Hello and I know that this post will make many happy as whenever I do a post on Organization…..I always get many smiles and also questions! Today we are going to chat about paper storage. I have done several videos on this before….click here and then you can click here….but this is how I roll as of current.

I have slightly tweaked my method as I have had built in paper slots into my work area…but other that that…..it is the same !





Please note…as I think that this statement is so TRUE for all of us….


How each of us organize is totally a personal preference


and the best thing is…that is OK – we all roll in different fashions…but this has worked for me!

I find that if I have a system that works…I do not waste as much paper as let’s face it…it is super easy to just grab a new sheet. I also find that if my “scraps” are mixed in with full sheets….I get super frustrated flipping through!

Below you will see my paper that is by my work area. I like to keep mine in order of color family as that is just how I roll. The picture below it is how I keep my scraps for all of the Stampin’ Up! Cardstock and I simply slide my bins into a cabinet.




I do have (2) of these bins as I use to have 1 folder for the full sheets of cardstock and then in another file folder right behind it….I would put that same color for the scraps….I probably could just have one for all of my scraps now but I figured –  why squeeze it all in 1 when I have 2.





I found these bins on line this morning from staples……great price and this will do the job! CLICK HERE to check them out. I bet mine are 20+ years old – way back to the days that I was a Creative Memories Consultant…..and there you can see….I used this system then…and it still works for me now!

I am sure you can find something similar in a store near you…but to me – a click of a button works for me. Just make sure that you have something that allows hanging file folder to hang onto. Here is a link to the file folders I use….again, my are so old – but it is something that you can use over and over!

All I do is take a piece of the color of paper….slide it in the Clear Plastic Tab and then slap the color of cardstock name on it….it is as simple as that!

Please note that I just linked all of the above to staples…just was easier for me to do it this way …..so you might wanna shop around!

I am more of a visual person so I like to see the color of paper I am looking for and then the label just is the confirmation for me. We all know that there are some colors that are similar so this just seems to help out!

Here is an update list of all of the Stampin’ Up! Cardstock names…this fits perfectly on an Avery Return Address Label but if you do not have any on hand, you can just print it off and adhere them directly to the cardstock that you will slide into the holder!


SEND-ME-THE-FILES-2019-2020 (1)


Again, I keep mine by color family as that is what works for me! I know many like all of the reds together, greens together….again, a personal choice!

Here is a NEWBIE that I have never shared before and I love this method of storing all of my “White Scraps” of paper. We all know that there are many shade of white and some of the white paper we use for different purposes/techniques and I was going bonkers pulling my white scraps and then playing a guessing game as to what kind of paper it was!



Above is how I keep them straight and this has been a GAME CHANGER for me! I adore the container store….(who doesn’t) and these bins are not only SUPER STURDY….but they are also SUPER INEXPENSIVE and the best thing is….you can put an 11″ length of paper into it….make it perfect for scraps

CLICK HERE for the link  – you will see that they come in many sizes…and truth be told – I use all 3 sizes for a variety of things in my home!

I love the fact that you can stack them on top of one another and we I need to slide a piece of white scrap into a bin, I just tip it up and slide it in! Again, you can see how this saves you from reaching for another sheet of paper!

I also have one of these that says – Stampin’ Up! Scraps to be filed…I try to put “stuff” away before a new project but honestly….sometimes I am just too lazy to file away the scraps into the bins each time I play! When this tray is getting full…I take the time to file it in my bins with the color names on it!


There you go….and hopefully you were able to follow my method! If you have any questions or comments….please share them with everyone. It is simple, I am much more productive when I am organized….we all create such a mess on making a card….but if you have a system to get it all back in place…than you will be a HAPPY STAMPER!

I have reached out to everyone that has requested a Product Share from me……and the Pay Pal Invoices for them will be sent out starting on Sunday……

Monday  – LABOR DAY….September 2nd is the last day for you to request a Product Share. I am only doing 1 share this time as I will be traveling later in the month. I have a tab on my blog header for the Holiday Share or you can click here to see the offerings!

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