“Happy Birthday” in a pinch!



Good morning! I have a card for you today and it is super easy (but I think that it is super fun…just sayin’) and then at the end of the post I have a funny for you about Milo! This is a quick post as there is not much to say but EASY-PEASY!

I know that you all get this….that DARN TIME THING….it happens to all of us and I was looking at the paper that I have YET to put away (the NEW Pick a Pattern DSP) and I will say, I love it! (you might want to remember that for in the future Blog Candy Trivia) but I admit, I had a tough time “giving up the other side of the paper” – as I love them BOTH!

Stampin’ Up! does have great paper and I know that we all get so excited to see, feel and use the new goodies….well…that tile will be here in a SNAP so until then, let me spoil you with sneak peaks of what is to come!





Clean and simple is the name of todays game as it is the easiest card to make! Just think of the endless DSP’s that you can use and also the cardstock colors that would work!

The green that I used today was Pear Pizzazz, I will admit that I used to forget about this paper but over the past year I have used it more and more. Do you ever do that? Go through waves of using a color over and over and then totally ignoring others 🙄

I started with the thick white cardstock and then put a piece of Pear Pizzazz over the whole front. WHY did I do it that way? Well…..EASY – I really like a solid feeling card in my hand and the weight of our heavy weight card stock is perfect. (Remember, we are getting THICK VERY VANILLA in the new catalog) 😀 






Now let’s chat about the Happy Birthday die….is this in your I JUST HAVE TO HAVE LIST? If not, I really think that it needs to be as this is one that will be an endless keeper as we all know having an image like this creates an INSTANT CARD…..just like I I am sharing with you today!

I used SticK It on the back of the paper before I fan it through Mr. Big and here is another WOOT-WOOT for you – in the NEW catalog we are having a double sided product like Stick It…so there you go – another MUST HAVE for your list! (I am sorry, am I your enabler?)

You have to admit, this is easy but it is classic. The only element in this card that is not flat are the embellishments…..they are green dew drops that I purchased from Pretty Pink Posh and I love the fun and modern feel that they give.





Here is a quick shot of the paper – I do adore it that we have 2 sides so if there is a side that you do not care for as much – FLIP IT and use the other BUT….I am stuck as I LOVE BOTH OF THESE….oh well, guess I will just have to buy more paper as after all, I get it at 25% off. I am just thrilled with this collection and I am getting excited to do a product share for the new catalog.





I am “clickin’ my heels” with the simplicity and sheer fun of this card today! This IS a die cut that needs to be on your very 1st order as we all can agree that this is a classic! (If I were you….I would get a piece of paper out and start writing down things that you see before your catalog comes to you next week)

You can see that there are not many products on your picture to PIN but that is a GOOD THING because than you can see that it is super easy to make. Let color make the card – sometime we over think things and if we just say – FUN & DONE…..it can work!




Now to Milo…Mr. PERFECT MILO – right now he has a new name, MILO THE MURDERER. Wednesday evening was picture perfect beautiful on the East Coast and I kept saying to John, look at Milo – he is just looking out the window (he was on the sofa staring out for literally hours) – when it was time for us to go to bed and naturally it was dark then…..John let the dogs out to have a final potty break.

When he came back to our room I said, where is Mr. Perfect? John said, I figured he was back with you….NOPE – so back out John went and then I heard him say (rather loudly) COME HERE….you have to see this – my dear sweet perfect Milo and a baby bunny that now was his toy in his mouth and I wish that you could have seen his face……it was like he was BEAMING WITH PRIDE and that tail was going a mile a minute.





Naturally we opened the door and said DROP IT…and the great murderer he was he did so and then I exited quickly because I just do not do well with situations like this…..then I could hear John mumbling and mumbling and when he finally came back he said, well YOUR PERFECT DOG….not only took out 1 bunny….he brought the family up!

Milo usually sleeps with us….but not this night, John put him in a kennel and said – YOU SLEEP IN A CELL TONIGHT and think about what you did….and the best thing was…on Thursday morning when we woke up John said, YOUR SENTENCE IS NOT UP and YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED BAIL….. 😀 

All is good now….he is back to being Mr. Perfect and that makes me happy. Things like this happen in the Spring….and trust me, it is not the first and not the last that my fur babies will bring me their trophies! The above picture was him the “day after the kill” as he was so tired from being in jail all night, he much prefers our bed!

I hope to see you back tomorrow…as I am going to play with another “newbie” – It is FUN to have new toys and I admit change is hard and also change sometimes makes us step out of the box…..I like stepping out of the box…how about YOU!??!

Have a great dat!




