Steppin’ it up with more Blog Candy!!!





Good Sunday to you! We sure have had a FUN week with not only great cards but it has been Candy Land all week and today is no different! I have a tough one for you….as on the weekends the posts are centered around a “Saturday” version and then on Sunday you see the “stepped up version” and then you decide!

This really has been fun and I think that you are going to love todays post…the Blog Candy….the question…..and of course the WINNER from yesterday!

Whew…..I can say that we have a true to form “STAMPIN’ THROW-DOWN” this weekend as todays card was made from a team member from the West Coast (California)Karen Hallam! To refresh your memory….yesterdays card was an East Coast (Pennsylvania) …made by Rosanne Mulhern and I think we can all say – they are super!

Karen has a blog, Karen’s Stampin’ Habit and you can go and see all of the scoop about how she STEPPED IT UP today and I will say….this is really – really a tough one….I wish that you all had them in your hands because the pictures are good…but let me tell you – there’s noting like having them in your paws!






This bundle sure has been a hit! I think it is super easy to see the versatility of it with using bold colors, subtle ones….letting the simple “Daisy”  stand alone and be a statement….use multiple flowers to create depth (like Karen did today)….pairing it with DSP the list goes on but at the end of the day…..this bundle is a MUST HAVE as we all know it has been in and out of stock…but it is IN & READY FOR YOU!

Please POP Over to Karens blog, Karens Stampin’ Habit and see all of the scoop on todays card….she will have the measurements, the “ins and outs” in making this beauty and while you are there… a “smart stamper” and…..

  1. SURF around her blog and see the talent that Rosanne has….she is the queen of clean – her talent is amazing and she aways does such a fantastic job with giving the “inside of her cards” love…..
  2. SIGN UP for her blog to have inspirations in your mailbox!







The 2 elements off the bat that are different are…the vellum over the “Thank You” and then the addition of the Powder Pink Ribbon but pop to her blog to see the complete  “411-Directory Assistance” on this card!

Now we need to do our exercises….and I know that there are a bunch of you out there are hoping that you won the Daisy Bundle (and I do not blame you as it is a Summer Sizzler) so get up……hands in the air – wiggle those fingers –  stretch to the left and right and now look at your computer and it your name is Darlene K you need to DO IT….SHAKE EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT because you WON! When you get all settled down, email me!

I LOVED what she said about the water-coloring…that each time…“it looks a bit different” and YEP soooooo true – that is the BEAUTY of it! I adored the comments and I am not only thrilled that you all enjoyed Rosanne’s talent (she’s good…right!!!!) but I loved reading about your styles and it looks like Watercoloring and Heat Embossing are areas that you like to explore more!



Now to BLOG CANDY for today! YIPPEE…..more candy!


To end this fun week I wanted to have today’s candy be a representation of what I am about… Clean and Simple!!! You hear me all the time saying that the basics are the name of the game so how about if I shower you with some basics that I know you will ALWAYS use!

It is a long list of the basics so hear you go….one person will be ONE HAPPY STAMPER! This will truly be a box of “Happy Mail”


  • A Medley of Adhesives:  a Fast Fuse…A Snail…a bottle of “Green Glue”…a roll of Mini Glue Dots…A roll of Tear & Tape…a pack of BOTH Mini and Regular Stampin’ Dimensionals & a pack of Foam Adhesive Strips ( all of my favorites adhesives)


  • A Medley of Bakers Twine: The Basic Colors that are a must have. White, Very Vanilla, Basic Black (in the solids) and then Dapper Denim, Flirty Flamingo, Old Olive and Basic Black.


  • Basic Pens of “must haves” – The Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker, a Journaling Pen, a mechanical pencil and a White Gel Pen


  • A stash of boo-boo fixers and cleaner – My “go-to” erasers (the sand one and magic rub) and Stamp Cleaning Chamois (the cloth that I love to clean my stamps!)


This whole week of spoiling you rotten is again, my thanks and appreciation for your support as without your support…the Thailand trip wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you …thank you and please share my blog with your family and friends as I truly love what I do! Here’s the question for the day. (this will be good and I am excited to see your loves and passions)


1st – let me know how you LOVE this card today as Karen did a great job and then…share a quick thought…

FILL IN THE BLANK.….I love stamping because _____________________ 

(now… no one words here…let’s put that love & heart into the answer)



I am going to write down all of my answers for the week of questions that I have given you then next time I post and I think many of you already know what I am going to say!

