Never a dull moment…on Randall Lane!


Good Monday…oops Tuesday morning to you! I hope that everyone had a fabulous Holiday Weekend and if you are like me….when a Holiday falls on a Monday and John is off from work, I am confused as to what day it is all week long! One thing that will WHIP MY MEMORY to be on track is….this Friday is NEW CATALOG DAY – yippee skippee!

Hang tight with me today as there actually IS a bit about stampin’ (and I know that it will make you smile) and also a video for you that is super short but one that you need to watch as it is just FABULOUS in teaching a super fun technique… grab a cup of “whatever” and take all of this fun in!

Whew, we had a bunch going on and you know me, I love to share with you all of the crazy things that happen as I just love life! I had great intentions to do certain things (I love to work from a list) and then LIFE happened and took me to other paths but it all worked out! It ended up to be a super productive weekend but I need to be honest with you…

My wonderful, sweet and kind husband had his tail between his legs when I came home and left him in charge of 6 dogs….yep, this is where the stories begin! First…I need to back up as I did not share this with you before but now it has happened TWICE and as the saying goes… you just can’t make this stuff up!

I love to cook and one thing that makes me super happy to to continue to learn about cooking and techniques so here is a little tidbit you might not know about me but….I volunteer as needed at this amazing Kitchen Studio where they teach all different cooking classes. It is a win-win for me as I adore to learn and explore with food and I adore to be around “foodies” as just like stamping – it is great to be with peolple that share the same passion as you do!

Well…on Friday, May 18th I went to the cooking school and left John at home with 6 dogs (we were babysitting James & Ashleigh’s 3 dogs for the weekend) and John was looking forward to a “guy night” and being able to eat things that I am not a fan of….and watch a “guy movie” which again, I am not a fan of…

I did my thing and it was a FANTASTIC menu and on my way home John called me which I thought was a bit unusual as he knows how long it takes etc….he said – just checking in to see how your evening was and I bet you are on the way home (it is about a 40 minute drive) and I said yep – it was great…how’s everything at the house?

I came in the door…the kitchen was spotless (which is normal for him as he is the best) and then the TV was turned to Shark Tank (a show that I ADORE)… I knew something was up….WHY???? I know him well enough as when he has the opportunity to watch a good guy movie without any comments from the peanut gallery – that would be ME  he usually will say hi – glad your home and never look up to see if it was actually me that walked in the door!

He went through all of the guilty things one could say….like – tell me about the menu… many people were there……what did you learn…..and then I did the count….1 -2- 3- 4 -5 …..and said – WHERE’S MILO? He said – he went back to bed but I need to tell you something. Naturally my heart sank!

This is his story…..While I was cooking…I had the tv turned up….. and all 6 of the dogs were playing with toys in the family room….(we have this huge crock in the corner of our family room that has all sorts of dog toys from animals that are missing arms….to the classic rubber chicken to the “wrecking ball” – we named it that as it is a HUGE BALL with a rope attached to it that they love to play and tug on and when one lets go..the wrecking ball goes flying across the room!)

He continued saying that the dogs were all playing like normal and they must have gotten carried away…..and then he said – Milo had a little mishap! Again, my heart sank and I went back towards our room and he said – NO WAIT….he is ok – let me finish. I did and he continued in saying that he fixed dinner (and it was great) and then he sat down to relax….. Milo was sitting with him in his chair watching “the guys movie” and all of the others were there as well…..

To fill you in….MILO is a PERFECT dog that we rescued and a dog that you would say “fills my heart” after loosing my dear Eddie 2 years ago….and just as most dachshunds do…they love to be patted and when you stop, they nudge you with their nose. In hindsight I can see this whole thing as when John gets engrossed with a movie…the volume on the TV goes UP and it is like a bomb could go off and he wouldn’t notice…


Well, he noticed! The bottom part of Milos ear was dangling…


I actually would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see his face and truthfully hear what he said to the other dogs…..I am sure it was something like this…..OH MY GOSH….Milo – what happened….then it was probably something like….ok guys (to the other dogs) when did this happen…..LIKE SOMEONE IS REALLY GOING TO CONFESS….to thinking OMG….this isn’t going to go well with Susan!

He said – there was no blood  and I have no idea when it happened but he seems fine….and tomorrow we will take him to the vets…..then this was THE BEST COMMENT…… – I think we should put Neosporin on it and wrap it up to help it grow back!







I agree…Milo seemed fine, there was a wee bit of blood but nothing that I would have noticed if I was home but one thing I would have noticed was that my sweet MILO’S ear was dangling! Milo slept well that night, poor John did not. The next morning we went to the Vets (John as like Cinderella as he was just waiting for the clock to hit the magic time…. 7 a.m.) TOGETHER we went as you bet I wanted to know the scoop!

