Fast…Fun and oh so sweet!



Happy Friday! I have been excited to do this post ever since I received an email from a customer, Sue E. from New Hampshire! I just LOVE IT when I am inspired by blog readers and this email led me to a full blown enablement and I am just THRILLED!

I need to be honest….so go grab your Occasions Catalog and turn to page 17. This is where is all begins! I totally skipped right over this stamp set, A Good Day –  I naturally HOPPED on buying the punches without batting an eye as when I see a punch – SOLD as I love the ease and speed of using a punch!

I can remember my first impression of this stamp set was….images are too small….I wasn’t crazy about the Mini Embroidery Hoops as I tend to crack the wooden embellishments and then also the bulk with shipping….UNTIL AN EMAIL…..from Sue and that’s all it took – SOLD ME!

Take a peek of this image and then read on….it will make sense!







Sue said that she watched a Video that Sara Douglas did using this stamp set along with the narrow notecards & envelopes (another item I wasn’t 100% sold on) but keep reading……(I told you I was going to be honest) I then put my investigator hat on and found the video… was a FaceBook Live Video that Sara had up on the Stampin’ Up! Website!



I watched this and said an immediate WOW – right up my alley……



Click Here to see the video…it is cute and Sara is just adorable! After I ordered it I immediately called Jeanie and asked her if she had it to borrow….STRUCK OUT….I now know how if feels to be impatient waiting for an order to come….even though I had a ca-zillion other things to work on….I wanted it NOW!







It finally came Monday night and I could hardly wait to play with it and make some of these sweet cards! I warn you….they are like POTATO CHIPS…..super addictive to make and as you make them you start to think…..“These would be great to give to ________ for a little Birthday Gift” or “These would be great to give a set to my Mother In Law for watching Mr. Perfect” (aka Milo)

Below you can see the (2) new punches. These really made putting this project together a breeze. I think that we all can agree….when you can pull out a punch and get the job done….We are HAPPY Crafters! Stampin’ Up! Punches are always so hight in quality and value. In the product line up you will see all of the various sizes of punches….they are just super handy to have on hand…a basis that you will use over and over!






Really…the sky is the limit and it also gets you to think of other stamps that you have that are small in image size to make up and paper….well WE ALL KNOW WE HAVE PAPER….so here is your permission to USE IT UP!

Now you can see why I am giving the Narrow Notecards & Envelopes as my gift with purchase this month! I will also tuck in several of these with the notecards……You can always find the current incentive on the drop down bar on the blog and the current Hostess Code is on the side of my blog.







As you can see in Sara’s Video there is nothing to it in whipping a bunch up! I did add a mat to the samples below…just because – you know me, I love my paper and I do think that it dresses it up a bit!

I also invite you to look at other simple sentiment stamps you have as you can see on the Easter one…..a simple Happy Easter dressed up this sweet bunny – this is from the Teeny Tiny Wishes oldie but goodie stamp!!! (I already know that I am going to make these for Easter and put on the fru-fru when I make Lemon Bread!)

I pulled out my Blends and just added some simple color to make these little sweeties come to life. You can use many different coloring mediums but I find the alcohol based markers are not only speedy….but also super easy!

In the Video, Sara showed how to cut the paper to maximize your cuts. Didn’t you think that it was so darn clever to use the  2 1/4″ Circle Punch to use as an envelope liner? I made the below visual for you to use.







So…..What do you think? Do they make you smile….



I know what I think….I am GRATEFUL THAT SUE EMAILED ME….and that I put some together!!! This would be a wonderful way to get together with friends and make some – you can yack away and have fun chatting and also pound out a bunch of these sweet cards……I literally had to stop myself and put them away as I kept wanting to make more and more….(I plan to make some while watching the Olympics)







Enjoy the weekend and I do hope that you will have time to watch the Olympics. I love watching them and I am always so amazed with the strength, dedication, endless training that these amazing athletes do! It truly is a special time to see the extreme talent.

We are to have a super rainy weekend….better rain than snow….the ice we had earlier in the week has played havic on many of our trees and we lost a HUGE pine tree and also several HUGE LIMBS… always makes me sad to see trees die as I think of how many years they were there.

Find some “me time” to craft away and I hope that this post inspired you to look at these sweet notecards. I just get giddy when I see a project that is fun, easy and practical. These would make a wonderful little gift to make up for that hard to buy for person as after all, a gift that you made with your own hands is the best gift as it is from YOUR HEART and HANDS!






