How about a Scoop!?!?




Well…it is going to happen today on the East Coast…we are to hit 90+ degrees today and guess who does not have air-conditioning? Yep, ME! Now… I totally have high regards to those of you that do not care for air-conditioning because I marvel you for not complaining (like I do) – I think I have it honestly as I am my Dad’s carbon copy when it comes to this topic.

We “should” be in business by the end of the day….but the wonderful men that are working at the house loosely said the word “should” but I am hoping that my cookies might “sweeten the deal” to get it done! I woke up super early to make fresh cookies for them so the kitchen wouldn’t be too hot.







After my blog post yesterday ~ I thought that I would show you 1st hand how easy it is to USE UP that DSP that you have….even from a 6″ X 6″ square! This is a classic clean and simple card….just like I like it!

There is simply nothing to say from me about this card because it is soooo super easy but still sooooo cute! I did use a product that we use to have and I bet some of you have it …it is called glossy accents. It is a double whammy… is an adhesive (really super strong) and it also can be used as a gloss as I have done for you today! (I was fading waiting for it to dry) when I took the picture….but if I had waited 30 minutes more you would have seen that gorgeous shine…..






The other product that I used were some “dew drops”  – I love the look and feel of these little gems….I am not sure why but they always bring a smile to my face! I use the glossy accents to adhere them as I already had it out!






We all know that there is nothing more classic and symbolic (for a fun time) than a good old fashion Ice Cream Cone. Stampin’ Up! did a great job with this bundle and YEP…it is being carried over but not as a bundle…it will be a la carte therefore you will not get the 10% discount so HERE IS THE REAL SCOOP….if you like to save money, than SCOOP this up!

You all know I adore sentiments and I am thrilled that these framelits are being carried over because I truly love the simplicity of a “single word” and the impact it can do with a clean card like I have for you today! What makes it super fun is that I adhered (4) of them together….it gives you a great look and feel and it really is not a “biggie” to do – I simple sprayed it and POOF – sticks together like a charm.






I hope that this showed you that a piece of DSP (4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″) that is super clean and fun + a good old fashion Ice Cream Cone + a “sweet” word = ONE GREAT CARD…and you bet that whomever receives it….will be smiling. This card would be great to add a gift card to!

Fingers crossed that the air is on by the end of the day….or Milo and I might sneak over to my Dad’s to sleep. I know, I know….I am a baby about this but I simply cannot sleep when it is hot….and Milo agrees that he needs to be with me! (I like the way he thinks)






Playing is fun, shopping is fun. You can already see that there are many items that are already sold out….so please do not be disappointed – remember jammie shopping is totally ON TREND! See you tomorrow…..have a fabulous HUMP DAY!




Lil’ Chick is a happy chick!


Meet peepers! She is a part of the Hey Chick’s Sale-a-bration Stamp set and let me tell you…..peepers is happy that she is not in the egg carton! (I told her that she never has to worry about being a fried egg sandwich)

O.k. – I am just getting this out there right off the bat – I LOVE THIS CARD! It “cracks” me up (sorry peepers) and I think that this is a great card to say a “WAY TO GO“…..”THINKING OF YOU“….or just a good old fashion “HELLO“! 😀

We have been having lots of fun with the Hey Chicks Stamp Set and I still need to feature the other hen…but trust me, I’ll do it! This SAB item has been soooooooo popular!




Speaking of being SUPER popular and it is on backorder…today is the last day that you will be able to order the Watercolor Pencils before Stampin’ Up! flicks the switch to say that they are not order-able (kind of like they had to do with the stitched framelits) as these pencils have been SUPER POPULAR and if I were you…..I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT and get them now.



This is from the home office in regard to the pencils :

  • In order to give you time to contact your customers so they may close any affected orders, this product will remain available until Thursday, January 26 at 12:00 PM (MT); it will then be placed in not-orderable status.

So the moral of this pencil story is….order them this morning this way you will be assured that you will get them (even if they say that they are on back-order) – once they go to not-orderable…..there is no tellin’ when they will be available. 😕





Speaking of the pencils, remember…if your order is $75 + I will send you a set of the blender pens. These work great with this watercolor pencils and they are like “magic” – swipe the end back and forth and it is clean and good to go! Please use the hostess code of S4WKPUZG

Let’s get to peepers…..this is a note card size (3 1/2″ X 5″) and they are a great bang for your buck! Just $6.00 for 20 cards and envelopes….I say – BRING IT ON!

I simply cover the entire front with the sweet DSP from the Sending Love DSP Stack and I had plenty to adhere to the outside of the envelope.





Let’s chat about this stamp set – Perfect Mix…I bet that many of you thought – WHAT THE HECK when you saw it…well I said – COME HOME TO RANDALL LANE…..I LOVE to cook and I love the fact that you can have fun with the “pun” sentiments. This type of stamp set is very on trend right now, there are several other companies out there with a similar product – I think that it is super fun and fresh!



