A Valentine “cutie”


Good Morning! Do you ever stop and think of all of the crazy things that can happen in one day? Well, yesterday was one of those kinda days and I was so excited to go to bed and have a new day begin!

I cannot even begin to tell you all of the things that happened….but here are some lights that all happened before 10 a.m.

  • The donkey got loose and was running all around and Arnold was having a fit because that dumb donkey is his seeing eye buddy…..
  • the Fed X Truck FLEW down our lane and I was flapping my hands for him to slow down….and then he said to me…..“Do you know your donkey is loose”? I felt like saying REALLY…. 😳
  • Next….about 30 minutes later the UPS Truck came and one of the Jack Russells hopped in his truck after he shut the back door of the truck and then yep……about 10 minutes after he left….down comes the truck and out the door came Jack! What could I do but LAUGH!!!!

(At the end of the post…I will share with you the TRUMP CARD of the day and you will then see….why I was excited to go to bed last night!)



Let’s get to this super cute box that can be made in a JIF! It is cute and I just love the little heart card I added as a note 🙂



I came in the house and decided to try to be productive and made this adorable and oh so easy White Gift Box! I love the ease of it and I cut (4) 2 3/4″  squares from the great Valentines Paper, Sending Love DSP Pack. I will say that there are other prints in this pack that go beyond Valentines.




I took a piece of scrap Real Red and folded it over to make a heart card. Using the framelit (as shown) – I left a little bit of the framlit above the red so it could asked as a hinge. Have you ever tried this? It is fun and then I used a smaller heart in white for the inside!





Can you see the sentiment? It is from the Teeny Tiny Wishes Stamp Set….(LOVE THAT SET) – it is truly an old one but a GREAT one. I stamped it in Versamark and heat embossed it with white! A simple white bow was the perfect finishing touch!







How about that Blog Hop yesterday? I hope that you all were inspired. I am always in awe of all of the great talent that is out there – I just love this FUN thing that we do! It makes my heart happy when John says….“My wife shares kindness and makes people smile” We all should be so proud of ourselves by sharing our handmade works of art!

Now for the TRUMP CARD….I was away for the afternoon and came home to a broken water heater….one word – YUCK!!!!!

See you tomorrow…..never a dull moment on Randall Lane! 🙂



A simple and sweet Valentines!


Well…how was everyone’s first day of the NEW YEAR? If you have today off….I hope that you enjoy it and I am happy that many are able to have several days off….we all need our batteries re-charged!

I loved and appreciated your comments yesterday and I can clearly see some areas that you would like to see more of….and trust me, I will do my best to help you with these specific needs. One thing that I will say is that one of the new papers in the Occasions Catalog really lends itself to masculine cards…so that is where I will start!

Before we get to this INCREDIBLY SIMPLE card…..we have a winner…..so come on – let’s meet those resolutions and DO THAT DANCE….the WOOT-WOOT for stamper Dee 🙂


Way to go and many thanks for popping onto my blog and giving feedback! Happy New Year to you and please email me with your address. It seemed like Sympathy and Masculine are hot topics and I can honestly say that these are the (2) requests that my dear husband asks for. He likes to keep a stash of my cards to send to clients but does not like them to be too frilly!

I will put my hat on and pray to the “creative gods” for inspiration and be back to help! I appreciate and truly love when you share with me ideas that you would like to see ~ I aim to please! 😀




Now let’s get to this super sweet, super clean, super easy Valentines Card. It actually does not have to be “Just for Valentines” as sending a “Love You” card is appropriate all year long……have fun changing up colors to give it a different feel!

We have a super sweet Valentines Stamp and Framelits coming out on Wednesday with the new Catalog but I thought….“let me see with what we already have to work with and see if I could come up with a cute card.”

Well, I think I did and it is just like I like it….clean & simple! The overall card is a 4 1/4″ square card and the white piece that I used the embossing folder on is a 4″ Square.

The Red Mat is a smidge larger, 4 1/8″ square and you can cut the heart right out of the center. (LOVE THIS when this can happen). I admit, I forget about the Sweet & Sassy Framelits….why???? ~ not sure but the shape of the heart is just stunning!