Milo stayed for the day and they sedated him…..ending up getting 9 stitches and came home with the “CONE OF SHAME” on his sweet head. We all know how we feel sorry for a dogs when that have to wear those silly cones!

Dr. Hurry’s instructions were….keep the cone on Milo for a week and then when he comes back we can see if it is going to “take” His concern was that the area of the tear there was not a bunch of blood vessels and he didn’t know if it would heal.

I was a bit miffed and said – ok….what happens if it doesn’t take? His response was – we will just have to remove that section of his ear and Milo will be just fine. My Vet is a HUGE man….about as tall as John (6’5″) but much larger and he is from Scotland so he has this amazing British accent…..again, my heart sank and he said in the sweetest way – it will be ok…I know…you love your dogs but he will be just fine!

Off we went and John was so helpful with me the remainder of the weekend…(hmmmmmm, interesting how husbands can touch your heart strings!!!) but honestly, he felt bad….really bad. Milo was happy and honestly he was fine except with that darn cone. Dogs have a great way of becoming adjusted with wearing the cone and whenever we were with Milo, we would take it off as he was really great about not trying to scratch his ear!







Well….it continues….5 days later I popped off to Yoga and John was mowing. Our dogs LOVE to be outside while he mows and it is super funny to see how they follow him – (Jack always loves to sit on the mower) and then John said, I felt bad for Milo with his cone on so I took it off as I thought that I would be right there to see him…yada – yada-yada….and then it happened! Milo darted off to go after a squirrel and he ripped his stitches……


I get home and sweet John has EGG ALL OVER HIS FACE


Back to the vet we go and Dr. Hurry said, “I’m glad I don’t live at your house!!!” John face was priceless and the vet said, bring him back tomorrow and we will go ahead and clean his teeth and I will remove that section…

Then he continued to say…if it makes you feel any better, it didn’t look like it was taking hold. I’m sure that was music to John’s ears!











I made this card and had it on John’s side of the bed….just a little note from Milo still saying….it’s ok Dad – I still love you! I just adore this technique and when I saw this video a while back – I instantly knew that I was going to make it as what a PERFECT layout! Please, please take the time to watch this video as it is really great. This was part of a Stamparatus Blog Hop that was fantastic to see how so many talented stampers helped to demonstrate different techniques!







It was a cinch to do and this was a one take card! The directions that Allison shared were SPOT ON and it was super easy! I am just BANANAS over the new ink pads….I only have a couple of them (until Friday) but they stamp like butter! The coverage is just stellar. This is the new In Color, Blueberry Bushel and I thought that it would be great to just use one color and I was thrilled with the end result!






You know that I adore square cards (this is a 4 1/4″ square) and then using a great DSP(the tutti fruitti DSP stack) as the focal backdrop make it come together like “peanut butter and jelly”. The sentiment came from a My Favorite Things Stamp, Four-Legged Friends…a stamp that I reach for often with my endless love for dogs!

It thought that it was just PERFECT for this “situation”……it is so simple yet so effective. I invite you to look at your stamps and look for small images that you could stamp over and over to create a perfect circle! It could be a heart like this from the retiring Heart Happiness Stamp Set or a flower, a star…endless possibilities!

Also…look at sentiments and let them pop off of a card! I just adore the look of white heat embossing when it is stamped on a dark piece of card stock – to me, it really makes a POP STATEMENT!







The moral of this long story is… life is great on Randall Lane….Milo is great….John is great and he promised me that he will NOT TAKE OFF THE CONE…even IF Milo flashes those pathetic eyes at him. When I went back in to get him on Friday Dr. Hurry came out and said to me…

Here is the story“Milo went with you to the beach and while he was watching you in the water he saw a shark coming right towards you…..he LEAPED INTO the ocean and wrestled with a shark to save you….and he has the scare to prove it!”…we both laughed and then he said….”You all do love your animals and if I was an animal, I would want to live on Randall Lane!”

Life is great, my heart is happy and now…..I need to get to the computer and get things done! Here is to a great week ahead! Remember – there are only 4 days left to snatch up retiring goodies and also remember….there are some great things in the new Stampin’ Up! Sea that will be here on Friday! 🙂






Now this IS the way to start the week….




WOOT-WOOT and Happy Monday!


I have for you a card that I think I can already see your smile….as this is just one of those that makes you happy! This IS one special bundle and hang guess what…you are going to see me blog about this A BUNCH! I just adore the simplicity and endless possibilities that this special newbie offers.

It is called Varied Vases and the “bundle” part of it is a punch. We all know how fast and easy a punch is to work with and being able to save 10%  is a smile maker…but the icing on the cake is that there are many different ways to “create” the vase and being able to do a quick STAMP and then POP with a PUNCH…..there is that smile again!

