Step it up Sunday!


Happy Sunday and this is a double whammy special day for me! WHY? First, I am super excited and honored to be the guest stamper for Mary Fish! If you are coming from Mary’s blog…WELCOME and I hope that you find today’s post inspiring and fun! I am continuing to learn and I am constantly inspired my Mary’s energy, talent and over the top leadership she provides to the PALS!

The 2nd reason I am super happy is that get to share with you today’s 2nd part of my 2 day post, Step It Up Sunday! If you missed yesterdays post, please click here and you will see the differences of the 2-day post that I do on weekends!

Let’s get into the trenches…and see this super cute card! Below I have collaged together the (2) different cards side by side and I have added some comments. Click on the picture to enlarge it to read!

PicMonkey Collage


You can see that there is not a huge difference but I feel strongly that you can do “little things” that “do make a difference”…some days we are short of time and are very focused on “getting it done” and then there are other times that we like to add a little more.


Whatever your style is just roll with it and have fun! Remember, rules and expectations are out the door…we all have talent and a gift – just use yours and shine!

As touched on in the above photo today’s biggest difference is that I used the new In Color Envelope Paper as a focal mat. Stripes are always so much fun and they certainly set the tone. This paper is a dream to work with and I still am in shock it is so darn affordable!


The Whisper White piece is a 3 1/4" square and then today I used the Simply Scored in a vertical mode to mimic the stripes on the DSP . I just think that doing embossing lines like this adds so much with such little effort – I am all for that!

The Rich Razzleberry is a 3 1/2" square.

I know that some of you are not “fussy cutters” …., I fussy cut the vase as well as the flowers. The vase is a breeze…. true the flowers are a bit more time consuming but you do not have to be perfect as the stamped image underneath will hide any imperfections!


Using just wee piece of stampin’ dimensional…I popped up the flower for some extra fun and depth.

The bow was easy and I thought today I would do a super quick addition of a rich razzelberry candy dot….I love these gems!

Lastly and one of my loves…the envelope! Today I used the Envelope Punch Board as well as the NEW In Color Envelope Paper…it worked out beautifully and you can easily see black in on the envelope but I would use a white gel pen to address it.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! Do you have a favorite? Did yesterdays post do the trick or did todays! Please leave me a comment and let me know! I personally cannot think you could go wrong with either one.

As I said in yesterday post, I know that many of you are not “feeling the love” with the Delightful Dijon color…please give it a try – I think that it will surprise you. I think that it is a fabulous color – trust me, I’ll continue to blog about it and you will change your mind!

I emailed everyone yesterday acknowledging that I received his or her request for the New Product Share.  If you did NOT receive an email from me, please let me know.  If you still want to take part in the share….GREAT – you can click here and see the offerings.

Many thanks for popping in and a HUGE thanks to those who paid a visit from Mary's Blog…she is one special and amazing lady and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be her guest stamper this week!

Tuesday will be here…ZOOM – YIPPEE…please remember to email me if you want your own Hostess Code to take advantage getting a hostess earnings/stamp sets….the best thing is that the products will be shipped directly to your family and friends…and because you reached out to get the orders – you get the rewards!

Enjoy the day!



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Show & Tell Saturday!


It's the weekend and you know what that means…part #1 of my (2) day post….today being the "Show and Tell Saturday" where I will provide you a clean, simple and classic card and then tomorrow I will share with you the "stepped up" version! (There usually are not too many major changes, I just like to share with you how you can make some simple "tweaks" to make it different!)

The star stamp set is a NEW Hostess Stamp Set called Floral Wings. Darn, I wish you could see it…(but Tuesday will be here super quick) as it is one beautiful stamp set! It comes complete with 10 photopolymer stamps and the butterfly…well you'll be "fluttering" when you see this beauty!


Let's get going as this is a super sweet card!

