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Good (late) morning! I guess as the saying goes…better late than never! For those of you that follow my blog, you know that me posts are usually in your inbox so we can have a cup of coffee together! What can I say but I just did not have the energy to type away after a busy but fun day yesterday! πŸ™‚

I have posted about this before and if you CLICK HERE you will see a post that I did eons ago and it will give you some great visuals on how to make these super quick yet super adorable containers to put a goodie in!




This is my kinda project as it is always so fun to make and you are always guaranteed a smile from both you (when you are finished making them) and then the recipient. Everything is the same as from before on the post that I linked you to but I now use fast fuse as it is easy for me and super strong.

Do you remember earlier when I used this single stamp? CLICK HERE to see that post but this is a great example of how much mileage you can get from a “keeper” stamp like this!






This is my feeling/opinion…a stamp like this is PERFECT for this Halloween….is PERFECT for NEXT Halloween and many more after! The reality of it is, nobody ill ever, ever say…you used that stamp again?!?! They will look and smile of the complete concept of the project!

I have warn you…these are like potato chips – once you start making them, you will not be able to stop. They are great for any holiday and if you are one that vows to use you DSP as you know that next year there will be another great offering….then by all means – USE IT UP!!!!!

Below you will see a closer picture of how I just did a super fast fussy cut – PLEASE THROW PERFECTION OUT THE WINDOW...just cut around, put it on a piece of Pumpkin Pie Scrap and then fussy cut again! Easy as 1-2-3!






Have a super day and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Simple Saturday… is a special Saturday for me – check back in to see why! I can’t wait to hear how you like these gems!


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SINGLE stamps are SUPER!



Happy Monday…..sorry for the late start but I think that this quick post will make you see why I say….SINGLE stamps are SUPER! For those of you that have followed my blog for a while you know I love single stamps!

WHY? – Well….they usually carry a BIG PUNCH and they are affordable. Right off the bat, 2 stamps that are singles that have been retired but will always live on Randall Lane are Vivid Vases and the Watercolor “Thank You” (do you remember these keepers?)

Halloween is right around the corner but you still have time to order this stamp and make a super cute yet fun project like I am showcasing today! Let me shed some light as to the method of my madness (YIKES – when you hear it… will see why I needed something easy and fast) I made this super easy and just stamped it with one color, Pumpkin Pie!





Are you ready for this?!?!?!?! I am on a Board of Directors for a local Cemetery. My Dad is also on the board and he was very proud and honored when I accepted the position. This Thursday, the cemetery is having its 150th year celebration (and it is a big deal). It is going to be a wonderful event as we are also breaking ground for a new garden which will add so much to the history that is already there.

For probably the past 8 Wednesdays, I have had a meeting at 1:45 to go over details (John teases me on Wednesday mornings…..don’t forget your meeting) πŸ™‚ The Governor is coming and is the key note speaker and drawing point. Right across the street is an Elementary School and the president of the Board thought that it would be a great idea to have some kids come and sing a song to open up the event!

We all agreed and it was fine with the principal. I said, I think that we need to have a little something for the kids as a that you (they are 4th graders) and I volunteered to do so . Last Wednesday at our meeting I asked, do we have a number of kids that are coming? – READY FOR THIS…..she looked at me with a cute face and said between 60 – 70.




Plan B needed to go into place and that is what this post is about! I still knew that I want to do something fun and festive that they would like but I needed to make it easy on me as YIKES – this many?

The moral of the story is….this was doable. I actually did them all last night while watching the debate! I am sharing this with you because if you participate in Treat or Treat in your neighborhood, or take treats in for a school party, or even take a big basket into your office to spread some unexpected Halloween FUN, these are fun to do and soooooooo affordable!






I did purchase the dot glassine bags when they were on clearance (love them – I think I bought them all up as they are perfect for BIG cookies) πŸ™‚ but have no fear, we still sell glassine bags.

I was able to use up scraps of white paper to do the stamping…a quick fussy cut and onto a 2 3/4″ square – DONE!!!!! (you can get 12 black squares out of one sheet of paper) I used the envelope punch board end to round the corners (I think that is the best corner rounder we have)

In the bags I put a small snack size bag of pretzels and then a Rice Krispie Treat – this is a perfect “little something” and they will like it! It was super affordable all the way around and I am sure that there will be smiles! The quick and simple bow made the perfect finishing touch!





That’s it for today…I hope that I have shown you that making a difference does not have to be fussy, time consuming or expensive. It is all about the thought and I also am a HUGE believer about how it is presented – a fun and festive presentation always set the stage!

See you tomorrow….I have a Tuesday Tip for you that is an important one!


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BOO! My kinda card….




