Good Morning and Happy Labor Day! Today I have for you the other great way to use the Tags & Trimmings Bundle from the NEW Catalog! I was thinking to myself when I was playing around with this framelit….Why does this bundle make me smile… why does it make me excited to use….and why is it on my “tops of must have’s”?

Well let me answer that. It is super unique and fun! It is MUCH BIGGER (the stocking) than you think making it quite the “fun statement piece” to your crafting fun!

I will do my best to walk you  through this but I am going to say….I might need to “cave in and do a video” as I think it would be a huge help. Videos are not my strong suit but I do think that there are tips that might help! I hope that the pictures will shed some light into this fun bundle.






Below is a collage of pictures that will show you the size and the way that the pillow box “works” with the stocking. In hindsight I should have used a different color of card stock to show you but we’ll get through it!

You can click on the picture to make it larger but here are some “key points” of each picture.

  • #1 – showing you the size proportions….the overall size dimensions of the pillow box is roughly 2 1’2″ X 4″ and I have laid a gift card on the stocking to give you a visual of the size of the stocking….it is much bigger than you think…roughly 2 1/2″ X 6 1/4″ (that is from the corner to the end of the toe)


  • #2 – To make the stocking into a pillow box stocking you use (1) stocking and just (1) on the pillow boxes…you adhere the pillow box TO THE STOCKING….this is why you only need 1


  • #3 – The is the flip side that I think gives you the visual of the “connection of the 2”…you would be putting a wee bit of adhesive to the rectangle piece and also to the other long side…..put it together and SMILE!


  • #4 – You can see how the box is finished and it is directly behind the stocking….a BRILLIANT way to have a place to put a gift, a check or even a note wishing someone a wonderful holiday and then they can proudly hang the stocking and think of you each time the see it!






Whew….I hope that that explanation gave you a better idea of the “how to’s” – Let’s move on to more pictures….(we all love our pictures as “visuals” are our friends)

Clearly the sky is the limit as to how you can decorate these. The framelits in this bundle we so well designed that the guess work has been eliminated for to let your creativity go wild! The gem I used the fun paper from the Merry Little Christmas DSP pack and then I used the Garden Green to give the greens an off set. The neutral of this is Very Vanilla.







Here you can see the details a bit better. When I stated that this was so well thought out….just look below and you will see what I mean. The snowflake is in the bundle as well as the stitched star. There are many framelit elements that can be used with many other projects/cards you will make!

I have yet to master the “how to do” with the hanging of the ribbon (probably the right way) but here is the quick way I did it….I punched a hole and knotted the ends of the ribbon and it worked! A gold faceted gem in the center of the star was the perfect amount of bling!






I used the stamp from the stamp set of the bundle to add a sentiment to the front of the stocking. Don’t you think that these are jut too cute for words? I am excited to hear your feedback.

Before we get to the next example I want you to get an idea of the size again…I have had emails form people saying that they still have a stocking punch….well that is GREAT but this is totally different – these are sooooooo much bigger and being that you can make them into a 3-D project makes them fun!







Now here is another way that you can use them! You will read in the pictures some of the tips and why’s but wouldn’t this be adorable as a table favor or to give to co-workers for their desks. Again, the sky is the limit with how you can use them and how to decorate them.

This guy is the traditional holiday colors of Real Red and Garden Green – the Quilted Christmas DSP Stack is a perfect compliment to this. Wrapping Hershey Nuggets seems to be a “peanut butter and jelly” thing for me during the holidays….they make a PERFECT compliment.

Enjoy these pictures…I think that they show you the fun you can have. I am just giddy over the pom-pom die that goes under the band of the stocking….do you agree – these framelits are just so well thought out!













I know that I mentioned it above….but I had a bunch of people email me about the size of the pillow box. Below you will see the one that we used to have (you see….I do keep some “keepers”) as I started to sell it with retired inventory but then I changed my mind as it is a fun size as well.

The one that I blogged about on Saturday is roughly 2 1/2″ X 4″ – the perfect size to slip in a gift card. I hope that this helps and you can see the retired one is much bigger.






WHEW….this was a BUNCH to try to put together for you and I hope that I was able to accomplish the “scoop” on this bundle. I hope that it helps you see the versatility of this bundle. Please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

I knew that I was going to love this and true, it is more steps to make but I think we all can agree, it is super cute and to me…it is a work of art and love. I am excited to continue to learn ways to put this together but I think that once I get on a roll with them….I will be ROLLING!

My Dad does not put up a big Christmas Tree anymore….but you bet that he will be getting several of these to enjoy. They just are too cute and the sky is really the limit in decorating!

Enjoy the holiday and please be safe if you are traveling! Thanks for hanging in there for this long post…..





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