  • The overall size is a 4" square card in whisper white.
  • The NEW In Color of Delightful Dijon (now I realize that many of you are not "keen" on this color…but I think it looks super-de-duper!) The size is a 3 7/8" square and then I scored the sides at 1/8" all the way around with the Simply Scored and I did it so the embossed lines are "up"
  • The next piece of whisper white is a 3 1/2" square and this fits perfectly in the Delightful Dijon. In the below pictures you will see the "type A" in me…I stamped the sentiment and then had stamped the vase on a scrap piece of paper to i it out.



  • The colors I used are Island Indigo, Rich Razzleberry, Pear Pizzazz and Delightful Dijon. I just love the fact that this stamp set gives you the ability to stamp the stem where and how high you want it…and then the flower is separate as well.


  • It is not hard at all to cut the vase out…I personally think that this adds a bunch. I will say that I do like to stamp the underneath as show in the above photos as I like if you see from the side…you can see the vase!
  • The bow was a simple piece of bakers twine doubled up and tied into a bow. I used a glue dot to adhere it in place. I use Bakers Twine a bunch, it is always so easy to work with!


  • Lastly, the envelope….the wonderful envelope! Making a square one is a cinch with the Envelope Punch Board…when I was making it I thought….I paid under $20.00 for this wonderful tool and when I think of how many times I have used it…I feel like I should be paying Stampin' Up! back!!!
  • I used the NEW envelope paper for the outer flap and yes – I did use the "green glue" and it works fine with this paper….(this paper is much thinner)


Well…thoughts my friends? This is just one happy card that can easily be made into all different sizes. I cannot wait for you to see the hostess sets with the new catalog – they are all fun!

If you have friends and family that like Stampin' Up! why don't you contact me and I will give you your own special hostess code so YOU can reap the benefits of being a hostess and get a great stamp set. The best thing is that if you have a friend that lives across the country…that's o..k. – Stampin' Up! ships each order directly to them and YOU get to reap the benefits.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the hostess code etc…..Speaking of Hostess Codes….if you are placing an order from me this month please use the code K3VX2TKD and you will have a chance to win the hostess winnings for all orders placed. The last day is May 31st.


Remember, this is the card that I will send to you as my thank-you….I just ADORE this stamp set and as I have blogged about this before….the punch is being carried over but the stamp set is not…so – if I were you…I would buy it as a bundle as you will save 15% and have this amazing stamp set!

I will be emailing you today and tomorrow for a confirmation for the Product Share requests I have received….please let me know if you are interested in a share as I will order Tuesday morning…PRONTO!

I hope to see you tomorrow – I know you'll love it!

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Fun Friday….

**** This is a 2 or maybe 3 cup of coffee post….but it is the "real me" – Yesterday I had trouble with my Truck and Trailer (thank goodness I did not have any horses in it) but I sat at a Repair Place for over 3 hours and there was no Internet…Microsoft Word was my friend….so the only picture is one that I used the other day – I did a copy and paste…here you go – I truly hope you enjoy!***


Good Morning and as promised on Monday post is going to be both fun and I hope helpful!

  • The “must have’s" to get ready for the new catalog
  • My Top picks for “must haves" from the new catalog in supplies

Going back to Tuesday’s Post I want to add some comments to questions that I have been asked. I was so happy that you enjoyed that post and I hope that I helped you to see what works for me.

Remember, this system works for me and I say if you have one that works for you…STICK WITH IT! We all do things differently. I do feel adamant that a system is imperative…you will be a lot happier and you will use a lot less paper….USE UP THOSE SCRAPS my friends!

For the Storage Bin…

  • Does the paper warp when hanging in these file bins? NO, I never had any problems what so ever and I have used this method for years, (even when I was a Creative Memories Consultant)
  • You said that you used (2) bins before…WHY???When I was storing both the full sheets and the scraps, I found that I needed (2) bins to accommodate all 50 papers we have. I used one folder for the full sheets of paper, and then right behind that I used another folder for the scraps of that color. Now that I am just using this method for scraps, I am sure that I could get by with (1)
  • How do you pick the colors to group together?Everyone has their own preference…. some like to do it by blues, reds, etc…. but I do it by color families! That just seems to roll with me. I look at the catalog and place them in there just as they are lined up in the catalog.
  • Why don’t you just keep full sheet and scraps together in one file? Hmmm…you could easily do that but I find that when I did that I was always pulling out paper and then the scraps would slide out all over the place. I think that it is easier to pull up the “scraps” folder and peak inside to see if I have a size I need before going to a full sheet!

