DIY EASTER fun that will be a huge hit!



Good Morning and I have a SUPER fun post for you today. I am warning you….I have a ton of pictures for you today. I think pictures are a huge help in seeing projects. I have been working on my photography so much over the past months to deliver to you clean and crisp images and wouldn’t you know…today of ALL days….I think my pictures are a mid-grade C+.

I was sad as I have worked very hard on this project as you know that I love to do FUN things for Holidays and this post….YEP – it is a super fun one that can be used ANYTIME of the year……hang tight, you will see what I mean. Today I am focusing on Easter with bunnies driving the Pick up Truck but think out of the box…..would this just be an adorable Graduation Gift to give to someone?

I can see it with a pun of… “your adventure awaits…….best of luck” and roll up money and stack it in the back of the pick up! I just LOVE this idea! I think I am going to do something like that for the “pet sitters” we need from time to time……wouldn’t this just be super adorable!






Before we get going….I need to share with you where I got this idea…..and before I get to that – I would like to address the one thing that I hear over and over again – “I am not creative…..or…..I just CASE things from pinterest because I can not think of anything…..or…..I would never know how to do that….” Do these sound familiar?????? (let’s be honest….)

Well – there are many and I mean many times that I feel the same way but guess what…??? – We are human and with that said…we are here to help each other and to learn.

I learned about these SUPER ADORABLE PICK-UP TRUCKS from another Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Blog Post. Yep, that’s right…..I totally CASED this project and I am sharing and hoping that you will enjoy it…..make it….and share it. To me, that’s what it is all about! I made some changes and I will let you know about them but honestly….the PDF will be a huge help.

I saw this idea on Sarah Will’s Blog…..and the minute I saw this…I PERKED UP as I thought that it was just adorable! It was made by Twila Davis and she was so kind to have a PDF of instructions… you see…that whole thing of “PAY IT FORWARD”….it really does happens and that makes my heart skip a beat! (thank youTwila and Sarah….this is a great project)





I went to town being a Mechanic and I now have a whole fleet of Pick-Up Trucks on Randall Lane ready to roll out the door to make my loved ones smile! These guys actually hold a bunch…and they are just so much fun to make up!

When I saw this idea I thought about making Jeanie one for her Birthday (pst….IT’S TODAY) as she is always making the most unique projects (and she knows that I am so challenged with following directions) so….here you go – this is Jeanie’s Birthday Truck!





I had an idea of stuffing the truck with critters and sweets….as this kinda sums me up… Jeanie always gets cracked up with my life happenings with animals. I have a memory of Jeanie hopping in my Pick Up Truck with the Horse Trailer and we drove to find this place that was going to work on the trailer. We laughed and laughed as Jeanie was quite impressed with how I handled the “rig” and I can still see her smile and expression of…..this is fun truckin’ with you!

The below stamp set, We Must Celebrate was just PERFECT for this project! I have blogged with this stamp set and if you remember, I did “surgery” to the critters….yep….out came the scissors and the were separated right on Randall Lane. It was a successful surgery and now I can just stamp them one at a time or if I wish, I can group them back together! I know that some of you cringe with this….but there are times that I just DO IT!







I used my Stampin’ Blends to color my friends and secured them with a glue dot to the truck. Glue Dots are a HUGE help with the “crafting thing that we do” – I would always recommend have 2 boxes of them as the minute you run out…who wants to wait to get them!

The other key Adhesive for making this project is Tear & Tape. You need a STRONG adhesive when you make 3-D’s. This too is another thing that you need 2 rolls of – a back up is always a necessity with our adhesives! I use this for my envelopes all of the time (the 1/4″ strip) and another “get into the habit” of using product!

You can see in the pictures that the shy is the limit to having fun with colors….remember, no rules here other than to HAVE FUN! For those of you that sigh when Stampin’ Up! In Colors leave our line of paper, USE IT UP making trucks….as the saying goes….KEEP ON TRUCKIN’!






Remember to refer to the amazing PDF but in the picture below you will see some changes that I made and some tips. I am just so thankful that Twila was so kind to share these amazing instructions!

I find it helpful to make one and have all of the cut lines finished and scored etc….and I keep that as a template so when I want to go back and be a mechanic later…I can use the template to get the old brain fired up!






