It certainly was…”The Happiest of Days”



Good Sunday to you….I have what I think is a super special card for you and one that I do hope that you will not only CASE your little heart out but also think of me and my dear Aunt Jean when you use this stamp set! She is truly one in a million and a total inspiration to me.

I have shared with you that she is turning 90 and yesterday we made the trek to her daughters home to celebrate her 90th and her great-grand daughters 1st Birthday! That in itself was oh so special as think….we have totally 2 different spectrums of “life” – both making you smile and both making you realize the sheer beauty that life brings to us!

I will share with you the card I made for Virginia’s Birthday next week and I think that you will beam as much with that one as I hope you are doing right now when you see this card.

I should have typed this up before I gave the card away but “life” was in the way so I am going from my head but I am thinking that perhaps I should do a video on it as it is super easy and fun. Just think of all of the endless possibilities we have with paper and colors of ink to re-create this over and over! you know what I call is…..“a keeper” The stamp set –  Happiest of Days is the star of the show today.







The over all size of the card is a 4 1/4″ square (I adore this size) and today I did make a custom envelope with the envelope punch board but if you did not want to make your own envelope you could use on of our regular envelopes and it would be “just fine” and not require additional postage.

Here comes that “broken record” that I say over and over….but here you go AGAIN….



You just can’t go wrong with the basics



I invite you to LOOK at this card and see that there are minimal products used and the ket factor…basic shapes! I am tellin’ you – you just cannot go wrong! With the help of the trimmer, Mr. Big and framelits…a fun card is whipped together in no time!









Now let’s chat about the stamped image! This is what I like to do…stamp it on a piece of scrap Thick Whisper White and then cut it out using the framelit. I will say RIGHT OF THE BAT…I use my Stamp-a-ma-Jig for perfect placement when creating a card like this.

When you look at the stamp image in the set you can see that there are 3 gifts on that particular stamp…I actually used a small post it to eliminate that gift when I stamped but using the stamp-a-ma-jig made it super easy to see right where I wanted all of the placement of stamps.







You can see that the “cake” image appears to be behind the gifts…this was made by doing a fast mask of the polka dot gift I was able to put my mask down and then stamp the cake image! I simply stamped the cake on a small post it and fussy cut it out.

Using the Aqua Painter I did a quick wash of color to make the colors POP with the fun DSP that I used. The DSP Strip is just 1″ wide and isn’t it amazing that just this minimal piece of DSP sets the tone for the whole card!







Here is a picture for you to PIN and hopefully re-create! I just adore using layers of paper as layers of paper are a minimal expense with a maximum end result. I hope that this card has “brightened your day” and I would love to hear what you think of it!

I think that many of us are intimidated with the technique of masking and I even admit, I doubt myself as which one to mask but just remember, the image that you want to be in front is the one that you will make a mask of.

Here is a bit of advice, find some “me time” and take a stamp set and play…that IS the best way to learn and feel comfortable!








Here are some pictures from yesterday! I ask you….is she one beautiful person? Is was a joy to see her so happy having family from all over to be there together celebrating such a special milestone. My daughter Hannah is blest to live close to her and I am proud of Hannah for checking in and snagging a lunch or dinner with her.

Here is a funny…..about 2 months ago Hannah was going to Raleigh to see Aunt Jean for dinner and she said, “Hannah – how about if you just come to my house and then we will decide where to go”…well she did and that day the 2 of them sat around and she showed Hannah some of her old Text Books that she had while going to Chapel Hill years ago…and being the “science nerd” that Hannah is…she asked if she could borrow them.

After their “show and tell of the past” Aunt Jean said, let’s get an Uber and go downtown for dinner. Hannah looked at her with amazement and said ok – where are we going…Aunt Jean said, “I”ll call for one” and she picked up her I Phone and got an Uber herself…..I say = AMAZING!









Now go have a fantastic day and take a moment to smile when you think of someone that has inspired you in your life! We all have them…we just need to find the “me time” to sit and reflect….do it, you’ll be glad that you did. I can honestly say that 7 hours in the car for 3 hours of fun…..was well worth it and my “joy tank” is filled!





Fun & Fresh for your Friday!





Hi there! I have a fun and fresh one for your Friday! (now say that 3 times super fast!!!!) I have been itchin’ to get this beauty inky….as I think we can all see that this is what I call, “a keeper” I ask you, how about these sweet images and the fun font!