Until then….Thank you…thank you for your time and making me feel soooo incredibly blessed to do this wonderful and simple thing we do….STAMP! Now go have a FABULOUS DAY!



Simple Saturday with Rosanne + BLOG CANDY!




Happy Saturday and if you live in the Mid Atlantic States that you know what it feels like to be a duck! WOW….we are getting some heavy rains and I am sure that the crops are lovin’ it – it is a great day to do a FUN indoor activity like STAMP!

Today I have a super FUN card for you made by a team member,Rosanne Mulhern from the great state of Pennsylvania.The timing of this card could not be anymore PERFECT as the Daisy Bundle is still back in stock and there is more BLOG CANDY for you to win today… read on!

Rosanne is my East Coast gal and tomorrow you will see the stepped up version from Karen….my West Coast gal! Both of these talented ladies have blogs and I will share them with you as I hope that you “take the time to see their stuff….cause’ they have some GREAT stuff!!!!”






Before we get to the fun post…we need to do our exercises….yep, push that chair back ….stand up and reach for the ceiling….give a little shake and if your name is DANA M….than you need to jump up and down…spin around and pretend that you are on the Ellen Show because you WON the Lemon Zest Stamp Set!

Dana, go get a drink of water…and then email me and I will send you the “goods” Many thanks for popping on and leaving a comment….

It sure seems like we like embellishments…bows…punches to hide the boo-boos….but read Dana’s….I just LOVE and honest stamper and I will think of her each and every time I see my trash can, the “circular file”  😉  Another thing I loved that was consistent….was that you just go forward….that is just wonderful – YOU made it – THEY will love it!



Let’s get going because there is no doubt that this beauty is one to CASE! Rosanne has a blog, Heartfelt Stamping…..and when you go there…BE READY to be inspired as she will give you all of the scoop on this super clean and classic card!

She has done a FABULOUS job with her pictures and descriptions….so the show is hers! WOOT-WOOT!!!!






Yep….you will have all of the pictures….the dimensions….the whole deal and I know that you will be beaming….please give her the great Simple Stampin’ love we do for our guests!

While you are having fun at Heartfelt Stamping….there are 2 things that I would encourage you to do…

  1. SURF around her blog and see the talent that Rosanne has….she is the queen of clean – her talent is amazing and she aways does such a fantastic job with giving the “inside of her cards” love…..
  2. SIGN UP for her blog to have inspirations in your mailbox!






I am sure that you have been back and forth from my blog to hers and I am soooooo glad that I was able to introduce Roseanne to you. Definitely one to check out as clean and classic are her middle names! Now you will just have to POP back tomorrow as you will also love what Karen has done to this little number!

We all know that this is one hot little number and today is the perfect day to swoop it up….add a little extra to your order to take the advantage of the final days of Bonus Bucks….(remember to keep your coupon codes that Stampin’ Up! sends to you…..just think if each of those numbers as a $5.00 bill)




Now to BLOG CANDY for today! YIPPEE…..more candy!

One lucky winner will win this BUNDLE….yep, not just the STAMP….the whole bundle! Tomorrow is my last day of “Candyland”  for you guys….again, my thanks and appreciation for your support as without your support…the Thailand trip wouldn’t have been possible. Here’s the question!


What would you consider your “style” to be in Stamping

and what is the one technique that you would like to try to master?


One lucky winner will win this BUNDLE….so lets get the comments going and when you are leaving a comment – please do not forget to give Rosanne some LOVE…as this is one super-de-duper card! How can you NOT smile with this sweetie!

The VAULT is still there ready for you to go in and pick a freebie……yesterday I had someone pick a stamp that was originally $35.00 (an alphabet stamp) and someone else picked a stamp that was part of a bundle and then bought the matching framelts at 50% off (she swooped up a whole bundle for under $12.00)….they were  THRILLED…..I am tellin’ you – this is the best I have had it organized and it will be GONE from Randall Lane…one stamp at a time!

When you think about it – it is a great return….you will get a $5.00 coupon from Stampin’ Up! and then a HOT stamp from me…..all for a $75.00+ order!

