When Susan’s away…it’s time for BLOG CANDY!


Yesterday I shared that I was “away” for some “continuing education” (ha-ha) with a fellow PAL and I am hoping to be able to hop on the computer later today to share with you what we are up to…trust me, it is going to be fun!

I thought – what could we do that would be FUN and I think I have a keeper for you! What will you win???? Well…how about this – you all know that the NEW CATALOG is right around the corner and you all know that we have 5 NEW IN COLORS….so how about a pack of the new in colors Cardstock and also a pack of the NEW MINI Stampin’ Dimensionals. (as soon as I can order them I will)

I have a feeling that there are going to be multiple people that guess the answers so if that is the case, I will use random.org for the winner! I just love trivia so let’s see how you do!

Leave your comment and good luck!

  1. What is the name of Stamp Set that has been in the Catalog the longest?
  2. What is the most popular bundle from the Occasions Catalog?
  3. How many pages was the first Stampin’ Up Catalog?


This will be funny to see the answers. I called Stampin’ Up! to ask the questions and answers. Good luck and until later!

Hippity-Hoppity….it’s BLOG CANDY!


Good Morning and because I am put of town I thought that you all deserved a chance to win some BLOG CANDY! We all love to have the change to win but we even love it better when we win! 😀

Whenever I have these opportunities for Blog Candy I just love the responses I get from the winners…it usually goes something like this….I NEVER win a thing….or I popped on and thought I saw my name and then I looked again and it was my name…..fun times!

I am sure that you have seen on many blogs the Paper Pumpkin Kit this month, it is simple ~ it is ADORABLE and you can have the opportunity to win a refill kit….the minute I saw that they were available – I HOPPED (ha-ha) on it and purchased several for my peeps, their friends and my friends. (trust me, I will make a ton of these guys and have them handy to brighten many people.)

Now you might be saying….the refill? What about the stamp set – I am not  Paper Pumpkin Subscriber….no worries….if you do not have access to the stamp set with yourself or a friend…I will be glad to send you mine after I stamp all of their cute faces on the project!

I know that this might seem silly but I think that we can always have fun making cute projects like this – the young and the old all love being reminded of fun Easter memories. Grab a cup of coffee…its a quick video….



I did not have a bunch of time to go searching before I left with my Dad but here is a link to Pinterest that has some cute alternatives. I have not honestly had the chance to open mine but after watching the above video…I know that I am going to have FUN but I know that I will make some tweaks to add my Susan flair.

What do you have to do?????

How about leaving me a comment of a tradition that you have or remember about Easter. It can be anything….it is always just so much fun to read and get to know what everyone does…..here are a couple of mine!

  • Making an Easter Egg Tree with Plastic Eggs in our front yard and my kids were always horrified that I did that (heck – I thought it was fun….my Mom always did it)
  • Having scavenger hunts with the kids to find their baskets
  • Dying Eggs….(John and I STILL DO IT…..)
  • Memories of trying to get the kids dressed…ready EARLY to go to church and getting in the car …..going – WE DID IT…..we actually are on time! ( remember those days Moms out there….when we thought that there was NO WAY that we could pull it off)
  • Making homemade goodies to give to loved ones….


This is a fun thing to do….go down that Memory Lane that we all hold so dear to our heart. Tomorrow I will share with you the winner….I look forward to reading your comments!

Don’t forget….the days are coming to an end but remember – DOUBLE PAW PRINTS FROM ME….that in itself should be making you twitch your nose!





We have a WINNER!


Wow…it was so fun to read the color choice that you all had and trust me, John and I had FUN working together (after we watched the VOICE) and I called off the names and he was priceless and said “There is a ton of TTT and MM’s” and then when we are all through the comments and emails….he looked at me and said –


Now what is a TTT and what is a MM??? 🙂 

I just had to burst out laughing as I just told him it would take 5 minutes and I was rambling these initials….then I say – silly you~ it is Tip Top Taupe and Mint Macaron! (he is sooo patient) Let’s do the happy dance for Barb E as she was the random winner!!! 😀




You picked a WINNER, Watermelon Wonder is a fabulous color and I will say that it has not been until the last 6 months that I really, really appreciated and used it a bunch! Please email me, and let me know if you want a pack of that color or if you would like the assortment pack!