To the Round Containers…

  • Could you put a strip of paper around the edge of the container and then place a sticker? Absolutely and what a great idea. If I had the storage container that Stampin’ Up! sell…I would probably do that as it would be super easy to spin around the caddy and you could easily see what’s inside.
  • What else do you put in these containers? Hmmmm…well all sorts of odds and ends! As I said in my post, I have them in a drawer with the buttons stacked up….the brads in another row….then I do put rubber bands, paper clips, thumb tacks…I just find the size super handy.
  • How do you adhere the 2½ circle to the plastic? I found that some simple glue dots work the best. For the 2” circle I just use a wee bit of mono glue.

Let’s move on to the topic today: The “must haves” to be ready for the new catalog – they are in no particular order rather they are in my head and I seem to do best by just writing as I think!


  • You need a plan. O.k. – I can already hear many of you laughing and saying PLAN…WHAT'S A PLAN! Please do not click me off and I do hope that you can leave a comment so we can get some healthy conversation going. (Chris…I know that you are going to leave a hoot of a comment, that's what I adore about you!!!!)

We all have craft spaces in all different sizes…amounts of products etc….and that is great and that is life! One thing that I do hear over and over (and I must admit, I have been guilty as charged) is that we have "stuff" that  – (1)we don't realize that we have, (2) have no clue what to do with,(3) look at it and say, maybe it will come back around and I will like it then!


  • Decision – Take some time and imagine what you want your craft room to look like…(not the dream craft room….I am saying work with what you have) Figure out what stresses you….figure out what's not working…Then MAKE A LIST of all of these things.
  • Discipline – Tell yourself that you are going to dedicate "X amount" of time to be able to start to work on the list. Make sure that your times are not HUGE…set small, do-able time frames….if you make them too long, you will become resentful! Be true to yourself and work at the times you dedicated to do this.
  • Determination – Sit back down and take some time and imagine what your area will look like when it is completed….how you will feel being free of clutter and now being organized etc….Now set a GOAL to when this needs to be completed….and once you have worked towards that goal….REWARD YOURSELF….When you are determined to do something that is a stretch for you…than you need to be gentle to yourself and make sure that you reward yourself….take a picture…take it all on with how it feels!

To get ready for the new catalog and the new goodies that you will be purchasing….I first say – KNOW WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE….now once you do the above steps that we've talked about than you already have a good idea of what you have and perhaps you have "purged" some things that you no longer use (I am going to touch on this later)

I always organize my stamps alphabetically. (I do keep the single stamps together on a separate shelf as the boxes are a different size)

When we do come out with a new catalog (like the holiday or occassions), I then keep those stamps on a different shelf so they do not get mixed in with the Big Catalog (annual) ones.

If you do not have a shelf…find a container or something that is not too deep so you can see the spine of the stamp sets…a CD rack/shelf works. I just do better with being in order alphabetically.

I then take my catalog and go in the back to the Stamp Index Section and out comes the highlighter – I highlight the stamp sets that I have in the catalog and then flip to the corresponding page and highlight the stamp name. This way as I flip through my catalog, I can see exactly what I have.

Have a "need to order list" at your work area. You can click here to have a list that Stampin' Up created.How many times are we working with something to find out that we did not have enough or are running low…by having this list, you can go right to it when you need to order!

I am going to be much more selective on the stamp sets that I purchase. This is what I am going to do – Look at it and then say…can I make this set work for at least 3 cards/projects? If so, than it is a possibility.We simply cannot get or need everything!

Remember yesterday's post….I have already used that stamp set (3) different times…this is a goal that I am hoping to do to inspire you to think out of the box.

