ACT FAST…I’m doing the happy dance!




Before you CLICK ME OFF…..please give me a minute to explain why I am Happy about this Paper Pumpkin Kit! Really….I do know that there are many of you that do not enjoy putting together kits  as you would rather make up your own original designs and you know what I am going to say….THAT IS GREAT.…and I do “get it” but for this one…..YOU NEED TO HERE ME OUT!

I am always up front and super honest with you. I am not a huge fan of Halloween and I actually did not purchase one stamp set for Halloween from the new catalog as I have several Halloween Sets that I can use to make cards for the peeps etc…..BUT ONE THING THAT I DO LOVE IS….a super sweet 3-D item that I can have fun with and make people smile and this kit….YEP…IT DID JUST THAT!






When you are a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber, you have the opportunity to purchase additional refills (basically “the guts” of the kit – no stamp set) if they have any to offer after the subscriptions are sent out! Sometime….and rarely do they offer the FULL KIT as an item to purchase and guess what…..THEY DID FOR THIS ADORABLE KIT!

I have been having my fingers and toes crossed that they would be selling the refills….and when I received a text from Mary Anne today (a fellow SUD)….I could hardly wait to get home and order them! When my box came last week I was so excited as this is right up my allet and I love the value as you can make 24 little bundles of goodness!!!

Here is a quick video from the home office…..(skip to the 1:00 mark….and then it is just a super quick 2 minute video)




I never imagined that they would also be offering the whole kit for Paper Pumpkin Subscribers but again, I was SUPER HAPPY as I wanted to get one for my son that is a teacher and also a dear friend wanted one and was sad that she let her subscription to Paper Pumpkin Lapse…and for me….I WANT THE REFILLS!!!!!

Here is the deal….IF you want to get the WHOLE KIT ($18.00) or the Refill Kit ($9.00) you need to be a current Paper Pumpkin Subscriber and then you can order one.

I think that many people think that they have to be a subscriber for MONTHS and MONTHS… is the correct answer….NO YOU DO NOT!






I actually dropped my subscription and rejoined in August as I was fearful that a Halloween Kit might come out super early and I did not want to miss it…..if I want to drop….no penalty what so ever! At the bottom of the post you will see the buttons for the product offerings but I ask you…..for just $20.00 to get the 1 month subscription… is sooooo worth it to purchase this Halloween Fun kit.

If you do not like the kit that you will be getting from your 1 month Subscription next month…..“gift it away” to someone that you think would enjoy it. They do make wonderful gifts and then you can cancel the subscription immediately….it is truly as simple as that!

In the picture below you can see that I have all of my kit ready to rumble….it was so much fun to put together but I am equally as excited about the stamp set….I love the simplicity of it and on Friday I will share with you some card ideas using it….just too sweet!!!






You will see that I did not use the fancy Bakers Twine that was given with the kit….it is beautiful but truth be told, I have “issues” trying to make a “well behaved simple bow” with the Bakers Twine that has a metallic thread though it…..does anyone else have that issue or is it just me!?!?

Here is a tip…the adhesive FUN words that are in the kit….I stuck them on and then dusted the back of them that was still exposed with the Stampin’ Buddy…..this way I tool the “stick off of it” and was able to stack all of my tags in the box….ready to rumble!

Here is another tip…the Black and White Bakers Twine is on the clearance rack…..and yep…it is just $1.20 – HELLO….I say snatch it up! This makes the type of bows that makes me smile!!! I always love to share “nuggets” with you!

Now what am I going to do with these???? Hmmmmm…..lots of things!!!!

  • I adore to send a simple little something to my friends children that are in college…..
  • My peeps and god-children
  • I will make one for everyone in Johns Office….(43 in total…you see…that is why I was THRILLED that the refills were being offered… will only take 2 refills and I can make 48 of them for just $18.00!
  • My Dad lives in an ADORABLE small town that had trick -n- treaters (the grandchildren and great grandchildren) so I will make some up for him to hand out and Dad also loves to give his Post Master….a goodie for being kind…..
  • I like to take them to nursing homes and bring a bit of joy to those that do not get many visiters. John has a wonderful client that is in a home due to a stoke….he is sooooo capable mentally and has many other like him. We try to visit and bring a wee bit of fun to them.
  • I also love to keep some on my car and if I am at a place that I go to often….like the feed store or the post office….I always try to do a fun and random act….we are never too old to enjoy the memories that we had as a child.


