Hello and Happy Tuesday! I guess I should also say Happy Halloween to each and everyone of you. Have you missed me? I must say… I have missed you but I will also say I have been on quite an adventure!  😀

I had planned to post this for you all last Wednesday but life got in my way with trying to get all of my ducks in a row to leave to go out of town. I had a fabulous time away and I will be sure to blog about it in the future but until then… Here’s a simple goody for you!






I totally realize that today is Halloween but I also want to inspire you to pull out all of the Halloween paper the you have from not only this year but go into the trenches and find your old stuff. (you’ll be sooooooo happy that you did) because trust me– we all have a grand intentions in doing something with “our stash” only to let the crazy schedule of life get in the way!

Since I have had my cast on my arm I have tried to organize many things in my craft area that have simply been piling up. If you arw anything like me… You have a ton of old Halloween paper. I ask you… Why is it that we keep it and look at it… and smile and say wow– that sure is cute!?

I decided to pull out everything I had and put it to good use. I have blogged about this adorable origami treat container many times but if you click here you will go to a post from eons ago showing you step-by-step how to make this with a 6″ X 6″ piece of paper.







I did a quick scan over that post from eons ago and the instructions are spot on as I still make these with the exception of using glue dots instead of the green glue.

You know me… Sometimes I think I’m a little slow out of the gate and you can tell back in 2013 I never used to glue dots. Please, use glue dots as it makes the process so fast!







I had a BIG TIME making these and you can see with that huge wooden platter that I made out bunch of them. These are always so much fun to make and they come together quick… but the wow factor is always there when someone sees a little treat for them to enjoy.

I invite you to pull out all of that paper that you have and if you do not have time to make these up now at least go ahead and cut all of your paper to 6″ x 6″  and just make one so you can get the feel of how easy they are to make.

The great thing about this would be –  if you go ahead and make them up and adhere them all together… simply pull out the zip lock storage bag and presto you will be ready for next year!  I ask you… How good would that feel!







With tomorrow, November 1 being the day that we can order the stampin’ blends… I have been trying to practice as much as I can to get a good feel for our new product! I used the Seasonal Chums Bundle to make this adorable project.

I admit, I have use this specific stamp and frame so many times this fall season and I am just itchin’ to dive into that adorable snowman and reindeer for the holidays upcoming ! To me… you know what I’m going to say– it’s a keeper!






The color family of markers that I chose were Pumpkin Pie, Old Olive and light Crumb Cake.These alcohol based markers are super fun to play with and they make the process of coloring very relaxing and enjoyable.

You will get a blog post from me about the tips and tricks I have found to be useful when using them in the future. I am just thrilled that Stampin’ Up! has these alcohol-based markers for all of us to enjoy with our crafting endeavors that we all dive into!






Well, there you go! I am super happy to be back in your inbox.I can’t wait to share with you the adventure that I have been on since last Wednesday morning…I have been on a mission to surprise someone that is very special to me and I think I accomplished it!

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween and if you have trick-or-treaters coming to your door –  I hope they fill your heart with joy. I have such amazing memories of taking the peeps around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.

Enjoy what’s left of your day and enjoy the last day of October… Yikes– time is flying!




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