The Happiest of Days Stamp Set is found on page 70 in the Annual Catalog and I hope that you did not breeze right past it! It is a super sweet and simple set but one that definitely can hold the test and mark of  an amazing card!

You have heard me say this before, I adore stamp sets that have small images that are super simple. WHY? Simple just works!








This is a very straight forward card (except the fun fru-fru bow) and we will get to that in a bit. It is all about the basics with clean and crisp lines….works each and every time and will never, ever go out of style,

You know me by now, I just adore white. There is something just magical about a white card with a POP!  This card really uses minimal products but still produces a big punch.









Since this is a new stamp for me, I conditioned it, stamped all of the images and put the image paper in my stamp set for future references and went to town. After I saw how incredibly simple these images are….I thought – all I need is a super quick swoosh-swoosh with the aqua painter and inks ….presto – DONE!

I really was not sure what I was going to do today….so I did use the Stamp-a-ma-jig on the stitched square….but then again, if I had a vision for this card – I could have skipped this step and simply did my stamping and then take the stamped scrap to the Big Shot and cut it out with the squarea! Silly Susan!!!









To help break up the white and add some interest and texture…out came the Sparkle Embossing Folder. I am starting to get a bit better in remembering to use them. They DO make a difference and they are so affordable. Don’t forget, I am giving the Layered Leaves Embossing Folder for all orders of $75.00 or more this month!

Embossing folder are fast and effective and there are many different techniques and different ways that you can use them. Simple me, I go for the tried and true old fashion way….just like I do with this card but you can isolate some areas that you want embossed….google for alternative embossing ideas and I am sure you will find some great ideas!








Time to chat about this fun fru-fru. First I want to say, it is not super bulky In the picture it appears that way but it is not. The reason why is that amazing Navy Crinkled Ribbon.I am just lovin’ this ribbon and I knew that I needed a bit of oomph to jazz up the card so I thought….play around!

Are you ready….cause this is super hard (ha-ha…it is sooooo easy) ….all I did was put down 3 short pieces of the navy ribbon and then took a piece of the Lemon Lime Twist Ribbon and cut it down to be a narrower width as it is a1/2″ ribbon and then tied it in a knot!

Next I took my scissors and cut into the edges of the navy ribbon to make them into random widths to add some poof! After I had them the way that I loked them…I took the Lemon Lime Twist Ribbon and make the next knot and simply trimmed the ends. Securing it into place was a cinch with a simple glue dot!

Now I ask you…how easy is that!?!? That Navy ribbon just has a natural POOF which is giving it the visual of it being bulky but it is “just perfect” for this card!








I just cold not stop with the envelope……I was having so much fun with this card – I just could not stop! To help pull the whole thing together, I just took the coordinating card-stocks and cut them into random widths and jazzed up the envelope before also adding a small piece of the embossing paper as well.

Call me crazy for always making my envelopes fun but that is just me, that is hope I roll and it is just a habit of mine. I can honestly say that whenever I create a card, you can bet that there is an envelope that is also fun! I feel….it “sets the stage” for when someone gets Happy Mail!








Have a great day and I hope that it is an “oh, happy day” as each and everyday is a great one!! I hope to see you tomorrow…there’s a baby to celebrate….in a Simple Saturday kinda way!

Don’t forget…jammie shopping is sooooo on trend (just sayin’!) I know that the new catalog is right around the corner and that is SUPER exciting but one thing I will suggest….is to get a piece of paper out and be realistic as what you want to accomplish over the next couple of months!



What am I talking about??? Well let me share!



I am sure that you are like me…that you like to make gifts with your hands – that is GREAT and you know that I am all about that but make a list of all of the things and people that you want to make things for….you will be soooooo happy that you did as it is a HUGE help to visualize that..,and then put a plan into action. I know that IF I can see it and IF it is written down that I have a better chance on breaking it into action steps!

Now go grab this Friday and make your mark it!





A little “quirk” for your Friday!




Here is another super FUN stamp that is in the new catalog that I bet many of you have flipped right past! Quirky Critters is a super sweet set that has not only fun images..but the “quirk” in the sentiments is fabulous & fun!