I hope that you are smiling πŸ™‚Β  Now this is my kind of card…a fun and sweet Halloween card. This is a 4 1/4″ square card and it would fit in a regular envelope but you know me…I adore my envelopes so I made one with the envelope punch board.

The inspiration for this card came the MINUTE I saw the Holiday catalog! Please do not forget to CASE the amazing ideas that the concept artists from Stampin’ Up! creates for us! Below is the picture that inspired me for today’s card! I just love it and I knew that I could “tweak it” to make it into a card.






I know that som of us have learned the hard way and have not bought the offerings as a “bundle” when they are offered. This IS available as a bundle and the way that I look at this one is… is a classic and one that you can use at other times of the year (like the tree and fence) and as bundles go – this is an affordable one!

Please know…if you have a product that is NOT in the catalog…it doesn’t mean that it is not a “keeper” (as I like to call it) and trust me, I have many, MANY stamp sets and framelits that have been retired but YEP, I still use them as I love them ~ I simply do not blog about them as it would not be fair for you not to be able to purchase them.





Below you will see a parade of pictures for you! From one sheet of this FUN orange plaid paper, you could make 9 of these cards as this piece is 4″ X 4″ and then really….scraps is the name of the game to pull together the bulk of this card.

I love this first picture as you can see how I “lifted” the circle fun but left the branches hang off the edge, it looks fun and the detail of this tree is wonderful



Stampin' Up! Clean and Simple Halloween Card, Spooky Fun Bundle









I adore how this bakers twine ties. It is so soft and subtle to work with and I thought that it was the perfect accent to the card. I used a simple glue dot to anchor it in place!

Below is your 411 photo to pin! I say…SUPER CUTE – what do you think?





Please continue to keep the areas that are being affected by the Hurricane in your thoughts. This is terrible. I simply cannot imagine the turmoil. My heart goes out to everyone, I simply cannot imagine.

Today I am putting on my Mom hatΒ  – Middle PEEP has asked my to help him as he is in charge of a Gold Tournament today….YEP, when a PEEP asks – I go…..with them being adults – I love the fact that they still reach out to dear old Mom!

Tomorrow is Simple Saturday and it is also the card that you will receive with a $35+ order! (I know, I know – I need to update the offerings for this month….I am playing catch up but I will get to it)

Enjoy the day….

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Halloween fun ~ super cute!




BOO and Happy first full day of Fall!

Is it Fall weather were you live? I know that yesterday at 10:21 Eastern Time is was official…but…..It sure isn’t on the East Coast but on Sunday…magic is to happen (so the weatherman says) and I am looking forward to wake up and say….IT FEELS LIKE FALL and then I am going to go outside and do a Happy Fall Dance with the dogs and hope that cool and crisp weather is here to stay (I just love to dream) πŸ˜€

I am a “Happy” type person for Halloween. I am not a huge fan of scary stuff so when I share Halloween Fun…it is usually “Happy and Fun” things…like I have for you today!


Today I am showcasing the goodies that were in the latest Paper Pumpkin! Click on the image below to see the Stampin’ Up! video showcasing it – super short yet super cute and then I will share and show with you some ideas and ways that I have used this kit.

I was a “Silly Susan” and totally forgot to order extra kits for September as this one usually tends to be a SUPER GREAT Halloween one that is FUN but you better believe that I will be like a hawk waiting and watching to see when the refill kits are available – (I did call yesterday to see if I could get any scoop and all I know is that yes ~ they plan to have some refills….but as to when????, that is the mystery….probably next week.)

You bet that I will order a bunch of refills as I just love to have goodies like this on my shelf! You can see in the picture below that I am using the Paper Pumpkin from last year! (This is why I like to stock up on refills – super cute) I fill these with miniature Tootsie Rolls!


When I was typing this I thought…what the heck – go back and see IF by chance the kit from last year was still available and guess what ~ IT IS!!!! (I highlighted the link for you above)


If you are a newbie to the Paper Pumpkin Program, you can get the 1st month (which would be October) and then you would get November FREE! If you wish to cancel your Paper Pumpkin Kits….easy, after November 10th – simply go on and cancel – POOF…it is that easy!

If you click here and order a month’s subscription and enter promo codeΒ  BOGO , you will get that November kit free PLUS….you will be able to order the last year Halloween Kit and/or refill if you wish and fingers crossed……this adorable test tube one form this year! A win-win all the way around!


You can see that I followed the directions from the kit but then I also made a quick super quick and easy note card….



You all know that I love the Note-card Size of Whisper White that we offer but for today’s card – I cut my own card stock to make a vertical card (I have no idea why I did not just use the fold on the left…but just call me silly) and I paired this up with the fun Halloween Paper we have as well as a speed tool, the banner framelits to make this sweet card!


