Good (late) morning! I guess as the saying goes…better late than never! For those of you that follow my blog, you know that me posts are usually in your inbox so we can have a cup of coffee together! What can I say but I just did not have the energy to type away after a busy but fun day yesterday! 🙂

I have posted about this before and if you CLICK HERE you will see a post that I did eons ago and it will give you some great visuals on how to make these super quick yet super adorable containers to put a goodie in!




This is my kinda project as it is always so fun to make and you are always guaranteed a smile from both you (when you are finished making them) and then the recipient. Everything is the same as from before on the post that I linked you to but I now use fast fuse as it is easy for me and super strong.

Do you remember earlier when I used this single stamp? CLICK HERE to see that post but this is a great example of how much mileage you can get from a “keeper” stamp like this!






This is my feeling/opinion…a stamp like this is PERFECT for this Halloween….is PERFECT for NEXT Halloween and many more after! The reality of it is, nobody ill ever, ever say…you used that stamp again?!?! They will look and smile of the complete concept of the project!

I have warn you…these are like potato chips – once you start making them, you will not be able to stop. They are great for any holiday and if you are one that vows to use you DSP as you know that next year there will be another great offering….then by all means – USE IT UP!!!!!

Below you will see a closer picture of how I just did a super fast fussy cut – PLEASE THROW PERFECTION OUT THE WINDOW...just cut around, put it on a piece of Pumpkin Pie Scrap and then fussy cut again! Easy as 1-2-3!






Have a super day and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Simple Saturday… is a special Saturday for me – check back in to see why! I can’t wait to hear how you like these gems!


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