Lastly, another reason this bundle is special and super close to my heart is that it was designed by my upline, Mary Fish. This set just reflects Mary’s clean and simple style and she had the honor of creating a stamp when she achieved the amazing milestone of a million in sales.

Mary and I both share the love of clean and simple with a wee little bit of flair when we design & stamp…and this bundle will cover all bases!







Are you ready to get to this beauty!?!? I am having fun with the NEW IN COLORS today and WOW – they are so clean, crisp, bright and just FUN! Do you have a favorite color? I have to say…..I keep changing my mind but one thing I do know is…they are all great and they add a POP to my style of cardmaking!






As you know….I have been a SUPER BUSY STAMPER making LOTS of Stampin’ Up! Card Stock Swatches so I have really gotten to know the new kids on the block and trust me, this new neighborhood of color is just AMAZING!

OK stampers….you have heard me say this countless times but here you go again...PAPER and COLOR adds SOOOOOO much! Let’s just take a peek at this card today and you can just see what I am talking about.

This has VERY SIMPLE ELEMENTS…but having it clean to let the color POP is what is makes it. Sometimes we over think and over work….saying…“should I add this…should I add that….this just looks boring”…but trust me….STOP and WALK AWAY and I bet when you come back you will say….I LIKE THIS!








The over all size of this card is an A-2 card…(4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″) and then I used the FUN Polka Dot paper is 3″ X 5 1/2″ (we’ll chat about this amazing paper)…..making this an interesting off balance to the eye….If I would have made the DSP and the solid paper the same width….it would not have produced the depth as well.

This is a little tip that I think we can use over and over! You know that I adore a color block design…having multiple colors the same width but this design today is one of those FORMULAS to use over and over! When you off-set the width…it creates a different effect – still very simple to do….Remember, let the simplicity set the stage!

The inspiration for this card came to me when I clicked on the Stampin’ Up! Website…I hope that you can see how I took advantage of these simple vases…over-lapping some….coloring some in with the Pool Party Blends….and then popping some up!

The sentiment was heat embossed in White – a technique that we all love time and time again but I think that the impact of the white on the blue is just stunning! What do you think?







Let’s Chat….Let’s Focus…Let’s let it SINK IN…..READY?


With this new catalog….Stampin’ Up! is making me and I am hoping you as well….very HAPPY as they are adding the Designer Series Papers in the color families….Do you remember when we were all super sad that these left us about 2 or 3 years ago…..

Well….guess what – THEY ARE BACK but better than before as they will be offered in the 6″ X 6″ size in ALL of the color families….I am OVER THE MOON happy with this addition as these make taking the guess work of finding a perfect compliment a cinch….

I WILL BE OFFERING these in my Product Share Offerings…..which will be on Wednesday, so please pop back to reserve a Product Share…I do take great pride in Product Shares as “I get it” we all love to get the newbies but can’t afford everything!






As I said, these 6″ X 6″ Stacks will be offered in the Brights, Regals, Subtles, Neutrals, In Color 2017-2019 and the above In Color 2018-2020. Yep, that’s right….ALL COLLECTIONS. They are super simple in design with the polka dots and stripes making it a win-win for us!

In the picture below you can see how each color will have (2) sheets of the fun stripes and polka dots. Below is the Grapefruit Grove displayed…and this color is a big surprise for me….it goes with so many shades….looking super with Neutrals but also perfect with a Bright….I usually do not gravitate to the orange family but this one has made me take another look!

This is a prime example of how the swatch books that I make up are HUGE HELPERS….you can just “fan out a color” and then put it against others without having to grab full sheets of paper!







One last peek for you and another tip…do you remember that I said the DSP was cut at 3″? Well……the rest of it I used for the envelope! Well….actually I cut it down to 2″ before I adhered it under the 1/4″ strip of grapefruit grove as you bet I will do something with the 1″ strip left over….I just LOVE this paper!

You can use your DSP in so many ways and you can also be super frugal with it making is last as long as possible! Paper adds so much and I think you realize that I use a BUNCH of paper….it works for me as it is super simple to use!







I think todays inspiration is one that we all can proudly CASE….and I hope that this bundle will find its way to your home. Do you all remember the stamp that was retired years ago called Vivid Vases? It was a keeper in my eyes and actually one that I still have. This stamp that Mary designed reminds me of that stamp. I know that this bundle will be a HUGE hit for Stampin’ Up!

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Mothers Day! I sure did….we had a beautiful Saturday and worked outside all day and then yesterday the weather was a bit rainy but still had a super fun day! You know what happens in the Spring – we get these Spring Storms that POP UP and WOWZA….late yesterday we had one of those….