I know that you like sizes and I get it….when I see a card that I want to CASE – wow…sizes make me smile! The size of the thick whisper white is 3 3/4″ X 2 3/4″ and then I matted it with just a “peep” of black to help the POP!!!! (again, sorry peepers…you won’t end up at the grocery store and get cracked)

After using the Black Archival Ink all I did was simply use the watercolor pencils with the blender pens – it is as simple as that but here you go again, simple WORKED.simple is CUTE and face it – SIMPLE IS JUST SIMPLE!




She is one happy little chick and I am excited to send her out! I think that I am going to make up a bunch of these to keep on hand – they are just too tootin’ cute! I am excited to read your comments about the “new chick”




That it my chicks! Let’s have a great Thursday….I admit it was wonderful to see the sun shine yesterday….the blankets came off the horses and yep – they rolled and rolled in the mud and I am sure that it felt great to them! I was starting to feel like “blue cheese” with all of the rain we have been having – (at least it is not S N O W ) 😛

Again, if you are interested int he watercolor pencils, I would get them this morning as there is not tellin’ when they will be back in stock. Remember, with a $50.00 order you will be able to pick a FREEBIE SAB ITEM (perhaps these HOT CHICKS) and with a $75+ order – you get both the FREEBIE and the Blender Pens!

See you tomorrow!

p.s. – In memory of Mary Tyler Moore….what a great quote!





I’m back…with a super cute card!


Happy HUMP it REALLY Wednesday? Are you like me that when a Holiday is on a weekend…that you get so confused with what day it is? I am just one confused Silly Susan!

Yesterday was a weird day for me…the peeps left and I cried, I do it each and every time they drive down the driveway and I do the same thing….tears,  the dogs and I stay outside until I can no longer see them. We had a fabulous holiday….just fabulous and I will share with you some of the “funnies” of our time as I know, you’ll laugh!

The other thing that happen yesterday was that the BEST young lady in the whole wide world (my wonderful god-daughter Emerson) had her tonsils out. She is 20 and it is a bit rougher when you are older so this card is for her!

I know that I have not been flooding my blog with the new catalog but this card is all about the new catalog! Speaking of catalogs….if you have ordered from me in the past 6 months, you should have received a copy of the catalog by now…if not, please email me and I will be happy to pop one in the mail to you.




This is a very straight forward “Susan style card” just keeping it very clean and simple. I am letting the FUN DSP and the stamp set to set the tone.



I know, I know – you have heard this from me many times….but this is a stamp that I would definitely purchase as a bundle as not only is it a fun classic set, there are soooooo many die cuts that make it so much easier to create a super fun card and truth be told – who does not like to save money… purchasing it as a bundle you will save an instant 10%. 🙂





FUN…right??? The colors are yummy and I thought that this theme would be perfect for Emerson with a couple of boxes of Popsicle’s to make her smile a bit!

You can see that the POP factor of the card is just clean and simple layering! By taking (2) rectangles and turning them a bit….and then letting the white rectangle be the anchor for the Popsicle’s and the sentiment ~ you end up with one simple and clean card!





I did something that I have not done in a L O N G time…I took a marker and drew a line just 1/4″ in on all 4 sides to add some interest. I felt I need just a little extra something and this seemed to do the trick! I did this in Pool Party.

Having a good see-through ruler is a must in what we do, here is one that I use SEVERAL times a day… can find it at many stores but I seem to have good luck at Jo Ann’s as I like the 12″ length. (Many stores carry the same but it is 18″ long)

You can also see that I did the “Susan dashes” on the pool party in the white gel pen. I know, I know…..we do not sell it anymore (and I am still sad 🙁 ) but you can easily find it many places…I recently purchased it at Amazon with the Silver and Gold  – click here and it will take you to them! I am lovin’ the gold and silver as well!





Let’s chat real quick about this sentiment…..super cute!!! This is from the new must have sentiment set in the Occasions Catalog called Sending Thoughts. Below you will see all of the goodies that are in the set.

I ADORE the fonts and I am doingt he happy dance that there are great sentiments for the inside of cards. For this card I used, HUGS.PRAYERS.LOVE. – isn’t that a great sentiment that can be used for sooooooo many cards!




Well….thoughts? Do you remember when you had your tonsils out? I was 21 years old and it was not fun….it seems like when children were young, the doctors seemed to do it….but when you are older…you do have several miserable days! This young lady has THE CUTEST smile you will ever see…her eyes twinkle and she has dimples~ you can see that I love her to pieces!