Now to my pick….WOW – this is soooooo hard as I find that I learn to “appreciate” the colors throughout the 2 years. I know that this sounds wonky but maybe I am on that Island again by myself…but at the beginning – it was HANDS DOWN Mint Macaron but as of lately, I have been a HUGE Delightful Dijon fan.

I know that this is on totally different spectrum but I will say that the Dijon has been touching my heart because of its warmth and also it is a fabulous color for the oh so hard masculine cards that we make!

It seems to take me time to warm up to using the In Colors and then once I have them done….they get retired – anyone else out there on this island!

I think it all has to do with the DSP that are offered throughout their time frame…I know because I love the DSP Tasty Treats, I have been using the Watermelon Wonder a BUNCH…I adore the DSP Urban Underground…so the Dijon has been a biggie for me and then the Mint Macaron…oh sooooooo special!

Trust me on this one – these colors WILL sell out once people start to see the calendar spinning closer and closer to May. Please do not get disappointed and be without a stash….heck – it is paper! I cannot tell you how many email I have received asking if I have a stash of Coastal Cabana (I think that is the right name) that was retired years ago….

Guess what? I learn from YOU…and one thing that I learned is that there are a BUNCH of you that really love Tip Top Taupe! With that said YOU have encouraged me to give it some attention as I obviously have been missing out of the beauty of this color.

Watch for future posts as I will give it a whirl! Enjoy the day….brrrrrrrrr and oh so windy – we lost internet for several hours but all in all – we are good to go! See you tomorrow and many thanks for your feedback and inspiration 😉









Tip for your Tuesday with Blog Candy!


Good snowy morning! Yep, the East Coast is getting snow…and a bunch of it!It is so beautiful to see it from the window but the reality is in the “inevitable hour” for me…as I need to bundle up and go down to the barn.

I admit, I am not a fan of snow – but it is what it is and it will pass…just like many things in life that we are not a fan of! Thinking positive, the animals LOVE playing in the snow (except Daisy – pigs do NOT like it one bit) but there is nothing better to see dogs jumping and playing in the snow and horses love it as well…they roll and make HUGE snow angels!

This is what I have for you today, I know that it’s not much but it is something that IS going to happen….like it or not!


Stampin’ Up will be retiring 5 Colors of paper on May 31st.

This happens like it or not but trying to be positive, we might be LOOSING 5 colors that we have grown to love but we will GAIN 5 more NEW COLORS when the New Catalog comes out starting on June 1st.

One thing that happens every year…Stampin’ Up! will sell out of one of these colors and then you get sad. 🙁  The moral of the story is…PLAN AHEAD. You will see in the product line up below I am showcasing the papers in full packs and also in the assortment.


Now for some blog candy…..

Leave a comment about the In Colors…maybe share with us which one you have used the most, which one was a “surprise” for you that you used etc…..just leave a comment about the In Colors that are leaving and I will randomly pick one person (by 9 p.m. Eastern tonight) and I will send you a pack of your favorite color or if you prefer, the assortment pack.

Be safe if you are affected by the storm…I am planning to get my animal chores completed and then a date with paper and scissors! What a PERFECT DAY…..yippee!!!! I can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are about the In Colors that are retiring and tomorrow I will share with you the one color that I will miss the most – can you guess it?



Kindness and winners!



Wow – my heart has been pitter-pattering reading through these. I HIGHLY encourage you to take a moment and have some “me time” to read these messages of love, hope and sheer joy. I deeply THANK YOU for sharing, we all are very blessed to have this forum…this community of Simple Stampin’ fun! Here are a couple of highlights that “hit me” 🙂

Please, PLEASE do not feel slighted if I did not share your story…this is one aspect of my Blog that I stuggle with – I NEVER EVER want someone tot hing that I do not think that they are not special or that I do not read your comments….I truly try my best as I feel so blessed to have my wonderful cyber family.




Above is the winner from Saturday’s Post……(WOOT-WOOT – please email me and send me your address)

Now get ready to have your heart happy!!!!