Shazam…the perfect solution!



Happy Friday….this week has been about Birthday Cards as lets face it…we each have one of those special days each year and we also love to send Birthday Cards…..well, we love to when we have a great idea or a stash ready – but trust me, I get it!

In November when I went to On Stage in Salt Lake City I can remember the first time I saw this kit in the display area…needless to say I was wowed! Not only was I doing a “happy dance” with the sheer beauty of the fun box but it didn’t stop there as when I saw the sheer quality and design of the cards…and then…the monthly dividers – I loved it!


The lightbulb that went off in my head was…WHAT A GREAT GIFT!


Let’s face it, I think that it is pretty fair to say that most of our “WANTS IN LIFE” are very minimal as I think we all feel very blest but I don’t know about you…I love to share my love of crafting with family and friends and what a fabulous gift this would be for that hard to buy for person.

The beauty of this is…it is timeless – being that no matter when you would “gift this” to someone… they can always use it. You could either give the Kit as a gift and have you and your friend put it together for a fun time spent together or go ahead and make it up and give it as a gift!

I have a BUNCH of pictures for you today but before you peek at them….watch this short video that Stampin’ Up! did showcasing this kit and you will see 1st hand what a blue ribbon winner it is!







I always try to give you a “heads up” for tips and tricks when I recommend a product. I followed the instructions to a tee with the exception of the placement of the Dapper Denim Bakers Twine and I also did not use the tassel stickers that were to go onto the balloons. Just some personal preferences in placement.

The kit is VERY generous with the amount of ribbon and twine. You can see in the below pictures that I doubled up on the twine for all of my bows (again, just a personal preference) and I had plenty. I always like to share these tips as I realize how frustrating it is to keep thinking while you are creating….can I use more…or maybe I’ll run out!

Below is a great visual of the kit contents…..








The next several pictures are close-ups of each of the cards that I put together. Not only were they super easy to put together, this are super cute and oh so practical cards!

The stamp set that is used to create these cards is called the Perennial Birthday Stamp Set. THANK YOU Stampin’ Up! for creating not only great outside sentiments….but also the ones that coordinate for the inside of the card. WOOT-WOOT…..we all LOVE that!

Remember, this below stamp set is sold separately from the kit but I think you will see and agree, it’s a keeper! After these photos I will share with you what I did with this kit…and trust me, it has been a huge hit!











Before we get to the last 2 cards let’s peek at the dividers….they ARE key to me…as this will KEEP US FROM MISSING someones Birthday! I just do a little wiggle of excitement when I can be more “on top of it” and having a “key” with Birthdays filled in does it for me!

Even though the kits makes 16 cards….you can easily put more in the box and also throughout the year as you make cards they can be added! I like to think of it as my stash of ready to rumble!






Here are the last 2…they are just adorable and being able to stamp a coordinating sentiment to the inside of the card is a time saver!






Now you know me….I adore my envelopes. To me, the envelope is the FIRST GLIMPSE of the presentation of the card. My Mom always taught me that if you take a bit of time for the presentation of something….than the recipient will feel special from the minute they see it….and let’s face it ladies….we all love to feel special cause’ guess what….WE ARE SPECIAL!

I used the Sweet Soiree DSP to add some love to the envelopes! The colors work perfectly for this kit and it gave me the extra special trademark touch that I love to give.

You can see in the picture below that using my DSP Swatchbook from the Product Shares made the picking out the paper a breeze. To me, they are the 911 when creating!

You can also see that I have a pack of gold candles…I purchased them for a whopping .97 at Walmart along with some simple balloons…after I made up the kit….I also tucked in a pack of candles and the balloons….just another sweet touch that costs sooooo little but will make someone feel super special and add so much!









One last peek of the entire kit and also an idea for you…. and then one from my sweet John…..

After I put together the first kit and saw the WOW of it….I thought – what a perfect gift for my girlfriends. I admit, most of my friends have no clue what I do but they know that I am crafty. (I do not teach locally as the bulk of my Stampin’ Up! fun is cyber) I purchased a bunch of these and had a ball making up these kits! I tied a beautiful white bow around it and strategically placed a long skinny cluster of gold candles thru the bow.

They are all stacked in a closet and PRESTO….a perfect gift that will only be super special and practical to them…but they will see firsthand what I do…. (the truth be told…I have a fear of teaching that I am afraid no one would come) I have already had 3 Birthdays this month with friends…and they have loved the kit!





