3 New upcoming FREEBIES – YOU VOTE!


We are still in full swing with Sale-A-Bration, (the happiest time of the Stampin’ Up! Year) as we not only get to pick a FREEBIE for every incremental order of $50 and NEW this year…several offerings at the $100 level.


Click HERE to see the offerings at the $50 level

Click HERE to see the offerings at the $100 level


Starting on February 16 thru the end of Sale-A-Bration – March 31st…Stampin’ Up! is adding 3 more offerings to the pot! I can’t wait to hear what YOU think about them….and you know me….be honest – I want YOUR feedback!



We have not had BLOG CANDY for a while…..so let’s DO IT!!!



I was able to pre-order them on February 1st and they should be strolling down Randall Lane in the Brown Truck today….and I thought….why not let YOU pick which one that speaks to you most and a quick why!

Just cast your vote and if you wish to take a chance of winning ….leave me a comment of your favorite and I will pick one person and post it on Wednesday’s post!












I think(?) I know my pick but it is funny, sometimes I change my mind once I see them in person but I will say, I am excited as these offerings make me happy!

Make it a great day….and please VOTE…..I can’t wait to see which new offering wins!




We have a winner…FREE SHIPPING & more candy!



Good morning! I hope you are ready for the weekend…I sure am!

We have a bunch going to today to chat about but before we do – push back that chair and get ready to do what we do when there is blog candy winner time…..get those hands up and shake it…shake it some more and if you are Katie (below) than you need to squeal so loud that we all can hear you! WOOT-WOOT you won!




I loved, loved, LOVED reading your comments about the blends and I am thrilled that so many are excited about them coming aboard the Stampin’ Up! Train of fabulous products. As soon as I know the availability date you will know….

One thing that I want to emphasis about these or any alcohol markers is…You do not need to know one thing about shading to enjoy the beauty of what this marker will bring to your projects.

Trust me on this one…They simply GLIDE over your paper and absorbed into the paper leaving no lines of where you stop and started.This is why alcohol-based markers are great medium for coloring with fabulous results.

The way I would rather you look at it is…If you choose to use two to blend together…That’s great but you do not need to use two colors together when coloring an image it.





Think of it this way…You have two completely different colors. Stamping Up Blends have a palette of 12 (as of now) but because we have 2 of each color (a light and a dark) you actually have 24 completely different colors.

We ALL seem to agree….we ADORE the fact that the Blends MATCH our beautiful colors…that is why HANDS DOWN I knew that when Stampin’ Up! brought these back….I was IN FOR SURE…..(even though I am a COPIC gal too) because of the “matching factor”I LOVE that these MATCH our fabulous colors.

Whew….that’s over – now here is something that you all will love…..FREE SHIPPING! For me – anytime I see FREE SHIPPING, you can count me in. Being totally honest, it PAINS me more thank you will ever know to pay so much for shipping…..SO –



My wonderful peep (James) Birthday is Sunday the 15th and mine is Tuesday the 17th so it is a “happy” time for me….so what better way so share the “happy” than to pass it on to YOU!

SO….as the header picture says…..Sunday – Tuesday I will give you FREE SHIPPING when you place an order from me on my online store with any purchases over 75+.

How does it work? – after you place the order I will see it….and when I send you the gift with purchase for the month (Tuxedo Black Memento Ink Pad) I will send you a check for the amount that your shipping was. (I offer this randomly and I know than many of you love it) so…here you go – 3 days for you to look and see what you need.


Here is the Hostess Code for this month –  N7K7RR46 (you will always see the current one on the side of my blog) 


Why not go together with a friend if you cannot meet the $75 limit yourself (I don’t think that will be a problem if you are anything like me)…have FUN and a great way to stock up on staples.




Let’s keep chatting about these new markers……leave a comment and give some feedback….here is the question …..When these markers come out….will you “pick and choose certain color families” or will you buy the whole set……

I can’t wait to hear your preference….for me – HANDS DOWN…..I had to get the whole darn deal! Remember, tomorrow (the 15th) is the last day that you can get “the ultimate bundle” of them as Stampin’ Up! only has them available as of now to demonstrators….

For $99 you will get ALL OF these Stampin’ Blends (a $121.50 value) – ships for free…..plus I will send you the Tuxedo Black Memento Ink Pad…and you will be good to go to color away!

Monday, I will pop on and let you know the WINNER of this blog candy….another set of the cards…..someone will win (4) cards and the ink pad …..




Where am I today? I am with 4 AMAZING GALS…my Stampin’ Buddies…..Jeanie, Rosanne, Deb and Ramsey as we are staying at Ramsey’s in Annapolis, MD and stampin’…chattin’ ….laughin’…..a perfect and special time…..gotta run  -we are doing our own show box swap!