  • I sat with a friend at the doctors office while she waited for the results from a second mammogram. Her family has a long history of breast cancer and she received great news! Everything was fine! I had so much to do yesterday but when she called, I made her my top priority.
  • Our middle son who owns his home has always had a roommate until last month. We know things are tight for him living alone, so my husband and I gave him $400.00 to help out. It’s tough trying to find somebody you feel comfortable enough with and trust. Hopefully, he will be able to find that person soon.
  • I pulled up to the McDonald’s window and I paid for the person behind me order.
  • There is a fellow that is homeless that I sometimes see around my workplace. I treat him to a warm dinner whenever I see him.
  • I just found out that our elderly neighbors are having some issues; the gentleman has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and they have a 10-acre farm with horses and a lot to take care of. Sooooo, many of us who live on our rural road are meeting at 10 am this morning to help them with outside yard and barn work. I feel blessed to be able to contribute to the greater good and am anxious to dig in and assist.
  • I noticed an elderly man in the restaurant cleaning tables. He looked dejected. I asked him why? He talked about recent illnesses and his wife’s health. He had a little bit of a smile on his face when we left.
  • A friend of Caleb’s had a birthday on Oct 30th. Their family has had a tough time financially this year and his mom told me they weren’t going to be able to have a birthday party for him this year. We’ve invited a few (3) boys over later today and are having a little impromptu party. I was worried I would hurt the mom’s feelings so I talked to her about it in advance. She was so happy and blown away that we would do something like this for a child that wasn’t our own. Thanks for such a unique and inspiring topic!! More than anything, we want to teach Caleb to be empathetic towards anyone who might be having a tough time in their life.
  • I lost my job on Tuesday and was feeling really bad so I stopped by my parents house. My parents are rebuilding a barn and have an Amish crew doing the work. I offered to take them home for the evening.
  • Yesterday on our way to work, my daughter and I saw this little dog cowering on the side of the road. He was friendly but scared and had a collar with a license but no other info. We stopped several passing vehicles asking if he was theirs but nothing. We took him to the animal shelter and the owner of the pup was just ready to leave when we walked in. Happy tears flowed!
  • My husband (who is a disabled Vietnam Vet) & I were eating at an Applebee’s. When it was time to get the check & pay, the waitress told us someone had already paid for us & thanked him for his service!! I cry at such generosity!!
  • A fellow stamper is dealing with “end-of-life” issues with her mom. I rallied our group to bombard her with cards of support and encouragement. We will all face these issues at some point. Let’s lift each other up when we are able. (This was such a POWERFUL thing that I experienced 1st hand with my Mom…and in turn – this is why I became a SUDMy dear friend suddenly lost her husband a few weeks ago. Besides dealing with the grief and multitude of details, she injured her back tackling heavy outdoor projects getting ready for winter. So my husband and I have stepping in with helping hands and I will be sharing the driving after T-giving during her annual trip to AZ. It’s a crazy time to be gone, but that’s what you gratefully do for a friend in need. (There is nothing better than a true friend…way to go for being so supportive)My youngest sister lost her brief but hard fought battle with cancer this week and I’ve been overwhelmed with the kindnesses of others–from cards, texts, calls and food to hugs, visits and loving stories of her generosity to others. It sure hurts to lose a best friend and sister but the kindnesses have helped ease the pain. ( I am so sorry for your loss….please know prayers are coming your way)
  • Last night 6 of our friends met us for dinner to celebrate one of the birthdays. Our waitress was a young lady who told us it was her last night at the restaurant because she was going into the police academy. We talked through the evening and she said she was getting off after we left to go visit a friend who was leaving for Afghanistan today. Of course we all left a hefty tip and wished her well. And thanked her for her service. (SOOOOOO kind – I am sure she was super touched
