Meet Marvin, the mouse!




I need to say….it feel great to be back with a blog post! I just ADORE this stamp set and I can see that many of you do as well! We have met Maurice before, Click Here….and here is his cousin….Mr. Marvin.

You all know a couple of things about me….I LOVE Square Cards….and I LOVE to Water-Color with the Aqua Painters…and did you notice something???? I am using Very Vanilla to color on! WHAT?????

YEP, it is doable! Naturally you need to be careful not to have too much water on the paper but once you get into the groove, you will see that it can be done! I shared this card at the retreat that I went to and everyone was soooooooo surprised that it was just our good old Very Vanilla.






Below is the image of the stamp set and I think that we all can agree…it is ADORABLE and guess what – it is one of the stamps that are on sale (25% off) through the end of the month. just $12.75 (that deserves a woot-woot) Please click here to see all of the offerings of the stamps that are on sale this month!






I worked super hard to create a bunch of posts before I left for my travels and when I made this card, the stitched framelits were not released yet…IF I did this card over, I would have used the stitched dies…that would have been a perfect accent but it also worked out well with using some simple scoring lines on the sides.

I hope that looking at the below picture will give you some inspiration to give water coloring a try. When I get home, I will do a video for you as I get asked a bunch about this. Remember, you can add color so…..start lighter and then add some highlights if needed. It CAN be doneand better yet – YOU CAN DO IT….I think that this is just one adorable card!







I wanted to point out that when I adhered the embossed piece, I used Fast Fuse. I would not recommend using green glue as with the bumps of the embossing folder, it doesn’t do the best job.

How do you like the look of the (2) squares? I think that it is a super fun and classic look. Look how easy yet it really makes a POP!






I realize that there are many of you that do not like to add additional postage for a square card, and “I get it” but I just love the look of my envelopes and I also think that there is something special about receiving an odd size card/envelope! I use the envelope punch board for that and it is the best bang for your buck….a great tool that does many things!






Below is your picture for you to PIN AWAY! I am going to try to add the dimensions to the specific card I am blogging about for the day. AS I said before, I did all of these before I left home so all I had was the ruler on the trimmer (so…I think that I have them accurate). Tomorrow I will stop at a store to get a ruler!

Remember, all you have to do is hover over the picture and you should be able to click and pin away! So easy!





Here is a little funny for you….yesterday John called me in the middle of the day and said….WOW – you are happy….what’s up? I smiled and laughed and said…you have no idea how great it is to be around Horse Poop!!!! 🙂 

Being a a Horse Show…I am seeing all of my horse friends from the Barn in Virginia….I am seeing DOGS after DOGS and it is wonderful to be able to see Stanley go. Tom is showing him today and then Hannah will show on Friday and Saturday – I NEVER get tired of being around animals!

The other highlight for me is to be with Hannah, having an adult peep is great and we are having great “girl time” – it is super weird to have HER leave for work and I am behind…we are having a ball and I am in my glory being able to be at the show during the day! Life is great!

Have a fabulous day and I will see you back here tomorrow….I have a FABULOUS CARD that you can make for many, many occasions! Remember, jammie shopping is fun and on trend!!!!


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Simple Saturday!



Good Saturday morning…today – (and tomorrow) we can say with excitement….


There is a MOUSE in the house!!!

Isn’t is amazing the scare you get when you see a “real mouse” scoot across a room. Trust me, it has happened to me and probably to you! I just think that this is one of the sweetest stamp sets. I invite you to take a good and hard look at the precious expressions on their faces! ADORABLE




I bet that I can also look into my “Stampers Crystal Ball” and see that there are many of you that BREEZED right past this stamp set because the FEAR happened…


The fear of “I can’t watercolor”


Trust me….been there – done that and by all means I am not a pro at this but I will say that I have come to figure out some tips and tricks that make the whole darn process both rewarding and fun!

Let’s get into this card and I do hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see what is up my sleeve…I think that there will be some smiles!

Many people ask me….why don’t you use blender pens? Ready for the answer….


“I really do not know why I don’t”


I know that I need to give them a try as I know that there a ton of you out there that have amazing success so….I WILL try – when that “TIME” thing allows. I guess I feel like I have good success with the Aqua Painter so I guess you could say, I am a bit stuck as it is comfortable for me.