An EASY Medallion beauty!




Good “Hump Day” to you! Today I have a simply CLASSIC card that would be sooooo over the top appropriate for many cards that we need to send out! I think that I should say “THANK YOU” to my super sweet Aunt Jean for this post.

She asked me if I ever made any cards that were very plain…no flowers….no sayings….just something that she could write a note for many variety of occasions! Well….when someone asks me – OF COURSE I am thrilled to grant her her wish! (especially for her as she is just the sweetest)

I know that everyones in boxes have been flooded with post using this amazing new product but today I decided to showcase it SUPER SIMPLE without using the items that are in this amazing bundle to should you a different look and still be able to inspire you that you can make something WITHOUT a bunch of fuss!

You are able to order this bundle now….there is a starter one below but at the end of the post I will highlight this “premier” one and I would FOR SURE get that one…..(now just hang on with me – I can feel the sticker shock setting in but BE PATIENT)





As I said above, there have been so many posts using this beauty but you really need to understand and just “take in” the genius beauty of the versatility of these framelits ~ these take Die Cutting to the top of a mountian! As you know, Mary Fish is my Upline and friend and I think that her below video “nailed it” showcasing how they all come together!

Please sit back and watch this short video…it will really turn the light on for you!





Now you can see how I created this amazing medallion….(actually effortless) because of “Mr. Big” and the amazing dies. Do you all remember how I say OVER AND OVER about having the classics….well – here you go ~ the layering circle framelits make is a breeze to cut the medallion out – you see…..the classics ARE your friends!





Doesn’t this classic just make you smile? You know that I adore clean and classic lines and I also adore navy and white….but this pop of Emerald Envy just screams a keeper!

A quick Night of Navy enamel dot in the middle of the fun is the perfect finishing touch without adding bulk to the card.




Here you go again…another thing I have said OVER and OVER…when you have a rather simple and classic card, pull out the simply scored and score the sides of the card to create an instant depth – works like a charm each and every time. There is no need to make things complicated as SIMPLE WORKS!








Here is your picture to pin! I would suggest you starting a board called Eastern Palace and go have fun looking at all of the AMAZING samples so many have made. I think that you will see that this truly is a unique set and one that will work for many occasions.





Now to the “Premier Bundle”…I know…I know – you are seeing that $103.50 and going YIKES?!?!?

Trust me, I get it because when I first saw that I thought “how in the heck can it be that much?” well…I did the math (probably like you did) and actually I found out that it was a great deal as you get it at the Bundled Price (which saves you $5.50) and then the THICK Vanilla Card Stock ($7.00) and the Envelopes ($6.50) so in total – you are saving $19.00.




Now THIS IS the way to get this Premier Bundle, CLICK HERE and just get the Ultimate Bundle for $99….just hear me out and below I have done the math for you….(well, John is my in home resident CPA) 😀 

For $99 you can get and it all ships for FREE!

  • The Eastern Palace Premier Bundle (# 147207, $103.50)
  • The other (2) In Color Stamp Pads (Berry Burst #144083 & Powder Pink #144084) $6.50 X 2 = $13.00
  • A pack of the NEW In Colors 8 1/2 X 11 Cardstock – (4) sheets of each of the new colors (#144247, $8.00)


Now here is the other way to look at it…..if you were to just put this on an order it would be:

  • $124.50 + shipping ($12.45) = $136.95 – I do not know about you but I would take that $37.95 savings!



There is no BIG BAD WOLF…Stampin’ Up! makes it way too easy for us to be able to get a 20% or 25% discount each and everyday that we want it. I love hobbyist and I want you to be able to get a discount. I truly do not care if you are my very best customer or if you were a SUD before….I just love what I do and I love to be able to share with you the facts….it is easy, no obligations and it is fun!




A tip for your Tuesday!

Good morning and there is a reason that this post is late in getting to you….are you curious?

Well…here is the scoop ~ Tuesday mornings are the magical day of the week that Stampin’ Up! gives us updates and general “scoop” that helps us with our Stampin’ fun!


I hope that you enjoyed this sweet bird clip and one bird is me…and the other is you.

Here is what is going on …we are having fun…we are chatting away….you are saying could I….should I….and I am saying….JUST DO IT!

Today is an extra special day because today is the day that we will be able to see what “selective” products that we will be able to order as a “pre-order” for the launching of the NEW annual catalog that goes live on June 1st! To me, this is a HUGE perk and sheer FUN to be able to order and also “play” with the new goodies.