My sweet John is an Accountant and this is his time of year of craziness. When he saw this kit is was amazed. He was also amazed when I told him that many of my customer simply do not purchase the Stampin’ Up! Kits….he asked me why and I said…..I really do not know as they sure do like my kits…..

He then said – this is perfect….I’ll take 8 of them for my ladies! Every year when it is Business Administrators Day (it is April 25th this year)…John takes the ladies to lunch. It is always a highlight for them as John is great in taking time to make his employees feel special. These people make the whole system work in cranking out the workload and it is his way of saying thanks!

He said… can you put a big bow on each of them and we can put it at their place. (I usually always put a little potted Spring Flower at their place setting) and then I will let them know that at 4 p.m. that day they will be treated to a special time with you in helping them put the kits together! Doesn’t this sound like fun!

I told you he was a keeper (and actually the best blind date I was ever on).….naturally I am THRILLED with the order….but I also know that his ladies will love it as well! The moral of the post is….this IS a keeper kit and it is also priced right!

How perfect to get the kit or kits…..the stamp…take advantage of some FREEBIES from Sale-a-BrationWOOT-WOOT all around!

Have a wonderful weekend…..I have another idea for you on Monday that will make you say….now that is soooo darn cute! Thanks for shoring some time with me and thanks for being YOU!





Oh, Happy Day makes a stamper SMILE!






Good Morning and here is to a start of the weekend…woot-woot for so many reasons…first it is the weekend but this is the best part…we are going to be having some WARM WEATHER on the East Coast…a totally welcomed bit of news for me and trust me…I have had one super grumpy pig as Miss Daisy just is not a fan of the cold!




As I shared yesterday…I have some wonderful customers that just love kits…and trust me – I GET IT!




On yesterdays post…I showcased a sentiment from this kit to make yesterdays sweet card and today…it is all about this kit. I truly think that this kit is just breezed over in the annual catalog (page 15) as you all flip right to the stamps and leave the Stampin’ Up! kits to a “thought for the perhaps future” and stampers….let me tell you – this IS a keeper!

After I had a date with this product I am showcasing today…it was a joy and a rewarding feeling to be able to sit down and have all of the products needed in one box and complete a kit with the end result of 20 completed cards plus I have a great photopolymer stamp set that has fun and useful sentiments that will be used for other projects!

Here is a video that Stampin’ Up! did that showcases this products…its a great overview but trust me…this is so straight forward and I love the saying…of Stamp and Stick! – cause’ lets face it – there are times that we just simply do not want to think but we want to craft and create with completed results…that is exactly what this kit will do for you!






I have had this kit sitting in the super cute box that it comes in for some time…and all it was doing was collecting dust. Well….I had someone remind me about this kit as she was ordering one and I thought…I need to put this together myself and that is what I did!

Here are some of the thoughts that I had through the journey in putting it together and I will tell you right off the bat…I am NOT the best in following directions as I am one of those just DIVE IN and DO kinda person….

  • I loved the fact that everything that you need is all in one place
  • Even though they were supplied in the box, I used my own ink (in the full size) and I prefer my acrylic blocks and also the glue dots that are on the roll – just a personal preference but all of these are supplied in a kit version and heck – we all keep the stampin’ spots!
  • I actually enjoyed the fact that the sizes of the cards varied – it was great to have that assortment to grab and go!
  • I was happy that the color choices of the designs were so bright and vibrant…a super fun POP with each and every design
  • I think the price is extremely fair. $35.00 for the whole kit and the stamp set….a keeper that will get lots of use and the best ….it is a photopolymer!


Below you can see this stamp set. As you recall…I try to “condition” my stamp sets as I go to use them for the 1st time. It is a great habit to get into and then I stamp a full image of the stamp set to store with the stamp. I personally condition my stamps with Black ink and I can hear many of you gasping but I like to see the images…really cuts down the search and rescue on my work space.







Now grab that cup of coffee and get ready for 4 great pictures that showcase each of the cards. I grouped them together as by the size of the cards and one thing that I did not show is….the envelopes – the envelopes are all in a kraft paper and a fun change from white!

I have not jazzed up the envelopes (as I usually do) and I am really not sure if I will as the cards are just so fun and fresh! After all…this is one of the things that people struggle with….time and thinking what to do….and this kit is all about….getting it done – feeling confident!



