Good Tuesday to each and everyone of you! Summer is officially here…and today I have another ORGANIZATIONAL Blog Post for you so grab a cup of your favorite and let this settle in!

You might also wanna grab your catalog and a piece of paper and pen – we have lots to go over!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of me attempting to explain my system of how I tackle my DSP….I have 3 point that I am going to be covering so if you are one of those….scan through people – here are the 3 main topics of this post!




  • How I organize my DSP (both 12 X 12 sheets & 6 X 6 sheets)
  • FINAL CALL for a Product Share from the NEW CATALOG



  • How I organize my DSP


You just have to chuckle when you read and look at this image. It is soooooo darn true for me at least…

We all seem to DO IT…we “get and get” before we declutter and/or have a system! It is a viscous circle we seem to get ourselves into!

I am the very 1st to admit that how one chooses to organize is a personal preference and lets face it, there are no right or wrong ways! The thing that I think we can all agree on is that….having an organizing system that WORKS FOR YOU…makes the journey a happier one!

I am one that adores a challenge of using a space to the best advantage. For me, it is a game/challenge to me and trust me, there are many times that I revisit a way that I organize and perhaps change it….for when it comes to organizing my Designer Series Papers….I have done it this way for DECADES!

I love this method as it takes up a wee bit of space, I have everything I need at my fingertips. It is clearly a “do it once and you are done kinda task”  Let’s dive in. I will try my best to hyperlink items for you when I can. I want to point out…being organized takes a focused period of time on your part but trust me, when you are done…you are one happy person!

Storage Studios - Dividers - Set of 3


I use these containers to store all of my DSP in. YEP, just ONE CONTAINER will hold all of my paper….I do have another one and once the Holiday Catalog and then after January when the Occasions/Sale-a-Bration offerings come out..I can hold all 3 catalogs worth in just 2 of these containers. 

To me, the key is having the file folders for each DSP offering. I know what you are thinking….Susan – this is great but it costs! I think you know what I am going to say…..

YEP, it does – but it is a one time investment and when you have the feel and enjoyment of organization with your paper…you will thank me!

Like I have said, I have used this system for YEARS and I totally would not change a thing! Now you all know I probably have a BUNCH OF PAPER…and YEP, I do – but to have the amount in just one of these containers is the best feeling in the world. Ready…!!!



  • This is the lifesaver Storage System that I use! Remember, you can most likely get everything you have in 1 but I do have 2 for when more paper comes out! Ions ago there was a company called Cropper Hopper and that is where I originally purchased them from. To save you a bunch of time running from store to store to see if they have them….I would just order them online!

I am linking these to as they are the cheapest right now and shipping is free for orders over $60.00.



  • Next, you need the folders to go into your holder. I know you all are thinking – this is getting $$$$ but I am trying to my best ability to share what works for me. Trust me, if you DO NOT GET A GRIP ON YOUR PAPER… will do one of 2 things……continue to buy more or become resentful to the whole crafting process and feel defeated! You can do this!

I have a folder for EACH of the DSP’s. When you purchase these folders…remember that there are 3 in a set so plan accordingly to what you think your needs will be. They are made from a super think vinyl and the labels that you create with your label maker will peel right off…..that is why I use the P Touch Label Maker for these over using the Avery Labels.



You will see below how I reuse these labels once the product has been retired. Darn, this is SOOOOOOO HARD to put into words – I hope that this is all making sense to you!

  • Lastly you will also need these dividers to go INTO each of your folders to separate the Scraps from the full sheets of paper! Again, these come in a set of 3 so order accordingly. I place another label on the front of this saying the DSP Name and then the word SCRAPS after it…..(for example: Animal Expedition Scraps) I will re-use this label again after the paper is retired!

In a nut shell….if you choose to organize your paper like this (trust me, you’ll thank me) you will need 3 components –  (1) the storage organizer, (2) the files for the DSP’s and (3) then the dividers to go into the files as stated above with all of the hyperlinks for you!



For my 6 X 6 DSP…I use simple cubes that can be found at Walmart (around Back to School time which will be soon – they have these in FUN COLORS and they are super cheap then) or any Office Store has them usually in Black. They are meant for storage for CD cases but they are a great organizer tool to have!



  • I take my 6 X 6 papers and then make a label just as I did for the above and store my paper in the container. You can use the heavier cardboard that comes with the 12 x 12 DSP Packs and cut them to fit in between each paper collection.

With the NEW DSP Collections (page 191 in the new catalog) this is a great way to keep them separated. I have sold SOOOOOO MANY of the Product Shares #3 and trust me, if you do not keep them separated you will drive yourself NUTS trying to figure what color family they came from! You will be able to keep all of the 6 X 6 paper from this catalog as well as future catalogs in one cube….you see – a lifesaver!



The LAST Tip on DSP Paper Storage….


  • When a new catalog comes out…I take all of the DSP that is being retired out of the storage sleeves and cut it into 6″ X 6″ pieces and take the label that I made with the P Touch Label Maker (that was on the storage sleeve) and place it on the divider that I cut from the packaging from DSP and put it on there.