Years ago I was very mesmerized by the Aqua Painter – WHY? I was just amazed at how this simple “thing” with a brush on the end could produce amazing end results. I was super excited to give it a whirl and guess what – I DIDN’T LIKE IT….what???? – It did not work for me in MY eyes…my project and results were terrible. At this time, this is what I did with my Aqua Painter…


I used it to seal envelopes for a fundraiser/mailer!


Enjoy the photos that I have for you and I hope that these tips will help you.








  • Practice, Practice….PRACTICE – This is the single best tip that I can give you. I invite you to think of it in this way. I simply cannot tell you how many times I threw up my hands and said, I CAN’T DO THIS….the truth is YOU CAN with practice 🙂
  • Make sure you use an appropriate ink…I use out Black Archival Ink and since we have come out with this ink – this is what I use all the time when stampin’ with Black.
  • Before you tackle a masterpiece, start small and work to a bigger project. Try something that is doable…so you can get that INSTANT SUCCESS.
  • Do not put too much water in your Aqua Painter. I find that as you get determined to use this “thing” – you get squeeze happy ~ blob out water….and then there go those hands! (flying up in the air) 👿 
  • Have a piece of a paper towel ready to dap off excess and clean off your brush to pick up another color.
  • When you do your practicing….play with the way you hold the aqua painter in your hand with different pressures…it takes time but once you get the feel, it is like riding a bike – you’ve GOT IT!
  • If you go out of the black stamped image line – WHO CARES!?!? It is  work of art and trust me, no one will ever say…what an ugly card!





See you tomorrow…you are going to smile (I think & hope) 🙂


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A new month…no foolin’



Well…usually I am one that likes to play April Fools Day jokes/pranks on people but I must admit, I am ready for the calendar to turn to a new month. March for me was truly “March Madness”  filled with many peaks and valleys. I will be happy to watch the March Madness this weekend but personally I am glad that we are in a new month! 🙂

Every month I offer a both handmade card from me as well as a gift for purchases through me! I deeply appreciate your support to my Stampin’ Up! fun that I have and it is my pleasure to reward you with some handmade love!

The hostess code for this month is  4YXSRA9Y  and you will always be able to find it in the upper corner of my blog. Easy! 🙂  If you place and order with me that is $35.00+, I will send you this card and if your order is $75.00+ I will send you both; the card and an Aqua Painter.

You know my now that I adore water coloring and I want you to try it too. It is so easy and so rewarding! Below the pictures will help you step by step! Please click on the collage picture to make it larger (I think it will help you)



PicMonkey Collage


I know that this might look intimidating but truly it is not. I used to be so darn tootin’ scared of water coloring and then one day I just sat down and decided  – I CAN DO IT.…and yep I can and the best thing is….YOU CAN AS WELL!




I have blogged before about Micropore Tape…I love it and you can click here and see it at Amazon. You can see that it is cheaper to purchase it in 12 rolls….so go in with a friend. It is the BEST as your paper does not tear.

I just purchased  a cutting board at  Bed, Bath & Beyond and it works like a charm! Because you have used heat embossing…it is PERFECT as the color stays inside the embossed area.




Sorry the pictures are not the best, whites are super tricky and I took this in my work area where I do not have natural light 😡  but I think that you can get the idea….







Here is the “low down” on the card….but I would LOVE to send you one in the mail and then you will smile….PROMISE! 🙂  Naturally the sky is the limit with the colors you can use….another great way to use up DSP for your envelopes etc….




You can see that I did not put a sentiment on the card front. I thought that it was so pretty “just the way it is” that it really did not need one. What do you think? Could you see yourself trying to make this card? This would be a perfect card to make as a gift in a bunch of different color combinations and then give a bundle as a gift….Who wouldn’t love that!!!!

You can click here to see another post that I did with this great stamp set…I love the artistic look and feel of it!




Many thanks for a fabulous Sale~A~Bration season. It is wonderful to see you all get soooo excited (as I do) with the freebie stamp sets and goodies. I think that Stampin’ Up! did a great job with their offerings this year. We are back to our 2 day weekend posts….I think that you will find it super simple yet super practical that you can make with so many DSP scraps you have! (I know you have them…after all – we are stampers) 🙂



Grab the Popcorn….it’s video time!