To me…this stamp set is very similar to the stamp that I posted about on Wednesday (click here to see it) in the “whys” that I have in purchasing it….

  • It is an affordable stamp ($17.00)
  • It has large images that make a quick clean and simple card
  • The sentiments are super
  • You can do a quick watercolor and DONE! (works for me!)








When you go back to Wednesdays post you will see that the layout is very similar – you know what I say about that…..yep – WOOT-WOOT as really “who cares” – it is one of those “formulas” that I talk about often and I feel…there is NOTHING WRONG at all for having some great foundations to work from when you make cards!

Layers…shapes…straight lines….a bit of bling (ribbon) – what more could a card maker ask for? I chose to use the Aqua Painters to do a quick “makeup application” but I promise to try to break loose and use the colored pencils and blender pens more….I am a “quirky critter” myself – I like what I do over and over!!! (that comfort zone gets the best of us)








The strip of DSP adds that focal interest to the overall body of the card but it really is the layers and the simple lines that make the card “easy on the eye” This is something to think about as if something is too busy, your eye does not know where to focus!

How about that ribbon? How simple of a touch is that! Here is a tip…..I like to use glue dots to anchor ribbon like this down… doesn’t seem to “twist” as it might if you used fast fuse or snail. Those little dots sure do come in handy!







I think that this “coffee fun” that is in the new catalog has been a blue ribbon winner all around! Not only is the bundle stellar…..but the DSP is also over the top and you can see that this card has NOTHING to do with coffee!

This is a great example of why getting the “swatch books” when I do a Product Share are a huge helper. When you go to create, you have all of the samples at your finger tips to “flip through” and actually put it next to your project!







I totally forgot to list this Embossing folder in the below lineup….it is Polka Dot Basics – and it is a classic that goes the extra mile….each and every card! You all know I adore Polka Dots….they make me happy!







Hopefully we are back to our little piece of heaven, our home. It will be great to sleep in our own bed….it will be great to have my “critters” around me and it will be great to get back in the swing of things!

Now so fast…..this weekend I have another batch of “team posts” for you…..I do hope that you will pop back over the weekend for a sweet 2 day posts that will make many of you go grabbing for that sweet stamp set, Cool Treats!

Next week we are going to have some good old fashion Simple Stampin’ fun as I am going to share with you my adventures…..have a week long post of blog candy as you all are the sweetest in the world….for popping on and supporting my little Stampin’ fun….this trip would not have been possible without you!





Let’s Play Tic-Tac-Toe!




Good Morning and it is time to play Tic-Tac-Toe! Last weeks challenge was so much fun and we are back for another one! The team that I am on is “off” this week but please make sure that you pop over to the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge to see what Team X is up to.

I am just lovin’ playing this as it is super fun to look at the board and them have fun! I hope that you will join us and just a “heads up”  – the challenge goes to noon on Tuesdays…click here to see the rules!

Today I was able to play (2) ways! 😀

  • Diagonally – Yellow, Twine and Bow
  • Across the bottom – Yellow, Stitching and Rectangle








Today I have a super sweet card for you that is one that could easily be made in the masses. The star of the show is the Pretty Kitty Stamp and this is a sweetie… If you follow my blog (and I hope you do)….you know that I am a dog/horse/pig kinda gal! I admit….even though we live on a farm we have never had cats….but I have lots of friends and also a peep that has a kitty!

I caved in and purchased this set and I am glad that I did. Do you remember that in previous posts I commented about looking at stamps and weighing all of the options before you hit that button….well for this one here are my thoughts!

I encourage you to do this when you are weighing options….trust me – there are certain stamps that you know right off the bat (like the Piggy and Craft one) 🙂  but these were the answers for me about the Pretty Kitty Stamp.

  • The images are adorable
  • The sentiments are fun yet classic
  • The font is super simple….just like me!
  • The images would be easy and fun to mask
  • I get to watercolor or use markers & watercolor pencils
  • The stamp set lends itself to clean and simple cards…again, just like I enjoy making.







After stamping the image with our Archival Black Ink…all I did was pull out the Aqua Painter and some ink pads, gave them a squeeze and went to town….the coloring literally took me less than 2 minutes! You can see the colors that I used in the line up at the end of the post.






