As promised…here you go with the “Stepped up Version” of yesterday’s card and I ask you…this is a beauty….right????

I cannot imagine how long it took Linda to make over 50 of these cards! She is my hero. This is why I felt so blessed when I received it as a swap card. The BIG difference and trust me, in my eyes it is a BIG DIFFERENCE is that she INKED up with (2) colors for the sentiment…..I say a HUGE WOW!!!

I can remember looking at it and say – where in the heck did this gorgeous acetate came from? – SILLY SUSAN….it was right in front of me in the Annual Catalog and I overlooked it.

I know that I share that with you yesterday on my post...but it is a beautiful and classic accent. Today you can see that it is a different pattern from yesterday and again, classic yet still fun!

I admit, I do not have the best of luck with using the markers and inking up a part with one color and then switching it to another. It can be done and I am sure if I took my time I would master it but it is just something that frustrates me. We can clearly see that it can be done and also done with amazing style 😀 To me, this is stunning as I totally appreciate and know the time that she took to do this!





When I saw this card I immediately thought – WOW….this gal is one talented stamper as the image is so clean and crisp. KUDOS to you Linda!!! 🙂 

As I say to you…side by side, YOU decide!






I knew that I needed to try to make my version and yesterday you saw it. To me, both cards are super and I know that anyone would be proud to receive either one. Yesterdays green was Always Artichoke and today is Garden Green. Again, personal preference and you cannot go wrong with either one!

I wanted to comment on how easy it is to cut this acetate – it cuts like butter with your trimmer and I just love the way it “clings” to the card-stock underneath. With me being so “Type A” I thought that it might “bug me” that the edges were not adhered down…but it works ~ trust me! I just added fast fuse behind the banner.




I hope that you enjoy the 2 day post and I thought that it was super fun to be able to showcase someone’s card and not only share their talent, but also give you an insight as to how you can make it work for YOU and YOUR style.

If you are traveling today, please be safe. At this time of the year I always say – WHERE IN THE WORLD DID ALL OF THESE PEOPLE COME FROM??? I am amazed at the amount of traffic that will be filling our roads over the next couple of weeks.





You know what I say….MAKE HOMEMADE…not only is it a classic, people LOVE IT and your heart will be happy as YOU made it!

Time is ticking for you to take advantage of the Stitched from the Heart Sale, the selected stamp sets that are 25% off…if this stamp set is not on your shelf, it is simple – IT NEEDS TO BE as it covers many holidays!

Guess who is on the house tomorrow….Maurice and Marvin’s cousins!!!! – YEP, there is a Mouse in the HOUSE! (and he is excited to come out!!!)

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