Good weekend to all….I just adore this sentiment as to me, it makes me smile! Isn’t it funny that 2 little words put together can mean such a BIG meaning….so here you all go – as I hope that you all do these 2 words –




“enjoy today”



There is something just so simple and fun about this card to me. I just love the card stock color of Emerald Envy and I think in the new catalog we have several NEW DSP’s that pair up wonderfully with this color! I am just clickin’ my heels with the NEW Lemon Lime Twist and I am thrilled that we have this green, Emerald Envy for at least another year!

I can hardly wait for you al to see the new DSP’s but I can say this one, Pick a Pattern is right up there in my top 3. I only have a handful of the new offerings and I am trying to be like you – patient for the date of June 1st to get here.

You can see the ease I had picking the “cut out critters” that are looking through the window. This paper pack has a couple of different “critter offerings” and wow – it was a cinch to fussy cut them out, The best tip I can give you is to just do it….do not get “fussy” about how your cutting looks…it always seems to work out in the end!





This is a great example of how the paper swatches are a life saver. It is a cinch to do a quick flip to see the colors and patterns but it is even going to be better when I have all 15 of the new dsp’s in swatch books complete. This is stampin’ heaven because many times I will be working on something and then want to see other dsp collections that have the same color and a quick flip – PRESTO…I have options!

This sentiment is part of a stamp set called Pieces & Patterns. At a first glance you might be saying…..hmmmm – not much there for me but I invite you to hold your judgement on this one as there are LOTS of fun and simple options with this set. (hang tight…we are just getting geared up with the new catalog)






The thinlits that I used for this sweet card is the Hearth & Home. I am thrilled that this is being carried over and I admit, it took me a while to use it but once I did I was kicking myself with why did it take me that long! It seems so basic and simple yet it is a great “addition” to add fun and interest to a card.

This little bear looks like it is looking for a friend and I bet that bird is “kin” to “our chicks” from SAB – (I think that it is a 2nd cousin twice removed) and I bet the bird is giving him an earful!






A product that I often forget to use on a regular basics is Embossing Folders! WHY? – DON’T KNOW…but this is a new folder on the block and it is a great simple and clean addition. Appropriately called, Oh My Stars…you can see up close that it is a keeper.

Embossing Folders give you a quick POP with little work and heck – they are super inexpensive for all they do. It is very rare that I do not purchase all of the offerings of newbies because when in doubt – it is easy to pull them out and let THEM do their job!





Now let’s chat. I need to say right out of the gate I ADORE THIS ENVELOPE PAPER but….there is a problem – I also ADORE the flip side of it -another keeper in Black and White – click here to see a post that I used that. Here is another great example of why and how the swatch books are friends to you.

I would remember this fun floral being in this dsp collection but there are chances that I would forget where that fun black and white one is from because it is such a classic that you might not think of it being in a whimsical collection like this. A simple…..flip – BINGO – there it is!







There you go….one super simple and sweet card that I know would be a smile maker to anyone that received it! This DSP paper is really fun and unique. The colors are great, the prints are great and it is so fun to be able to do a quick fussy cut to make the “critters” part of a card!

I hope to see you back here tomorrow to see the changes I made with this sweet card. I just get a bit giddy with a card like this as it is a “happy card” and one that is a “joy maker”!

Do something fun today….we are having some great weather and we plan to be outside working….one thing that is for sure…..weeds and grass do not stop growing  😎 I know that this might not seem like an “enjoy today” but for me…it actually is because of the end result!





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