HHD to you! (Happy Hump Day)…at some time we all have known a princess. That person make be young…or old but we all know of a princess! This card is an example of how the “JIG” that I blogged about yesterday is your friend. Now I rest my case as if it was not for the “jig” this card would not have happened.

This is one of those cards that needs to be in your hand to appreciate and for your smile to be even bigger as it is cute….actually super cute! You can easily see that it can be made in ANY color and a great way to use up that DSP that we hourd to look at. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about ways to use up and store the DSP that you have.

This card can be made in the masses and I think that it is fair to say that we all know that we have gobs of paper we can use up to make this sweet card. I went into my box of papers (like I blogged about) and went right to the Pop of Pink and POOF – out came a 6 x 6 square and I was able to make this sweet card and also able to do the envelope! (life is good) 😀  

Guess what else is good, actually GREAT….this DSP Paper is still available and it is just $7.80 – I say woot-woot because you simply cannot go wrong with Black and White with a POP!





Let’s get into this card! I am using (2) bundles to show you how mixing and matching works when we make a project. I like to think if it like dressing ourselves…sometimes it is fun to pop in an accessory to make an outfit look a bit different…that what I am doing here. As of today both of these bundles are available but after next Thursday they will not. Let me explain.

This below bundle, Biggest Birthday Ever is walking the plank and there is no life saving ring to throw to her….going….GONE as of May 31st….and then the 2nd picture….Window Shopping – well that IS walking the plank as a bundle BUT IT IS being carried over into the new catalog but not as a bundle – whew….she is saved but the price will go up because you will have to buy them a la carte!

So the moral of this visual bundle story is….IF you want these bundles….I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT and get them! They both scream classic fun and you can clearly see how it all comes together to make a fun and unique card!








I am thrilled that the Window Shopping is carrying over as truthfully…I have never blogged about the fun box but trust me, if you click here and see all of the great PINS out there – you will see that it is a keeper! I know that many of my blog followers are not huge fans of 3-D items and sometimes I get it and some times I don’t because I think that you can clearly see that this gem has so much versatility!

Enjoy the pictures and I will chime in with this simple card that looks hard. (I can hear many of you saying – I couldn’t do that) and I hope that you can hear me saying OH YES YOU CAN….as you have the JIG to help you! It is all about the JIG for perfect placement. Just look at the stamped sentiment on your clear thingie or vellum as I showed you yesterday and STAMP….it is as easy as that!

To start the sentiment stamping I found the center of the piece I was stamping on (that is 3 3/4″ X 5″) and I marked it with a pencil. After you do the stamping you can easily erase the pencil lines. For the sentiment I actually stamped off twice before I stamped onto my white piece. I know that that seems hard to believe as I still have a great image/coverage but it is lighter than the hearts (they are stamped full strength)







I really like working with this sentiment as it is super easy to line up. The font is a classic and you see tomorrow how I tossed it up to make a masculine card….(I know many of us struggle with those cards)

The below picture you can see that I added the silver thread behind the diecut – this is another thing that we stress about….HOW TO USE THAT DARN THREAD without making a tangled mess. Are you ready….it doesn’t get any easier than this – wrap it around 3 of your fingers a bunch. (I think I did 8) and then no stressing….just PLOP a dimensional over top and then pull the loops to your liking! (this is one that WE ALL OVER THINK)





Let’s chat super quick about the Tierra and the Sentiment…..I Heat Embossed them as of course the silver makes a statement and then the Rhinestones make the BLING….Do you remember the vellum that I used yesterday? Well, it came in handy as I stamped the make a wish and then heat embossed it…..






Stand back and smile….you have made a fun card that can really make a fun and WOW statement to many princesses that you know. With this stamping, you could easily use multiple colors of ink….or go for a ombre look (that would be fun) but I hope to see you tomorrow for the “GUYS” card….








Enjoy the day and think about stamping multiple times with the JIG. I was so happy to hear that many of you actually like that Stampin’ Plastic as I am a firm believer that it saves us many times from the evil crooked sentiment that always seems to happen to me. Jeanie rarely uses it and I always say – HOW CAN YOU DO THAT….as her cards are always fun and straight.

I just can’t get to that final end of a project without the jig! Try it…play with it…and as anything that is worth it….it takes PRACTICE – but once you get it….YOU’VE GOT IT!






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