Hello and I hope that you are doing well! I bet you have thought that I was lost somewhere in cyber space…well  – nope!!! I shared with you on Monday that I was going to the Doctors on Tuesday to hopefully have Mr. Green Bean removed.

Well….he is gone…… but Black Beauty is the new color. Needless to say I am sad, (actually very sad) but I know that this will pass. I chose “black” for obvious reasons….and I have 3 more weeks.







I wish that you all could be with me on Randall Lane for the pity party that I have been hosting…..unfortunately only the dogs have chose to join the fun. It takes a couple of days to get the new cast a bit comfy (if that it possible) but as promised –






Over the weekend I shared with you that I was going to play with the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK….the Stampin’ Blends and yep, they have gone for a spin….actually a BIG SPIN as I purchased several of these below kits, Color Me Happy Project Kit.

These are NOT yet available for you to purchase (just for demos and new demos just until this Sunday, October 15th) but as I said… I purchased several to not only put together to get practice but to share for blog candy and also I’m sending a finished card to my downline so they can see first hand the fun kit and the stampin’ blends in action.







Does this below picture just make you smile…It sure made me smile. I have to say as an adult I think it is just fabulous that we get excited seeing something like this. You can never be too old to still have fun and simple joy in your life! New products bring me joy and I know it brings you joy as well!

I will do further posts on my thoughts and comments about the stamping blends… but I can honestly say… I love them. I am also a COPIC girl at heart but I knew when stamping up would come out with their own alcohol-based markers I had to have each and every color as they match our palette perfectly.







In the picture below you will see all of the contents of the kit.The kits will allow you to make 16 fabulous cards and I invite you to check out the envelopes… are they over-the-top or what? You all know that a beautiful envelope makes my heart pitter patter and this kit surely has done that!

What I will be giving away for blog candy today is…a completed card (4 in total) of each below and and a memento ink pad. You do need to use the Memento black ink when using an alcohol-based marker.I use this ink pad when I color with my COPIC markers so it was a easy transition for me.

How do you win? Easy… Just leave a comment and let me know how you feel about Stampin’ Up! having alcohol-based markers once again.

I am super excited to hear peoples thoughts and comments.Trust me, I realize that new products are not for everyone but I do love to hear your feedback.

I think that many people are intimidated that they feel that an alcohol-based marker means that you have to understand artistic techniques as well as light source/shading….I am here to tell you that is simply not true.

The main reason that I enjoy working with them is the fact that they just glide over your paper and their are no rough edges from where you stop and start using the same color.Honestly, they are perfect to use just as coloring and image in using one marker.

Enjoy the pictures…and on Saturday morning I will pop it back in and announce the winner along with a special that I am hosting Sunday through Tuesday just on my blog. (here’s a hint…..if you need to order, I would wait until Saturday to hear why)








This is the stamp set that I used to complete this Kit. When stamping up offers this as a product for everyone to purchase… It will be available as a bundle and then you will also be able to purchase additional kits if desired.I truly had fun coloring and trying to get to know and use these markers to my abilities.






















I hope you enjoyed seeing this kit in action. It truly is stunning and when you hold one of these cards in your hand you just beam with pride – they are fun to put together and they are super practical cards . I admit, these color combinations that they put together I would not have come up with but when they’re all together I stood back and said WOW!

Enjoy your day… And please leave a comment …and on Saturday morning the winner will be announced as well as you will see the little something special that I have in store for you for Sunday –  Monday and Tuesday.

If you are just itchin’ to get these super markers….email me – I would love to share with you the ease of getting them in your starter kit, the Ultimate Bundle…..






10 more Beauties struttin’ the runway!

Well…ready for more inspiration! I have 10 more beauties for you to be a sponge and soak it up! I invite you to look at the different elements that make up these cards and then think…how can I take a design and make it into a “formula” that might work for me?

For those of you that are wondering what I am referring to… I call a “formula” as a way to take a card layout, see how it might work for my style of designing and then making my mark on it to work for my needs!

Enjoy, I think it is always a treat to see other works of art made by people just like you and I!












Amazing…right? It is just FUN to see what others are up to! Enjoy the day and get ready for Eclipse Day tomorrow…..just think  – we are history in the making!

Don’t forget to check out the Product Share offerings for the upcoming catalog, be in the 1st wave…you’ll be happy!



Winner…and my answers!

Good Tuesday to all!

Well I think it is fair to say that we had a FUN week last week with not only fun posts…..but a week long of Blog Candy! Woot-woot to all of the winners but the reality is….you ALL are winners in my eyes as I deeply thank you for popping on and sharing!