Ok – there you go…..I hope that you hung in there and remember, you need to be a subscriber to be able to order this Halloween Kit and/or the refills. You will be able to do so AFTER you do a one month subscription!

If you have any questions…..please leave it in the comment below…if I do not get the answer to you….I am sure that someone from the=is WONDERFUL BLOG COMMUNITY that I have and oh so cherish will be able to help you out!!!

See you Wednesday and get ready to grab a bike and go for a ride!!!! Stampin’ hugs!




Who doesn’t love plaid!?!?



HHD to you….(Happy Hump Day)


Tuesdays are the “happening…scoop days” at the Stampin’ Up! home office when they announce a weekly update to Demonstrators . Yesterday when I hopped on I saw something interesting…actually very interesting as it was a HUGE HIT for Paper Pumpkin!

Let’s back up… you remember when I blogged that I was able to see a sneak peak while at On Stage for the next Month’s offering…..well – IT WAS THIS ONE pictured below!

When I saw this I did the HAPPY DANCE….yep, right there in front of many, I did the HAPPY DANCE and then immediately went into my Paper Pumpkin account and change the little 1 that I get monthly… 12 kits!

Rumor has it, that TODAY  – Stampin’ Up! will be offering this below kit to CURRENT Paper Pumpkin Subscribers. You know how things go with limited quantities of products….THEY GO ZOOM!

If you are not a current Paper Pumpkin Customer… need to sign up…..even if it is just for a month to take advantage of this. CLICK HERE for a 1 month subscription which is just $20.00 and then hopefully you will be able to take advantage of this oh so special kit!







Like I shared with you above, I bought a BUNCH of these and had a ball! I made so many of them and beamed with joy with each and everyone I gave away to family, friends and downline.

They made the perfect finishing touch to gifts, table settings and even a gift card holder! I know that I plan to take advantage of purchasing more not only for my own personal use next year….but also for a gift!

I had so many rave reviews over these gems that after I read the weekly updates….I thought – what a PERFECT GIFT to give to someone. I already know that they are super cute and I ask you…..what can you get for $20.00 that brings so many smiles and joy!

Remember, you need to be a current Paper Pumpkin Customer to take advantage of this and who knows how many will be offered! Just be ready …..below in blue is the blurb in our weekly update!


  • Hurray! One of your favorite Paper Pumpkin kits, Back in Plaid, will be available while supplies last to Paper Pumpkin subscribers only beginning tomorrow, February 28. We will also be sending out this announcement to all subscribers on February 28 via our monthly Paper Pumpkin email.


I hopped on Pinterest to share with you samples from this kit……CLICK HERE…but I think that it is pretty obvious – it’s a keeper! My fingers are crossed for both me and you….and that we will be able to snag some of these!




The tale of an adorable FISH!





Hello and Happy Friday to you his week went ZOOM!!! I have a SUPER FUNNY for you today….please read on and then you will see why this is “The tale of an adorable FISH”

John and I are “on the road” to be “useful parents” this weekend as we make the trek to North Carolina to move our youngest peep into a new apartment….what are parents for….right??? – I have my label maker and my rubber gloves packed…..John has his hammer with an assortment of handy necessities and Milo is coming because I thought – WHY NOT…after all, he is perfect!

The GOOD NEWS is that along the journey there will be a CONTAINER STORE…..and then about an hour later….and IKEA….and then about 2 hours after that… of my favorite little speciality/foodie stores….and then its kinda boring for the next 3 1/2 hours but I’ll make the most of it as I am in a great book! You see…..MILO DOES serve a purpose…..he needs potty breaks so his Mom can shop!

Now to my funny… you remember that the November Paper Pumkpin was that SUPER ADORABLE Holiday Stocking!?!? Well it was just simply adorable and when I went to OnStage I was able to see a sneak peek of if and I knew that I want more than my normal 1 box that I receive every month.








