I have a fun little post for you today – and I am calling it a …


 Are you saying WHAT?

Let me explain….You will see that I am using a bunch of different stamps today , something I usually do not do but in the end…it was FUN!

Last Friday I had a call from my oldest PEEP, Will…..saying that he had a bike accident coming home from work. Will lives in Boston and bikes to and from work, as he is a Montessori Teacher to children 6 – 9 years of age. He is SUPER athletic and riding his bike is his form of transportation….and has done for years!

As a Mom (even though he is 31 years old) I worry about this but this is how he rolls and this is the first (and hopefully the last) accident he has. He is fine but honestly it did shake him up…and trust me, I get it as you do get “shook up” I wanted to send him a fun card that will make him smile and think of his good old Mom and Dad…and YEP, this sweet card will do the trick!





All of the products that I am using today are in the Annual Catalog and always remember that at the end of the post you will see the line up for products used. This was really FUN to go on a “search…hunt and rescue” looking for stamps from here and there to make this sweet card!







The inspiration for this card came from a dear friend and also a SUD, Ramsey Alexander. Ramsey sent the below card to me last year for my Birthday! Ramsey knows all about my sweet swine Daisy-Mae and the minute I saw it….well, my heart skipped a beat! I keep it in my “fun area” so when I need a smile or a quick pick- me- up…..all I need to do is look at it and my worries are over!





So now are you gettin’ it…is the picture becoming clearer to you?



This is how my simple mind rolled when I created this card 🙂 ….I invite you to take the time to read my thoughts and then I hope that you can see how you can ask yourself when you create questions to allow you to stretch what you have!


  • Needed a card for a peep – A PIG will make him smile and think of HOME……Stamp set used –  This Little Piggy


  • Accident on a Bike – EASY….this pick was a no-brainer plus Will also loves dogs and actually is a Dog Walker in Boston so the dog on the back is perfect!!!!….Stamp and Dies usedBike Ride Stamp and Matching Framelits


  • Perfect Sentiment – Well….this is where I had to be creative and SEARCH….the outside sentiment of “Life is Messy”  was a good one as this hiccup of an accident seemed like that would be a good fit! (and truth of an honest stamper…..you see how it is on a strip and popped up?….well yep, I made a boo-boo and stamped it on the card CROOKED after I had my friends on their bike!!!!)….Stamp set usedPretty Kitty


  • INSIDE SENTIMENT – This is one of those “mom ones” that will make his heart melt……it says…“I’ll be your up when you are feeling down”….I admit, I was pretty happy with that find!…Stamp set usedBella and Friends








The reason that I took the time to break this down for you is simple…




It is not only fun…but it becomes quite the game when you just set out to look for what you can use that you already have! Remember stampers…..we live in a creative world….anything will go for a card but the one thing that is present on every card and project that you made is….


Something HANDMADE from YOUR heart will bring the smile on to others!






Below are the sweet stamps that my sentiments came from. These are great stamps as they lend themselves to super simple coloring….the design work of the images is just great.

The other thing that I liked about these sets….the fonts are the same!







After Stamping all of the images and cutting them out….I used the Blends for the Pig, Dog and Flowers and the “bike” elements were just a straight forward stamp! I did nothing fancy at all…the alcohol  markers do the trick for you…they are just a dream to work with!

I am just NUTS over the Blueberry Bushel color and I knew that the Bike paper from the Best Route DSP would be also PERFECT! I think that this DSP is TOTALLY OVERLOOKED in the catalog as I just adore the flip sides of the busy patterns for creating with. This is another reason why taking part in a product share is great to do….as you know – you will be able to get a little of the offerings with not purchasing the entire pack!









Here is a great overall image of the card – what I want you to look at is just the simplicity and clean lines of the card….true…one might say….you should have grounded him with a road….but the reality of it is….IT IS JUST A CARD…..and trust me, whomever is lucky enough to get a handmade card in the mail will never…..ever…..say – why did she do that!

Can you see that I scored around the White Panel and then matted that on Black? Now THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE WILL NOTICE….the workmanship of your work! I would much rather see you all take the time to create with a purpose than just keep buying stamps and thinking….if I buy….I will become great!

HA!!!! Trust me….I have SOOOOOOOO many stamps…..from Stampin’ Up! and also from other companies….but one thing for sure is…I purchase my stamps with a specific purpose….I only purchase what I like and what is true to my style!

The thing that I do not have control of is…. TIME – Darn, I wish that I could FREEZE LIFE every so often and just stamp and create!!! I just can do what I can do!

Well…there you go….a card that will clearly make Will smile and I hope he takes it to his class to show his little students…..they think it is FUNNY that Mr. Will’s Mom and Dad have a pet pig….and even though Will is not a fan of Daisy….he knows deep down that I love her!

So the moral of this fun post is…..even though we are adults….we still need reminders to put our thinking caps on……I encourage you to try it…SHOP YOUR STASH and have FUN!


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