The next part of today's post is…

Top picks for “must haves from the new catalog in supplies…

This is the fun part, the one that we can all start to get excited about …even though we have not seen the goodies ourselves yet…it's kind of like being a kid again and dreaming of what it would be like….

Here are my tops that I think are going to be must haves (remember, I have no stamps here)….and really I am sure that there are going to be more items added once I get them and play with them!

  • Metal Rimmed Pearls  -  these are just beautiful and just so darn classic!
  • Thick Bakers Twine – I love this as it makes a great touch to a simple card!
  • 5/8" Striped Cotton Ribbon – because this is in the In Colors, I think that this ribbon is going to tie like a dream and I can see it being perfect on gifts and 3-D boxes.
  • Tear & Tape Adhesive – YES….we all know that we LOVE sticky strip…but this is going to be amazing that you do not need scissors!
  • Whisper White Thick CardstockTHANK YOU…THANK YOU STAMPIN' UP! (We really, really needed this – woot-woot!)
  • The Envelope PaperLOVE the weight and feel and it is sooooo darn affordable – I am hoping that this is going to be a HUGE hit and we get more color collections!
  • Paper StacksYES – they are now in a NEW size…6 X 6 and we have (3) new prints! – YES!!!!
  • The Designer Series Paper StacksTHIS IS A FABULOUS CHANGE-UP! What is NEW? Stampin' Up! has made fabulous prints….so fresh and fun…
  • Punches – my favorites from just looking….here are a couple – Banner Triple (I have this and have used it – LOVE IT!)…Washi Label Punch (I think that this will be fabulous for sentiments), Tree Builder ( fun, fresh and versatile), 1 1/2 Circle Punch (just have to have all of the circle punches – PUNCHES ARE SPEED TOOLS!
  • Paper – You know that we have (5) different color collections of cardstock…the best tip I can give you is to purchase the cardstock in the color families….it is super affordable and you will get (2) pieces of each color, this will give you a great feel to what colors you gravitate to!

O.k – enough! You know that I could go on and on but these above items to me are "supplies" as these are a great group of products that make "clean and simple" card making a breeze.

Remember, that many of my favorites are included in my Product Shares and this gives you an opportunity to take a test drive on them without breaking the bank!

Now if you have the new catalog in your HOT LITTLE PAWS….you can click here and then print it off and use it as a handy reference to you in "pulling together" your favorites and your "must haves".

I am ending with this thought…wouldn't you be wondering why a friend would not tell you about a hot sale?

Well…I am your friend and if you add up all of the goodies that you want…and if it remotely comes anywhere near kit cost…just kick those tires and have you will get a great perk….2 free stamp sets….now that is a great carrot!

I truly love what I do and I would love to have you!


p.s. – I did not touch on the DSP's….there are ALWAYS amazing (as always) and I am super happy that there are several that coordinate with Very Vanilla!!!

p.p.s. – My Trailer was fixed and I am back on the road!

PPA Day!


You know what Thursday are…it is time for a Pals Paper Art Challenge and this week it is a sketch! Once again, I think the talented Nicole Watt was trying to make me work overtime on this sketch! I scratched my head a bit and then said to myself – JUST DO IT!

This is from the new stamp set called Friendly Wishes and starting next Tuesday, you will be able to order this! The is the 3rd post I have blogged about using this stamp set! My goal is to share with you many different ways to maximize your stamp set. Please click here and then here to see the other 2 post and WOW – they are all so different!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 3.13.46 PM

Let's get to it! I think that the end result is a fun and fresh card that anyone would adore to receive! I wanted to push myself to use a focal color that I have not used in a while….so the pick for today was Rich Razzleberry.


The yummy stripe paper is a new paper called, Envelope Paper (how original!!!) but it can be used for sooo much more than making liners for your envelope! There are 2 things that I really love about this paper.

  • I love the weight, much thinner than our regular DSP and the finish on it is wonderful.
  • I love that it is super affordable – You will get (12) 12 x12 sheets for just $6.00

I would suggest that you "try it" on my New Product Share, I am offering it in both color families that will be available…for just $4.00 – how can you go wrong!?