I know that you know that the Ultimate bundle allows you to pick $125 worth of product and it costs you $99 and it ships for FREE (so that in itself saves you $12.50) and if I were you….these are (3) items that I would add to get that Ultimate Bundle! (Because we cannot share images within the catalog yet…you will see that I have provided you a Pinterest links and also a video that will show you many samples that many have made)

By now you know me, I like practical products and these 3 are very practical and will be marathon additions to your collection…another way to say it, KEEPERS!  😀


As the saying goes…it is as easy as 1,2,3 and I have the 3 products to make it easy!

  • Colorful Seasons Bundle # 145348  – $54.00  – CLICK HERE TO SEE SAMPLES of fabulous ideas using this bundle and I am sure you can see images of the stamp set and bundle! I LOVE bundles….as framelits are our friends!


  • At Home With You Bundle #145351 – $50.25 – Below is a video….you are going to LOVE this as it is bundle that you can use all year and for soooo many different occasions! YIPPEE…we love our framelits and I think that you can see in this video…these are super special!


  • Crafting Forever Stamp Set #143958 – $20.00CLICK HERE TO SEE SAMPLES and I am just giddy of this stamp set. Not only is it super versatile but it is a perfect gift to give to your crafty friend! I was just thrilled that I received it at On Stage!


There you go…..you can CLICK HERE and get the Ultimate Bundle with these (3) above items that would have cost you $124.25 ( plus the 10% shipping $12.43) = $136.68 and you only have to pay $99 (SHIPS FOR FREE)! Can you see how that is a WIN-WIN plus your box of fun will have the new catalog in it?

I will say that I adore the fact that Stampin’ Up! allows “SUPER SMART STAMPERS”  ~ let’s call you “SSS’ers” to be able to place “pre-order” goodies in the “Ultimate Bundle”…the one that YOU pick with no obligations ~  is just a no brainer….it is like going to Bed Bath & Beyond with that familiar Blue 20% off coupon that we all use!



I thinkno I know that when you see that Direct Selling Agreement that you RUN as fast as you can….or you are like a dog with its tail between his legs…but the reality of it is, Stampin’ Up! has to go through this and it is truly nothing to be worried about.

Over 95% of SUD are hobbiest and trust me, that is JUST FINE as who does not like a deal….I know I do! It is funny…when there is a great SU sale …you all HOP on it.…and I think, why don’t you just be a “SSS’er” 😀  and get a 20% discount each and everyday? ( and pssst…..you could also get a 25% discount as well)

I adore and I welcome hobbiest as it is so simple, WHY NOT? I think that many think that they will either HAVE to do something…teach a class….have  required sales quotas etc…and here is the truth – No. It is as simple as that. I love this quote and I hope that you let it sink in.





I can say, that the 3 days that I had with Michelle would not have been possible without me hitting that BUTTON to do something for me. True, I was only in for that one order and then bye-bye birdie…but I am sure glad that I stuck around. The relationships that I have gained are priceless and something I cherish. You can also click here and read my story and my Stampin love….

It is simple, I love what I do and I love to share the facts and truths with YOU! Now go have a GREAT day!

“This Little Piggy” is soooo adorable!



Ok – This is my first post that showcases a “New Kid on the Block” from the upcoming NEW Annual Catalog that will be unveiled and ready to order from June 1st. (I know that seems like ages away but it will ZOOM by and if you have ordered from me in this past year – you will get yours as soon as I am able to order them) 😀 

Here you go…A confession from an honest stamper ~ I know that you can only image how I squealed with excitement when Stampin’ Up! gave this stamp set as an all attendee giveaway at the Richmond On Stage…but here you go…YOU NEED THIS STAMP SET! I do not care if you are not  a proud Mama to a pig like I am, you have to admit…you are smiling because they are soooooo darn tootin’ cute!

Once I saw this stamp set, I could care less about any other newbies (well…that is an exaggeration) but I am sure you could have envisioned the smile I had when I saw this in the new catalog but then the icing on the cake….to come home with one – I WAS SQUEALING WITH JOY! (you can tell that it doesn’t take much to make me happy) 🙂





This sweet card is using the Whisper White Notecards & Envelopes….please do not overlook them because they are the BEST bang for your buck and guess what  – one of my wishes are coming true…..in the NEW Catalog they will also be available in Very Vanilla….WOOT-WOOT! (another reason to SQUEAL like Daisy-Mae!)

You will see at the end of the post the colors of ink that I used but I also used the NEW In Color of Powder Pink – I used that as my base and then the highlights (blush 😀 ) are in Blushing Bride. This new pink will be a huge hit because it is so “clear and crisp”





I have another question for you…..why are so many of you afraid of water-coloring? Please be brave and leave me a comment with your “hold-backs” so I know how to help!