If you are affected by the wet weather…..please be careful – we have many roads that have been flooded and what am I planning to do today??? Well…..cook up a storm as I bought a bunch of corn to put up….can some peaches and STAMP! Sounds like a perfect day!




How about a “lemon” and more Blog Candy!




Hip Hip Hooray….it’s Friday! I am feeling more like myself and I am hopeful that I have had my one and only cold this year! I am having so much fun with our week of  Blog Candy fun…and today will be another keeper day as one lucky winner will win this fabulous stamp set, Lemon Zest!

Before we get to that and we have some business to take care of – let’s call it the stand up and stretch … how about it – stand up and give yourself a good stretch but if your name is Maureen you need to jump up and down and squeal like Daisy Mae would and then shake it – shake it….cause’ you won the A Little Wild Stamp Set from yesterday!

I ADORE the part that she said “I thought she was so talented……but I learned that SU is fun and easy” – Is that the BEST or what! So true…so true – there are soooo many tricks up our sleeves that make people say… really made that!!! Please email me and woot-woot to you!

p.s. – READ the comment to make sure you are the correct Maureen….this happened to me before that someone saw their name and was sooooo excited…but it ended up to be a different person as she did not read the comment….too darn funny!




I adore reading your comments and if you have not had the opportunity to do so….please consider this a huge treat to do so. Grab that extra cup of coffee and read the amazing comments that people have left as to when they started stamping. I think that you will see the general theme…once they caught the bug…it was nurtured, cherished…and still bloomin’!

The part that warms my heart is the common thread of “doing this” with a family member or friend most of you were introduced in that way….and then it happened, you were hooked.

Just think of the relationships you have made because of “this”…just think of the smile you have made because of “this”…just think of the “confidence and pride” you have given yourself because of “this”….


Guess what…“THIS” does make a difference!


O.k. – let’s get to todays card and I am SUPER excited to read your comments for todays question! I do not know about you but when a new catalog comes out….I do the usual flip through….take it in…..flip though again….take it in some more! I feel that I am a pretty good critic of picking out what I think is going to be a “keeper” in my eyes.






I like to call these items my Blue Ribbons or just “keepers” and this bundle….it’s a keeper! In my eyes there were several factors that made this bundle become an easy “keeper” for me.

  • It’s a bundle…so right out of the gate it is a 10% savings and then I get an additional 25% off so here comes a woot-woot.
  • The “bundle” part is a punch! (love it when SU has a new punch….fast!)
  • The images are classics and the sentiments and fonts….another woot-woot! You can see a win-win all the way around!


I am sure that you have see a ca-zillion amazing projects made with this bundle but today I wanted to do something a bit different to add my own “twist” to the feel of the lemons!






What did I do to accomplish that???….“easy-peasy lemon squeezy”…after I stamped the images I crumbled them up and then opened then and smoothed them out to give our lemons some texture!

I have not done this in a while (actually I forgot about it) and when I was creating this I asked John what it needed….his answer – the lemons need some texture so PRESTO….I balled up a lemon and the rest is history!







Now how about that wee bit of Bakers Twine to add a POP….I have told you – BAKERS TWINE is the BEST…..such a quick and easy accent that is so affordable. I always like to do the “wrap” of the twine and adhere it to the back and then add the bow with a glue dot.

Once you get in a habit of using more that one strand of twine…you will never go back – it adds a bunch!

The envelope love…yep – another keeper…this is made from the Layered Leaves Embossing Folder. This one gives you such a “3D Dynamic Textured Impression” – definitely another “keeper” or “must have” in your craft stash! Thank you SU for continuing to come out with this amazing embossing folders!





Now for today’s question for you to comment on…

When you create and make a boo-boo… you let it roll…do you start over….do you repurpose it for another project…or do you just say – OOPS….it is Handmade – not Hallmark?


One lucky winner will win this stamp Set….

Lemon Zest….just leave a comment and GOOD LUCK!


Please leave me a comment and also let us know how you “make LEMONADE out of LEMONS” when you craft!…..and pop back tomorrow to see who won the stamp set!

There are 4 days and counting for you to take advantage of the Bonus Day offering…..for every $50.00 – you get a $5.00 coupon to spend in August….I feel like we are at Kohls as this is what they do and yep, I take advantage of it there as well! 😀




If your order of $75.00 or more….you will have a DOUPLE BONUS….a $5.00 off coupon from SU (you get $5.00 for each $50.00 increment) and then one from ME… opportunity to GO TO THE VAULT…..this is a private perk for you.