Trying to follow the game. I knew that I was going to a rectangle….that was easy enough – pull out the best trimmer in the world and cut. The yellow mat was cut a wee bit larger so I could take my white pen and “stitch away” ….and we all know that I adore my dashes and dots!

Envelope love….my swatch books to the rescue so I can see and feel the paper that I want to use to accent my project and POOF – a great print in the Birthday Memories DSP collection!





Remember, tomorrow is the LAST DAY for you to take advantage of my Product Share and when I talk about the swatch books…..that is Share #1 – I get it…I get it –  that they are pricey but please trust me on this one – they are very labor intense to make but they are something that you will use over and over. As the saying goes…you pay for what you get and these tools are daily life savers for me!









There you go and I ask you….how are YOU going to play this week? I do hope that you will take this board and have some “me time” and go for it. There are so many fun ways to work the board and I know that each and everyone of us have the supplies….how about challenging yourself to play!

I hope to see your name and masterpiece in the gallery – challenges are FUN…..challenges are a great way to find that inner mojo that we all have!

Enjoy the day and I am glad that you “peeked in” today to see what I am up to! Today is the day that Mr. Perfect (aka Milo the super dog) goes to see Dr. Hurry for his leg….he might just have 3 legs that work great but that never stops him from being the happy boy he is!

Hmmmmm….maybe that is a life lesson for all of us – things might not be the way we wished them to be….let’s try to make the most with what we have! Now go grab this day and make someone smile!



The MOUSE is in the house!




Hello all! I am super excited to share with you the next card using the Merry Mice Stamp Set! This ADORABLE stamp set in a part of the STITCHED FROM THE HEART Sale...and I ask you, how can you NOT let these adorable mice come to your home! Trust me, when I see a REAL mouse at the barn – THEY MAKE ME JUMP….but these little guys…will always have a home on Randall Lane!

How can you not say YES to these guys…..for just $12.75 how can you go wrong! You can click here and here to see other posts that I have done with these super fun mice! Below I share with you all of the dimensions of this card…..CASE AWAY!

Hannah and I named them….these guys are ~ Merlin, Molly & Mikey! I just think that they are soooooo adorable and water-coloring with the aqua painter is just the best!  Please know that there is no need to worry about this simple tool, it is soooooo easy, just add water….add some ink and you are good to go! I squeeze the ink pad and paint from the top lid.

This is how I started out with making this card. I always stamp extras not only for more cards but “just in case I make a mistake” but then I thought, SILLY SUSAN (again) I needed to make the card stock longer to have a sentiment!

As I have blogged before, I like to use a cutting board (just go to Bed Bath & Beyond and use a 20% coupon) and use Micropore Tape to hold down my work!  I actually did this yesterday while watching football and doing laundry! Fun….RIGHT?!?!?! I know that the link for the tape has MANY rolls but share it with some friends!






The card is an A-2 Card and then I used the FUN plaid from the Warmth and Cheer DSP Stack to cover the entire front ( 5 1/2″ X 4 1 1/4″) and then the Whisper White that I stamped is 4″ X 2 3/4″.






I often am asked this question…What Ink do you use. I use the Basic Black Archival Stampin’ Pad. Actually this is the only Black Ink that I use.  I still have other Blacks on my shelf but honestly, I have not touched them at all even since this came out. I highly recommend this ink as it is a permanent ink and it dries super fast. I will give you a heads up – purchase a refill. Maybe it is me but I find that I need to re-ink this often (heck – it is probably because I use it all of the time) 🙂 






The colors that I used to do the water-coloring were: Sahara Sand, Garden Green, Real Red, Delightful Dijon and a wee bit of Blushing Bride for the inside of the ears and cheeks.  I love water-coloring on the thick Whisper White. It works perfectly and it also does not curl!

I matted the colored image to a piece of Sahara Sand that is a wee bit larger, 4 1/8″ X 2 7/8″ and then the Real Red piece is 4 1/2″ X 3″ and I did run this through the BIG SHOT with the Large Polka Dot Embossing Folder (you could easily skip this but I think it makes it super fun)





I adhered the layers together with Fast Fuse and then I popped up the entire image using fun foam but you can easily use Stampin’ Dimensionals. I personally like the “feel” of the fun foam when you have a larger piece that you are popping up…

Because I had this odd piece left over from cutting the plaid, I used it to my advantage to make my envelope SMILE! I had to use a bit wider accent piece, it is 1/2″ wide






There you go but we have some SERIOUS SHOPPING BUSINESS to talk about as today is a ONE DAY FLASH SALE. We are still full steam ahead with the Stitched From the Heart and the Online Extravaganza (click on the images and it will take you right to the SHOPPING FUN)

Have a GREAT day….my house seems as quiet as a Church Mouse and the PEEPS are all gone….long trips but they all made it safe and sound….that silly Hannah – after driving for 7 hours….she went right to the barn to see Stanley!

