A “formula” to get the week rolling!




Good Monday and I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! On the East Coast yesterday is was absolutely gorgeous and I took full advantage of being outside and playing with the pups, horses and yep, dear sweet Daisy. Poor thing…..she has scratched away her hair on the sides of her but to me, she is still the most beautiful pig in the world!

I have a formula for you today and if you are not familiar with what a formula is….you will like this as it is a super simple way of creating with little effort using things that you have right in front of you! I love that theory, how about you? Unfortunately we need Sympathy Cards from time to time and I admit…I was super pleased with the end result of this as it is just clean…simple…yet super classic – the 3 elements that I love to have in my card-making style of design.

I do work hard on photography but there are certain cards that you simply cannot get the right “click” and feel – today is one of those as I heat embossed the sentiment in Fresh Fig. YEP, you read that correctly….I heat embossed it with Fresh Fig – are you asking yourself…how did I do that? Simple, after stamping the sentiment in Fresh Fig, I simply added clear embossing powder over it and then heat set it. When you hold the card in your hand, it is just stunning!

Let’s get to this formula as I do hope that you have already started a notebook that you can write down formulas, ideas that you want to try and tips and tricks you pick up along this fun paper journey we are both on. Seriously, I know we are on the same island here….how many times do you have something POP into your creative head to say…..where did I see that….or I can remember it was on a blog post……trust me, I GET IT as it happens to me all of the time! Get a notebook, you’ll be happy you did so!

The stamp that I am using for todays card is, Sorry for Everything from the Annual Catalog. It was on my list to have the minute I saw it for mainly 2 reasons…I am sure you know what I mean…the first time you flip through a catalog, certain ones JUMP OUT….and this one did that for me for its uniqueness and practicality.






  • I ADORE the large script font of “Sorry” – I have my fingers and toes crossed that we will have more like this in the future and also hopefully large die-cut words as I admit, I do purchase from other companies script word dies as I adore the look and feel it gives.
  • The sub-sentiments are fantastic and the font is a great classic one to go with the large “Sorry”





Do you remember the other week when I blogged about it being time to turn towards your Designer Series Paper you have and use it up!?!? YEP, get to it cause’ we will be having some new kids on the block before you know it and we both know what that means…..you will just want it! Again, I GET IT as Stampin’ Up! always has some yummy papers and the best way to get a taste of them is a product share….and yep, I will do one for the new catalog!

Today I am using the Naturally Eclectic DSP…the look and feel of this collection of paper will easily cover many themes that we could create. I chose the soft yet distinct watercolor looking floral flower that pairs up perfectly with (2) of the In Colors, Lemon Lime Twist and Fresh Fig. We have a ribbon, Fresh Fig Woven Ribbon that ties the BEST bows and also great flat knots!





When I started to type the formula up….I realized that there are other ways that I could have done this, perhaps not using as much paper but I will say….I like a super study card…and I knew for that reason alone, I wanted the card base to be out of out Thick Whisper White Cardstock. Call me silly…but I am just being honest as to me the “feel of a solid card” does it for me!

  • Card Base is thick whisper white horizontal fold, 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″
  • Adhere a piece of Fresh Fig, 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″ to the front to cover card base.
  • Working with a 4″ X 5 1/4″ piece of whisper white (you can use the regular weight if you prefer) add a piece of DSP to the top 5 1/4″ X 1 3/4″
  • Add a sliver of cardstock under the DSP…I just use the trimmer to cut a wee bit and then use the green glue to secure. (You could skip this if you want but I think that the look adds a bunch to the card….remember, paper adds a bunch of POP!)
  • Use the Powder Tool over the area that you are going to emboss….(a great habit to always be in….it is not a “must do” when you are working with the clear embossing powder on the white but a great habit to get into.) stamp the “sorry sentiment” and then cover it with the clear embossing powder and heat set it with the Heat Tool.
  • Stamp the sub-sentiment above and repeat. (You could have stamped and heat set both at the same time…but I prefer to do it in 2 steps.) For the inside, stamp whichever sentiments you desire….I thought the “for your lose” was appropriate.
  • Add a piece of ribbon to the left side of the sentiment and the tie a bow with another piece and adhere it with a simple glue dot. For me, I like to do this in this fashion simply because I do not trust myself in making a great bow right on the card with one long piece of ribbon (hopefully that makes sense to you) just a quick and easy tip.
  • Getting back to the solid feel of a card…I like to use a piece of white fun foam a bit smaller that the piece as the feel and firmness it gives is unmatched. True dimensions do the job and we all love our Stampin’ Vitamins but I find it faster to do it this way….it would have taken me a bunch of dimensionals as we do not like sags…. do we ladies!
  • Give the envelope some love that it so deserves and you have one beautiful card!