You saw in her directions that she used a border punch to give the cab of the truck some fun….but I figured that many of you might not have that so I did a “plan B” for you….this project uses the “BASICS” and I figure that if you are on my blog today, than you know that I love and work from the basics. I scored.

I found (personally preference) that I needed more room for the bunny and I did not find the need to make a seat for him. In the above picture you see that I scored the (2) areas for some texture and on the finished truck, it does add a nice flair. If you look closely you will see that the front piece is a wee bit shorter that the “outside arms” on the front. (look at the picture…you just want to score the (2) piece front & back where the arrows are)

The front gets 3 score lines and the back gets 4 score line….then you cut one of the score lines OFF. (I figured that it was easier for you to cut a straight line following the score line)






Once you get rollin’ and “get it” they go fast. TRUST ME…..please leave me a comment if you need further help….. I also found (just like I do with cards) that mass producing is the way I roll. I have many, many cabs already made….and then next time I sit and play…I will make the beds of the trucks etc.

I do want to say that I have a Scan & Cut….yep, Santa was good to me and I used it to cut out my critters but you know that the good old fashion way of fussy cutting works too! Paper Snips are the BEST! I am still learning the ins and outs of the Scan & Cut but fortunately many of my teams members have them so we chat about our victories as well as the frustrations of learning how to use it!







After I made over a dozen of these guys and AFTER I took the pictures….I realized that I forgot to put the lights on the trucks! SILLY SUSAN…..I will go back and add them with a simple glue dot! You can see in the line up of products that I used (3) different circle punches…..hmmmmm…..funny – we have been talkin’ about punches lately and SEE – this is a GREAT example of how having the basic punches in your stash becomes a lifesaver!

I rarely use enamel accents….why, I am not sure as I just forget about them….but they did make the wheels smile a bit! Just look at what you have and go to town! If I had the time I was thinking of doing a white truck and have small flowers stamped and colored all over it – how cute would that be!







WHEW…this is SUPER LONG and I am sorry…..but I just wanted you to get the whole idea! I DO hope that yo make these – they are simply the cutest.  They are super sturdy (from the cardboard) and they will make you smile each and every time you see them sitting at your desk.

I have 3-d’s all on a shelf in my work area and they all have a special meaning to me….I still think the “sheep” steals the show for me. Mary Anne made that for me many years ago and I smile each and every time I see him! One of these trucks is going to New Jersey to her home as this was perfect timing as she just redeemed some of her Paw Print Rewards from me and chose this stamp set…..We Must Celebrate as her freebie!






Have a FABULOUS DAY and I hope that this not only made you smile….that it inspired you to make one….(or many!!!!) Please feel free to leave a comment and/or email me if you have any questions about making them.

A HUGE thank you to Sarah and Twila for the inspiration…..this is what I love about Stampin’ Up…sharing and paying it forward. We all CASE….and that is just perfect. I always like to think of it like a recipe.

How many times to you like something, ask for the recipe and make it? Do you feel bad about making it?….the answer is probably NO and I think of creating the same way…..CASEING is fine….we all learn from others, just thank them….perhaps add some of your own touches….and be happy!






You still have time….




I know that this Sunday is Easter but you can still make this adorable card and when you break it down into steps…it is a fun one to do a mass production line. At the end of the post you will see all of the products that I used and you can click on them to see all of the specifics of the products….the reason that I am pointing this out to you is that there might be products that you do not have but no worries…you can substitute with others….hang tight, I’ll explain!

The star of the show is the HANDS DOWN MUST HAVE SENTIMENT Stamp – Suite Sayings….even if you do not have this…use another Easter sentiment you might have….but I would purchase this set as it is filled with great sentiments that you will use all year long.




Here is the low down on the products that I used. I do hope that this is helpful for you and I encourage you to pin it to Pinterest for a reference for the future! You know that I LOVE polka dots…and this embossing folder is super fun.

I shared that you could make substitutions~  if you do not have all of the products….and you could easily use a plain overlay and then use the white gel pen to add some simple bling.




I did use the banners framelits to make the focal sentiment shine…you could easily cut that with the trimmer and a pair of scissors to make your own banner. The fun underneath the banner is a simple square with a mat!




Let’s chat about the flower and twine. I did use the botanical framlit and then the itty bitty accents punch but again, USE WHAT YOU HAVE…trust me….it will look great! I adore the bakers twine….to me it has attitude because I puled it through with the bees wax tip that I share 2 weeks ago….I love the straightness of it – just plain FUN!!!! The pearl in the center of the small flower is the classic touch to soften the flower!