When you are a subscriber to Paper Pumpkin you have the ability to pause, add to or simple cancel your subscription at anytime without any penalty….it truly is that simple! Well….I went in and change my number to 12 as I knew that people would go goo-goo over that adorable stocking….and  YEP my sweet mailman had to drive back our lane and even said “Susan. I think they made a mistake….you have a bunch of those red boxes” ….

Well they were put to great use…..mainly by me as I just had a blast making them and using them as adorable “add ons” to Holiday Presents and also I made many sets for dear friends for their Holiday Dinner Table settings…they were just TOO DARN CUTE!

Here’s where it is funny…I TOTALLY FORGOT to go back into my Paper Pumpkin account and change the number back to 1 so YEP….it happened again… dear mailman did the same thing as the previous month. As I drove up to the house one day I saw a PILE of these boxes at the front door and then the LIGHTBULB went off….darn, I forgot to change the number!

Sooooooo the moral of the story is that I have a BOAT LOAD of the December Kit Stamps…..and I have been trying to find more ways to use it that as meant to be! That is the other thing that is amazing about this program….there are ALWAYS soooooooo many people out there that find the way to use these kits in an alternative way….

The person that shines for me each and every month is Rachel Tessman. She is just one amazing Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and she does a fantastic job with her alternative ideas…..this is where the fish idea came from! Every month she makes a wonderful video showing the Paper Pumpkin and then also shares alternative ideas!



Below you will see the video and the adorable Fish!!!



It is a long video but if you want to get right to the FISH part…..start at the (32:50) minutes of the video….You will see that Rachel received this from another SUD, Ann O’Shereo….(I could not find a link for her) but isn’t it just WONDERFUL when other SUD”s open their hearts and share ideas…..I love that part and that is exactly right up my alley…..








Remember, I am simple and I followed these instructions to the tee and not only was it super fun & easy…but they become addictive to make! Who every would have thought that a simple square envelope…a trimmer….and a small little stamp would make this adorable FISH…I say WOW to those people that have that type of creative mind!

Because I received so many FULL kits….I have a bunch of the stamp sets that came in the kit….and if YOU think that YOU would enjoy trying to make these sweet fish or heck, just want the stamp set (see images below)….simply email me and put in the subject line I WANT THE FISH!!!  The first 6 people (first come – first served) that email me will get the stamp set mailed to you. (I will not be able to mail it until Tuesday)



Please email me if you would like one of these free stamps…..

(hurry….I have 6!!!)












What did I put in the fish? Well…..Yummy Swedish Fish….why not? I could not find any prepackaged at my grocery store so I bought a bunch in the bulk food and put them in little bags and tied a bow! They are super sweet… snack M & M’s and several Peppermint Patties also fit perfectly!

You can see that I had fun using different current papers in making them – and if any of you have the retired stamp set called….Hey, Valentine – check out this great sentiment to add to these sweet fish…..I say TOO DARN CUTE!







Speaking of retired product….I have added a drop down box in my Blog Header with retired product from the Holiday 2017 Catalog. You will find it under SHOP….and then the Retired Product will be there. Please take a look and grab a deal, I sell all of my retired products at a 50% discount.

There you go….a never a dull moment – a tale from Susan… opportunity for you to get a free stamp and an opportunity for you to grab some great deals with retired products….I say that’s a trifecta!!!






I have had many requests for the Product Shares…..please see the tab on the Blog Header and then email me, I will email you back and get you in the next wave…..we all LOVE Product Shares!

Have a great weekend….I know that we will – spending time with Hannah is always a joy…..even when we are moving!






Set an alarm….it will go ZOOM…fast!

I admit, I was amazed! I think that I could take it to the next step and say “they nailed it”!!!

What am I talkin’ about? A topic that seems to bring highs and lows with comments and feelings about this program, Paper Pumpkin.

I am sure that you have read from just about anyone’s blog that is a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator that the Paper Pumpkin for October and November go together.This is the first time that Stampin’ Up! has done something like this having two kits back to back that coordinate with each other.