  • I was able to get in for a massage that I desperately needed. Sheri really worked on me for 1 1/2 hours and then didn’t charge me a thing! (This made me think of my “Fred and the trailer” situation….isn’t it wonderful that someone knows that they can PAY IT FORWARD with their simple acts of kindness of their expertise!
  • One of my customers lost her husband this past year and on one of her most difficult days after everyone had gone home and the house was too quiet she came to my salon. She knew the coffee would be on so she talked…I listened, I didn’t need to say a word but just let her talk. When she was ready to leave she said “it was going to be a much better day now”, and she will always know the coffee is on and the door always open. To think she thanked me for something so simple as being there to listen. ( Being a “listener” is one of the BEST THINGS we all can do…way to go for being there – we have ALL been there)
  • This is really a RAK that my husband did but, I was with him!! On leaving our local store after shopping, in the parking lot, there was an elderly man trying to load 2 HUGE bags of dog food into the back of his truck. My husband helped load those 2 bags & then had a little conversation with the fella. He told us that he was a veteran of WW II & how he didn’t have many friends left & that he was 91 yrs of age. He had a little bit of a smile on his face (and so did we) as we walked on to our car. Now, I am wondering how he is going to unload those huge bags of dog food when he gets home!! ( I think that it is great that he helped but even better in taking the time to talk and listen to a beautiful elderly man!)
  • I had ovarian cancer. There is no evidence of disease at this moment but my type of cancer is going to return….sometime…..some where…..a very good friend of mine encourages me almost every day letting me know that he is praying for me. It always makes me smile! (YOU are blessed, I have found that people that are in situations like your….really feel so blessed and even more joyful when they feel the power and prayer of others….rooting for you!)
  •  I was having a “poor me” yesterday and was in the driveup line of my favorite S and decided to treat myself to a special drink. I was so surprised when I got to the window to pay and the car before me had paid for my drink. I then paid for the car behind me so hope they did a happy dance also. (GREAT STORY….I would have done the same dance….actually I just did it as it made me SMILE)
  •  I am so grateful for all the doctors, nurses and staff at my local hospital for their loving care of me and my husband during his recent bout with prostate cancer. He is doing well which makes us BOTH thankful. (So true….even though we all know that staff SHOULD be kind and professional etc….they are human and can only do so much….I agree – I am still so thankful and feel honored to know the men and women that gave my late Mom such wonderful care)
  •  I try each and every day to do some act of kindness, Working in SF I see many homeless every day. Often I will pack an extra lunch w a sandwich and juice and fruit and a sweet treat. If each of just take a moment, the kindest is so appreciated even with the smallest act. i try to acknowledge those n the street (with caution at times) since you really don’t know how or why they are n the position they are in. This week some of us at our company are putting together hygiene kits to distribute as well. Those include, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, socks etc) Today I am participating in another Sew Fest for Dress A Girl Around the World To date since 2011 I have made 350 + dresses. These dresses are sent on missions all over the world so that every girl can have at least one dress (THIS IS UNREAL…way to go! ~ there is a homeless women in our community that just gives you that amazing smile of gratitude when you give her a simple meal!)
  • Random Acts of Kindness…they help not only the person you have selected, but you too. I always take the time to thank someone for services, regardless of where I am. It makes their day, as so few people do it. I love to pay for a senior’s meal, drive through or groceries in the fast lane. I smile at strangers and speak. So few do. Whatever kindness you would enjoy, pay it forward every day you can. Love to take meals to friends for no particular reason AND when they need it. Makes me feel great! ( I am SOOOOOO glad that you brought up the SMILE FACTOR….this is something that I do each and everyday because it is SOMETHING WE ALL HAVE)
  •  Almost daily I make cards for two organizations: Operation Gratitude sends cards to deployed troops, wounded warriors and veterans. I enjoy designing cards with a patriotic theme and especially like the way Watermelon Wonder and Dapper Denim compliment each other. The other organization is Card Care Connection, which sends cards to adult and children dealing with cancer. It humbles me to think a card I create might be comforting to someone I don’t know. Thanks to Stampin Up! and the inspiration I find from other stampers, I send 25-30 cards a week. (WAY TO GO…cards DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE)