As I said before, I was stumped on the sketch so I thought – go out of the box….just tear the paper! This is something that I do not do a bunch of but I do like the effect. Remember to tear towards you (slowly) so you can see the fibers of the paper….super quick….super easy!

I know that I have said this before….but I need to say it again – the Banner Triple Punch needs to be on your top 5 new products from the new catalog. It is fabulous! It is meant to cut (3) different sizes of banners but like I did here today, you can use ANY width of paper…just line the point up!


How about this fun bow!?!? I enjoy using bakers twine and I think when you double (or even triple) it up to tie a simple sow, the end result is great.

All I did here was to tie a bow and then take several pieces of twine, lay it on top of the bow and then using the tails of the bow, tie the little pieces on! Glue dot to the rescue – a fun and festive bling!


The image has "just a wee bit" of fun to do with the aqua painters! You could easily use the markers directly or the blender pens but I am a fan of the aqua painter. Just that little bit of Mint Macaron and the Rich Razzleberry is all that we need!

A quick mat of paper…stampin' dimensionals on the back and DONE…..Well…CONFESSION TIME….It was this point that I looked at my card and I thought….something is missing… my opinion there was too much razzleberry and then I thought – take the heart stamp…and stamp it here and there with the same color and wow – what a difference!


I am sure that we all have a great friend that we could send this card to….this is a great example of why purchasing stamp sets that have great sentiments are true winners! You can easily change out the paper and color scheme and you will aways have a "blue ribbon" winner card!

Thanks for popping in and feel free to email me if I can help you! I truly wish that you would consider being a hobby stamper with me…there are so many incredible products in the new catalog, it would be a cinch to get that kit filled with your favorites!


Please make sure that you pop back to the 1st post I did yesterday….it is super clear that Roberta's card touched many of you and I adored her comments….AMAZING! I would LOVE for her to do a blog post for me sharing her method of making the clouds! Just beautiful!

The above "ring of paper fun" is what Roberta won….the is such an amazingly handy tool….what I call a speed tool as it has all 60 of our current papers on one tidy ring! You can find it on my product share post.

You'll LOVE tomorrows post! Until then……

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Product Share time!


+++This is my 2nd post today….please click here to see the 1st one as there is one great card on there+++

This is the BEST time for you to be able to "get a taste" of the NEW STUFF and see what you like…it is a SUPER-DE-DUPER opportunity for you to get a real feel of the new catalog.

Taking advantage of a product share is the best way for you to have the newest paper, newest ribbon and "speed tools" to make you creating time more enjoyable and productive!

I know that there is a lot to "take in" but I hope that you can find some "new friends" and also I am including a couple of "old product share friends"! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Before I get into the specifics of my offerings, please know that I am not allowed to show you pictures from the new catalog until it is released next week but I think that you know me well enough, that my offerings are solid ones that I believe in and ones that I feel you would like!

Share #1 – Swatch Books:  – $32.50 (for all 13 collections of new paper)


With the new catalog there are 13 new collections that will be made into swatch books…to me – these are an INVALUABLE TOOL and one that I simply could not have in my work area! A daily go-to!

For just $2.50 per swatch book, you will have all of the info you need….the DSP name, item #, price, colors that coordinate…this in itself deserves a WOOT-WOOT!




Share #2 – Designer Series Paper Stacks Swatch Books $16.00 (for all 5 collections)


If you follow my blog, you already know that I absolutely ADORE these stacks as I think that they are the BEST and EASIEST way to make a project/card "sparkle"…WHY??? when you are working with something and there is not a DSP collection that blends…pull these out and PRESTO – an instant WOW!

Stampin' Up! has come out with new designs and I have blogged already about these and I think that Stampin' Up! hit a HOME RUN with the prints! They are just fabulous.