James and Ashleigh are at the beach this week so we are dog sitting their 3 dogs….and here is a super cute picture of John with 3 of the dogs….his faithful Rosie and then Ronan and Leo….these 3 are SCARED TO DEATH of Storms….so I took this picture and sent it to James and Ashleigh….John’s expression is so cute… the text I said…..we are scared of a storm…we miss you but Pap is taking care of us!





Let’s all have a great week! I will see you on Wednesday as I will be sharing my Product Share for the NEW CATALOG! I just love Product Shares! Because of this whole COLOR REVAMP….I will be blogging with PDF’s the new color names to help with your paper organization!

I love to organize paper and I am shooting to do this on Friday so please pop back ….I enjoy sharing tips and tricks with you when I can. Thanks for sharing a bit of your precious time with me today and I hope that I was right….YOU SMILED!







My FIRST card from the NEW CATALOG!



Good Morning and YEP, Spring is here…fresh colors are here!


I bet you have been thinking….where in the heck have I been? Well…I have been in the trenches making the Card Stock Rings for many of you and YES…..if you still want one – you can get one….here is the post that I did for them and then if you click the below image you will be able to send me an email with your info!! (please put in the subject line cardstock swatches so I can spot it in a jif!)





I am so excited for everyone to see all of the new colors from the Stampin’ Up! Revamp…just looking at the newbies makes me smile…BIG TIME! I am happy to say that I started yesterday with shipping the cardstock swatches! Today’s card is just BURSTING with color and even though we as demonstrators were able to order some things…..(which was super sweet) there are many things that we will just have to wait for….just like you!

Today is a super simple card that to me, has a lot of clean and simple WOW….but one thing I am a bit sad about is….it did not photograph well. My lower lip hangs down when this happens as I just adore this card….so much that I am making some modifications on the size and send it to some special Mom’s for Mothers Day!

This DSP is a newbie…called Garden Impressions 6″ X 6″ DSP and it is just BLOOMIN‘ with fun colors and prints! We all have become accustomed to seeing the paper in the catalog…and just as I feel with my photography today, there are sometimes a picture does not give it the love it deserves! This is the way I feel about this collection…the below 2 pictures will give you a peek.

When my preorder arrived last week I did what we all do when we are excited…




As I looked at this fun collection of paper, I was in love – it is fresh and fun. My mind started running with ideas and I could hardly wait to get my hands inky and play. Remember that this is a 6″ X 6″ paper pack – the perfect size to do both a card and envelope and the best thing is…you get (4) sheets of each design.

For those that are wondering – YES – I WILL BE DOING BOTH THE DSP SWATCH BOOKS as well as A PRODUCT SHARE…something that many of you just love and trust me, I get it! I take great pride in my shares and I know that you enjoy them! Hang tight – I will be blogging about them soon!

Below you can see 2 pictures showcasing this beautiful paper….truly something that you need to see in person as “at a glance” it looks super busy and overwhelming but trust me, if I think that it is workable….it is simple!







Now…let’s get to a picture of the stamp set/bundle – the Abstract Impressions Bundle! I was very happy that this was available on the pre-order as it was one that was on my “A list” when I saw the new catalog. WHY? well, you know me, I just adore simplicity and I adore having the right product and tools to make a clean, classic yet impactful card that represents my style of paper crafting.






I admit, it does take time and patience to look at something (like a new stamp) and then be patient and let the elements “sink in”. At a glance…you could say “another stamp of shapes to layer”…but it is soooo much more! You can clearly see the sentiments are great (love the font) but these simple shapes- just wait – I bet you will see MANY great examples with this.

Another thought for you…..I have blogged that I am being more selective with my purchases as I “get it” in the fact that we can become overwhelmed and inundated with products….and a first I said….I am not getting the bundle, just the stamp set….and then I saw samples made with it….SOLD – the bundle will be coming to Randall Lane and just look at the detail….plus you get 10% off.








When I was in Hartford at the OnStage event I saw some crazy…amazing….samples of this bundle. I will try to edit them and share them in a future post. Darn, I just wish that there were more hours in the day!I invite you to envision the detailed floral image….that in itself would be just stunning in very vanilla tone on tone…..or coloring some of the flowers with blends….WOOT-WOOT….fast and easy!

I am a BIG fan of fun foam as a solid LIFT for elements on a card but please do not be confused that I might not like stampin’ dimensionals…as OF COURSE I DO but to me, the foam adds a solid feeling, a substantial heavy/solid..card and that makes me smile! Where do you get fun foam?…..craft stores…Amazon….lots of places and I just get it in white and cut it to whatever I need!

Look at the simple elements….using the “basics” like the layering square framelits and the stitched shapes framelits I created a very clean and simple backdrop to this sweet card.I cut a square out of the DSP and yep, I will be able to use that pretty square on another card for the future.

I just love paper as let’s face it…it adds so much with truly a minimal cost. Again, it goes back to that feeling of a “solid’ card which in my opinion makes the whole process of creating and designing a joy! I added the fun foam underneath of this entire panel!






