Good Holiday Weekend morning! I have a special card for you today as it is a special Birthday to my dear, sweet wonderful god-daughter, Emerson. She turns 18 today and when we talk about time going fast – ZOOM, I remember the day she was born!

Emerson LOVES cupcakes, always has….and I bet she always will. Ever since she was a little grasshopper she always wanted cupcakes for her Birthday Cake. I wish you all could see her adorable dimples and that smile….she lights up a room!

This is a BUNDLE (woot-woot, an instant 10% discount) and we all know cupcakes were great when we were all kids…they are great as adults and they are the instant thought of FUN!




I hope that my new color swatches bring a smile to your face this morning! In keeping with the “LOVE” that I have for my dogs…I thought that this would be a FUN way to showcase color combinations that I use!

Here for the colors that I used for the “ICING”I TOTALLY admit, that when I first saw a 2 or even 3 step stamp set….I was so intimidated….but it is quite the contrary as they are numbered so just follow the numbers and PRESTO – you have beautiful icing!


Cupcake Pink




There are so many color combinations that you can use….I say – go to Pinterest and just look – AMAZING! There is so much talent out there, there are so many people that are gracious enough to share….again, I go back to being intimidated with layered stamping that it is a joy yo see that….YOU CAN DO IT!


Cupcake browns


Tomorrow, I will share with you the dimensions of the card, plus there will be a “STEPPED UP ELEMENT”, and YEP – this week I have one…can you guess what it is?

I think that you can see that this is a card that can be timeless…that’s what I love about the basics. I was thinking of doing something with yellows, YUM – Lemon!




In the below picture you can see the embossing folder a bit better than the other pictures. I cannot stress enough how a simple embossing folder can add a dimension like no other! I admit, Sahara Sand was probably my least favorite color when I started stampin’ but I have changed my mind and I suggest that if you do not use it, try it – it is a fabulous neutral that will make your projects shine!





Here is the ins and outs of this card – a fun card! I hope that you POP back tomorrow and see the simple changes that I made…hmmmm – which card did I give to Emerson…tomorrow you can guess!




Now are you ready for a FUNNY!!!! John and I have Boot Camp at 6:30 this morning and he wants to go pick more BLUEBERRIES….I said that I think we have enough….he thinks differently – I am going to come home – bring the horses in and then go meet Emerson for Breakfast! Well….at least I went to Boot Camp!

Until tomorrow! Have a great day and make memories….


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