  • I put the other “label for the SCRAPS” and place it on these great bags so when I have scraps…they can easily fit into this 7″ X 7″ bag.

The reason that I use and adore these bags are that they are a super quality of a storage solution. I cut them down to the 7″ X 7″ size for this need…but I usually use them for large stamp sets that I might buy from another stamp company….(that is for another organizational post) as you know…there IS method to my organizational madness….ALWAYS!





These bags are super strong and you can use them forever. The reason that I like using the label from the P Touch Label Maker is that you can easily pull it off the front of this storage envelope without residue of the label behind and use it over and over… you know – THERE IS ALWAYS new paper coming out!

Here is a BIG TIP and one that I am trying to implement…as you go through your paper and cut it into 6 x 6 pieces….look at it and if you know that you are NEVER EVER GOING TO USE IT….do this  – GET RID OF IT! Yep, either give it to a friend that can use it….donate it to an organization…or YEP – file it in the “circular can” !!!





I can hear some of you gasping but let’s face it, WE CANNOT KEEP EVERYTHING!


I have started to tuck in paper/products that are retired that are in perfect condition when I ship something to someone with Priority Mail….as it is a FLAT RATE… worries about the extra weight to the customer. It WILL make you feel good as at least you have the wonderful thoughts of someone else using it!

WHEW….that was LONG but it was also hard to put into words, darn I wish that we lived all in one town!!! I hope that this helps you paint the picture of how a system can work. As always, please share what works for you…we have a wonderful community of tips and I know we all enjoy reading what each of us seem to do! Let’s move on!





  • FINAL CALL for a Product Share from the NEW CATALOG!

Yep, it is that time…the last offering of a Product Share from the NEW Annual Catalog. Product Shares are simply the BEST WAY to get a taste without stuffing yourself and also your wallet!

I take great pride in my Product Shares not only offering you a super fair offering but also in my delivery and attention to detail with your shares~

Remember, I once use to take FULL ADVANTAGE of also purchasing shares and I know the happy feeling inside we get when the HAPPY MAIL arrives! Who in the heck does not like receiving HAPPY MAIL!

You can CLICK HERE to see the offerings and then please email me with your name and address along with your shares that you need.


The cut off is SATURDAY, JUNE 30th and I will be sending Pay Pal Invoices out Sunday Morning.

All Shares will be shipped on Tuesday (one week from today) and I ship Priority Mail so you will have them next week! Next in this post you will learn about the Buy 3 get 1 FREE DSP SALE through the month of July. Getting the share #2 (the DSP OFFERING) is a great way to get a taste of the DSP and then you can see if you want to take advantage of the sale in July!





  • UPCOMING DSP PAPER SALE: Runs from July 1st (yikes that is this Sunday!) – July 31st




We all know that Stampin’ Up! does a great job with their Designer Series Papers (DSP) and if you all remember from the past…

Stampin’ Up! will periodically run a DSP sale and YEP…it is coming to the NEW DSP’s from the New Catalog. The papers are featured on pages 188 – 191 and there are 10 offerings for you to take advantage of…(below you will see the 10 offerings)


Buy 3 DSP’s and get 1 FREE DSP!!!

(remember it is just from July 1st – 31st)



What would be my favorite picks???…..hmmmmmm….that is hard but I will say bullet points #’s 3,4,8 & 9 would be my picks for the buy 3 get 1 FREE as I love the colors and the style of each of these papers as you know me, I adore color with crisp and fun patterns!

This might surprise you…..but really – REALLY close was the Best Route DSP…..I am not a huge fan of that Suite (pages 52 & 53)….but the paper is really fun.


We all know that there are 2 sides to every story and YEP, it is true with paper as well! 🙂


The more “basic prints” are just wonderful and that Maps Etc…Embossing Folder is great! Over the weekend played with the new embossing folders as YEP, I am type A with those as well and I make a sample ring of the new embossing folders so when I sit to create – I can quickly go to the sample to see if the look and feel will work with my project! It is a super fun emboss with such crisp details!

Ok – there you GO! A super LONG POST but one that I hope you found super helpful! Below I am showcasing the DSPs that will be on special during the month of July….


Please remember, the cut off for the last WAVE OF THE PRODUCT SHARE is Saturday, June 30th!


Here is the link for you to view the various offerings. Please email me and put in the subject line, PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it! Trust me my cyber friends….I totally GET IT that it does take, time, money and energy getting organized. It is a draining process but in the long run you will be super happy!

That is exactly what I have been up to! We sure do have a BUNCH to be organized around our home and I have been trying to break it down into sections! Unfortunately we lost our guy that helped us with mowing and John decided that “we could handle it”…..well…..with all of the rain we have had and the endless cycle of hoping on a mower….John is now agreeing that we need help!

Trust me….when you hear about a HAPPY DANCE….I was sweating with joy to hear those words! Fingers crossed that the guy that is coming on Thursday to “look at it” will want the job!

Have a FAB-O day….and go get ORGANIZED!