Now for a BIG SMILE….how about this beautiful envelope? I did not put any sentiment on the outside of the card…but I did stamp the sentiment of “kindness changes everything” on the inside (love that sentiment)….so I thought that this would be PERFECT to add interest for the Mailman and also the recipient! 🙂

I know…I know – it is ONE MORE STEP but trust me, it is well worth the time! I just beam when I get Happy Mail myself and someone has a beautiful envelope….please try it….you will get hooked and never let a card go out NAKED!






Whew….that’s it for you today! I was afraid I would forget how to blog!!!! I was so happy to share this with you today and darn, I wish that the photos made it look better….you’ll just have to trust my word! I adore clean and simple and it is even better when you can make something over and over again with different sentiments and different colors…..

Below is a sweet and funny picture for you! My sweet Dad and Rosie helping! Dad has been helping me with putting labels on envelopes and cutting ribbon for me to go around the Cardstock Swatches! I couldn’t fuss at Rosie as she was helping as well….even though she is NOT to be on the sofa!





Have a great day and I will be back soon…..enjoy the day and make someone SMILE!



Get inky and smile!


Good Morning! Well….before I inspire you with some video links for you to watch and be inspired with…we have a WINNER! You are just going to LOVE this fun and easy project….you know me, I love to share with you ideas and inspiration….

On Wednesday I had another challenge as to how I would choose up to $125 with of products from the supplies that I used on Wednesdays post to fill my picks for the Ultimate Bundle. I gave you the clue that the targeted amount that I was going for was $124.50. If you missed the post on Wednesday…..please click here as it is a super sweet card that ALWAYS gets rave reviews!

The winner is Dana M…..way to go and please email me so I can mail you the Fast Fuse. Here was Dana’s picks:

  • Stampin’ Trimmer
  • Layering Circle Framelits Dies
  • 1/2″ Circle Punch
  • Pansy Punch
  • Whisper White Medium Envelopes
  • Multipurpose Liquid Glue
  • Tear & Tape Adhesive
  • Stampin Dimensionals
  • Polka Dot Basics Textured Impressions Embossing Folder
  • Simple Stripes Textured Impressions Embossing Folder

All of these items are link below at the end and when you add them up…..yep, $124.50! That is a perfect target amount to make the most of a $125 threshold. It truly is as easy as that…pick what YOU want and just pay $99 but remember, you can still pick ANY 2 stamp sets….and it all ships for FREE!

You can see from the list above that these are staples and tools that make the classics. I adore punches and Stampin’ Up! does a fantastic job with the quality of our punch offerings. They are a HUGE time saver and I encourage you to have a solid punch collection as it is a product that you will use over and over. When I started….I would add a punch on every order….and then in no time, you will have a great collection.

Punches are a product that I rarely get rid of if they become discontinued. If there is a specific punch that goes with a discontinued product than I might but in general if it is a shape I will keep it. I think we all love and covet our punches.

On Wednesday I shared that we were going to get Easter Inky today….and what I was going to do was show you the finished products that I made from doing the below videos…..BUT….I am KNEE DEEP in a project that is going to make you smile from ear to ear but I do not have the directions typed up yet…..

So…the moral of the story is – you are going to have to wait a wee bit but TRUST ME – it is worth the wait because you will just have the biggest smile…so fun…so cute yet very doable! In the meantime….ENJOY THESE VIDEOS as they are just amazing and these are the easiest project to do!

The videos are SUPER FUN techniques to use alcohol inks with plastic Easter Eggs….Tim Holtz is a fabulous teacher and trust me, you will be wowed with how easy they are to make. Sit Back, enjoy these short videos and then grab coupons to go to the store and get the supplies – you will have a ball!

TIP FOR THIS VIDEO – Remember to get the smaller plastic Easter Eggs…..I bought a bag at Hobby Lobby that had 24 for a whopping.60! The foil paper is also super inexpensive… $3.00 for 50 sheets. Last Friday Jeanie and I made these and they came together perfectly  – the only thing that we giggled about was the fact that the end product looked like a super expensive chocolate from a candy store….and when our loved one open them up and see a Hersheys Chocolate….well….they will know that we love them!

TIP FOR THIS VIDEO: I had a hard time finding white eggs where I live but here is a heads up…Jeanie found them at 5 Below…..a store that I have yet to go in but that’s where they were! These make up an AMAZING EGG…they would be beautiful as a centerpiece on your table or you could fill them etc…..

If you have not played with Alcohol Inks….I say, grab a coupon and go to the store and get a few colors…..don’t go crazy and get a ton but grab colors that you like. They are a super fun product to work with and there are ENDLESS videos out there with different techniques!