There are 100’s of stamp sets that have been retired and you can pick one free!!! Please use the hostess code of 4W9UWEG6 (current hostess codes are always on the right of my blog) Trust me, there are pricy stamp sets in there and if you want a bundle – no worries, I will gladly sell you the framelits that match your free stamp set at 50% off!

It is FILLED TO THE BRIM and all of the ones that were just discontinued (as of end of May) are in there…..I’ve been kinda worried about a couple of folks….they have been stuck in the vault for 2 days now….I hope you are not locked in! (your husband emailed me and he wants dinner!!!)

There is a bunch to take in as there are some amazing stamps, bundles and MORE…..



For our Weekend Post….we will be POPPING up with some DAISY’s...(and no, not my sweet swine Daisy Mae) but I have a East Coast/West Coast throw-down….stampin’ style going on…and YEP – more Blog Candy to end the week…my thanks for your amazing support to me!

Have a great day…..leave a comment and I will see you in the morning!



Blog Candy time…let’s Paint Play!





Happy Hump Day to you and do I have a fun and flirty little number for you today but before we get going I have 2 SUPER important things to go over……are you ready!!!

  • The Daisy Delight Bundle IS BACK IN STOCK….ok stampers – I think that we can all say that there has never been an item that has been so popular than this HOT duo. If you do not already have this, than this IS your time to hop on the stampin’ wagon. It not only is a “smart stamper” to get it before it potentially goes on back order again ( I hope not)…but you are so close to being about to earn a bonus day buck! This is the featured product for my weekend post and trust me, you need it!


  • We have a BLOG CANDY WINNER from yesterday! Are you ready….get ready to slide that chair back if you are PAT ROPCHAN and if you are Pat… need to GET UP and DO IT…..DO THAT HAPPY DANCE!!!! Pat – you won the Watts of Occasion Stamp Set! I just adore that stamp set and I know you will enjoy it as well! Please email me your address and I will ordered this FUN stamp for you!



Many thanks to ALL for leaving a comment but remember…It’s CANDYLAND all week long on my blog so you will have more chances to win – my thanks to YOU for the support and sheer fun we have together!

Now let’s get to todays post and the Blog Candy for you. How many of you have this little number???…chances are you buzzed right past this in the catalog. It is call Paint Play and it can be found on page 161.

I like to feel that I know my customer pretty well and if my hunch is correct – you all flew right past this little number! This is why I love it….it is FRESH…it is FUN….it is soooooo VERSATILE….it’s just a KEEPER. This is a great example of a stamp set that will go far as when in doubt….there are always lots of images in this one that you could add to another project to give it that “something that you need” 







As I shared yesterday, I have a dreadful summertime cold (most likely from being in a plane for so long) and because none of the dogs were coming to my pity party yesterday I decided to turn the music up and stamp with fun color to perk me up….. and it worked.

I must say, I LOVE this card. This is the 1st time that I have inked up this stamp and I was excited to take it for a test drive. Before we get to the pictures and blog candy for today….let’s chat about conditioning your stamp. As I shared,  this is the 1st time that I have used this stamp so I needed to condition it!






Now before you SIGH….hear me out – trust me, I get it…that time thing gets in the way. I ask you this….would you rather take the time NOW when you have a new stamp set and condition it for a clean and crisp stamped image or take the chance of being frustrated in not having a clean stamped image? I know what my answer would be! 💡

We all spend good money on our products so why not have them work to your advantage? I know that I have blogged about this many times but it also is something that I get many emails about….this is what I do…


  • Stamp the image in versamark on a piece of scrap paper. (I usually use a discontinued color so I can see the image) and if it does not stamp well….I redo this again until I get the look I need.
  • I use my chamois to clean off my stamp (you really do not need to do this as it will not contaminate your ink) and then stamp it using a dark or bold color onto a piece of Whisper White Cardstock.


DONE… I have a quick reference for the actual size of an image within a stamp set and I also know that when I need to grab this stamp…it is already conditioned and ready to rumble!







Now I ask you…..isn’t this a super fun card! You can be your own Picasso and go to town with the color. At the end of the post you will see all of the colors that I used for this card! I just adore that POP of Bermuda Bay that I used and the contrast of the Early Espresso is great together.