You know…a fun envelope! The is 1/4″ strip of Blushing Bride and then the DSP is from the Birthday Bouquet DSP Collection…..Well…thoughts???? How do you like this layout? It is one that you could use for so many cards…it is fun yet still easy and clean.




Please let me know how you like it…I can’t believe that this Sunday is Easter……time is flying! I made this card and also the sheep card for my cards that I am sending…they are both simple and clean. I really encourage you to look at your supplies and see how you can use what you have to CASE projects.

I am the very first to realize that it takes time to build up your inventory and I just want you to know that there are other ways to achieve a similar end results. You know that I am all about the speed tools and I try to purchase practical products that will make me shine in a minimal amount of time.

Yesterday I was super productive but something strange happened….I ran out of ink in both of my white gel and black project life pen….2 staples that I use a bunch! There were 2 things that were super hard for me to do while away….mailings ~  as I did not have a printer and it was super hard not having all of my shipping supplies with me and also doing videos….so yesterday I sent out 27 mailings and filmed a video…..

Darn it is hard to get back in the swing….remember, it is Tuesday ~ time for a new batch of weekly deals…fingers crossed that there are some keepers to help you with an order before Sale~A~Bration ends…..yikes – it is right around the corner! See you tomorrow!


Step It Up Sunday!



Good Morning….sad news…Hannah and I went bowling on Friday night with a bunch of FUN people from the barn – it was FUN until the middle of the night….she had food poisoning and was not able to compete along with 4 others from the barn 🙁  I texted Tom at 5 a.m. and he said I was the 3rd that texted him…same thing – as Hannah says…..don’t eat pepperoni pizza from a Bowling Alley! I had the cheese and was fine!

She is rallying and hopefully good to go today to ride…. as she flies back to school today. Milo was the best nurse for her yesterday and when she was napping, I took a long bike ride – the weather was beautiful!




I am sooooooo glad that many of you loved the card yesterday! He is just too darn cute….you simply cannot go wrong with either one as after all – he steals the show! Think out of the box and you can easily use him for a baby card….(I’m doing that this week)




I basically did the same thing as yesterday but I let the Soft Sky be the focal color and used the square framelit to POP out a square and then stamped our little friend inside the square. The coloring is the same today – why change it ~ it works!

I also used the simply scored (something that I do often as it is so easy yet effective) and made (3) embossed lines on all 4 sides! Isn’t it amazing at how you can do something as simple as this but it gives a GREAT effect!




The other FUN FACTOR I did was the simple “fru-fru” in the corner! This is a super fun and easy way to “jazz” up a card and so simple! On Tuesday, I blogged about using Bees wax when using Bakers Twine. I hope that you try it as it is so easy and effective! In the below picture you can see it again! A great secret weapon!






You still have time to order this little gem – and with cards this easy… is a no brainer – simple works! As I said yesterday… can go ahead and put the card together and then once the stamp arrives….just pop it into place and you know what? You will smile! 🙂




I would be super proud to send this card out (and I intend to do so) as it is so classic! I am not sure which one I will make up in masses…I will let you help me….which one do you like! You are my BEST CRYSTAL BALL…and I value your comments and opinions!

I am going to try to SNEAK IN another post today, depending on how Hannah is etc….I feel so bad for her but she is a true trooper – she even went to the show yesterday….got on Stanley and rode a bit….came back and said, I just do not feel safe for me and Stanley….it truly is not worth taking a chance…..what a great young lady!

Until later….or tomorrow!!!!


It’s a PPA day!



Good Morning! It is time for another PPA Challenge and today it is a sketch challenge from the fabulous PAL….Nicole Watt! She has drummed up a fun sketch for us today! Please check out what the design team came up with and then play along!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 5.38.10 PM

I know that there are many of you that enjoy the Monday fun we personally have…so why not try this! You have nothing to lose at all! If you need help with uploading your masterpiece, please email me, I will be happy to help!

Before we get going on today's post….I ask you honestly….do you know what stamp set these cute little chicks came from? Don't peek below at the scrolling list of fun ingredients….can you guess???


I was trying to find a small shape for the challenge and something that would come together in a jif….and BINGO – it popped right off the shelf into my arms….NUTS ABOUT YOU! It is from the Big Catalog and I bet that you never thought about using it for Easter!


