Good Morning and do I have a cutie for you today! I just smile when I see this stamp set….and then when I say the name of it – We Must Celebrate ..I just giggle!!!  I envision this foursome to be holding up banner flags saying hooray….look at us! It is a new kid on the block and it is super sweet!!!

I was going to share this with you yesterday….but I have been in the trenches….the Product Share Trenches and WOW – I have dug a huge dent into the pile of paper and goodies….Many have shipped and the rest will go out on Monday. If you thought you were in my first wave of the Product Share and you did not receive a confirmation and or Pay Pal Invoice….please email me as they all went out on  Catalog Launch Day!

Below is the stamp images…aren’t they just the sweetest!?!? Do you have a favorite? I think I am taken to the Bear and the Silly Squirrel. The sentiments are super sweet and you all know that I am a lover of a great sentiment. On the inside of this card I simply stamped the Happy Birthday sentiment…a perfect clean and simple card!








This card is so straightforward for you but I do want to point out some things I have learned from making it. This is a card that I went ahead and stamped up 12 of and then just put the extras in one of our clear envelopes to color at a later date. I invite you to do this when you are stamping an image like this as it is a fun thing to do when you are on the go!

The way that I look at it is….you have the stamp and ink out…why not just go ahead and stamp many of the same image so you are ready to color when you have the time! Coloring is so fun to do while you are watching a movie or simply waiting somewhere – I use these Zippered Mesh Bags for sooooo many things but one thing I would suggest if you get any…..BUY A TON OF THEM as trust me, they will disappear.

I alway have a pile of them as when the peeps come home – they seem to raid my stash as they truly are handy for many on the go things that we do or to simply keep us organized. If I am somewhere and I pull one of them out….I can almost guarantee I will have someone ask me where I got them. They are so darn affordable and I will say that I use all 3 sizes! Ok – enough on this but you know I love organizational tips for you an goodies to help life be easier!







I do love our Blends. Here is a tip that I have been doing lately. When I use the Stampin’ Blends I am finding that I am preferring using the regular (thinner) Whisper White Card Stock I admit, ever since Stampin’ Up! came out with the Thick Whisper White Card Stock I have kept a skeleton amount of the thinner but I am finding that I am reaching for it more and more when using the Blends.

Perhaps it is just a personal preference but I find that the Blends glide over the paper perfectly. The #1 reason that I adore the Blends is the simple fact of no lines showing!!!! To me, it is just simply the best to have a coloring product that just glides and gives a smooth and even coverage.







I know that many of you worry about knowing how to “blend” colors together…but hear me out – the 1st thing for you to master is just simply feeling comfortable with the coverage of the markers. I invite you to NOT WORRY about mastering the “blending” aspect of this product…rather embrace the fact that there are 12 color families – hence you have 24 different colors to play with!


The blending will come in time and it will only happen with one concept….that is PRACTICE!


I am just hoping that Stampin’ Up! keeps coming out with more and more colors. If I showed you how many Copic Markers I have you would say….a BIG – OH MY!!!! I just love the coloring result you get with an alcohol based marker but always remember to use the appropriate ink when stamping….use the Memento Black Ink as it is safe for the markers.









Did you notice the envelope love….I am still getting used to the new DSP offerings…but this one is one of the Sale-A-Bration FREEBIES….shown above. Trust me on this one….this picture does not do it justice as when I saw this picture I was not a fan of this paper but once I saw it in person….I thought of many projects that it would work for and heck – it is FREE….so who doesn’t love that!

Same drill as I always do….a 1/4″ strip of card stock and then a 2″ X 6″ piece of the DSP….adhere it and trim off the excess! This way I can get 12 envelope flaps out of (1) sheet of DSP! Works for me!

After I did my coloring fun and went to mat it onto the Sahara Sand….I thought it needed a bit more to POP… I simply used the stampin’ trimmer to cut a 1/4″ strip of paper and then matted that across the top and bottom of the colored image!







There you go…a super simple yet super fun card. I do enjoy working with a whimsical stamp set like this as I truly do not think it is for just the “young at heart” To me, it just conveys a FUN TIME and you could use a sentiment in the inside such as “We’re rooting for you” or “Sending well wishes”…just about anything would work!

Enjoy the day and stay warm…we are on day 3 of the horses being in the bard as it is just too darn bitter with the wind to go out! I have one miserable and super grumpy pig on my hands as Daisy simply hates the cold weather…..she is like a ground hog…..she would rather stay in her heated penthouse and just come out when it gets warmer.

Trust me, she grumbles at me when I push her out to go potty but she does what she needs to and then runs (well waddles) right back to the door to the heat! She really is not a fan of this weather!

I do hope that you can have some “crafting time”  over the weekend. I am going to be doing some and then switching to the product shares….a little of each makes Susan a happy stamper! Isn’t it just wonderful to know the simple tricks that make us happy…..I want to play stamps, paper & ink…John wants to watch football….and Daisy wants to sleep – life is great! 🙂





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