Now how about that ribbon. I am over the moon with the ribbon this year and hold on to your pocketbook for the NEW RIBBON in the upcoming catalog….can you say AMAZING and yep, I will do a product/ribbon share.

This ribbon, the Powder Pink Woven Ribbon is a dream machine to work with! It just “behaves well” and I think you know what that means – a perfect bow each and every time! Truthfully, if Stampin’ Up! had this ribbon in every color….they would all be on Randall Lane!







Did you notice the DIY Designer Series Paper made from yours truly!?!? I was just having so much fun with this stamp that I decided to stamp away on a piece of Whisper White and use it on my envelope!

I took a 2 1/2″ X 6″ strip of paper and stamped it…added a strip of powder pink and a sliver of flirty flamingo for a POP and then trimmed the excess away! PRESTO!








Now for the Blog Candy…..leave me a comment and let me know if you condition your stamps???… you find it to be helpful???….if you have a different method, PLEASE SHARE –  but also, PLEASE let me know how you like this sweet card! (ha-ha)!!!



One lucky winner will win this stamp Set….

Paint Play….just leave a comment and GOOD LUCK!



Now HERE IS SOMETHING to take heart of and I will say that you really should view this as a great marketing strategy…..for every $50.00 you spend in July, you will receive a $5.00 coupon to use in August! That’s why hopping on the Daisy Delight Bundle would help you get closer to that threshold!




I LOVE this promotion and have taken advantage of it personally but if I were you……I would add that extra $25.00 to be able to pick a free stamp from my vault…..(just saying as there are 100’s of stamp sets needing a new home) WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?

I have finally “corralled” my retired product….and it is a CANDYLAND for YOU! When you enter the vault….you will be in heaven (I have several in there right now….so hurry and make your selection before it gets swooped up)

I have updated the Hostess Code and if your order is $75.00 or more with me….you can GO TO THE VAULT and pick out any stamp your heart desires. I did this last year and it was a huge hit….but now….it is STOCKED TO THE MAX….as it is up to date from the Catalog that ended on May 31st.




Good luck with the Blog Candy….I can’t wait to read your comments about the conditioning of your stamps and also how you like this card! Have a GREAT Hump Day and I am staying low for another day…..but watch out….hopefully tomorrow I will be back in the swing of things!







Woot-Woot I’m back with Blog Candy!




Good Tuesday to all and I will say that it feels great to be back in the saddle BUT….I wish that I physically felt better! It is July and I have a cold like people get in the heart of Winter…YUCK! I am excited to share with you some of the “fun” John and I had in Thailand and I decided to add a drop down box at the top of my blog so I am not clogging up blog space! (they should be up this afternoon….I need to talk to my dear helper, Brian Watt as you know me….technical difficulties with the computer)

I will continue to add some fun times and pictures as time warrants throughout the week but I can say…we arrived home late on Friday and we are both still out of wack with the time thing and then Sunday it happened….a cold from nowhere and I feel like a bowling ball!

Enough of the saga….let’s get to this sweet card…..a total “Susan kinda card” and while I was away I came to “truths with myself” and that is – I really do not care for the whole concept of Christmas in July.

While we were away…it was July…there was no push for the Christmas in July concept that the media loves to do, the stores and even “us, your bloggers” seem to do. I already made this sweet card up before I left and I do adore it so naturally I want to share it with you…but I am going to try to embrace the rest of July.

I was lucky enough to see the NEW Holiday Catalog and Stampin’ Up! spoiled us with many of the new products on the trip…(super de-de duper cute) but they will have their place in time…..just let the calendar go forward a bit more. The preorder does start for demonstrators on August 1st (and that is exciting) and of course…I will place my order but until then….I want to enjoy the goodies in the Annual Catalog.

This stamp set, Watts of Occasions is so much fun! I encourage you to pull that catalog out and turn to page 63. Isn’t it adorable? I am sure at first glance that it was breezed by but I do hope that you can see the fun it brings – to me, it is a smile maker stamp.







Click here to see another post that I did with this stamp.  😀

You all know that I adore square cards and yep, I do enjoy making custom envelopes for them using the envelope punch board but please remember, a 4 1/4″ square card (like this is) could easily fit into one of our regular envelopes therefore there would be no need for additional postage.