I am getting my hair cut this morning and then over to see my little friend with some cool treats! Below you will see the “scoop” on the fun card. I am excited for Emerson to see it as I know I will get a smile 🙂




After I return home I have a HUGE DATE….with my computer! 😀  I have played “hookie” for a LONG time and I need to go through emails (yikes, I am dreading seeing how many) and then I am going to work on Product Shares! I will be sending everyone that has emailed me that they want in the 1st wave of my Product Share by 9 p.m. this evening. (I need to put a time limit on MYSELF)


I want to share with you one love we have as a family when we get together….SIMPLE – putting puzzles together! I was sooooooo excited about this puzzle as you know that I adore dogs. This was  FUN puzzle to put together but I will say, it was a bit frustrating to get going but if you look closely your will see…another thing that seems to happen to us….we have 999 pieces…..yep, we lost one somewhere along the way. (I am determined to find it even if I have to go thru the vacuum) It was super cute and fun to work on as a family.




Enjoy the day….I must say, it feels great to share with you a blog post. I hope that you enjoyed it and I look forward seeing you back here tomorrow with a super fun Thank You card that would be so appropriate for the season right now!

Don’t forget to check in with the year end clearances...there are some great deals and I will say…I have used a BUNCH of ribbon over the holiday that was either discontinued from this year or years in the past….and with every order of $75.00 or more….you get to go INTO THE VAULT – my place where ALL of my retired stamps are….and there are 100’s of them!


Hit this PAW PRINT….and it will take you right to my on line store! Have fun!




A Marvelous Monday!



Hello all…here is a SUPER QUICK card to whip up and one that makes a fun statement! I adore this stamp set, Feather Together…so much that I used it for my monthly card kit in August! I wanted to share with you another way to USE UP THAT DSP….so…whatcha think?

I can honestly say that when the new catalog came out…I knew that this stamp set was going to make it to Randall Lane. The font and the sentiments are just over the top….remember what I said about a great sentiment set – go for it…as you can always use your fun paper to dress it up…dress it down or simply make it POP!




You can see how simple this is. Because it is a photopolymer stamp set, seeing for exact placement is a breeze….just ink it up and go!!! The feathers are a 2 step stamping and I used the same color for each one. The more detailed feather was stamped FULL STRENGTH and then the 2nd stamp was stamped in the same color but STAMPED OFF on a scratch paper! Easy!





The DSP was cut to the full front of the Very Vanilla Card base, and then adhered to the front!. I do not do this a bunch but I need to remind myself to do this as it really adds a fun POP to the card!

I lifted the entire stamped portion up…a must do….we live our stampin’ vitamins!






Ir would be a card of mine without a beautiul envelope….I just cannot let one go out the door. To me, it is the icing on the cake and a win/win….I smile and I am happy …and the person receiving it is happy as well! 🙂




Not much to put on your Directory Assistance picture….it is just that easy!




Pop back tomorrow as it is TUESDAY TIPS.…and I think that you are going to love what I am going to share! Remember, shopping in your jammies is on trend – have fun….and let’s all have a great week! Until tomorrow!!!!


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“Wing-It” Wednesday with WASHI!

Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape,Gold Foil, Susan Itell - simplestampin


Happy hump day! I am starting to like the idea of “Wing it” Wednesday’s – it’s kind of fun to just do something totally different and I know last week you all liked the post on Washi Tape so I hope that you will enjoy this one as well!

The reality is…we buy this WASHI TAPE and true it is super pretty, fun and festive ….but then I hear – I have all of this Washi Tape…what do I do with it? EASY – USE IT UP!!! Using the washi and then a thinlit is a fun way to use it!


It is as simple as laying it down on scraps and going to town! 🙂 


Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape with Framlit, Susan Itell - simplestampin.jpg.jpg


This bundle and YEP (for sure) I would purchase it as a bundle as the details are amazing ~  is called Santa’s Sleigh. I think that Stampin’ Up! did a fantastic job with this bundle as it can lend itself to classic or a modern flair…just have FUN with the colors which will help set the tone for your project! (I predict that this is one that will be flying out the door)


Santa's Sleigh Bundle


I know that it appears to use a bunch of Washi Tape and it did (because of the envelop) but to do the tree…it does not use much at all! You can see how simple it is to place the tape on a piece of paper…..go to the Big Shot, PRESTO – cut the tree out!

Do you remember back at Easter when I made (3) different Washi Tape Cards? – CLICK HERE – SAME CONCEPT….This is a super fun technique to do with children or even the elderly as it is easy to tear, to place down, to remove if needed etc….


Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Washi Tape, Susan Itell - simplestampin


I hindsight I could have used the sentiment that is in this bundle but I chose to use the Better Together Stamp Set….I just simply cannot get enough of this stamp set as it is just one super versatile one that fits many occasions…great little images, great small stamps (I love them to add here and there)


Better Together Stamp Set, Stampin' Up!