  •  Wow, such comments. Mine sure seem pretty lame compared to most of you. I had made all those crackers/poppers for Halloween. Well, I had a couple left so on Monday I left one for our mail person with a Happy Halloween card. The next day he put a thank you card in my mailbox! Plus, I saw a friend’s car in the next block as she works for Central College. Her jeep thing is orange and I put a popper in a plastic bag and a happy Halloween card in there with a sticky note saying the jeep needed a little Halloween cheer. I then tied the bag to the door handle. I am sure that made her smile. Oh, and Ted and I went and visited some older people who love to pet him. The one had been in the hospital almost all of the month so he was really happy to see Ted. (Chris, I can TOTALLY see you doing this…MISSION accomplished – WAY TO GO for making others day)
  •  My act of kindness is anonymous but I think I’m okay to mention it here. I found a packet of word poetry stickers that spell out the cheesiest pick up lines like: do you come here often? has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes, do you believe in love in first sight or should I walk by again? Every couple of days I stick another one up in a different coworker’s cubicle. Everyone is talking about them and wondering who is doing it. I stuck the one up while I was standing around talking to a group of folks and they didn’t even notice. I put one up in my cube the other day too to throw them off. It’s been fun.(I am sooooooo copying this – LOVE THE IDEA)
  •  I have a fellow co-worker who has fallen on hard times and she can’t drive for a year…. I take her to work even though I have a different shift and I take her where ever she needs to go. It does my heart good to help someone in need ( I HEAR you and I know 1st hand how appreciative one is for this type of kindness. Our son still does not have his license back due to his seizures and I know that it is hard for him to “ask” but to see his “appreciation” is so rewarding)
  •  My husband and I paid for dinner secretly for an elderly couple who could barely get around the other afternoon. My husband had just gotten an excellent report six weeks after his prostate cancer surgery and we wanted to thank God and pay His goodness forward! (THIS makes my day – thankful for his good report too)
  •  I am relatively new to stamping and try to get better with each card that I make. My problem is that I make way more cards than I actually have friends to send them to! Recently a beautiful friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and has begun chemotherapy. When she goes for her treatment, she brings a banner, hung on a dowel, and hangs it near her. She attaches cards that have been sent to her and admires them during treatment. When I found this out, I thought….I now have a purpose for making cards. I have been sending her a card every week and will continue until she is better. It is a win/win for both of us! (What a FUN thing to do. I LOVE the idea of a dowel rod….I know that when I sat with a friend during treatments, he would have loved and would have been so proud to see such gestures of kindness….great idea and story!)
  •  I participate in a ‘Caring Hearts Card Drive’. This is the second year in doing so. Cards are donated from all over the country and distributed to nursing homes everywhere. It warms my heart to know that someone else’s heart is warmed by such a simple gesture.(***This is a fantastic Card Drive to help with….google it …what a true FEEL GOOD***)
  •  I just have to share as it makes my heart so happy. My sister and I went to visit our 93 year old Uncle Bob who lives on Cape Cod. It’s hard to coordinate a time to visit as he is still very, very active – as a retired minister he is in demand for speaking engagements, and often travels to visit friends around the country – had just gotten back from a 10 day trip to Washington DC the day before our visit. We wanted to treat him to lunch and he chose his favorite restaurant Wimpy’s (don’t you love that name!) and it literally took us 10 minutes to get to our table because every single wait staff member stopped what they were doing to greet Uncle Bob and ask how he was doing. And it was the same when we left – they all made a point of saying good-bye. It makes me so happy to know his community thinks so much of him. ( I know that I would LOVE UNCLE BOB…..ROCK ON BOB and I am sure that your heart is super happy…..he sounds like my wonderful Aunt Jean)