Having these in a swatch book make it super easy for creating and if you are a demonstrator, these are fabulous to have to show customers all of the collections in a handy swatch book…WOWZERS – a great tool and a great and "space saving" way to show all that we offer!

Also, if you are like me – there are times that as you use up these paper stacks that the sheets go here and there and even though I keep each collection separate in my storage area, I often question myself as to the color so having a swatch book makes matching a breeze!

Same information that I have in the paper swatches…a real "speed tool" for us! In this offering…you will receive 4 collections for just $16.00, $4.00 per collection….BRIGHTS, NEUTRALS, SUBTLES, REGALS and the IN-COLORS are FREE!



Share #3 – Card Stock of FUN on a ring! $8.00


I had this super useful "speed tool" (as I like to call it) the last time I did a product share and it is a must have! The color coach is going bye-bye and that is sad but I like having actual pieces of the card stock on one handy ring. (there is just something about seeing and feeling the paper in person)

I have all of the collections on one ring and there are dividers in between the color families. Each piece of card stock has the name and the color family it belongs to.


This is a perfect tool to keep handy in your work area as you do not have to pull out whole sheets of paper and also if you want to take the paper off the ring and see them side by side….presto!!!

If you are a demonstrator, this is a perfect way to show all of our paper!


Share #4 – Designer Series Paper 1/2 sheets (6" X 12") and full size (6" X 6" – paper stacks) $32.50


  • You will receive (54) 1/2 sheets of the (9) different collections that are offered
  • 1/4 sheets of the Color Me Irresistible Specialty DSP (sorry, they only give us (1) sheet in each pattern so I need to cut it into 1/4"'s)
  • (36) full sheets of the new paper stacks…LOVE the fact that these are now 6" X 6"



Share #5 – Designer Series Paper Stacks in 1/2 sheets -$28.00


These are so hot (in my opinion) that they sizzle!!! HOME RUN with these and I know….if you were to order them – WOWZERS…it would be a bunch(as they are $22.00 per color collection) so I am taking the collections and offering you a taste in 1/2 sheets!

You simply can not go wrong with these gems! Just LOVE them!

  • You will receive (50) 1/2 sheets of 6" X 12" paper. (All 5 color collections)


Share #6 – Envelope Paper $4.00


This is a new paper for us and it is much thinner than our regular DSP but do not let that fool you! It can be used for soooo much more than envelopes! The finish of the paper is fantastic and the value….WOW!

I love the fact that one side is a solid color and the other has either the woodgrain or the super fun stripes!

  • You will receive a 1/2 sheet (6" X 12") in the In Colors (as shown in the picture)
  • A 1/2 Sheet (6" X 12") in the Neutrals offerings of Kraft, Whisper White and Very Vanilla.


Let's get to the Ribbon!


Share #7 – 3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon $12.00

We had this ribbon in the "In Colors" before and now it is being offered in 5 new colors! This ribbon is so easy to work with and the finish of the ribbon is just beautiful.

Here is a picture of the ribbon from the last catalog.

Screen shot 2014-08-24 at 11.23.29 PM

You will receive 2 ½ yards in each of these colors:

  • Basic Black – YES…we needed this!
  • Crumb Cake – We love our good old neutrals!
  • Melon Mambo – woot-woot!
  • Pacific Point – we needed a great blue ribbon
  • Whisper White – A classic at it's best!


Share #8 – Thick Bakers Twine  – $5.00

I think we all know what Thick Bakers Twine looks like and I am THRILLED that we have 5 new additions! I think that this is so easy to work with and when you need a quick something….a simple bow and glue dot works!

You will receive 3 yards of each color.

  • Bermuda Bay
  • Calypso Coral
  • Cherry Cobbler
  • Smokey Slate
  • Very Vanilla


Share #9- 5/8" Striped Cotton Ribbon– $9.00

Darn, I wish that I could share with you this picture in the catalog….this is a new ribbon for us and I love the fact that it is a cotton ribbon as I am sure that this is going to be a dream to work with!

You will receive 2 1/2 yards of each color.

