Good Morning and I have a confession…yep, a confession of an honest stamper! Yesterdays card….click here to see….was a card that I was contemplating not showing you as I thought that it was just “o.k.” but to my surprise…YOU LIKED IT!

Why am I telling you this???? Well…it is because there are times that you just do not know and you need to roll forward and that it what I did! Not only was I excited that you did like it…it made me really think – how can I change it up!?!? I did NOT use any additional products to make this card today….same elements – just worked differently!

Below are the (2) bundles that I worked with this weekend….it is fun to take “bits from here and bits from there” – I always encourage you to use your products to the max! When you “KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE”…then it is fun to pull from here and there!








Well here you go….side by side, you decide!






At a quick glance you might thing…not much difference but below I will bullet point the changes that I made and the (why did I do it  😀 )

  • The total card is made out of Thick Whisper White Card Stock – (I had a little “honestly session with myself” and I am to the conclusion that I prefer my card bases out of the Thick Whisper White or the Thick Very Vanilla Card Stock) My reason….maybe it is “just me” but I love the feel of this card stock in your hand…it is so substantial and the reality of it is – I can add the POP of color, there just is something that I prefer over having the color card stock as my base!







  • The FUN oval part is the marriage of 2 techniques that I adore to do when I can….Paper Piecing and Inlaying a die cut. Time and time again, I share that the basics are your friends….as when we have the basics at out fingertips we are able to make magic happen with little effort.





The magic was the Ovals Framelits and the Stitched Shapes Framelits. I cut the “friend” out of a Tranquil Tide and also a White piece of Card Stock and then “pieced” the Tranquil Tide Silhouette of the word into the White oval. Here is a great tip that I should have taken a picture for you…I put several pieces of Tear & Tape on the back of the White Stitched oval frame of “friend” so as I “pieced” the Tranquil Tide pieces in…the adhesive was there for me – easy-peasy!

The Calypso Coral Oval Ring was a total “after thought” but I think that it makes the POP happen. The way I figured it…I have the framelits and “Mr. Big” out….so why not?


  • I also adhered some of the flowers flat today so there is more of an interest to your eye – I personally like this as it adds a very subtle interest but to me…the real show stopper and WOW factor of this card is the fact when you hold it in your hand and see and feel all of the inlay fun and then open it up and there is no evidence of “how did she do it” The reason is….the piece that I worked with is the exact same size as my card base so POOF – adhere and hide…you look like a pro!








Here is a funny for you as we have all heard the saying of “great minds think alike”….well in Jeanie Starks blog post yesterday, (she is a dear friend and downline) she showcased this below chart of the In Color Combinations that are FUN. Well….truth be told, I have this taped to the wall in my work area and that is exactly where my color combination inspiration came from for this weekend post! (I just could not find the chart on line so I snagged it from her post yesterday) The moral of the story is….look for FUN color combinations everywhere.





I do not know about you….but I find that I get myself in a rut using the same colors. Calypso Coral is not one of my “reach for colors”, I am not sure why but I think that there is some FUN about this color combination…so – GO OUT OF THAT BOX that we get ourselves in and have fun!

Another weekend post for the record books. Honestly there are weeks that I say….I am not sure if I can come up with something but I go to my area of fun and just roll with it! The reality is…there is no “right or wrong way” to do a card….it is merely an interpretation of the fun that you have in your craft area. I encourage you to try something different….see if it works or if it does not….the end result is…YOU TRIED!






Now go have a great day and I will see you on Tuesday! I have a tip for your Tuesday that needs to be done as this IS the time of the year for the deals!




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