O.k. folks…..I was getting sooooooo hungry, I had smiles….a chuckled….and it made me get excited to come home and make some of these yummies that you shared! Here are a couple of highlights that “hit me” 🙂




Above is the winner of Sunday’s post…(WOOT-WOOT – please email me and send me your address)

Please make sure that you have eaten something before reading the below….trust me, you will get hungry!!!


  • Pork Tenderloin with Golden Delicious apples in the crockpot. (I am going to search for this recipe)
  • Shrimp Scampi (I make a mean one from Barefoot Contessa)
  • Homemade caramel apple ~ Made by my daughter. Such delicious caramel over a Honey Crisp apple ~ *** NEWSFLASH*** ~ this is one of my ALL TIME guilty pleasures (but I honestly do not have any guilt when I have one…but I will say – I usually have it on a Granny Smith Apple….but this sounds OVER THE TOP on a Honey Crisp!)
  • I am embarrassed to say that I am enjoying eating the Halloween candy that was left over, especially the Kit Kat Bars (THIS MADE ME LAUGH…..been there – done that as well) 🙂
  • I had a “potato-joe” – baked potato with cheese and sloppy joe meat on top (HELLO…sounds yummy)
  • Fresh fish, creamy grits, and roasted asparagus my son cooked us last night. Yum, yum! (SOUNDS AMAZING)
  • Sweet Potato casserole made with freshly dug sweet potatoes from my garden (NOTHING BETTER!)
  • I made roasted brussel sprouts and shallots with balsamic glaze…(We have these just about weekly – YUM!)
  • We went to a delicious barbecue restaurant for brisket and burnt ends(BINGO….it doesn’t get any better)
  • A new recipe for bread pudding, with fresh apples and streusel topping…(I will search for this!!!)
  • A savory meatloaf my mom used to make (Thanks for the reminder of the past….nothing better than a great meatloaf – comfort all the way)


WOW….I know that this has been SUPER LONG and I hope that I do not loose subscribers because of it. As I have said many times before…my blog is TOTALLY an extension of “what I am all about”…I realize that some like it…and some would rather just have Stampin’ Up! stuff….and guess what – I “get it”!

I truly wish that we could be one a big skype party to chat all about my adventures over the past 10 days but I will definitely to a Blog Post about a life changer for me and one that I am SOOOOOOOO glad that I did…..that was taking the time to see 2 amazing ladies that follow my blog. Trust me, when I recap our time together…you will be so happy that you read the story!

Lastly, my 2 answers to the questions….(I’ll make this super fast)

KINDNESS – Yesterday when I was flying to Durham I was soooooooo tired and I was soooooo happy that I was in the “A” section of Southwest which meant that you are in the 1st group to board. I went on the plane and there were 2 open seats right in the 1st row. I was soooooo happy as I knew that I could get off the plane if a jif!

The flight attendant asked me to sit in the middle seat as on the isle way seat a person that is in a wheel chair was going to be boarding at the end. I offered to move back some and he said, no…you are fine, we just need to keep this seat available for her.

Well….everyone boarded and then the wheelchair came on and there was this beautiful elderly women in her chair and her care giver was with her. She was very frail but had a beautiful smile and I helped them get her settled as she could not really walk/stand. After she was settled her care giver said, Where am I going to sit?….

The attendant said that there were a couple of seats etc….and I immediately popped up and said, please take my seat, you need to be with her. She BEAMED and when I looked at the elderly lady, she had tears in her eyes.

I moved and guess what? – I sat between 2 SUD’s….so the moral of the story was we all won!

When we were at baggage claim I saw the women and caregiver. They thanked me for my kindness and I offered to sit with the women while the other got the bags etc…the lady told me that she was coming to see a friend that is in Hospice. I told her that I was sorry and then I told her about “Bud” (my Dad’s best friend that recently pasted) I could tell that she was a wise and kind women. I  told her that I was sorry that she was coming under these circumstances but I admired her courage.

She told me that the person was her roommate in college’s husband and before she died, she had asked her friend to always stay close and be there for him. The lady told me that this was just something that she felt that she needed and wanted to do. Is that the best or what!!!!

Meanwhile, Hannah knew I was ready and she was outside and kept texting me, you ok???? I said, I’ll be right there. I helped wheel this lady out as the caregiver had the bags etc…and I introduced her to Hannah. She told Hannah that she was lucky, when we got in the car and drove away…as tired as I was – I was sooooo happy! (ok – enough….tears are rolling)

Now to the FOOD PART!!!!

Hands down…a Food Truck in Austin, Texas and it was a Brisket Sandwich…..I would almost fly back for that sandwich! YUMMERS!

Again , my apologies for the length of this….I truthfully am having a hard time focusing on what I should be doing….but I just needed to share this wonderful joy and I thank you for your comments!

Until tomorrow!

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