Happy Monday again…I just had to pop back on and post these cuties for you as I honestly had them ready to go for today…this week I am showing you practical ways that make your gift giving that much more special and easier!



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With today being a FREE SHIPPING DAY for all orders…BIG or SMALL….it is a great time to grab those staples and also the bundles that will be going bye-bye! (a WIN-WIN…..saving 10% on the bundle PLUS another 10% on shipping)

You can click here to see the post that I did last year for these “check holders” and also click here when I did another variation but in a nutshell…these are super cute and super fun to whip up! (darn, a adore those mice)

I always have calls for these as there are still many that would prefer to write an old fashion check than give a gift card. You will see that I have 3 sizes….why? – I had a customer ask for one that was still cute and decorative but she wanted to enclose it in a Christmas Card…that is where the idea of the small one came from!










Here is a quick reference for you. If I were you….I would jot it down and put it somewhere that you go to often because it is little things like this that we can use all year long! I just adore practical ways of “gifting” but still make it super special!

  • Start with a 7″ X 7″ Square, score (I like to use the Score Board as it gives a nice and deep impression) at 1 1/4″ and 4 1/4″ and using the bone folder, crease well.
  • Find the center of your check holder (3 1/2″) and using a small circle punch, pop a 1/2 circle out so it is easier to pull the check out
  • Add tear n tape on the  side edges to adhere
  • Make the belly band – the Solid piece is 6 3/4″ X 1 1/4″ and then the DSP is 6 3/4″ X 1″. I just wrap it around and then take the bone folder to get a good crease, again use a wee bit of tear n tape to hold close.
  • The DSP….for the standard checks….the DSP is 1 1/2″ X 6 3/4″ (bottom one) and the (top one) is 1″ X 6 3/4″ and for “shortie” the DSP on the (bottom one) is 1 1/2″ X 3 1/2″  and 1″ X 3 1/2″ for the (top one)









Remember…do not make the belly band too tight that it is difficult to get on and off… The sky is the limit as to what you can add to jazz up the fronts….you know the main goal…JUST HAVE FUN!

This is a fun project to look through your stash and just go to town. The end result is always a work of art that you will be proud of! I find this process to be fun!









For the “short guys”…..I followed the same formula as above but I just made base 3 3/4″ X 7″ before I scored it like above. They are cute aren’t they? Even if they are “shorties” – they are perfect to fold a check in half!

You can see that the sky is the limit for decorating but hear me out…this is a great way to use your odd sizes of DSP… you can see that I used all sorts of different stamps, used the Stampin’ Blends….just had FUN!

I shared with you last week that the Seasonal Chums IS being carried over but IT IS NOT a bundle after January 2nd….so this is one that I would hop on….it is just adorable and again, Stampin’ Up! did a fantastic job in the design!









I just went to town and had fun putting different paper behind the Crumb Cake Mittens…I am super sad that this bundle, Smitten Mitten is leaving us….as it is just too darn tootin’ cute…..click here to see a post I did on that from Friday! It is sooooooo fun and festive!

In the above photo…can you see that I placed RED teeny tiny rhinestones on the center of the mitten and also on the Elves Hat and Shoes? Easy and quick as I just colored with a red sharpie! You can use the Stampin’ Blends to color them as well….but I thought that the Cherry Cobbler was too dark and I wanted to make sure that you knew that you could use sharpies!

There you go…..I hope that this perked your Monday afternoon up! Remember, free shipping is just through this evening…..call me crazy but I set an alarm to go off at 8:30 tonight as I know me too well….I will get all caught up in watching the Voice and the evening will get away from me…..so this is how I roll….a good old fashion reminder …

I need to stock up on some basics….and FREE SHIPPING makes me skip a beat!





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