fast fuse is my choice) on the back of the circles. Next, I wrap a bunch of thread around my fingers (for this size of a circle I used 3 fingers) snip it off and then take that whole darn circle and SLAP IT DOWN! Now you can pull the thread mess where you want it – works like a charm each and every time!







If I am using dimensionals or fun foam on the back I still do it this was and then add the dimension. I cannot tell you how many times I have been frustrated with this thread but once I WAS IN CONTROL (not the darn thread in control) it became my friend and heck – it gives a great effect and is super affordable!

There you go a super fast card to whip up and one that I know that we all have people to send it to. “Blessing” are a true “Blessing” and this card would certainly make someone stop and smile. To me, it is one of those “slow down life” cards when someone would receive it as it will automatically make them stop…smile….and remember the “specialness of you”







Speaking of special…..I snuck in that the Clearance Rack was added to yesterday and I also see that many of  you have taken advantage of it….WOOT-WOOT, we all love a deal! My heart was skipping a beat to get a great deal on Bakers Twine…I LOVE that stuff!

Enjoy the day and I will see you in the morning….we need to play a game….it is Tic-Tac-Toe Day!






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