You know that I adore using fun foam and I used a smaller heart framelit to cut a piece of fun foam to place on the back of the one I heat embossed. I love it that the shape fits it and it is just the perfect lift over the embossed hearts.

REMEMBER….use your embossing buddy before you stamp the versamark – you’ll be happy!

Making an envelope is a cinch using the envelope punch board but jot this down…..the size for a 4 1/4″ size is NOT on the measurements so here you go. You need a 7 1/8″ square and then you press and score at 3 5/8″ – and PRESTO – perfect envelope! I have taped these measurements on the bottom of the punch board…as I love this size of card.





I admit, I was happy with the end result of this card mainly because I was able to use a stamp set that I have from the annual catalog and that is it a stamp set that is not specifically for just Valentines. I have used it many times in previups posts and I love the small images in this set ~ they come in handy for “filling in areas” (you all know I love dots)






Have a great day and again, if you are off…..ENJOY the time (maybe you can find some “me time” to stamp!)

I told Daisy that she was a hit….and I gave her some Strawberry Tops for all of you! She was so funny yesterday…she was “chilly” as I forgot to put her in the tack room and when I went to the barn late yesterday afternoon to bring Oscar in…..I heard her making a nasty noise….a noise like I AM MAD AT YOU THAT YOU LEFT ME OUTSIDE….and she had made a nest in Oscars Stall and had a PUFF of shavings all over her!


She was Casper, the PIGGY GHOST!

“Mr. Frog” in his Sunday best!


It’s Sunday and it is time to Step it up a bit from yesterdays post. I am just in love with my little friend and again, I really do not know which card I like better…they are both cute in my eyes! I loved the comments and maybe we need to let Caleb say which one he likes better!

The biggest difference is that I used the watercolor paper and the aqua painter to color him in and also add the slivers of red around the edge! Here he is…..what do you think? Here they are side by side….now it is time for you to decide!



Darn I wish that we all lived closer so you could see both of these in person side by side…the photos just do not give our little friend justice and trust me, he deserves it as he is so darn tootin’ cute! You just have to smile when you see his face!




In hindsight, I think that you could really get by with just using the Thick Whisper White paper to do a quick wash over his body with the sahara sand….Because it is so faint, I think it would work and I know….I know  – I should have tried it but I also like the texture and feel of the watercolor paper. (I will try it today and report back tomorrow) as tomorrow is another super simple Valentine idea.




I know that you have heard me say this a million times but a mechanical pencil and a good eraser are your friends when crafting. Being straight without a help of a ruler and/or a stamp-a-ma-jig does not work with me – (brings out the inner pre-schooler in me) – these are simple tips that will make you shine and also once you get used to using these tools, it become second nature to you!





The other tool that is a crafters must have is the silicone mat(oops, I forgot to share a link below) but this as you can see is “well loved” – I actually have 2 of them as I like to put adhesive on the back of a bunch in I am making several of the same cards! I love the fact that if you were a bit “glue happy” and squeezed it too much, that just letting it sit for a bit – you will be good to go! LOVE MY GREEN GLUE!





There you go….“Mr. Frog” in his Sunday suit! He just makes me happy and I already have an idea on how he will “get dressed” for St. Patricks Day! In yesterday comments Mary Ann  (our sheep herder) said he is perfect for a square card and she is right….he is! There are times that when you have a shape like this that it lends itself to a square ….actually – I think that all of the stamps in this set do that…what do you think?

One day I should do a post on all of the stamps and then pull it together as a “gift” for someone – this really is a fun set….whimsical but not too silly!





Now let’s wait to see what Caleb thinks….he is our official “Jr. Stamp Master” and he is dear Eddies biggest fan……speaking of Eddie – he is doing great. THis has been a great week for him and his appetite is great. Yesterday he went down to the barn with me and we played ball and he had so much fun…it is funny – he adores the fireplace, (his command central) but if I say, “Who wants to go to the barn” he is always the 1st one up and eager! That little guy brings me so much joy!




Have a fabulous day…and I hope that I am continuing to show and share with you ideas on how to make Valentines cards without purchasing a stamp set that is so specific for that 1 day! I think that you are going to like tomorrows post….super simple with a smile factor!