Yesterday I took time to put together the October kit.I have some pictures of the kit that I put together and I think will agree…It is simply adorable!  I will share with you any “changes” that I did…but seriously, it was so well thought out…it really does not need to be “re-thought’ something that I think many of us do each month.

Make sure that you read the information that I will share with you from the home office after you view the photos of the kit that I put together. That is why the title of this post says set an alarm…It will make total sense to you below!

If you haven’t seen the video….please enjoy, its only about 2 minutes long.  I think after you view the video and see my pictures… You will set your alarm to make sure you secure this kit!







Here are the pictures of the kit that I put together yesterday. Enjoy…It was not only super fun to put together it was rewarding and something I was very proud of.





You can see that I made one as a Christmas Ball Ornament and one that had the sentiment lower. Do you have a preference? I couldn’t decide so I made them both….they both are BLUE RIBBON WINNERS!!

I did change up the sentiment… it is from Lawn Fawn, just a personal preference as I wanted a super basic font and I have fallen in love with their Bakers Twine ….(it has a bit more texture…making a clean and crisp look…they call it a cord))






Now to the next set of (5) cards…again, ADORABLE! I made these straight from the kit instructions.The sentiment here is the sentiment that is included in the kit. I think it looks beautiful through this Christmas ball.

There’s something about that pre-printed pine that just hangs so beautifully over the front of this card. Hopefully you can see in my photos that the white card piece is actually embossed as well. Stampin’ Up! really pulled out all stops for this kit… Making it super classic and super fun!






Well… What are your thoughts? For those of you that are used to paper pumpkin or at least read about paper pumpkin you will know that you need to be a paper pumpkin subscriber in order to get a kit or refills. This kit stamping up will not be offering any refills.

Below (in RED)  you will see an excerpt from the home office that was communicated to demonstrators.If you would like to purchase this kit it will fly out the door and I can almost guarantee it will be sold out very quickly.

We’re thrilled with the great response we’ve had so far to our Season of Style October kit! In fact, you’ve loved it so much that we’ve decided to only offer FULL kits beginning Monday, October 23, while supplies last.

We’re doing everything possible to accommodate the demand and allow as many people as possible to get the Pining for Plaid kit, so we will not be offering refills for this kit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope you are enjoying your super-sparkly Paper Pumpkin shaker cards!

The warehouse will build them on Monday, but to avoid availability issues, we will not make the kit available for purchase before 2:00 PM (MT) on Monday, October 23—ensuring all available kits are built and ready for purchase.

On Monday morning, when we have a better idea of the exact time the kits will be available, we’ll post another update.

I will pop back and update this post if I find out any more info to pass along to you. Remember, there will be no refills for this kit.It will only be sold as a full kit but again the price point is amazing.

After I put the kit together I still had leftover sequins (It comes with (3) colors….the white, pool party and the gold stars – I added some Red sequins in the mix for an extra pop of colo)0… as well as left -over Circle Shaker elements. The stamp set that is included in this kit is fabulous. You could easily make many other clean and simple Christmas cards with the sentiments that are included in the kit.

Here’s a great idea…This would be a wonderful gift to purchase for a friend.You and your friend could put together this kit and potentially make many more shaker cards as well.There’re simply nothing like having a kit with everything included that all you need to do is sit and create.

if I were you I would set a timer on your cell phone to remind you not to forget to order as I think we all know it will sell out very fast.

I say….Way to go Stampin’ Up! for creating such a unique and fun kit this month.I can’t wait to see what next month’s Kit is…. as it is to coordinate with this keeper!

***REMEMBER**** You need to be a current subscriber to Paper Pumpkin in order to take advantage at 2 p.m. to get this kit****




YIPPEE – They’re available today!




Good Morning! I hope that you had a great weekend, I sure did!

I have a post for you that I hope you will let “sink in” and see if it is something that you can see the benefits from. You know me well enough, I like to share with you “real things” that I use for myself, my family and friends.

I know that you all are familiar with the Stampin Up Paper Pumpkin Program. It’s the little box of surprise that comes delivered to your door each month. The cost of it is $20.00 (unless they are running a special) and each month it is a total mystery what is inside.