I will see you soon…..(hopefully later today) and if not, I will be in your IN BOX in the morning! If you are out and about getting some of the supplies to make this super fun eggs…..go ahead and grab some Easter Candy as when you see my next post… will have wished that you got a PICK UP TRUCK LOAD of candy….that Easter Bunny…..he is a sweet guy!

The Perfect Card for SPRING!




Happy HUMP Day…Happy 1st full day of Spring and Happy SNOW Day!


Hello and wherever you are….I hope that you are having a great day and that you are safe. The weather all across the map is just crazy and here on the East Coast…YEP – we are getting DUMPED with super heavy snow. Do you remember the days of the revolving back door when kids were little? I clearly do as the wash machine and hot chocolate were hopping then but for me now – I deal with a new type of revolving door.

Most dogs love to play in the snow and our troops….are in their glory today except for poor pathetic Rosie…she does not like it one bit and she is not a happy camper. She is the one that follows John wherever he goes and on Snow Days….she can only take about 30 minutes! Our snow is so deep that John did not go into the office and remember, he is an Accountant so that is tellin’ you that it is a mess as he is in the mountain of Tax Season!



I ask you….how can a dog be so ugly and also so cute?

(Just look at those snow balls stuck to her! One WET MOP!!!)






Today I have a card for you that I make every year. I have blogged about it before and it is a card that throughout the year that I get emails about with questions etc….It is one that ALWAYS is a huge hit and once people make it I see so many pictures of the fun they had with different colors and papers. It is one of those timeless and “happy cards” to brightens anyones day….and who doesn’t like “happy”!

Today will be another opportunity for you to guess what I would put in an Ultimate Bundle…we have been having fun with that and I hope that you put your thinking cap on and see what I would pick from the line up products at the end of the post. The threshold is $125 but I will tell you the number I hit was $124.50. The opportunity to get (2) FREE Stamp Sets of you choice with the Ultimate Bundle is quickly coming to a close on March 31st.

That is why the IS the best time to take advantage of it….and if you already have “just about everything” in the Stampin’ Up! line of products….no worries, stock up on staples that you use all of the time. Remember, ANY 2 stamps sets….and with that said….I would look at what you have been on the fence about, perhaps it was the price….so now you have nothing to working about as it is FREE…..(darn, that word is music to a shoppers ear) with no obligation to do one more thing!





Throughout the post I will share with you some hints that will make your guessing a bit easier for you and on Friday I will announce the winners…..I will give up to (3) fast fuse adhesives as I see that they are no longer available. The refills are still available! I admit, I am super sad about Stampin’ Up! retiring the fast fuse as it is the BEST and STRONGEST adhesive that we have but I do think that many had learning curve issues with how to work with it… the end, I am sure that Stampin’ Up! has something else up their sleeve to replace it. (there is a hint – FAST FUSE is not in my pick for Ultimate Bundle challenge today)

Ok….let’s get to this and I do hope that if you already have this stamp and punch….that you can find some “me time” and bring a little sunshine to someone with making this sweet card. The stamp set is Flower Shop…it has been around a long time and it is one that I will always keep along with the Pansy Punch that coordinates with it to make to cutting out a cinch….just line up and POP!

Here is another hint…this stamp set is NOT in my pick for the bundle challenge today. WHY?….easy – there are many, many other stamp sets that I have a much higher price point than $18.00 that I would chose as a FREEBIE…..after all, you could turn around and just pay $14.40 with your endless 20% discount! It’s like having a Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon every-time you order….but you do not need a coupon!







Let’s face it…nobody knows what stamps and products are going to be retired and once that list comes out….there always seems to be a huge scurry to make decisions as what to get…before the they are gone for good. As I have been blogging about lately….I have become very selective to what I have bought from the Occasions Catalog…as the reality is – we only can use so many stamps!

I have a HUGE AMOUNT of retired stamps set aside to sell and the ones that I chose to keep…are truly a small amount but this one will be kept as I love to make this card (and I never get tired of it)…I love the size of this flower….I love the various designs of the flower….and I LOVE that there is a punch. Stampin’ Up! has soooooooo many floral stamps…but being very non fru-fru….this one speaks to me.

I am a clean and simple gal and all of the elements of the “makings” of this card are the classics…..(which I am a HUGE believer in having the right tools/supplies……will end up with a fun creating process)….To me, you need to build up your “tools and staples” inventory as without these….stamps will just sit.

You can see below in the picture the framelits and punches that I used to make this sweet card. In your stash of MUST HAVE’s is the Layering dies ….today I used the Layering Circle Framelits and they ARE a staple. The flowers vase was cut from a circle and then I just snipped of the bottom. (hint…hint again). Layering paper on paper and shapes on shapes always will go far with creating!