The size of the card is a 4" X 6" card and then I matted it 1/4" smaller and then ran it through Mr. Big Shot (my main stampin' man) with the Spring Flowers Textured Impressions Embossing  Folder (love it) and the rest is very straight forward!


I am super bummed that my pictures are not the best (darn, this is one thing that I struggle with) but trust me…in person it is super cute! I stamped the "chicks" in Crushed Curry and then matted them with the scallop punch in Wisteria Wonder!

One thing (well 2 things) that I love are the Expression Thinlits Dies (LOVE the sentiments) and also the Vanilla Coaster Board…I think adding the sentiment on the coaster board it the PERFECT "peanut butter and jelly" – I use the "green glue" and it works like a champ every time!


This was so easy to pull together, I know that it is not a WOW card, but it sure is a quick and cute card. I felt like the upper left corner needed a balance so a quick simple bow with the cotton ribbon did the trick!

Please do not be afraid to try "odd size cards" like this – they are super easy to make a custom envelope with the Punch Board…this dream gadget if just under $20.00 and it is a blessing (so are the DSP paper stacks)


Please have fun playing with this sketch and you know that you can email me and I will be happy to help you!

Tomorrow I have a FUN post for you….I am going to recap some of the Blog Candy answers and also….it's Spring so we need to do some SPRING SPRUCING UP!

The goodies that I used are scrollling below….SAB is coming to an end……and you all are the best!

Until tomorrow….

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Little bunny foo-foo….NEW SU NEWS!!!


NEWS FLASH!!!! – Hot off the press….PLEASE click here to see the NEW BATCH OF GOODIES that Stampin' Up! is offering for YOU to choose as a FREEBIE for Sale-A-Bration…..I am going to have a photo at the end of this post….but let's end this Sale-A-Bration with a BANG! This is the BEST time to stock up on staples and be able to get goodies for free!

Also….scroll and see the winner from yesterday – super cute card!

Last year I did a post on this little guy, you can click here to see that post but I get so many emails and pinterest pins asking about this little guy, I decided to post about him again as some of the product from last year has been discontinued!

Now you talk about easy! These are a cinch and they are also a great project for both the young and old to make for a quick project. The difference is that the embossing folder that I used for last years oval was discontinued but you will be able to see that I am showing you (2) different ways that you can do it!


You can refer back to the other post for the "specifics" on the scoop but basically all you need is:

  • Take a piece of card-stock 2" X 11" then score it at 4 1/2"…turn it around and scored it at 4 1/2"
  • Use the Tag Topper Scalloped Punch and punch both ends (if you do not have this style, one of the other Topper Punches would work just fine)
  • Being totally "type A", I measure down 1 1/4" and made a pencil line so that was my guide to place the oval framelit before I ran it through the Big Shot. (If you are not using the framelits and just using the  Extra Large Oval Punch – just punch it out)


  • To make the "ring" – I used the oval framelits #1 & #2
  • I like using the Seam Binding Ribbon to tie the bows, the cotton ribbon will also be perfect.
  • Fru-fru and decorate as you would like. (Did you notice that I wrapped the SAB Lost Lagoon Bakers Twine around the little guys neck to hide the red ribbon. I thought he looked handsome)


If you do not have the oval framelits, you can easily use the Extra Large Oval punch but I think that it is super cute with the ring. You can see that I added white dashes around the oval opening (which helped jazz it up a bit) and maybe I should have down that on the Lost Lagoon one.

Because the Oval punch Bunny does not take up as much room, I was able to add the sentiment, "Happy Easter" from the Teeny Tiny Wishes and then used the window words punch and the Modern Label Punch.


Both of them are super cute and they are always a hit. I hope hope that you give them a try – run to the store and get your little bunnies….they have "sheep" too but we already know how to make the cutest sheep in the whole wide world.

I hit the "hay" early last night (I think I pushed myself to much) so I will announce the winner for the Monday Challenge tomorrow as I am sure that people were just starting to rock and roll when I was going to sleep (for me to miss the Voice – you know I was pooped!)


It's Tuesday…THAT MEANS a new batch of weekly deals from Stampin' Up! Woot-woot….they are the best to do this for use each and every week!

Please feel free to email me…I love helping you reach your goals…this is just so much fun and I hope that I made you smiled and inspired you to whip some up!!!