Enjoy the pictures…they are fun – RIGHT????












I told you…..they are just super cute…Here is another thought – I know that we are the crazed crafters but I also know that we have many friends and family that are not….


  • maybe it’s because they feel like they aren’t creative…. (this is crazy as we ALL have a creative gift inside)
  • maybe it’s because they don’t have the time…
  • maybe it’s because they say…”I don’t need another hobby”…
  • maybe it’s because they say – “I’m not going to invest in all of THAT STUFF” ….(I think that they are talking about the STUFF that we have and guess what – I LOVE MY STUFF)


I think you know where I am going with this….and guess what  – This kit would be a fabulous and fun time to get together with these kinda people (we all have and know them) and just have fun!

You are just $15.00 away from picking a freebie from the SAB offerings….so I say….no brainer, grab some basics that we use all the time and have a win-win…..20 completed cards that are ready to go when you need one….a great stamp set to use in the future and a FREE Product from Sale-A-Bration….works for me….how about you!

Have a great weekend….be safe, make memories and make someone SMILE!

p.s. – please make sure that you look at the LONG LIST of products that I used to make this post….. (tee-hee-hee)YEP – that is right….JUST ONE THING!!!!!





Peek a BOO…a fun way to create!



Good Morning….did you hear me grumbling yesterday? Well….I admit, I was as it has been a long time since I have had my “Susan Computer Issues” but yesterday and this morning…. it happened with the “photos” on my computer….it still is not right but I was creative and figured out a way to import them and today…yep, I have a date with a computer gu-ru!!!

I have a super simple card for you today that will hopefully put some ideas in your creative head to use this super simple technique with other basic shapes you have! You can also do this easily with a specific die shape….all you need is a die cut and Mr. Big!

Today I am using the below framelits, the Sweet & Sassy Framelits. I am often asked…“What are some tips in getting started in cardmaking”…I just LOVE this question as the answer is super simple….get the BASICS! I think “nesting shapes” of framelits are basics…and something that “timeless and the classics”! WHY??? The are a great building block for a clean and classic card!







In the below picture you will see what makes it unique….I cut the heart shape out of the front panel of my A-2 Card and then did a super simple stamp of a “love you” and POPPED it up! Now I ask you….HOW SIMPLE IS THAT?

I realize that there are some people that enjoy Valentines and then there are some….that just find it an ok time to make projects…but I think that a simple heart with a sentiment can do the trick…..for Valentines….or also and many other times throughout the year for someone super special! Are you wondering where that sentiment came from?

Please pop back tomorrow as I will be doing a whole post on a FUN product that I wager to say… a “sleeper” to many of you! It is the Oh Happy Photopolymer Stamp Set that is in the Oh Happy Kit…..found on page 15 in the Big Annual Catalog.








The focal paper is super yummy and the other prints in this collection are WOW – just STUNNING……Take a look below and I think that you will agree!

Remember, tomorrow is the LAST DAY for you to take advantage of my Occasions Product Share.…and just think – with a share you would easily be able to make some Valentines yourself with just a taste of this paper….a win-win as you will not be breaking the bank with having to buy a whole pack of paper!

You see….there are ways of getting the new kids on the block….giving them a test drive before you make the plunge to purchase it….to me, it is the best of both worlds!






This is a great view for you to see the opening….I thought that it was fun and something just a bit different than a regular card. I also think that the beautiful paper sets the tone for a clean and simple card that still makes a recipient feel WOW….I am super special! (cause guess what….YOU ARE)







I used Rich Razzleberry to stamp the sentiment and then did my “Susan dashes” to just jazz it up a wee bit….you know how I feel….LESS IS BEST and SIMPLE is my middle name as let’s face it….there are simply times where we just want to make something….with little time….and simply have that “I did it” experience, that is what makes us all beam with pride and joy!

Doesn’t it just look FUN to see the opening on the front? I did double and you could also triple up the dimension to make it really stand out but the card will still go through as a regular card with no additional postage!







I hope that this sweet card made your heart skip a beat! I cannot wait to share with you tomorrow the Oh Happy Day Kit and what I created. I know that there are many that enjoy my Monthly Kits but let me tell you…..this was a HUGE TREAT for me to make as I adored not having to work with cutting….planning…..designing…I GET IT – KITS ARE GREAT!