I WISH THAT YOU COULD SEE MY FACE….I am frowning as I put a lot of work into the editing of this video and I erased all of the editing……I am soooo bummed as I worked hard but as you will read below – I am NOT getting a Golden Globe for this one – One thing I will promise is NEXT WEEK – you will see a HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!!! I am determined to do this video thing!

Here is the link for you to watch….. “judgment FREE zone” xoxox to all!

I typed all of the below yesterday as I was waiting and waiting for my video to load to have me be CLICK HAPPY and erase all of my edits!!!! Please come to my pitty party!

Well….I did it – a video for you! I have done videos in the past for my Stamp of the Month Card Kits (but they had a private link as they are really, really primitive) and you have seen me do some product share ones but it is my goal to hit the video trail this year as I have soooooo much to “show and tell” you – I always loved that time in Kindergarten. (Did you SHOW or TELL?) (I can’t wait to read Chris R.’s answer – I know it will be a hoot)

I hope that you like the video and also find it helpful! I think that it is a super fun card and I apologize in advance as I totally realize that I am not going to Golden Globe Award on my video but you have to start somewhere…right? I am determined to share with you my love and details in paper crafting with videos this year.

With water-coloring the BEST TIP I can give you is practice, practice and then practice some more! PLEASE do not throw away anything that you did….I know exactly how I felt when I started with those darn aqua painters and now they are my “blue friends” (I have names for my SU tools). I know that mine are a far cry from an over the top creation but guess what?



I LIKE THEM and when I look at cards I do with watercolor, I AM PROUD OF THEM and then guess what????

I SMILE…..(really, really big) – that’s what it is all about….right?????

Here is the scoop on the card for you to CASE away….and I hope that you do as this is a super cute stamp set! It is new in the Occasions catalog and it is called appropriately, Beautiful Ride….


  • The Base is a good old A-2 Card base 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″ in THICK Whisper White (once you start with this – YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK!)
  • The “ultimate” size of the Water Color Paper is 5″ X 3 3/4″
  • The Sahara Sand is 5 1/4″ X 4″
  • The colors of ink I used were, Marina Mist, Soft Suede, Sahara Sand, Rose Red, Basic Gray

I think the rest of the scoop is explained in the video, as always – please feel free to email me if you have any specific questions or just want to say HI! In the below you will see all of the products that I used. I know when you see this HUGE lump – you say – I do not want to get all of this….I HEAR YOU…I HEAR YOU…..

I mentioned in the video a couple of products that I ADORE….and I highly recommend them as they work GREAT for what we do – I am ALL ABOUT EASE and when I find something that works for me…of course, I need to share it with YOU!

Micropore Tape  – In this packaging you get 12 rolls – you can see that it is super inexpensive….go in with a friend – you will love it!

White Fun Foam –  As I said in the video I am sure you can find it cheaper but I just love the convenience of Amazon…I usually get things next day! I totally encourage you to try this…I LOVE the feel of the card….you will as well!



As my wonderful son said, “Start small…think BIG” – I just love that saying and trust me, you can switch things up with what you have and I know that it will be an amazing work of art….because it is from your heart!!!!! (Honestly, this is why I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator) – to get all of the stuff I wanted and “just had to have” and then I was GONE……well I am still here and I am amazed…..

In a MILLION YEARS I would not of imagined blogging and in a BILLION YEARS I would not have imagined doing a video….but heck – here I m and I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to my You Tube Channel so you will not miss any “Golden Tarnished Awards” from me!

Stampin’ hugs……here is to the weekend…guess what? Life is a Beautiful Ride!

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You’re gonna smile!



When this stamp set came out…I smiled. How can you not smile when you see this adorable frog? It does not get any easier than this ~ a simple square card with a simple focal stamp!


You can see that I masked off the sentiment that is with this image but then I easily placed another sentiment from the Endless Thanks Photopolymer Set which makes it super easy to line up!




The card is a 4" square card and I did use the watercolor paper to make this dear little frog. I tend to use the Sahara Sand a bunch as it works for many projects! This little guy is so darn cute that you can not go wrong with many color combinations!

I took the super fun polka paper from the paper stack to make the POP happen easily. This color is so fun and fresh.