It is CYBER MONDAY…..make sure that your computer is charged up and ready to go…have fun – I just love clicking and then seeing the Brown Truck roll done the lane!


Stitched from the Heart


Online Extravaganza


Remember….TODAY ONLY is the FLASH SALE and I am sure there will be LOTS OF BELLS RINGING as yep, the Bell Punch is on sale…a classic…actually all of  the goodies today are classic! (again, you can click the image)


24 - Hour Sale

Here is that PAW PRINT…..give it a HIGH FIVE and it will take you right to my online store…jammie shopping is in style! 🙂


dog shop now




Meet Marvin, the mouse!




I need to say….it feel great to be back with a blog post! I just ADORE this stamp set and I can see that many of you do as well! We have met Maurice before, Click Here….and here is his cousin….Mr. Marvin.

You all know a couple of things about me….I LOVE Square Cards….and I LOVE to Water-Color with the Aqua Painters…and did you notice something???? I am using Very Vanilla to color on! WHAT?????

YEP, it is doable! Naturally you need to be careful not to have too much water on the paper but once you get into the groove, you will see that it can be done! I shared this card at the retreat that I went to and everyone was soooooooo surprised that it was just our good old Very Vanilla.






Below is the image of the stamp set and I think that we all can agree…it is ADORABLE and guess what – it is one of the stamps that are on sale (25% off) through the end of the month. just $12.75 (that deserves a woot-woot) Please click here to see all of the offerings of the stamps that are on sale this month!






I worked super hard to create a bunch of posts before I left for my travels and when I made this card, the stitched framelits were not released yet…IF I did this card over, I would have used the stitched dies…that would have been a perfect accent but it also worked out well with using some simple scoring lines on the sides.

I hope that looking at the below picture will give you some inspiration to give water coloring a try. When I get home, I will do a video for you as I get asked a bunch about this. Remember, you can add color so…..start lighter and then add some highlights if needed. It CAN be doneand better yet – YOU CAN DO IT….I think that this is just one adorable card!







I wanted to point out that when I adhered the embossed piece, I used Fast Fuse. I would not recommend using green glue as with the bumps of the embossing folder, it doesn’t do the best job.

How do you like the look of the (2) squares? I think that it is a super fun and classic look. Look how easy yet it really makes a POP!






I realize that there are many of you that do not like to add additional postage for a square card, and “I get it” but I just love the look of my envelopes and I also think that there is something special about receiving an odd size card/envelope! I use the envelope punch board for that and it is the best bang for your buck….a great tool that does many things!






Below is your picture for you to PIN AWAY! I am going to try to add the dimensions to the specific card I am blogging about for the day. AS I said before, I did all of these before I left home so all I had was the ruler on the trimmer (so…I think that I have them accurate). Tomorrow I will stop at a store to get a ruler!

Remember, all you have to do is hover over the picture and you should be able to click and pin away! So easy!





Here is a little funny for you….yesterday John called me in the middle of the day and said….WOW – you are happy….what’s up? I smiled and laughed and said…you have no idea how great it is to be around Horse Poop!!!! 🙂 

Being a a Horse Show…I am seeing all of my horse friends from the Barn in Virginia….I am seeing DOGS after DOGS and it is wonderful to be able to see Stanley go. Tom is showing him today and then Hannah will show on Friday and Saturday – I NEVER get tired of being around animals!

The other highlight for me is to be with Hannah, having an adult peep is great and we are having great “girl time” – it is super weird to have HER leave for work and I am behind…we are having a ball and I am in my glory being able to be at the show during the day! Life is great!

Have a fabulous day and I will see you back here tomorrow….I have a FABULOUS CARD that you can make for many, many occasions! Remember, jammie shopping is fun and on trend!!!!


dog shop now


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