Here is the Flyer of new SAB GOODIES….I say a BIG WOOT-WOOT….remember, with every $50.00 increment you get to choose a free Sale-a-brtion item and now….here are 10 more choices….I love choices! These are only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.18.48 AM

p.s. – The winner of yesterday's challenge was….Sharon G from New Jersey!!!! She used the same technique that I showed and look at it – FABULOUS! Many thanks to so many that shared their work of art with me!


p.p.s. – Happy St. Patrick's Day….I keep thinking about the bread that Nancy was making…..yummers – that sounds sooooo good! Corn Beef and cabbage for us tonight!





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“Sheep” rock!


Good Morning! I am super excited to share with you these adorable sheep (well my sheep are a bit shaky) but the inspiration came from Monday's Challenge to create a 3-D project!

I wish you would have seen my face when these guys POPPED on my screen…they were LARGE and I thought that they were going to jump through the screen! These special guys/gals came from special Mary Ann H. from New Jersey!

This is what came through and I instantly fell in love with a sheep that had a green bow!


Now I ask you….would you fall in love! You will clearly see that Mary Ann's version is sooooo much better than my attempt….but it was fun and I had the BEST LAUGH making these!

I had "Rod Stewarts" with the hair…I had "giraffes" with STILT LEGS…it was just the best laugh I have had this year and I deeply thank Mary Ann for providing me with giggles!

I instantly LOVED them and I was in awe that someone could make these! (Remember my gig is simple cards!) and I instantly responded to Mary Ann if I could find out how to make them! You are in luck as she was soooo darn tootin' kind to share!

Wouldn't these be adorable on someones desk!?!? I think that I am going to make a BUNCH with a treat and have John put them on his employees desks saying…."hang in there" for Tax Season!

Here are a BUNCH of pictures…enjoy! After the parade of pictures, I will share with you Mary Ann's info on how she made them and then I ask you to PLEASE give Mary Ann some love with comments!

I will say that this is a perfect example of why I adore Stampin' Up! – If it was not for my blog, I would have never known Mary Ann. She is not a SUD but she sure should be – this is a perfect example of why I adore hobbiest….they have the passion and the creativity!




Here is the scary part…the Surgery Center! At the end of the post you will see all of the products that I used to make my "sheep friends" – please feel free to email me if you have specific question!




I hope that these made you smile and brighten your day like it did mine! Below see the scoop that Mary Ann was gracious to share! Is she the BEST or what!

I did make a couple of adjustments and I will put them in BOLD….enjoy!

Sheep Candy Box


  • 4¼ x 4¼ paper (white)
  • score at 1 ¾, 2 ½
  • score other side at ¾, turn around and score at ¾ again
  • cut up to score mark on small side edges only
  • fold and attach strong adhesive to make box

Head and Back:

  • use scallop die 4th one from center; cut 2 (white) I USED THE 2 3/8" CIRCLE SCALLOP PUNCH


  • large oval (black)


  • white – owl punch
  • black dot – ¼ circle punch (use white gel pen to mark eyes) I COULDN'T FIND MINE SO I USED THE LITTLE PIECES ON THE CUPCAKE PUNCH
  • lid (black) – ½ circle punch, cut in half; attach w/dimensional




  • blossom petals punch, middle leaf (black); curl with bone folder


  • boho blossom punch; cut 3 (white)


  • modern label punch; cut 2, then cut in half (black)


  • make box
  • sponge slate gray around edges of scallop head and back, hair, tail
  • attach face to one scallop; attach ears and hair; attach eyes
  • attach legs before attaching scallop front and back making sure legs are even when standing upright
  • attach front head of sheep; attach a pretty bow
  • attach back of sheep; attach tail


  • attach face with dimensionals
  • make larger box for more candy

Was this great or what – THANK YOU Mary Ann for you willingness to share! I know that there will be many that will enjoy your talent.

I feel so darn lucky to be having so much fun doing and sharing what I love!

The ideas are endless and the friendships too are endless! You can see how much fun this project and today I am going to Skype a special person that is in France…all because of Stampin' Up!

Enjoy the day, let's give Mary Ann some love for her sheep and remember….SHEEP ROCK!

p.s. – I can't wait for Chris R. to get off work and see this post….she is a regular commenter that makes us all laugh!

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