I admit….sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t. The beauty of the program is you can sign up anytime you want… You can drop it anytime you want… You can actually put it on pause if you want to take a break from it for a month or two.

The magical date of ordering the paper pumpkin program is the 10th of each month.

That is the date that you can make a decision to pause it or cancel it. When you are a paper pumpkin subscriber you have the opportunity to purchase past kit refills If they become available, and that’s what this post is about!

The paper pumpkin kit for September is called Layered Leaves.With being limited with my hand I decided to open it up and put it together exactly as the kit was intended. Many months, I have tried to reinvent the wheel and do something different than what the suggested instructions are from Stampin’ Up!.







This month,I did it straight from the book.I absolutely enjoyed the experience of putting this kit together and I was so excited with the possibilities.My fingers have been crossed that they would be offering the kit refills and today, my wishes have come true.

In the below picture you will see all of the elements that are included in the refill kit for just $8. I realize that the refill kit does not come with a stamp set but I am sure you have many stamps that you could stamp a sentiment on to create in amazing project…we all know how to make things “work” for what we have.






After having so much fun and feeling so rewarded by putting this Kit together I was thinking… if refills become available I will not only continue to make fall projects… What about things for Christmas! In the picture you can below you can see what I have come up with.







With a refill kit coming with eight of the pillow boxes… These are perfect for holiday gift giving. I also do several craft shows and I thought these would be a great offering.

The only catch about being able to purchase these refill kits is… You need to be a current paper pumpkin subscriber. This is what I would do– if you are interested I would purchase the paper pumpkin for one month.

This way you would be able to get the kit for next month (which is also supposed to be super special as it is geared for the holidays) and then you would be able to pick up this refill kit or two.

Here is a quick video of the upcoming promotion.





After you receive your paper pumpkin kit and  if you feel like you do want to not continue… No worries– all you need to do is cancel your subscription by the 10th of the month. (I don’t think you’re going to want to as this upcoming two months are to coordinate together for the holidays.)

Here is another peak of the Kit put together. What am I going to do with mine? Well… In a couple of weeks John and I are taking the peeps away for a beautiful fall weekend in the mountains.

I plan to use the pillow boxes as a part of my weekend fun with my children.I am going to use them on the table for our dinner one evening and tuck a special note inside of each one’s boxes with some yummy chocolates.

Wouldn’t these be wonderful for Thanksgiving?





Think about this….let it soak in and then hopefully that you will see that not only being able to purchase this refill kit will be fantastic, but seeing and getting a “feel” for the next kit will be exciting as well.

Enjoy your day and let’s all get this week rolling….Remember, these refills are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and yep, mine are already on order!





Blog Candy and a Paper Pumpkin deal..

Good Morning… fast as you can blink – this FLASH SALE will be over….so enjoy that cup of coffee and then sign up for Paper Pumpkin…for just a crazy….super crazy deal of just $5.00 – I ask you….what in the world do you have to lose?





To take advantage of this speical…simply CLICK HERE …. purchase and  then enter the promo code ONEDAY0717 from June 29 at 11:59 PM to June 30 at 11:59 PM to get your kit at this incredible price. This FLASH SALE is for 1st time subscribers!






As promised…here is a picture of the bag that I made with the June kit. It is soooo darn sweet and guess what – I have it filled with something other than “Sweets” that we think of…like cookies – candies etc…..



How would you like to win the bag and also the goodies inside?



Easy – leave me a comment as to what you think is inside and I will send it to the lucky winner. If we have multiple winners I will use to pick the winner!

You are going to need some hints….so here you go!

  • It is product
  • I like it….actually a lot!
  • There are several of them


I can’t wait to see the comments! I always think that it is soooo fun to see! Guess what….when you sign up for this flash sale…you will be an official PPP’er = (Paper Pumpkin Person…well at least for a month) so you will be able to go in and order past kits…..






Ordering past kits is a perk for PPP’ers…so if there is something that tickles your fancy….go for it! The June refill kit is now available!

Good luck !



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