It’s a personal thing for me….I just love to jazz up an envelope and the custom size always makes someone feel special when they open their mailbox.






Once again, I am using the basics….WHAT??? Well where do I start….the trimmer, the big shot, the square framelits yada…yada – you see  – these good old basics always help you create a clean and crisp card!

On this card I think that I have really, really allowed the simple stamp and the classic houndstooth print of the DSP be the star of the show! I adore the classic feel and simplicity of this DSP….if they sold it in single sheets….darn, I would STOCK UP! 

You can see that I am trying to use this print sparingly but I just had to add it to the envelope to pull it all together! (I guess you could say that I am being frugal about it) but it works…actually like a charm! The gold foil paper and then the embossed piece adds soooooo much!







How about the gold heat embossing….super cute – right????? That always is a smile factor each and every time and you know how I adore my Bakers Twine…you can NEVER have enough of that!!!

After I had heat set the sentiment, I simply cut it into sections to make it a bit more whimsical over the card. This is something that I do not do a bunch but I will say that I like the look and feel!






I am just giddy over this card and I honestly think that it might be in the running for a Christmas Card that I would make in the masses to send out this year…..we have LOTS of time for that decision and we have many AMAZING new kids on the block coming our way very soon but there is the quirkiness of this card that tickles my fancy!

What do you do? Do you just make up 1 card and make multiples of it or do you make up several different cards? This is what I do…..I make up several different cards and then make up a dozen or more of the style…..I adore making up in the masses as it is sooooo rewarding and heck – I am used to it with my card kits….but there are times that I like to switch it up… about YOU?







Now let’s chat about Blog Candy! I shared with you that it is my turn to be the “Candy Man” for your amazing support to my Stampin’ Up! fun as without your support and inspiration that you give to me each and everyday….this amazing Thailand trip would not have been possible!

Everyday this week I am going to be the “sweetest person on earth with Blog Candy” and before we get to and am also “Sweetening the deal” with orders places with me.

I have updated the Hostess Code and if your order is $75.00 or more with me….you can GO TO THE VAULT and pick out any stamp your heart desires. I did this last year and it was a huge hit….but now….it is STOCKED TO THE MAX….as it is up to date from the Catalog that ended on May 31st.

I might not have had internet while we were flying and sitting at airports but I did have “Word” that I could work and get everything in order and I am a PROUD MAMA that the list is as good as it will ever get!




If you had already placed an order with me of $75.00+ this month, no worries….I will reach out to you and share the link for you to get your goodie. I know that you will be happy but also overwhelmed because it is a bunch and I am thrilled to have it in order.

Now for the Blog Candy…..leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about the Christmas in July media push…..does it get you excited????….does it get you sad/stressed????? but also, PLEASE let me know how you like this sweet card! (ha-ha)!!!



One lucky winner will win this stamp Set….

Watts of Occasions….just leave a comment and GOOD LUCK!



Now HERE IS SOMETHING to take heart of and I will say that you really should view this as a great marketing strategy…..for every $50.00 you spend in July, you will receive a $5.00 coupon to use in August!

I LOVE this promotion and have taken advantage of it personally but if I were you……I would add that extra $25.00 to be able to pick a free stamp from my fault…..(just saying as there are 100’s of stamp sets needing a new home)






When Susan’s away…it’s time for BLOG CANDY!


Yesterday I shared that I was “away” for some “continuing education” (ha-ha) with a fellow PAL and I am hoping to be able to hop on the computer later today to share with you what we are up to…trust me, it is going to be fun!

I thought – what could we do that would be FUN and I think I have a keeper for you! What will you win???? Well…how about this – you all know that the NEW CATALOG is right around the corner and you all know that we have 5 NEW IN COLORS….so how about a pack of the new in colors Cardstock and also a pack of the NEW MINI Stampin’ Dimensionals. (as soon as I can order them I will)

I have a feeling that there are going to be multiple people that guess the answers so if that is the case, I will use for the winner! I just love trivia so let’s see how you do!

Leave your comment and good luck!

  1. What is the name of Stamp Set that has been in the Catalog the longest?
  2. What is the most popular bundle from the Occasions Catalog?
  3. How many pages was the first Stampin’ Up Catalog?


This will be funny to see the answers. I called Stampin’ Up! to ask the questions and answers. Good luck and until later!

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