As you can see that this is a square card…actually a 4 1/4″ square card. I adore this shape of a card and today you will see that I made my own custom envelopes with the Envelope Punch Board as that’s how I roll…the icing on the cake in my eyes and heart. I know that there are many that do not like to have to pay for extra postage (as all square cards are extra postage)… if you chose….you could put this in a White Envelope and it would be just a regular stamp…..






Here is another hint…..the envelope punch board is NOT in my pick for the bundle challenge. Of course I would always have that product….but what I am trying to show you is that there are MANY ways to fill that kit for $125 and only pay $99. I realize that there are many that simply would never want to play around with this tool…and that IS ok – we are all comfortable in many ways.

The other beauty of this card is…the sky is the limit for your color palette. I stuck to bright and bold colors today and I worked with the super fun Tutti Fruitti 6 X 6 DSP Stack. Don’t you just love the crispness of the colors and the variety of designs on the pansy’s? You can see that I POPPED out with the help of the 1/2″ circle punch the insides of the flowers and jazzed them up with some dots and dashes from a white gel pen and a quick go over with the wink of stella for some soft bling.






A product that I often forget about using are the embossing folders. You can see from that link that we have over 20 to choose from and they DO make such a difference. Just like picking the basics, the (2) that I am using today are keepers as they will never go out of style and then lend themselves to a broad span of cards that we make.

Sometimes I really feel like I am a “plain jane” but how do classics like stripes and polka dots ever let you down? I just know what works for me and figure out a way to use it over and over again.






There you go…..a SUPER SWEET card that would perk up anyones day! You know that I am a lover of sentiment sayings and this “friend” from the Lovely Words Framelits was fun to snip off and just let the word shine! I stacked it up to make it more of a statement and I used the Multipurpose Sheets (another great and overlooked aid we have) to adhere them together but if you just have the green glue….use that – a total staple to have!

We all know that there are many ways to do things. The key is to find the way that works and feels good to you. I love to share with you the ideas that I have with what most crafters would find useful! This IS how we learn…by sharing and giving feedback! Please feel free to leave some feedback about this card….I just adore it.







HEAD’S UP….to those smart stampers that placed a pre-order for the STAMPARATUS…..Keep an eye for a notification from Stampin’ Up! that yours is ready to finish the ordering process! You will receive an EMAIL from Stampin’ Up! I have no idea that you pre-ordered one or not…..but after you receive the email, you will have the opportunity to add to your cart.

If nothing else, I would add something small onto it so you could get a freebie from Sale-a-bration…….why not? You are going to love, love, LOVE this tool and for those of you that did not get in on the pre-order….no worries, you will be able to get it starting June 1st with the new catalog!

Have a great afternoon and have fun trying to guess what is in the ULTIMATE BUNDLE using the below items….again, the total was $124.50 that I picked! I will see you Friday with some Easter inspiration for you to do over the weekend….it is super fun – pull out the alcohol inks!





You’re in LUCK today…sweet & simple!

Happy Weekend…Happy St. Patricks Day and a special shout out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our one and only “Chris. R. from Iowa”

I hope that you have a special day and that there are many happy and healthy returns to you! (you always keep us in stitches with your “life happenings“)

I have a card for you today that will put a “spring into your step” as the minute I saw it….I knew that I needed to CASE it! There are many reasons why it “spoke to me” as it is right up that simple alley that I love in being clean and simple with design.

We also have “winners” from the can you guess on Wednesday’s post  – these have been fun! I know that many of us have “the basics” and that makes me super happy,….but I also know that many of us could easily find $125 worth of Stampin products that we use on a regular basis that would be thrilled to pay just $99 and it ships for free (free shipping is music to my ears)








Now to this super simple yet super fun card! As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator we get a quarterly Magazine called, Stampin’ Success sent to us. When I see it in my mailbox I get super excited as I usually sit at the end of our lane to do the quick flip through and look at the pictures of amazing samples….YEP, I did it again on Wednesday when it arrived.

You know that I adore Versa Mark…as this IS the key to heat embossing as this is the “stick” for our embossing powder but I also use it and often blog about it as a tone on tone effect it will give you when you use it like an ink! It is a magical must have…







I think that many of you think that it might not dry….trust me, it does and heck – if you are also using an embossing technique (like I am today) you will already have your heat gun out….just add some heat to speed up the drying process. I usually just let it set and it dries perfectly.

You know me….it needs to be simple, clean & easy and this is all of that and more. I started with a 4″ X 5″ piece of white cardstock and added a piece of Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet to it. This product IS one that many of you forget to have handy but it IS one that needs to be with you as it is a TIMESAVER to the max. I actually have many scraps with this adhesive on already in the basic colors (white, vanilla, black, sahara sand) already with the adhesive on it….so when I need a piece, I am ready to go!