Please do not forget to email me if you are interested in a Product Share as Tuesday is the cut off for orders (this is my final share this month) Shares are THE BEST WAY to go to be able to see, feel and play with our products! Enjoy the day, make someone smile and I hope that you will be back tomorrow!




p.s. – I forgot to mention about the hearts – they are from the Beautiful Ride Stamp Set but if you do not have that set I am sure that you have a heart in another set! After I colored it with the red, I took the new Wink Of Stella Brush Pen over it….a perfect accent for the hearts!

Remember, my gift to you this month with any order over $75.00 is a Wink of Stella Pen, this is a fantastic accent – click here to see that post and also the card I will sent to you…..the hostess code for this offer is 3RPTW7MB but you will always see the hostess code in the upper right of my blog!

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Susan loves simple…Susan loves a sale!


Good hump day to all! I was a total “Silly Susan” and totally forgot to sign up for the PALS BLOG HOP….it truly feels soooooo weird as you know that I am always game for a hop! Darn those Holidays…..get you every time! I do hope that you find the trail and HOP-HOP-HOP away! Just love all of the talent out there!

Today is a SUPER SIMPLE card….that also “just happens” to be ON SALE…..so that should bring a SMILE to your face! Darn, I just love that Stampin’ Up! offers weekly deals every Tuesday and HANDS DOWN, my pick of the week is this stamp set….Something to Say! It is 25% off and if you do not have this one…you need it…Simple as that….period!


WHY???? There are some fabulous sentiments and you can cover just about any cards that you need to make….remember, keep it simple – it will work – it will make you happy!

I will say that the accent pack that coordinates with it is also a MUST HAVE…..I use them ALL OF THE TIME….and by all means, not just with this stamp set! Stars, hearts and flowers are always a perfect “fill in”!




You really do not need me on this one…..but you can see how simple and clean it is – this card does not necessarily have to be for Valentines….it can be of a “just because” I do not know about you….but I can say as I have “grown in age” it becomes easier and easier to say “love you” – not only to my family…but to my dear friends…


The “go-to’s” to me. the Whisper White Note-cards and Envelopes made this card some together in a snap! I love that they are already cut and “ready to rumble” for a clean and simple card as after all….TIME is the one thing that we all seems to get in our way!


You can see that I masked off part of the sentiment as I just wanted those 2 words, “love you” to set the tone of the card! The faint lines in the hearts make it so sweet and a quick punch – WOW…easy & done!

I know that you are “with me” with lovin’ the DSP Paper Stacks in the 6″ X 6″ size and the Love Blossoms is a true keeper for this time of the year, but also for many occasions! It is KEY that these stacks have small prints as there are sooooooo many things that you can do with a small print! (small prints are our friends)

Pop back tomorrow as I have a PPA Challenge for you and another super sweet Valentines Day card for you with a stamp set that is not a “traditional Valentines” stamp set! I love to share with you how to maximize your stamp sets…


Feel free to email me, I think that I might be “home bound” in the morning as we had a dusting of snow….until tomorrow!

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Oops…better late than never!

Good morning…I know that this is getting to you later than usual but yesterday was a great day and posting by blog…"just simply did not happen"…why? Well, I great drive with John in the countryside and YES – we did get to see my boys (horses) Oscar and Stanley – and then my great Dad came to dinner to do an early celebration with us for his 84th Birthday!

Here is another "OLDIE BUT GOODIE" and I know that I have blogged about this before and it has been "all around the stampin' town" but I adore it – so easy yet so fun!

How can a "Sour Cream" container be so darn cute?

Easy-peasy…..because it was made with your heart and hands! Now – I all know that we have a TON of paper and we look at it and say WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU? Does this ring a bell?

The best thing is making these little dreams is the best as you can really use just bout any size of paper, Today I am using the paper stack and not cutting it one bit –

If you are like me, you stock up on these paper stacks . These make up SUPER little gifts, table decorations, party favors etc…and you really would not have to put any candy in it – you could fill it with inspiration quotes, a note…

So easy, so fast, let's get going! It is literally like 1,2,3!