 I think the "fun factor" is the Bakers Twine…when I do this – I just takes pieces and press them against some snail to hold them tight and then the stampin' dimensionals did the trick? Easy = it works!




I wanted to give a "little something sweet" to my friend so I jazzed up the paper pumpkin from September and I think it did the trick….what do you think?

I used another stamp from the Endless Thanks along with the Cucumber Crush 1" Dotted Lace Trim  to add that extra special touch that is the "icing on the cake".




Envelope Punch Board to the rescue….so fast and easy and the liner….WOW – so affordable. This is a thinner paper and it is super fun and easy to use! The scrolling store will help guide you with a simple click to duplicate this sweet card!





I hope that you have a great day and that this card/project put a smile to your face! I thank you for your time, I thank you for your support and I encourage you to pop back tomorrow as I have a SPECIAL for you! It is the 2 day post that you all seem to love!

Until tomorrow!



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Do you have an Aunt Jean?


I know…I know – this is a weird title for todays post but today is a very special day for a very special person….my wonderful "Aunt Jean" and she is turning 88 today! I have blogged about her before and trust me…if we are all so fortunate to be 88 – you want to be like "Aunt Jean" ?

I knew that a sweet card like this will not only make her smile, she will look at it for days and days with joy. She misses James so….as he lived in Raleigh, the city where dear Aunt Jean lives….I have shared with you what a "keeper" James is…he would have dinners with her….go change light bulbs for her….clean the gutters for her….they truly had a special relationship (which totally warms my heart)

There are 2 stamp sets for today….the FUN You're Sublime and Endless Birthday. Don't forget that we have so many different stamp sets that can work well together and I also think we go through times that we "have a creative block" so mixing things up makes you "pep" up!


You can see in the above image, there is a sentiment above the adorable wheel barrel of flowers. I simply took a piece of masking tape (I just use that blue low tack tape) and then stamped it up with Versa Mark as before we get to watercoloring, we are going to heat emboss this on the Watercolor paper.

I love to heat emboss when I am using the Aqua Painters as the "embossed edge" as a "dam" and the watercoloring does not seem to run as much. (now realize there are many times that we like that messy look, but today I wanted to try to keep it contained!)


Please do not get overwhelmed when you see the long list of products that I used for todays card. The best analogy that I can give you is….when you see a recipe that has a TON of ingredients….most of the time we shy away – BUT – if we try it and through the process we say, "Now that wasn't too bad" than you will come back and do it again! The same is with these products.

When you are watercoloring…you seem to use lots of different colors to get the "just right look" BUT GUESS WHAT? – any look is great – no stressing just practice and practice and you will get more confident and be super proud of yourself!


I had lots of fun coloring this for Aunt Jean. Coloring is soooooo relaxing to me – I have absolutely no clue as to what is right and what is wrong….I just GO FOR IT and I hope that you give it a try as well.

When you are trying to get a different contrast in colors…let the lighter shade dry quickly (it doesn't take too long) before adding a deeper color. In the list below, you will easily be able to tell the colors that I used.

To add ground, I used the Sahara Sand and then went over with the Crumb Cake. Because the Endless Wishes Stamp set is a photopolymer, it is super easy to curl the sentiment to get it "just right"


The overall card size is a 4 1/2" Square (I've been hooked on this size lately) and I think the color combo (Pool Party, So Saffron and Soft Suede work together well.)

I wanted a special little touch so I thought that a button and a simple Bakers Bow would be perfect….what do you think – was it a fun touch!?!?


I know that having a fun envelope in the Pool Party with these fun polka dots will make Aunt Jean smile.

Here is a fun fact that will make you smile – she is a DIE HARD "Tar Hills" Fan… she went to Chapel Hill and still goes to watch Basketball Games and even drives a TAR HILLS BLUE Car….is that too cute or what!


Later in September I will be driving Stanley (the horse) to Raleigh for a show and Hannah will come to meet me and guess what??? – we will stay with Aunt Jean as we both think that she is the best thing since sliced bread!!! It is not only FUN to stay with her, it is a joy as she is so beautiful in many, many ways….being with her is a life lesson!

Bring some sunshine to someone today and I do hope that you are blessed to have a special person like Aunt Jean in your life!

Until tomorrow!

p.s. – HJ….if you are popping on today, can you please email me…..I had an issue with your address and do not know how to get in touch with you!

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