Good Sunday to you…..let’s do a little shakin’ today! Shaker Cards are always a hit because of the WOW factor of the elements inside the card but I think that many of you think that they are super hard to make….but remember, it’s ME and I am super simple!

I have a ton of pictures for you as I think that there are times that a visual is a help but please know…you can always leave a comment and/or email me and I will be happy to help!

Before we get to the post I wanted to comment about the Product Shares….I will be emailing out a confirmation email to you this evening so you will know that I received your email and request. It truly is easier for me to wait a couple of days and then send out a mass confirmation…click here to see the offerings for the shares.

Ok – LET’S GO! I hope that after you see the post and you can see that breaking the shaker card into steps….you will realize that it is super easy – and hopefully you will go to your craft area and try to make one! If you do not have all if the products that I used…improvised – just try!

As we do each week, side by side….YOU decide! This weekend challenge it is really hard to see by the pictures the fun of both cards. There just seems to be times that the angles of pictures I take(like the one below) just does not do them justice but hopefully the closer detailed ones will help you see the sheer fun for my bear and little bird!





We basically took the same elements from yesterdays card but SHOOK IT UP! Here are 3 tips for you that I think are imperative for shaker cards.

  • Window Sheets – (naturally) because “makes” the holding of the card elements.
  • The correct adhesive – Our Foam Adhesive Strips are PERFECT for shaker card….just peel the release paper, trim the length – PRESTO plus I am giving a pack free this month with my purchase with gift and product code. (see drop down above on my header.
  • Embossing Buddy – This might surprise you but it really helps with the static you can get with the window sheets and the sequins that you put in…..just give the inside surface and edges of the foam adhesive a rub and this really helps with the movement.


After I created the basic layout for the card…I took the piece of scrap white that will go in the back of the window and stamped the tiny circle image that is one of the stamps. I used my stamp-a-ma-jig for perfect placement and it worked like a wonderful dream!

You will see on the picture below that I am asking you….do YOU use the stamp-a-ma-jig???? Please give me some feedback because I am very passionate about this wonderful “piece of plastic” and if you are not comfortable with it – I want to help as it is a life saver at times….After getting my circle where I wanted them, I quickly added some color wash to the inside of some!

I do have a MISTI (actually 2) and use it all of the time, but honestly – there are times that you need the Stamp-a-ma jig and this is one of them!





Now to put the FUN in…..just pile up towards the center whatever your heart desires to shake around. Today I did a mixture of many things – I pulled out my container of embellishments and then made sure the window and edges were “poofed off” with the embossing buddy before putting the window of the pile of fun!

With the expression on Papa Bears face….it looks like he is scared with all if the fru-fru getting ready to come down on his head. You can see that I adhered the bird to the outside of the window with a dab of green glue!







Now that I know that the shaker element is taken care of I added a piece of  DSP (3 1/2″ x 4″) that matches the envelope back to the front of the card. This paper, the color and fun design is an INSTANT pick me up when I see it – so bright and cheerful.

Here is another tip….when you adhere an embossed piece like I have use either the tear-n-tape or fast fuse to adhere – WHY? easy, you need a good firm hold so this will not lift up from the base card and if you used green glue (you could but I do not care for it as much) there are times that the green glue will “puddle” in the embossed areas. (hopefully this makes sense)

Now to the real fun…..






Can you see in the above and below pictures that I took a wee thin strip of card stock to make a fru-fru? This is so easy to do when you use the trimmer and YEP, I adore our trimmer for this just like this! After cutting it I simply rolled it around a pen to give it a bit of  “FUN” and then adhered it with a simple glue dot before placing the bakers twine bow on top!

What do you think? I was tickled pink with the whimsy and here you can see the scattered elements in the card. “Mr. Bear” still looks a bit perplexed but that’s ok as once you shake this card….you will be forgetting about him and having fun with what you made! 😀







Here is another angle of the fun card. I will say….when you take the extra effort in making a shaker card you will feel a foot taller as you will be so proud of yourself. I admit, I was TOTALLY INTIMIDATED  to even attempt to make a shaker card but once I saw it broken down into “doable steps” I thought – I could do this! Here is another post I did shakin’ it up!

I think that if you look at your stampin’ stash you will also see that you have many stamps and framelits that you could use for a shaker card. Any nesting dies would work and as I have say a ca-zillion times before… you have the basics….you will be a happy stamper! 😛







Now I ask you….would this card make you smile from ear to ear if you received it? Guess what – someone WILL RECEIVE it by simply leaving a comment and sharing. Please feel free to share if you like it….or like shaker cards….what you have found to be helpful when making them (as this is how we all learn) or whatever your heart desires!

On Tuesday I will post the winner…I can’t wait to hear from you all and I am happy to send this sweet card of FUN and COLOR to you!






Enjoy the day….do something fun….

or do nothing at all but all I ask is to ENJOY TODAY!

Yesterday I picked up more sticks than I could count. We are dog sitting the grand dogs so we are back up to 6 dogs for the weekend….never a dull moment on Randall Lane but that is the way I like it!

I will see you on Tuesday with some more TIPS for you to store in your brain….I just love to share things that make life easier. We are winding down the Stampin’ Up! year so please do not forget to look at the RETIRED PRODUCTS…there are some blue ribbons in there!

I will see you Tuesday and please remember to check out the Product Share….I will email out confirmations tonight (while watching Iron Chef)…heck, we all have tv loves….

In closing…here is one of my loves – my dear and oh so “perfect” Milo…he is by my side always and I just could not resist grabbing my phone to snap a picture of him…he is POOPED laying beside me. I truly believe that he was brought into my life to ease the pain of losing Eddie. I adore rescues as I really think they appreciate and know the love they get!






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