  • Take your paper from a paper stack, today I am using the Stacked with Love Stack and simply place sticky strip on 3 sides (1short side and both long sides)
  • Expose the short side only, then I find it easier to use the piercing tool – pull off one of the long sides and squeeze together!
  • Fill with FUN and LOVE and then turning the pouch to the other side, squeeze the opposite sides together to form then FUN treat! (hopefully the pictures will help!)




  • To decorate….the sky is the limit but because I still have the "critters" and the  "snuggle & smooches" out on my work area, I said why not! Soooooo darn cute!


I loved the sentiment on my little bear! Using the blendabilties is like having "power steering"…they are a DREAM and just glide right onto the paper!

Now for the super fun "feel good" for the day!

Get ready because this is super special…my Dad is leaving on Wednesday to meet up with his other 3 siblings to go to Myrtle Beach to spend a week together….is that the BEST or what!

I have a "bag of 6" ready for him to take with him for his Valentines Dinner table treat to have with his siblings. I just think that it is great that they are going this….(Uncle George is 87…Aunt Jean is 86….my Dad will be 84 on the 18th…and Aunt Anne….the baby  is 75)


So for a SUPER quick and easy Valentine goodie to make up – I say GO FOR IT, I am sure that you have lots of paper around – it simply can not be easier!

Tomorrow I have a FUN technique that I tried….now I cannot say that it is the easiest but it is really, really cute and I think that once I made many of them – it would be super easy! I hope you can POP back tomorrow!

Sorry for the late post….please feel free to email me if I can help you and I thank YOU for YOU!

p.s. – tomorrow will be the NEW weekly deals and there is a new stamp set coming out that I am super excited about!


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“Snuggles and Smooches”


This is Valentines Week!

Can you remember when you were little and it was always so darn exciting getting Valentines at school? This was a fun and a happy memory for me….what about you?

I can remember coming home from school and going right to my bedroom and looking to see if they said Love, ???? or if it was just their name….and I always taped them up all around my door!!!

Here is a card that is on it's way to "Ole Miss" to my niece Grace along with some lovin' goodies from her Aunt! She adores pink and I know that this will bring a smile to her face and her tummy will enjoy the goodies.


I must admit that this super cute card did not photograph well but it is soooooo darn cute and I this stamp set is very versatile in my opinion…these fun and whimsical "swirls" are just FUN! The stamp set is called Snuggles and


You know that I love odd size cards and today's card is  long and skinny…..3" X 6" and of course the envelope punch board helped me out….again!


The magic of heat embossing did it again! I wanted to use "gold" on the "very vanilla" as my main purpose was to use this FUN trim that was in the Paper Pumpkin – (it is the cutest!!!!)

There is NEVER a time that I do not heat emboss that I feel like a "kid in a candy store"…it is just a magical experience to see the powder turn to a shiny end result…..MAGIC!


There are times that I think that my cards are just kinda boring to blog about and this is just about as simple as it gets! Just a stamp up of Versa mark….Gold Powder….heat Tool….DONE! I love the "little" hearts that are in this stamp set…I am going to use them again later this week in a totally different way!

The FUN Bakers twine is "my kinda bow" We all know that I am "Bow challenged" and this is one that "I can handle" I simply took 3 pieces of the fun Bakers twine that was left over and made a simple bow!


I just think that "gold" in the pink twine is just "divine" and I know that Grace is going to love it! (She just called me while I was typing this post to just say hi).…too ironic!

Thanks for popping by today – I had an outing yesterday….WOOT-WOOT – I went and had my nails done….loved it! I have blogged about the wonderful couple that do my nails….they are the most appreciative, kind, loving and truly genuine people I know. We take many things for granted but I can honestly say, I value them for their hard word and beautiful spirit they have – it was joy to see them!

Remember, shopping in your jammies is super fun...Stampin' Up! is coming out with a super great Photopolymer Stamp Set on Tuesday – it's a keeper in my eyes!

I am an email away.…it's fun and baking day for me as my peeps and college bound friends need some Valentines love….in the mail they go on Monday!

Stampin' hugs….until tomorrow!



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