I think that the SINGLE reason that many of you might have is soooo simple – you do NOT have enough water on the end of the brush of the Aqua Painter….you really need to have lots of movement with the bristles of the Aqua Painter.





Now to card #2 – this is an enclosure card….a 3″ X 3″ card and again, I am squealing! I think that we forget the fact that Stampin’ Up! offers the square envelopes for this size of card and I will say…..it is fun to have a “stash” of enclosures because they DO come in handy!

Sooooooo cute…and I know you are smiling….on the inside I stamped the sentiment “Says Thanks” – so fast and sweet! I am tellin’ you….this is a FEEL GOOD Stamp Set!






Well…THOUGHTS???? I sent this card to Chris R. so I am excited to hear what she has to say about this stamp set. I think that Teddy would approve of a Pig in the “Robinson House” – just think…..I bet if you purchase this ~ each and every-time you use it you will think of Daisey and me  😀

I think that we all need a bit of fun and humor in our loves and this little piggy will do just that! I just could not be happier.

Many thanks for your comments and emails yesterday for the post…and I hope that you go back and see the comments I left. Remember, organizing is such a personal thing – what works for me….might not work for you and guess what – THAT IS TOTALLY OK!

Have a fabulous day….I know you will because you have seen my swine and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow  😉





Much better…the new In Colors!


Thanks for your patience with having to have 2 posts today! Still not perfect but I think that you will get a great idea of the comparisons of colors that we already have in the Stampin’ Up! family. These new In Colors will be with us for 2 years!

Not only are the names super fun…but the colors are super yummy and I am already having fun with my swatch samples of Stampin Up! colors in seeing new color combinations that I will want to try! (Yes, I will be offering the swatch samples in my Product share later this month)

Here you go….meet your new family for the next 2 years! Please leave everyone some feedback of the color that “strikes your fancy”….and tomorrow I will share with you mine…..what do you think that I will like best!?!?





(You can click on the picture to see it against a black screen if it helps you with clarity)










There you go!!!! I hope that this is a huge help to you in seeing the new kids on the block and how they are friends with colors we already have!

Make it a great day and I hope to see you tomorrow!!!!

p.s. – wanta know a secret? It’s a special day for me tomorrow so I think we need some blog candy!


Learning curves….but this is super cute!


Good morning to all…if you follow my blog regularly than you already know that I consider myself “computer challenge” so you know that there was a “hiccup” on my end in your post yesterday….I am still learning the new platform but I am sorry and I hope that you read yesterday’s post as it was filled with ideas from me about the stamp choices out there plus the winner!


Today is a sneak peak of the FUN that is coming your way with the SALE~A ~BRATION….is this paper FUN or what!?!? It can be yours for every $50.00 order starting in January and this is a super fun collection of a new DSP for just a limited time!

I know that many of you are afraid of using a big and bold statement of a busy DSP…but I think that you can see that it works today! I am also showing you a sentiment (I ADORE die cut sentiments) and this is from the Annual Catalog and I think that we have all forgotten it…..(you can see it in the store below) but hang tight to see a twist that I did!


We are all super blessed to learn from many talented stampers and I just adore Jennifer McQuire…..she shared on a blog post that she uses craft foam to cut sentiments so I tried it and I loved it! It was super easy to cut with the Big Shot and I used the good old “green glue” to adhere them together…..


The envelope liner framelit was the perfect touch to the finale to make this a card of WOW! I love it, how about YOU? The other MUST HAVE in my opinion is the triple banner punch – I know that you can easily cut you own banners, but this is so easy and if you have a piece of paper that is not exactly the right size, no worries….just line it up and you are good to go!


The other “sneak peak” is a stamp set that is also a bundle….so here comes a WOOT-WOOT.…and  I know that you will need to have it – a great stamp…plus a matching punch is the bonus – and fabulous sentiments!

I adore the fact that you can stamp the flowers and the PUNCH in ONE PUNCH!

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 8.13.53 PM

I hope that this is getting you excited for the new catalog but also do not forget that there are definite keepers like the Hello You Framelits…oldies but goodies!

Enjoy the day and again, I apologize for not setting up the post yesterday like normal…but I do hope that you read it and learn from it! Way to go for winning…please send me your address and I will send you your goodies!

Change and I do not go hand in hand…but I am trying and it will be all good! Have a FABULOUS DAY!

p.s. – please do not forget to read yesterdays post as I really gave a lot of tips and ideas of my feelings of the different stamps we have….you can imagine that I was sad when the work I put into that post did not post like I wanted it to !

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