There you go….a fantastic formula to use over and over. I encourage you to make up the “guts” of this card today with what you have….and then make notes of ideas that you could use it for. Right off the bat a Happy Birthday comes to mind to me or also where the sentiment goes on the front, you could add a bunch of flower die-cuts as a focal and then have the message stamped in the inside.

What I am trying to convey to you is…use a formula to your needs. These are timeless and no one would EVER know that you have used this  formula over and over as you will always have different paper and different stamps you are working with! You know what I say…JUST HAVE FUN!

WHEW….that is a lot to try to put into words but I do hope that you find it helpful – please feel free to leave me your thoughts about not only this card but also to the “formula concept.” I do try my best to type the instruction clear so you can easily duplicate it. I realize that we are all in this journey together and I love to share with you tips and tricks to make the creating process a fun experience.







Well….tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring….with yesterday being BEAUTIFUL and today is to be the same…I am in denial with what that darn weatherman is saying……SNOW TOMORROW!!!! REALLY!?!? The poor Cherry Blossoms in DC are so confused….but I think that their peak is to be later next week. This is something that I have always wanted to see….the Cherry Blossoms at their peak….but I have heard that the crowds are insane (I do not do well with crowds)

Whatever you are up to today, make is a great one and I hope that my post has inspired you to use a formula to your benefit. They save time and they always end with a fantastic card…I know you can do it… –  I will see you on Wednesday for more fun and inspiration! All of the products I used are found below…..remember, we are on the final weeks of Sale-a-bration….and that means FREEBIES!



Clean and Simple Sympathy….a keeper!



Good Morning! I’m kinda liking this not blogging as often as I think my creative juices are flowing! (just sayin’  😆 ) Good old  “Pinkie” was traded in for a “newer model”…I now have Green Bean” on my arm. It’s actually the kind of green of lemon lime twist – that’s why I’m calling it Green Bean! 

I have a super clean card for you that uses the Paper Pumpkin Kit from this month and the Heartfelt Sympathy Photopolymer Stamp.

I know that it is hard to make sympathy cards but the reality of it is….we need them. I unfortunately had to go to a funeral for one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known.Do you remember when you were a child and you had a neighbor that always made you smile?

Well…That’s what this man was to me.It was a beautiful service and my head was flooding with fabulous memories of my childhood. Interestingly enough,  the gentleman who officiated the service had a wonderful message…He shared that our world needs more kindness.

He shared that one thing that we all could do was to remember this gentleman’s wife (of 58 years)…his adult children…his grandchildren – not only now but remember them three months from now… six months from now… a year from now….just because! I think that is a message we all can live by. He suggested to reach out with a simple card… something with your own handwriting… It was interesting – that was his challenge.

When you stop and think about it– something so simple and something that we all love to do is so powerful in so many ways. Never under estimate the power of a card. It doesn’t have to be complex… It just has to come from your heart.

Okay… Enough– let’s get going with this great card!






The overall size of this card is a 4 1/4″ square card.You can easily use this size of a card with one of our regular envelopes but you know me… I adore Square cards and I adore making my own envelopes!

It was funny… When I showed John this card –  he loved it and said “By any chance could you make me up about six of them to have at the office”…I have to admit, John is my biggest fan and John also is so wonderful and sending his clients personal cards when they are in need.

Soft suede is the color for the day… And the DSP I chose was the Painted Autumn.This is a spectacular set of paper that has a flair for “Autumn” but several of the flip side’s to this will take you all year around, I cut the DSP to a 4″ square.I did this on purpose so I would be able to get 9 cards out of one sheet of paper.








You know that my style is very clean and simple… And I understand that there’re many of you that find clean and simple difficult. I encourage you to take this layout and just try to work with what you have and then stand back and look at it.