The holidays seem to bring out the BLING in many of our projects, that’s why I added the BLING in my Product Share (Share #2 with the foil and glimmer)…this little gold touch of the star as well as on the envelope makes is super festive. This is one card that looks soooo much better than it does in the pictures!


Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape, Susan Itell - simplestampin


Here is the 411 – Directory Assistance picture for you to pin! I encourage you to try to use washi tape and framelits! It really is a fun way to add a different twist to your project. I think that we have a great new selection of FUN washi tapes in the new catalog…just think how cute it would be to use ornaments – Fast, Fun & DONE!



Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape,Gold Foil,Product Details, Susan Itell - simplestampin


Tomorrow is just about here – YIPPEE, September 1st….the day that you all can order from the new Holiday Catalog. I am excited as I know that there are going to be LOTS of fun projects being made by you!

Yesterday I sent out the remainder of the Invoices for the Product Share. If you did not receive one and you thought that you had ordered a share, please email me. If you are interested in participating in the share, please email me your share order.

I will be offering it again but it will not be until the 3rd week of September! This is going to be a FUN and BUSY month so if you want in….I would hop on it today! I have been working on my order and I will be like Cinderalla as I know you all are just as anxious to receive your shares!

You can find all of the scoop of the shares above in the drop down box or click hereJust to clarify share #2 – you will get 1/2 sheets of all of the new papers and also 1/2 sheets of the “glitz & glim” as I like to call it….more specifically the foils and glimmer papers! I thought that it would be fun to offer these for the holiday!

Until tomorrow…make the LAST DAY of AUGUST a fun one….do something to make you smile!

p.s. – I had a text yesterday very early from Catherine Ann….her son rested well and is continuing to improve and even though he is in a great deal of pain and discomfort she said his eyes were smiling!!!!! Hopefully by now they have him off the ventilator…..keep praying….it’s working!


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Take #2 – another twist on a formula!



Let’s chat….I really like this card – I mean I REALLY like this card! I am excited for you to “take it all in” and see that it is basically the same as yesterday but a change of the stamp set…the DSP and PRESTO a new card with a totally different look!

It is my hopes that you can see that you do not need to reinvent the wheel each time you sit down to make a card! Literally, the longest part for me in making this card was to pick the stamp set and paper.




I have blogged before using this stamp set….to me, a great sentiment stamp set and great paper – BAM…you are good to go! Did you notice the little dapper denim heart? It is from the Owl Builder Punch – a quick and effective “add on” that adds the perfect touch!




Do you remember the blog post I did about my favorite paper? Well…this one honestly was not my 1st pick BUT once I saw it in person – LOVE IT….the colors are so yummy. I have a confession, I am not crazy about the stamp sets that coordinate with this paper but I LOVE the paper and I hope that you can see that even though certain parts of a “suite” might not be your style….go deeper and see if you can make them work in other ways like I did today.




On Saturday when Jeanie and I went to that “Shoe Box Swap” – we were amazed at how many people used Delightful  Dijon…and I thought, I must  give it a try. I do not know about you…but – I think it takes a while to get comfy with the in colors…and I am super happy with the end result – one classic card.




As I said yesterday – the envelope punch board is the BEST tool to make you look amazing! Having the ability to make a CA-ZILLION different sizes of envelopes and also like Sonny said yesterday, you can make bows as well!




One more look at this handsome…classic card – isn’t this sentiment wonderful. This card is going to a special someone that MADE MY DAY when I received a super cute, super sweet  – card from her. You all know that I adore my animals and I admit, my heart is still heavy with Eddie. He truly was the best…I know we did the right thing but I do miss him – I am sooooooo used to him being by my side – ALL OF THE TIME.




When you go back and look at yesterdays card…you can clearly see the similarities. The only changes I made was I “tweaked” the width of the DSP Strips to make it work with the pattern of the paper. Little tweaks is all that you need!




I just had to share this  picture with you… Milo is filling my heart. He adores me and I adore him. While we were gone, I did miss him – and our “jack of all trades” kept texting me telling me that he was great – all of the animals were great!

When we arrived home and when I walked in the door, he melted. He was sooooo excited to see me and it was like he needed to know that we were ok. The below picture is him CRASHING while I took a shower, he never left my side.

You can see his leg that he was shot. It bows out a bit but it does not seem to affect him – he has the heart and appreciation of the BIGGEST MOUNTAIN one could ever climb – truly a special boy~ I do still take him over to see Earlene…and she love it! This is truly a story of fate….I adore him and the JOY that he brings Earlene is amazing. She will often call me and say “How is our perfect dog today”?



Please pop back tomorrow as I will share with you ANOTHER version of this “formula” in a regular A-2 card…I know that you will love it but the main point that I want you to see and embrace is….find a “formula/layout” that makes you happy and just ROLL WITH IT!

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