  • Blackberry Bliss
  • Hello Honey
  • Lost Lagoon
  • Mossy Meadow
  • Tangelo Twist


Share #10- 1" Dotted Lace Trim $9.00


YEAH! I get to share a picture! I know that you have seen this on many blogs as we were able to pre-order this and WOW – it is beautiful…so soft…just divine!

You will get 1 1/4 yards of each of the following colors:

  • Cucumber Crush
  • Delightful Delight
  • Mint Macaron
  • Tip Top Taupe
  • Watermelon Wonder

Share #11 – 1/4" Cotton Ribbon – $20.00

Screen shot 2014-08-24 at 11.23.03 PM


I know that this ribbon has been in the catalog but hands down, it is a very popular ribbon for not only the incredible colors…but it is so easy to work with.

I decided to include this again in my shares as I know that there are "newbies" to Stampin' Up! (welcome) and this is the best way to get a great assortment of this great ribbon.

You will receive 2 ½ yards in each of these colors:

  • Blushing Bride
  • Daffodil Delight
  • Early Espresso
  • Island Indigo
  • Marina Mist
  • Melon Mambo
  • Pear Pizzazz
  • Pool Party
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Real Red
  • Rich Razzleberry 
  • Whisper White


Share #12 – Embellishments!!! – $5.00

I have selected (3) different items to offer to you. Darn, again I wish that I could show you a picture but you are going to have to trust me on this one.

This is what you will get with this share.

  • In Color Blossom Accents – these are adorable resin flowers that are in the new in colors…you will get 1 of each color….Cucumber Crush, Delightful Dijon, Mint Macaron, Tip Top Taupe and Watermelon Wonder
  • Expressions Natural Elements – a 3 D sentiment in the following words: Congrats, Thanks and Celebrate.
  • Metal Rimmed PearlsTHESE ARE GOING TO BE THE HOTTEST NEWBIE! I love them and I know that you will to! You will get (6) of these gems…(2) in each of the sizes offered! Just beautiful – a pearl with a silver rim – classic!



 WHEW….I know that this is a TON to digest but please know that it is my goal to help you get a feel of our products and also give you an opportunity to get "LOTS" without "BREAKING THE BANK"

I know that we all get so excited for the new catalog and there are so many things that we all want so I hope that you enjoy the groupings and offerings I have for you!


Even with the shares I realize that there is an investment but remember, this is a great way to get a feel and see if you like the products before ordering full quantities!

The "speed tools" – the swatch books…card stock ring are just a MUST. When I share with you my craft area, you will see that they are ALWAYS in arms reach – COULD NOT…WOULD NOT be without them.

For those of you that have participated in my product shares before, you know that I take great pride in my packaging and measuring to make it a great experience.

Please email me and put in the subject line PRODUCT SHARE so I can "spot it" quickly. Once a share fills, I will send you a Pay Pal Invoice. PLEASE (even if you have ordered before) give me your mailing address.

I do realize that I have customers that are not comfortable with Pay Pal, if you would prefer to send me a check, please email me.

June is going to be a SUPER BUSY month (a good busy)….with the catalog, the shares, the Stamp of the Month Club….so please try to see what shares you will be getting and let me know….

I will be ordering 1st thing and I will be having most of the paper expedited so I can get going on the swatch books! (I am proud of myself….I have all of the labels created…I just need the paper).

I always tuck in a "Thank You" from me….and here you go. If you place 3 or more shares I will send you this card.


If you purchase 5 or more shares…I will send you the above card plus a Full Pack of the Metal Rimmed Pearls (I know that they are going to be the HOT TICKET)

For example – When you email me, just put:

You name and address then…. (I will email you back with a confirmation on your order)

I would like shares # 1,4 & 7


The Shipping Charges are as follows: (I will ship Priority Mail)

Up to 3 shares – $5.95

4 to 5 shares – $7.95

6 or more shares…..FREE SHIPPING!

Until tomorrow!

p.s. – please feel free to share my product shares with your friends and family….the more the merrier and I thank you!


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