There are times that I think back when I started my blog….(now that was a technological challenge within itself) that I would have never dreamed that I would enjoy the “sharing” aspect of it and with that “sharing” comes the “community” that we have! There are days that I feel like I am in the “Cheers” TV Show as we are a family of cyber friends!

We need to do our computer stretch time…..because we have 1 more winner and that is going to be ONE LUCKY STAMPER because she won the LAST BLOG CANDY of our weeklong fun…..so push back that chair….stand up and stretch!!!



If your name is Peggy Hendricks then you need to squeal so loud

that I can hear you in Williamsport, MD!


Woot-woot to you and here is Peggy’s comment on why she loves stamping! This just made my heart skip many beats! I encourage you to pop back to Sundays post and not only enjoy the super sweet card…but to take an extra cup of coffee and read through the comments….they are just wonderful!

Please email me and I will get your HAPPY MAIL to you!


Now to MY answers to the week long questions!

Tuesday’s ? – Do you like Christmas in July? Yes and No….I totally “get it” that we all get caught by that calendar rolling way too fast and it is a great way to have incentives and also get you thinking ahead….but it really, REALLY saddens me to go into retail stores in July and already see Christmas items…..really??? what happen to the days of anticipation…the days of waiting for the seasons to change!



Wednesday’s? – Do you condition your stamps? – YEP, you betcha! It truly is one of those “habit things” you need to get into. I will say that I have many, many stamps sets that are on the shelf that are not conditioned and when I go to pull it off and stamp…I can tell right away. I have really tried to discipline myself to do this step of conditioning…..I guess you can say that I am rather “Type A” in having clean and crisp stamped images!



Thursday’s ? – How were you introduced to Stampin’ Up! ? – A longtime friend Margie Wight introduced me to Stampin’ Up! when we were both Creative Memories Consultants. (yikes, it had to have been over 15 years ago at least). Margie took me to one of her customers home that was a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and I had soooooo much fun! I can remember that my first real “in the trenches project” that I tackled was to make Easter Cards! The best thing is….Margie is now a SUD and on my team under Jeanie….all 3 of us were CMC in the day!



Friday’s ? – When you make a boo-boo…how do you handle it? – WELL….now this is a loaded question – usually I tuck a “little something” to hide it – that is why I LOVE little images to tuck here and there but also….out comes the Bakers Twine….this is a fabulous way to hide boo-boo’s and my trio dots…they are another way to hide things! I also have a container by my work area that I toss things to re-purpose for a project….you will be amazed how many times you will reach for things that have already been cut out for you!



Saturday’s ? – What is your Stampin’ style and what technique would you like to master? – I consider myself a clean and simple card-maker. I am a big fan of clean and crisp lines….lots of white space…and I adore great sentiments & fonts! Polka dots, stripes and plaids make my heart skip a beat…I am fascinated with coloring….this is the one area that I never get tired of watching videos….exploring new mediums…and just practicing! I have learned to love my Aqua Painter and I also have many other non Stampin’ Up! coloring mediums that I love to play around with. I have learned that we all start somewhere and with practice…it just gets better and better!



Sunday’s ? – I love Stamping because…. – I love Stamping for sooooooo many reasons but on the tops of my list it is because: Stamping is rewarding. Stamping  is relaxing. Stamping gives me my own “me time” to feel creative. Stamping  makes me happy. Stamping  makes me proud of myself. Stamping  makes me feel good making someones day. Stamping always amazes me what you can do with something so basic as paper, stamps & ink. Stamping is the best therapy one could have. Stamping is handmade. Stamping is made from my heart. Stamping is a journey of life. Stamping allows me to meet people from all over. Stamping makes me laugh and makes me complete.



Well..there you go! I hope that you enjoy finding a bit more about me and what makes me roll!



Today is the 1st day that SUD’s can order from the NEW Upcoming Catalog. I know that you all are going to be excited to see and purchase the new kids on the block….My catalogs are on order and if you have placed a $50.00 + order from since January…then be on the look out for HAPPY MAIL from MD! 


I love to tuck in a little goodie for you that will make you smile…and I know you will!


Please do not forget about my Paw Prints Reward Program that I offer to my customers! My way of saying “thank you” for your support and let’s face it…..we all love FREEBIES!

I have a new hostess code up for August and below is the FREEBIE that I will send to you with an order of $75+ using the hostess code of ZAQ9FCAZ. (you will always find the offering and the hostess code on the drop down of my blog header each month – current incentives)

I have blogged many cards using this. It is just elegant and I think my favorite is when it is embossed in white – oh so classic! Make sure that you watch the Stampin’ Up! Video on the “how to’s” in using this Textured Folder….your “sandwich” for Mr Big is different!