When you design clean and simple cards the key words are “stand back and look at it”.I think one thing that we all tend to do (and something I am totally guilty of)  is looking at something and always thinking it needs more.

Do you ever make a project and feel guilty it didn’t take you hardly anytime?I’m in that camp many times and when you really stop and think about it it’s silly…It’s totally okay to do something that does not take a long time….and a ton of products.

Let your DSP and your stamp set be the shining elements. Remember… Sometimes, less is best!








As a shared in the opening I used the elements of the leaves from the paper pumpkin kit from September. I’ve blogged about that on Monday and you can click here to see that post. When I was typing this post or should I say “dictating this post” last evening I saw that the refill kit was still available but remember…they are while supplies last.

I am just giddy over this kit and I know…I know –  we have many die-cuts that would cut out small leaves etc… like this but there’s nothing like having them ready…to adhere right without thinking!  I have stocked up on this kit refill because I see the potential for so many cards and projects.










I am asking you… How can you go wrong with a simple card like this? It covers all the bases and you would be super proud to send this card out. This stamp set, Heartfelt Sympathy has been carried over – I actually think we’ve had it for probably two years? (you should see mine, it is WELL LOVED)







One thing I adore about this stamp is the fact that it is a photopolymer stamps set. I admit – that is by far my stamp of choice and actually I really think long and hard to purchase a stamp if it is not a photopolymer but guess a girl can’t have her way all the time!!! 😯 Also, the font is FAB-O and you know how I love a great font.

The sizing of this stamp to me just screamed a square card… but I am sure you could use a regular A-2  card size if you’re more comfortable with that. You also could add embellishments such as pearls  – that would be great!







Again, in my blog posts today you can see that I made a custom Square Envelope but please remember that you can use one of our regular envelopes and it will mail with a regular stamp.

I hope that you found this post inspiring…It was truly something that just came together like peanut butter and jelly! Don’t we all love it when that just seems to happen 😀

We finally have some beautiful fall weather on the East Coast but unfortunately today I am stuck in a board meeting all day. It’s okay as the forecast is supposed to be spectacular for the next several days.

I challenge you to sit down and send a card to somebody…. just because…You and I both know … you will feel great and the recipient will feel great as well! Many thanks for your time….This little thing that we do in making cards…does make a difference!






Product List

A sympathy for “the BEST




Good “Hump Day” to you and yep…we need sympathy cards unfortunately. This card is for Janice….she was the wife to Bud. I am sure (and I hope) that you are lucky enough to know a “Bud” in your life….he was one in a million and my life was blessed to know him.

Many times we blog about happy times, birthdays, holidays etc…but there are always the need for sympathy. I was pleased with the end result. I took the liberty to play with the Global Design Project Challenge this week.  My friend, Brian is on the design team and I wanted to “play in his court” this week. I am getting SUPER excited to go to Atlanta….to see Brian, to see the PALS, to go to On Stage.





The DSP, Petals & Paisleys is the shining star. If you look at the colors that coordinate with it – it is NOT Always Artichoke…actually is it Mint Macaron but I hope that you can see...IT WORKS! (I actually tried to use the Mint Macaron but I really did not like it) To me, this works!


The other shining star is this FABULOUS Stamp set…I admit, I breezed right past it and it was on the “second wave” of my initial order in the annual catalog, maybe because of the price….but WOW – I have used it a bunch and it is a keeper….one stamp set chocked full of goodies!



Better Together Stamp Set, Stampin' Up!







I had someone email me and say, “I love embossing folders” – I thought about that and YEP…she is right – they add an instant touch with minimal work! I admit, I often forget about them  but when I do, I smile! 🙂

The Flourish Framlits were the perfect accent to this card. I did not use the stamp set but I will say, I would purchase this as a bundle. It is a beautiful collection. Please do not be afraid to play with textures and colors….it is FUN and then the linen thread is the perfect accent.






You know that I adore my envelope…and today is no different! Soft, subtle, classic and meaningful….one great layout and one comforting card. I used glue dots to tuck the pieces under the sentiment – the fastest, least frustrating option we have!