Speaking of kits…I am in FULL STEAM AHEAD with the January Kit and if you did not receive a confirmation from me….Houston, we have a problem….but no worries….just email me and we’ll get it squared away!

Have a GREAT day!






“Watt’s Up”…a reservation for one!

Good Morning and Happy Last Saturday of the year! WOW…that sounds super scary but yep…it is true!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful Holiday Season sharing love and laughter with family & friends!


Before we get going…I want to thank you for the well wishes for my dear Dad…he “sprung”  from the hospital yesterday and is soooooo happy to be in his own home and is doing GREAT!

It’s funny how your body reacts to things….my “internal clock” woke me up to say…..“It’s time to get crafty!!!” and I admit, it felt great knowing that I was going to be able to have a “jammies day” as I am not going anywhere!!! Driving back and forth takes a toll on you…and truth be told – I wanted to get this STAMPARATUS inked up!



WARNING….this is a LONG post

(but I do hope that you will read it as my hopes are you to learn more facts about the STAMPARATUS!)



I have a super sweet…super easy….super duplicatable card for you today! As I shared, I woke up before the chickens and wanted to have some good old fashion “me time” and make some thank you’s but really, REALLY wanted to play with the new kid on the block so I can give you some feedback.


(click on the image to see it in use)



Here you go….let’s open the book of “Confessions of an Honest Stamper”….remember- this is the book of ME that I share with you as I always want to be upfront and honest with feedback of products that I use….and that is both Stampin’ Up! products and also others that are not Stampin’ Up!…here you go…





I firmly believe that a Stamp Positioner is a necessity for a card maker. There are all types of stamp positoners…let’s start with the Stamp-a-ma-jig….I can hear MANY OF YOUR SIGHS…..but YEP, I do love it but I agree that there is a learning curve but it is like learning to ride a bike…once you “get it…you get it”….and I DO think that there is always a need/purpose for this handy and inexpensive positioner.

Moving to the “nuts & bolts”…..many of you have heard of and possibly have a MISTI…it made its debut in 2014 ( I think?) and brought a whole new element to stamping in being able to mass produce….to have stamps stamp not only a super clean and crisp image, but also to be in perfect placement.

I do have a MISTI and also a Mini one and YEP, I have learned to use it…and I have used it hard. There was a learning curve but I ask you….Don’t you think there is a learning curve in just about everything we learn to do?

I admit, at first I did not like it because I did not take the time to embrace learning the “how to”…and I thought – well now that I bought this….I will be an expert card maker…(doesn’t work that way)

Earlier this year, Tim Holtz came out with a Stamp Postioner….and YEP, I bought it and I too have used this hard. I have known that Stampin’ Up! was developing a Stamp positioning tool but I also knew that I needed to try, play, get familiar with….other products so I could give a fair and honest feedback on what Stampin’ Up! was going to come out with.

We all know that it is hard to develop something that already is an amazing concept and I truly think that this is one of the reasons that it has taken Stampin’ Up! soooooo long to develop the STAMPARATUS….but they have and it is AMAZING!

I do want you to know that just because Stampin’ Up! comes out with a product…doesn’t mean that I need to use it or blog about it…I use and promote what I like….and what works for my stamping needs!

I learned to use the MISTI and then earlier this year when the Tim Holtz one came out….I learned to LOVE the Tim Holtz one….and I think that I found this one to be easier of a curve than the MISTI but again, I am just giving you feedback from my personal experience.

I also at first glance thought that the STAMPARATUS was basically the same as the Tim Holtz one but with 2 plates….I WAS WRONG!








Once the final prototype of the STAMPARATUS was developed I admit, I was getting a bit “perkier” about the design and how the whole “double hinged reversible plates” was going to work. Well – let me tell you….I have been up since 4:30 a.m. and I am like a kid in a candy store. This product is a keeper of all keepers!

Not only is the design of it brilliant…but the sheer ease of use is a big winner in my eyes. I am all about being able to “get the job done” with ease and precision.

For this card I used both a clear mount stamp (red rubber) and also a photopolymer stamp as I wanted to have the “feel” of both types of stamps on the plates. I even took it a step further to mount a third stamp so I could get the feel of how it felt to take the plate off and rotate it to the other side…and YEP, it worked perfect.








To me, this is a wonderful concept…when using Photopolymer keep the black foam in the STAMPARATUS and when using red rubber…take it out! This is just amazing that you can use all sides of the plates for different stamps!


I am just in amazement that the STAMPARATUS does the job so effectively yet with ease.


