Happy HUMP DAY! I am in TOTAL denial that it is already the middle of the week…I am SUPER excited for today’s post as I am showcasing a bunch but with a “CLICK” – you will be able to take advantage of a SALE…and who does not like a SALE!?!?!

The good news is…..they are BOTH available TODAY but THESE ITEMS are going bye-bye today (with the sale price). It is as simple as this – if you do not own the envelope punch board….WHY??? (for just today, it is $15.00)

I bought it the minute it came out and then I was soooo darn tootin’ scared to use it. After I JUMPED off the board and played with it, I loved it. Making envelopes in ALL SIZES is a breeze…and it is FUN! It is simply as easy as that! THEN – I found out that I could make OTHER things like these POPPERS…I was doing the happy dance!






Earlier this year I did a post on these poppers. Please click here to see the “IN’S and OUT’S” on how to make these fun poppers. These are TIMELESS and these are fun fro so many occasion. Trust me, it you put one of these in someones mailbox…it you lat one on someones desk….if you mail one ~ you are going to be a hit…trust me, YOU WILL!



I did a Video on making these….and if you CLICK HERE to see it ( I know…it is old but it is still SPOT ON) – and it will walk you through each and every step in making them! You can see that I am using a bunch of different DSP’s!!!! I bet you can figure out WHY….


Buy 3 Get 1 Free



YEP, another SALE….with DSP  – BUY 3…get 1 FREE! You can see that I am showcasing (5) of the DSP’s that are on sale….are you wondering where is the 6th??? Well, I have something up my sleeve and you will just have to follow m blog to see what I am going to do with that paper!!!! (Candy Cane DSP)





Are you smiling? I hope so as these are just plain FUN. You can see that I have used a multitude of different ribbons, and I encourage you to use up scraps of ribbon that you have!

Below you will see the products that I have used….and I know that it seems to be a ton but  remember, buy 3 …..get 1 free! The envelope punch board is just on SALE today!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions….this is one of my all time favorites to make as it is a “happy” project and I am excited to share with you later in the month the “brain-storm” that I had when creating this!

Enjoy the day….do something fun and share kindness!



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