Happy Saturday and if you live in the Mid Atlantic States that you know what it feels like to be a duck! WOW….we are getting some heavy rains and I am sure that the crops are lovin’ it – it is a great day to do a FUN indoor activity like STAMP!

Today I have a super FUN card for you made by a team member,Rosanne Mulhern from the great state of Pennsylvania.The timing of this card could not be anymore PERFECT as the Daisy Bundle is still back in stock and there is more BLOG CANDY for you to win today…..so read on!

Rosanne is my East Coast gal and tomorrow you will see the stepped up version from Karen….my West Coast gal! Both of these talented ladies have blogs and I will share them with you as I hope that you “take the time to see their stuff….cause’ they have some GREAT stuff!!!!”






Before we get to the fun post…we need to do our exercises….yep, push that chair back ….stand up and reach for the ceiling….give a little shake and if your name is DANA M….than you need to jump up and down…spin around and pretend that you are on the Ellen Show because you WON the Lemon Zest Stamp Set!

Dana, go get a drink of water…and then email me and I will send you the “goods” Many thanks for popping on and leaving a comment….

It sure seems like we like embellishments…bows…punches to hide the boo-boos….but read Dana’s….I just LOVE and honest stamper and I will think of her each and every time I see my trash can, the “circular file”  😉  Another thing I loved that was consistent….was that you just go forward….that is just wonderful – YOU made it – THEY will love it!



Let’s get going because there is no doubt that this beauty is one to CASE! Rosanne has a blog, Heartfelt Stamping…..and when you go there…BE READY to be inspired as she will give you all of the scoop on this super clean and classic card!

She has done a FABULOUS job with her pictures and descriptions….so the show is hers! WOOT-WOOT!!!!






Yep….you will have all of the pictures….the dimensions….the whole deal and I know that you will be beaming….please give her the great Simple Stampin’ love we do for our guests!

While you are having fun at Heartfelt Stamping….there are 2 things that I would encourage you to do…

  1. SURF around her blog and see the talent that Rosanne has….she is the queen of clean – her talent is amazing and she aways does such a fantastic job with giving the “inside of her cards” love…..
  2. SIGN UP for her blog to have inspirations in your mailbox!






I am sure that you have been back and forth from my blog to hers and I am soooooo glad that I was able to introduce Roseanne to you. Definitely one to check out as clean and classic are her middle names! Now you will just have to POP back tomorrow as you will also love what Karen has done to this little number!

We all know that this is one hot little number and today is the perfect day to swoop it up….add a little extra to your order to take the advantage of the final days of Bonus Bucks….(remember to keep your coupon codes that Stampin’ Up! sends to you…..just think if each of those numbers as a $5.00 bill)




Now to BLOG CANDY for today! YIPPEE…..more candy!

One lucky winner will win this BUNDLE….yep, not just the STAMP….the whole bundle! Tomorrow is my last day of “Candyland”  for you guys….again, my thanks and appreciation for your support as without your support…the Thailand trip wouldn’t have been possible. Here’s the question!


What would you consider your “style” to be in Stamping

and what is the one technique that you would like to try to master?


One lucky winner will win this BUNDLE….so lets get the comments going and when you are leaving a comment – please do not forget to give Rosanne some LOVE…as this is one super-de-duper card! How can you NOT smile with this sweetie!

The VAULT is still there ready for you to go in and pick a freebie……yesterday I had someone pick a stamp that was originally $35.00 (an alphabet stamp) and someone else picked a stamp that was part of a bundle and then bought the matching framelts at 50% off (she swooped up a whole bundle for under $12.00)….they were  THRILLED…..I am tellin’ you – this is the best I have had it organized and it will be GONE from Randall Lane…one stamp at a time!

When you think about it – it is a great return….you will get a $5.00 coupon from Stampin’ Up! and then a HOT stamp from me…..all for a $75.00+ order!

If you are affected by the wet weather…..please be careful – we have many roads that have been flooded and what am I planning to do today??? Well…..cook up a storm as I bought a bunch of corn to put up….can some peaches and STAMP! Sounds like a perfect day!




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