I know that there are many blogs and videos out there from Demos that have already received their STAMPARATUS but I invite you to watch these short videos from Linda Heller as she perfectly showcased this product! Linda calls it her Stamparatus 101 Series.

I know that there are (6 videos) but trust me….they are each super short and Linda does a fantastic job in describing all of the in’s and out’s. Linda demonstrated this tool during the Stampin’ Up! OnStage Event so she has had it for months and is sharing her knowledge and tips!

I know without a doubt that you will find these videos a HUGE help to you shine the light on this amazing product.


  • 4 Step Stamping with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Die Cut Stamping with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Perfectly Stamped Sentiments with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Alignment Tips and Tricks with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Hinge Stamping with the STAMPARATUS – click here
  • Inking, Cleaning and Storage with the STAMPARATUS – click here


Well…I was right!!! Isn’t Linda just the best in explaining all if the aspects of the STAMPARATUS. For those of you that are not familiar with Linda….she also has an amazing online school called Stamping School where she does videos every week! Take a moment and check it out!

Whew….I am sorry that this is such a LONG POST but I felt the need to really let you know my thoughts about this new product. This will be a game-changer for Stampin’ Up! and they have really thought this through and have really made it the best.

Today IS the last day for you to “make a reservation” for your STAMPARATUS until the New Catalog comes out in June of 2018. Here is what I would do…

I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT BELOW and reserve yours. Please remember, this will NOT be offered again until the new annual catalog comes out in June. I ask you….why in the heck would you want to wait that long when you know that this will not only make your stamping cleaner and more precise…but it will be a time saver as well.



(scroll down a wee bit and to the right –  then click the STAMPARATUS image to get going)



Here me out here…have you ever made a reservation at a restaurant or a hotel and then had to cancel it? Well…my guess your answer is YEP….well….this is how it will work with the STAMPARATUS as well.

Beginning March 19, Stampin’ Up! will ship the Stamparatus in the order the reservations were received (first in, first out) and continue through the next few months and beyond as product arrives in the warehouse.

When your “reservation window” is available (remember..first in, first out) you will have the opportunity to cancel the order (which I am sure you will NOT do) and also be able to add other products onto your order….so you can see….there is plenty of time for you to continue to learn about this product and then IF for some reason you change your mind….no worries, just cancel your reservation!

As I continue to play and learn all about this product, I will continue to share my thoughts, learning curves, tips & tricks with you. As always, it is my goal to give you honest feedback.

Please make sure that when you secure your reservation that you leave current info (shipping, cc# etc…) You will NOT be charged until you confirm and close your reservation when notified. This is a new ordering system for Stampin’ Up! and they are trying to minimize backorders.








WHEW AGAIN….this was a bunch to put into words but I do hope that you have found this helpful. You can see, you have nothing to lose in making a reservation. Remember, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY until JUNE 2018.

As always, please feel free to email me if you have any questions…I know that this is a bunch to take in and I know that many of you have been on the fence because of having other stamp positioners. I admit, I am thrilled with the design mainly because I can use the “set up” for an entire card if I am using multiple stamps like I did for this card. Being able to use up to 4 stamps with one tool….WOOT-WOOT – I’m doing a happy dance!

I am sure that I might get some questions as to where the other stamps came from? Well…I am sure that you and are are the same in the way that we do not buy all of our groceries at the same store or wear just one brand of clothes….well I am also the same with my stamping.

When I see something that I think is useful for my needs, it’s simple….I just get it and use it. The other stamps that I used were here and here….you know me, I adore sentiments (and especially simple and useful ones) and I adore my envelopes!

Also….my Occasions Catalog Product Share is now open. If you want to get in the first wave of the share please email me your share requests and I take care of you! I have also added a Share Drop-down box on my blog header to make it easy to find!

I will NOT be sending Pay Pal Invoices out until January 3rd as per Stampin’ Up! policies so when you see your invoice, please take care of it to finalize your share. Product Shares ARE the best way to take advantage of the goodies!

Have a fabulous day…it feels great to be at home and also to know that I am not going anywhere! There is nothing better than a jammie day!





My “GUTS” for the team!




Happy Monday! I hope that you had a great weekend. This is a FAST week fro me as I am leaving tomorrow to start the trek to Salt Lake City for the Stampin’ Up! Event! WHEW…..I fell like I just unpacked my suitcase and here I go again!