Enjoy your Tuesday and a BIG WOOT -WOOT to all of you for a FUN week! See you tomorrow!


Steppin’ it up with more Blog Candy!!!





Good Sunday to you! We sure have had a FUN week with not only great cards but it has been Candy Land all week and today is no different! I have a tough one for you….as on the weekends the posts are centered around a “Saturday” version and then on Sunday you see the “stepped up version” and then you decide!

This really has been fun and I think that you are going to love todays post…the Blog Candy….the question…..and of course the WINNER from yesterday!

Whew…..I can say that we have a true to form “STAMPIN’ THROW-DOWN” this weekend as todays card was made from a team member from the West Coast (California)Karen Hallam! To refresh your memory….yesterdays card was an East Coast (Pennsylvania) …made by Rosanne Mulhern and I think we can all say – they are super!

Karen has a blog, Karen’s Stampin’ Habit and you can go and see all of the scoop about how she STEPPED IT UP today and I will say….this is really – really a tough one….I wish that you all had them in your hands because the pictures are good…but let me tell you – there’s noting like having them in your paws!






This bundle sure has been a hit! I think it is super easy to see the versatility of it with using bold colors, subtle ones….letting the simple “Daisy”  stand alone and be a statement….use multiple flowers to create depth (like Karen did today)….pairing it with DSP the list goes on but at the end of the day…..this bundle is a MUST HAVE as we all know it has been in and out of stock…but it is IN & READY FOR YOU!

Please POP Over to Karens blog, Karens Stampin’ Habit and see all of the scoop on todays card….she will have the measurements, the “ins and outs” in making this beauty and while you are there…..be a “smart stamper” and…..

  1. SURF around her blog and see the talent that Rosanne has….she is the queen of clean – her talent is amazing and she aways does such a fantastic job with giving the “inside of her cards” love…..
  2. SIGN UP for her blog to have inspirations in your mailbox!







The 2 elements off the bat that are different are…the vellum over the “Thank You” and then the addition of the Powder Pink Ribbon but pop to her blog to see the complete  “411-Directory Assistance” on this card!

Now we need to do our exercises….and I know that there are a bunch of you out there are hoping that you won the Daisy Bundle (and I do not blame you as it is a Summer Sizzler) so get up……hands in the air – wiggle those fingers –  stretch to the left and right and now look at your computer and it your name is Darlene K you need to DO IT….SHAKE EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT because you WON! When you get all settled down, email me!

I LOVED what she said about the water-coloring…that each time…“it looks a bit different” and YEP soooooo true – that is the BEAUTY of it! I adored the comments and I am not only thrilled that you all enjoyed Rosanne’s talent (she’s good…right!!!!) but I loved reading about your styles and it looks like Watercoloring and Heat Embossing are areas that you like to explore more!



Now to BLOG CANDY for today! YIPPEE…..more candy!


To end this fun week I wanted to have today’s candy be a representation of what I am about… Clean and Simple!!! You hear me all the time saying that the basics are the name of the game so how about if I shower you with some basics that I know you will ALWAYS use!

It is a long list of the basics so hear you go….one person will be ONE HAPPY STAMPER! This will truly be a box of “Happy Mail”


  • A Medley of Adhesives:  a Fast Fuse…A Snail…a bottle of “Green Glue”…a roll of Mini Glue Dots…A roll of Tear & Tape…a pack of BOTH Mini and Regular Stampin’ Dimensionals & a pack of Foam Adhesive Strips ( all of my favorites adhesives)


  • A Medley of Bakers Twine: The Basic Colors that are a must have. White, Very Vanilla, Basic Black (in the solids) and then Dapper Denim, Flirty Flamingo, Old Olive and Basic Black.


  • Basic Pens of “must haves” – The Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker, a Journaling Pen, a mechanical pencil and a White Gel Pen


  • A stash of boo-boo fixers and cleaner – My “go-to” erasers (the sand one and magic rub) and Stamp Cleaning Chamois (the cloth that I love to clean my stamps!)


This whole week of spoiling you rotten is again, my thanks and appreciation for your support as without your support…the Thailand trip wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you …thank you and please share my blog with your family and friends as I truly love what I do! Here’s the question for the day. (this will be good and I am excited to see your loves and passions)


1st – let me know how you LOVE this card today as Karen did a great job and then…share a quick thought…

FILL IN THE BLANK.….I love stamping because _____________________ 

(now… no one words here…let’s put that love & heart into the answer)



I am going to write down all of my answers for the week of questions that I have given you then next time I post and I think many of you already know what I am going to say!

Until then….Thank you…thank you for your time and making me feel soooo incredibly blessed to do this wonderful and simple thing we do….STAMP! Now go have a FABULOUS DAY!



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