Here is your “411 ~ Directory Assistance” picture for you to PIN away….just hover over it and save it – you will be happy that you did when you are in need of a fantastic layout.





My heart is sad that I am having to make a card for the passing of my dear Dads best friend. Bud was the best of the best. He was 84 and my wonderful Dads best friend. He was the ROCK to our family when my Mom was ill almost 6 years ago….and after her passing, he became my rock….as he knew my parents and he helped and taught me many life lessons.

In closing, please take an extra moment to read the excerpt from his obituary, I think you will “get it”

At the time of his retirement, Bud moved to Oxford, MD, and quickly engaged in the life of his new community. He was a member of the Tred Avon and Poplar Islands Yacht Clubs, where he served in leadership roles. Bud loved being on his boat, painting, traveling and collecting beautiful art. Key West, FL became his winter home as he loved all that Key West offered, including walking to daily mass, serving as a Eucharistic minister, and his treasured role as a volunteer at the soup kitchen. His bike became his preferred method of transportation for all errands and he loved being able to walk to galleries, music venues, and restaurants.

Whether working in his business or being retired in Oxford or Key West, Bud was known for the personal touches he took with his customers, family and friends, the pride he took in remembering names and events, his sense of humor and his ability to find the good in any person or situation. He loved his grandchildren, seeing the growth of their talents in the arts, athletics and in their ability to banter with him. Finally, Bud was a friend to all, as he loved the ability to call friends daily just to check in, and to understand how he could help in any way.


I took a walk today and was in awe of some of the beauty. I hope that this picture below makes you say….WOW, and I hope that you are able to touch someones life as “Bud” did for my family – truly…one of a kind!





dog shop now


Simple yet Sweet Sympathy Card…



I know that making sympathy cards is a tough one because many of us like to customize the card for the specific person. To me when I do this, it allows the memories of the person come to me but then there are other times that we need a sympathy card on hand….and this is a GREAT one to have.

I have used this stamp set so much…I wish that you could see how stained it is (that’s a GOOD thing as a stain photopolymer stamp means it is of good quality) – I know, I know…..many of you do not like the fact that they look icky but I will say, I do love the ability to see right through them!




Besides the stamp set, the key to this clean and simple card is the Big Shot and the Deco Framelits. Do you remember the other day that I shared with you that purchasing “nesting dies” are a wise choice? Well this is a great example of that.




When you have dies that are graduated in size, it allows you to make frames (like I did today) and it also makes it a cinch to layer one on top of the other! In the below picture you will see how I created a ring and then put the next size smaller in for the focal part of this card. You betcha that I will use that Mint Macaroon piece for something else!





I think that when this paper came out in the annual catalog we were all in awe of it. It truly is a beautiful pack of paper but I think the thing I like best able it is that it is in Very Vanilla…I think it is so rich and comforting. For those of you out there that are fearful of using up your DSP….look at this!!!! I am using it to the max and I think that you will agree, it is very classic.





The dimensions of the papers are just 1/4″ smaller each level. I know that you are covering up a bunch of DSP but trust me, it is stunning and you know that the recipient will love and appreciate your kindness….(remember, sharing acts of kindness DOES make a difference)

Another win-win about this stamp set is that there are great sentiments to stamp in the inside of the card. I know, I know…..I wish that Stampin’ Up! had more “insides” for us for the variety of occasions we make cards for…




I do not know about you……but when I find a card that I like and that it simply “works for me”, I like to make up a bunch to have on hand. I made up a dozen of these to have on hand and not only did they come together quickly, I am ready to have a card if needed. (Actually, I would challenge you to have a “keeper” card in all occasions…..maybe this would be a fun challenge for us)




Having to send a sympathy card is hard…but I think that we all agree that it is a necessity. This is a great sympathy set…I had posted last Spring a card with the other major stamp in this set but I will do another card for you soon so you can see how to use the entire set!

You know what I call this….A KEEPER! Let’s continue to have a great week and go make someone smile today!



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Simple yet sweet sympathy…


Good Tuesday morning….we all unfortunately need to send sympathy cards and when the time arises, the last thing that you want to have to do is worry about what to make as you already have a lot on your mind. This is a simple yet classic sympathy card that comes together in a jif!