I took the 5 colors that I chose (melon mambo, flirty flamingo, lemon-lime twist, bermuda bay & pool party) and cut them into 1/2″ strips and placed them on the white piece of paper that had the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet on it. This adhesive if forgiving until you give it a firm press or a good “run over” with the bone folder….(and YEP, I will share with you MY FAVORITE bone folder) at the end of the post!

HOW SIMPLE IS THIS??? I just cleaned up the edges and then matted it on a piece of black cardstock that is a “smidge” larger. I just adore the look and feel of the color and just think of the ENDLESS color schemes you could go with….now to the other “easy element” that made this card special.







Now here is the stamp of the show. It is called Beautiful Day and it is from the Occasions Catalog. This is a stamp that would be super fun to color but today….a quick stamp….how simple is this!







I used the STAMPARATUS to do my stampin’ of the butterfly but by all means, you do not need a placement tool – I just wanted to do a good and firm stamp (I actually stamped it twice) to get a darker versamark image. How beautiful and simple is this? I was beaming from ear to ear with the end result.

Carrying out the theme and design I pulled out a sentiment from the One Big Meaning Stamp Set, this is in the Annual Catalog and as you can clearly see below….it is a fabulous stamp set full of great “thank you’s” with fun fonts! I heat embossed it in White on the black cardstock so the black matting would POP! This IS a stamp set that truly gives you a bang fro your buck as it is priced perfectly!





It wouldn’t be one of my cards if I did not have a fun envelope for you….and YEP….same drill as what I did for the card except I made the width of the strips a bit smaller so I could fit all of them on. I know that it doesn’t take much to make me happy…but this card DOES make me happy and I will use the design and layout for many cards that I create in the future….(A formula) as I like to call it!





Now to WEDNESDAY’S WINNERS…..please go back to the blog post from Wednesday to see….then it will make perfect sense! The items that I would have chose from the ones that I listed were…… and we have 2 winners……



WOOT-WOOT to Kathy Beemer & Pam Traffis…



These are the items that came to $124.25 – Yep….all keepers and you would only pay $99 and it is free shipping! (heck, that is an additional $12.40 off)… Envelope Punch Board, Stampin’ Trimmer, Extra Blades for trimmer, Simply Scored, Paper Snips, Tear & Tape, Glue Dots, Dimensionals, Mini Dimensionals & Foam Adhesive Strips.

The key hint that I gave was…“what tools/aids” would I use…..I was super proud that no one put the bone folder (that means you read) and below I will share my favorite. If you look at the picks that I chose…you will see that I did them for a purpose….to be “set” for creating with the basics! Way to go….Kathy…..please email me…I know Pam’s address!

Let’s Chat about Bone Folders as these little gems are a must have for what we do. I always say that I am honest with you in the things I love and use to make the process work for me and true, the stampin’ up! bone folder gets the job done (and it is great for a beginner) but once you get your paws on a teflon bone folder….you will see what a GAME CHANGER it is.

I also have this one, the Ergonomic Square Bone Folder and I am thinking that I like this better as it fits on my hand perfectly and I can give it a good grip…I know…I know – many of you are saying….why in the world would someone spend that money on these???…well – I am just being honest as these are tools that I use ALL OF THE TIME and they make what I do more enjoyable and easier for me!







Why do I like the teflon material with these bone folders??? They are both SUPER SOLID and it will not leave any of that shiny residue (especially on darker cardstocks) when you score. I love a very solid and firm score with my projects as it is this element that really makes your projects look more polished.

There you go….some inspiration for your weekend. I cannot wait to continue to play with this layout design. Please go to your stash and great the stripe part today so you can get the feel and then look at it and think of all of the ways you can use it! I think even after you create the base….it would be super cute to cut a circle out and make a fun and festive shaker card!






That is why I love this thing that we do….there are always sooooo many ways to create and I do love sharing my passion and love with you. Now to the answers that I asked about me…from Wednesday…..

  • If you could be anywhere in the world for New Year’s Ever this year, where would you most want to be? THIS ONE IS SUPER EASY….HOME! There is no place that I would rather be than HOME call me simple…call me boring but I just love the simplicity of home. Many of you got this one!


  • What is your favorite saying or quotation? I loved your guesses and YEP, you do know me but the key word that is in my saying is “JOY” I think that is such a powerful word….and just think 3 simple letter…..that has one HUGE MEANING! Here you go…..and trust me – this goes through my simple little head a bunch as it is soooooo true…..


“If there is no joy in the journey…than there is no joy at the journeys end”


There you go….to me, a great way to live by. Have a fabulous and safe weekend. For you Basketball Fans out there……YIKES – big shake up last night…#1 seated Virginia lost to UMBC….I am sure there are lots of brackets messed up! I will see you on Monday…all of the supplies that I used will be found below and I do hope that you let some fun and festive stripes in your life and card making!







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