I bet you are wondering….what the heck is this title about? Hang tight… will make sense.



Two months ago I started to send my team some “GUTS” – yep, that’s right…..GUTS…Now you might be asking what is guts? To me, it is elements that they can take and create. The main goal is to just HAVE FUN….perhaps STRETCH YOURSELF….and to THINK OUT OF THE BOX.

This is something totally optional as trust me, I get it…..sometimes you just down’t feel like participating but my hopes are to create a fun activity and let me tell you….it is super fun to see what they come up with!

For those that choose to play…..I send them a goodie…..remember, there are no winners and no losers…it is just a fun team activity! I am a bit behind the 8 ball as I have not posted the fun cards they made with these guts to our facebook group….but I am always amazed at how each of us can start with the same elements and come out with something totally different.

Before we go much further I have a confession…It was not until I was completely done this card that I realize that I did not use an element that I provided…..and that was the color soft suede. What I would have done was to have matted the DSP in the soft suede to add that element! (Silly Susan!!!)






Here are the “GUTS” that I gave to everyone. No rules….just have fun creating… can add anything else…but you need to use the below elements….(AGAIN….I was the SUPER LOSER as I forgot, totally forgot an element)

  • a white doily (I chose this because I NEVER use them and wanted to S T R E T C H myself and see the inspiration from others)
  • a piece of the DSP from the Coffee Break Collection
  • a piece of Soft Sky and Soft Suede

I am sure that you can imagine the vast array of interpretations there are…as many use the “flip side” of the DSP….today I was playing it safe with this subtle print but the star of the show was using this below stamp set……Hug in a Mug.







At a first pass through the catalog I breezed right past this but then I received a card from my upline, Lisa Pretto and she used it….I thought….WOWZERS….

Once I saw that it was a photopolymer….easy decision – it needed to be on Randall Lane. I admit, I am getting rather picky about the stamps I purchase as I adore the photopolymer ones…..just think how adorable this would be for tags and even cards all Winter long.





I invite you to look at the small elements that are in this stamp set…they are SUPER -DE-DUPER “fillers” as I like to call it for space that you need a “little something”…just sayin’

This is a super straight forward card…..and it was fun to whip up! I did use the Stampin’ Blends to color in the images. I am having fun playing with them. After I adhered everything together, I took the Wink Of Stella pen over to add some shine…..a fun and fast touch!





I know that it is hard to see the Wink of Stella but please do not forget about this gem. It adds just the right amount of sparkle/specialness to your project!

Let’s quickly chat about the blends…..last Wednesday in Nov 1st…..I blogged about the Blends……CLICK HERE to see that post. These new pens have been the BUZZ,,,,,,and for good reasons….they are super easy to work with!






My goal is to have you NOT GET ALL WORKED UP about knowing how to blend. What I want….is for you to feel comfortable and enjoy the process and THEN…..we can work towards the blending……there is no need to stress….it will come – in time.

With that said, I decided to offer something that will help make the experience a bit more basic….a bit more relaxing….and also a little easier on your pocketbook buy stretching it out over 3 months.

***FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE ALREADY EMAILED ME TO JOIN….look for an email from me this afternoon with the colors for you to order and your first assignment! We are going to have fun together….learning and exploring!***

Here’s the scoop…please join the fun as this is how we will learn…..EMAIL ME and put in the subject line BLENDS CLUB and I will add you to the list. Please commit before this Friday the 10th so we all can get going on the assignments at the same time…..remember, this is a fun learning way for all of us to get a feel of these new markers….




HOW??? WHAT???…..Click here and put in the subject line BLENDS CLUB and I will send you a hostess code and the colors of markers for you to purchase for that given month. We will do this for the next 3 months….November, December and January. You need to email me saying that you want in “the club” by November 10th.

Each month you will order (4) color sets and a single marker that coordinates with the entire collection….so at the end – YOU will own the BIG KAHUNA….breaking it down for you….you will spend $40.50 each month to be in the “club”

Each month I will send you goodies/support training that will help you navigate the “in’s and out’s”  of this product. We will have fun, even for me – it will be a learning experience. The one thing that I can guarantee that you will do is PRACTICE… that is the KEY TO SUCCESS in learning anything that is new to you!

Now lets all go and have a FABULOUS day….and I will see you on Wednesday…..I have a post that will make you say…..WOW – now that it super practical and versatile…..I know you’ll LOVE IT!







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