I need to say….it feel great to be back with a blog post! I just ADORE this stamp set and I can see that many of you do as well! We have met Maurice before, Click Here….and here is his cousin….Mr. Marvin.

You all know a couple of things about me….I LOVE Square Cards….and I LOVE to Water-Color with the Aqua Painters…and did you notice something???? I am using Very Vanilla to color on! WHAT?????

YEP, it is doable! Naturally you need to be careful not to have too much water on the paper but once you get into the groove, you will see that it can be done! I shared this card at the retreat that I went to and everyone was soooooooo surprised that it was just our good old Very Vanilla.






Below is the image of the stamp set and I think that we all can agree…it is ADORABLE and guess what – it is one of the stamps that are on sale (25% off) through the end of the month. just $12.75 (that deserves a woot-woot) Please click here to see all of the offerings of the stamps that are on sale this month!






I worked super hard to create a bunch of posts before I left for my travels and when I made this card, the stitched framelits were not released yet…IF I did this card over, I would have used the stitched dies…that would have been a perfect accent but it also worked out well with using some simple scoring lines on the sides.

I hope that looking at the below picture will give you some inspiration to give water coloring a try. When I get home, I will do a video for you as I get asked a bunch about this. Remember, you can add color so…..start lighter and then add some highlights if needed. It CAN be doneand better yet – YOU CAN DO IT….I think that this is just one adorable card!







I wanted to point out that when I adhered the embossed piece, I used Fast Fuse. I would not recommend using green glue as with the bumps of the embossing folder, it doesn’t do the best job.

How do you like the look of the (2) squares? I think that it is a super fun and classic look. Look how easy yet it really makes a POP!






I realize that there are many of you that do not like to add additional postage for a square card, and “I get it” but I just love the look of my envelopes and I also think that there is something special about receiving an odd size card/envelope! I use the envelope punch board for that and it is the best bang for your buck….a great tool that does many things!






Below is your picture for you to PIN AWAY! I am going to try to add the dimensions to the specific card I am blogging about for the day. AS I said before, I did all of these before I left home so all I had was the ruler on the trimmer (so…I think that I have them accurate). Tomorrow I will stop at a store to get a ruler!

Remember, all you have to do is hover over the picture and you should be able to click and pin away! So easy!





Here is a little funny for you….yesterday John called me in the middle of the day and said….WOW – you are happy….what’s up? I smiled and laughed and said…you have no idea how great it is to be around Horse Poop!!!! 🙂 

Being a a Horse Show…I am seeing all of my horse friends from the Barn in Virginia….I am seeing DOGS after DOGS and it is wonderful to be able to see Stanley go. Tom is showing him today and then Hannah will show on Friday and Saturday – I NEVER get tired of being around animals!

The other highlight for me is to be with Hannah, having an adult peep is great and we are having great “girl time” – it is super weird to have HER leave for work and I am behind…we are having a ball and I am in my glory being able to be at the show during the day! Life is great!

Have a fabulous day and I will see you back here tomorrow….I have a FABULOUS CARD that you can make for many, many occasions! Remember, jammie shopping is fun and on trend!!!!


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