The stamp set, Heartfelt Sympathy is in the Annual Catalog and it is one beautiful set with fabulous sentiments. I used one of them in the inside of the card and it was the perfect message. As I say…a keeper.


This Designer Series Paper, Timeless Elegance is just beautiful…(do you remember how it was back-ordered for such a long time when it first came out) – I can see why as it is a classic.

Today's card is a 4 1/2" square in Pear Pizzazz ~ it's fun to change up the base from the regular neutrals that we get so accustomed to and this is a color that can surprise you…it is soft and comforting but then it also looks super with some big and bold colors!


I did use the watercolor paper and the new black ink pad but honestly, I could have been just fine using very vanilla paper as there is just a tiny bit of water coloring in the pear pizzazz – you can really see it in person, that little touch makes the card!

Because this is a square card, yep – you will have to add additional postage (and I think we can say that it is will worth it) and because of this – I decided to add some pearls …these little gems again, make the simple card.


Doesn't this look great popped up? I think that it really "sets off" the designer series paper. If you look at the stamp that I chose and then look at the card, you will see that I took the smaller floral stamp (on the top right of the stamp set image) and I added this 3 extra times to fill up the space a bit more.


Because of the odd size card, the envelope was made using the Envelope Punch Board.Simple, fast – DONE!

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means….the TUESDAY WEEKLY DEALS! It is fun to look forward to this each week – do you have a favorite?

We are going to switch animals today….(the dogs are doing great) but I had a funny about Daisey! For our party we put the dogs down at the barn as I could imagine it would have been a 3 ring circus with them wanting to play and knowing them, they would have jumped in the pool…..


So earlier on Sunday James said – "What are you going to do about that "thing" – I really think that it is mean and evil that my family members make fun of her…..I told her that she would be fine and would just stay down at the barn….

Well about 1 hour into the party….in came the beauty queen and she was a hoot! The best thing was that she went to find John ( as she loves him) and darn, I wish that I had a camera as it was priceless seeing my very tall hubby walk with her about 3 feet behind him as they walked back to the barn.

I just LOVE My piggie! A face that only her Mommy could love! (these pictures were early in the morning and I cleaned her up ….how dare her to have a messy face on Party Day!)


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Fur Babies are Family…

IMG_1248 (1)

Good Morning! Today's card is to comfort a dear friend who lost her friend…or shall I say – a family member, Mac. My heart aches for her as her little buddy was her companion and for all of us out there – you know exactly what I am talking about.

Hopefully this sweet and simple card will bring come comfort to Deb. It is always soooo darn hard to find the right words to say but I truly believe that these fur babies come into our lives to help teach us…..trust me, we have had many, many dogs and have (6) now but I can say that each one has their own personality, their own special way to communicate to you….there own special way to make you mad and to make you laugh!


The card is an odd size and I am embarrassed to say that I do not have the exact measurements for you as I have already sent it to her and I forgot to jot them down. I can tell you that it is longer than a normal card and shorter in height.

I wanted to use Very Vanilla as I thought the softness was appropriate and then went to my handy dandy swatch books and the perfect compliment was Sweet Li'l Things DSP. This print is super fun as it has many colors in it but today I chose to pull out the Sahara Sand, Very Vanilla and Tangelo Twist.

IMG_1249 (1)

No dimensionals today…I used the framelits to cut the designer series paper and then used (2) of the framelits to make the frame and snuggled it in along with the Very Vanilla. It seemed weird not to "lift" up layers and I must say, I kinda liked it just layered in flat!

We have a new framelit set coming out and you can see in in the below collage I put together, this worked perfectly for today's card and then that sweet little heart from the Owl Bulider Punch is the PERFECT accent !

PicMonkey Collage

The finale – the envelope was easy to make with the Envelope Punch Board. I usually trim off the long flaps that are created with a long and skinny card but today I kept it big to really "play up" the print on the Designer Series Paper along with a solid piece of card-stock.


It's hard to make cards like this but at the same time it is nice to know that we have choices within our Stampin' Up! products to make them. I should have made 2 of these (and I usually always do that) so I will have to reproduce it to keep on hand….just in case.

I hope that this shows you to go looking here, there and everywhere within our product line to pull together a card. I needed this in a jif and it worked! Enjoy the day, feel free to email me and until tomorrow!

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