There you go….some Halloween fun from the present as well as the past (last year). I adore both and projects like this are fun to give to all ages…What do I have in the test tubes? You will be surprised but I had them at the house….the are dark chocolate covered espresso beans – Hannah loves them and I bought some last week to send to her!

I am excited to hopefully get more of these test tubes! Hannah works in a Science Lab and wouldn’t this be PERFECT to send her a bunch to give to co-workers…I have a vision already – a basket filled with them and then a cute card/tag – BOO – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the Paper Pumpkin Incentive. I am out of town until Sunday morning but I will check my email as time warrants! Have a great day and I hope that this Halloween post brought a smile to your face!

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Easy as 1,2 ,3!!!




Woot-woot, it is Friday and the end of the week is here! Do you have any fun plans…I do – DOING NOTHING other than being here at the house and I am smiling about that! Yesterday I woke up early with a HUGE to-do list and I felt great that there were lots of accomplishments!

I picked up Stanley and was squealing with joy and excitement the whole way home….just to have him home that I can look out the window and see my sweet , beautiful boy. (darn, I get so attached to my animals) and now I have another TO DO daily …ride Stanley – he is fit and he needs to stay that way…so the moral of the story is I need to get my rear up and go ride Stanley and Oscar every morning!

We all know that the clearance rack was stocked on Tuesday and one of my all time favorites was on there and is still on there! While I was driving home from getting Stanley, I whipped this card up in my head…this is why I love this 1″ punch!






To make this card – is a cinch! All I did was take a 4″ X 5″ piece of white paper and then using the 1″ punch (WHICH IS ON CLEARANCE) and POPPED away with the 1″ punch and went to town! The “green glue” works great to get that perfect “wiggle room”

It worked out perfectly to cut a 2″ square for the sentiment! This layout is fun and fast and can easily be adapted with many stamps we have and a great way to use up DSP. It looks time consuming but it is really the contrary as it is super fast to whip up!

You all know that I love this below stamp set…I actually think that it might be the most versatile stamp set in the NEW Holiday Catalog…..when in doubt – get the sentiment set out! This worked PERFECTLY – as the sentiment went on a 2″ square!



Suite Sayings, Holiday Catalog 2016





You have to agree that this is a super easy card! I used to use 1″ squares all of the time when I Scrap-booked a bunch. It is so easy to work with and it adds that extra “something” but take little time and minimal product! I say that this is a win-win all the way around!

After I adhered the squares and the sentiment, I then added it to a white mat before placing it on the Black base. Fun, festive and easy! Today I did something I rarely do…the white mat is the width of the card (4 1/4″) but the height of the mat is 5 1/4″ so you see a peek of black on the top and bottom….(hope this makes sense, when you hold it in your hand it looks great – so just TRY IT!)






Here is you pin picture! I encourage you to look at this layout and save it as it is such a quick and easy way to make a fun card! We all have so much DSP…so let’s use it! This is also a great card to do with children. They love punching things out~ I would make a deal with them…they punch you glue!




BOO! – I hope that this sweet card made you smile. it is clean, crisp and just works! This punch is now on sale for just under $10.00 so I would definitely HOP ON IT if you do not have it. I find that “punches are my friends…as they are time savers” – that darn word…TIME – gets is all of the time!

I just have to share with you….my boys….they are super dirty and dusty but after they went out together and rolled…and looked at each other as they were saying…IS THAT YOU…they bonded! I had my phone with me and took a quick video of them ~ I just had to share the love with Hannah…she too loves her boys!

Don’t get to excited…it’s kind of boring but it is amazing the love animals have for each other. They have been apart since May and like a great friend, they can pick up where the left off!



Enjoy the day – make someone smile and do something for yourself! πŸ™‚


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BOO! It’s hip to be square!


You know that I adore my square cards! Today’s card is “doubly” HIP TO BE SQUARE as you can see that I have many, many squares! When I was an avid scrap-booker, I loved using 1″ squares to add fun and interest to a card!

This is not only a super great way to use up scraps but it is a FUN and FESTIVE card that will surely bring a smile to anyone that is lucky enough to receive it….Because this is a favorite layout for me, I am going to give you the scoop as I hope that you make a card like this….just think of all of the amazing DSP’s we have….FUN!

The “secret weapon” for this card is the 1″ punch, true you can use the trimmer for it but trust me, not only is it easier/faster with a punch…you get the exact same time each and every time!

Let’s get going as I do love to share with you how to make cards that make my heart happy and this layout is one of them!


  • The overall size of this card is a 4 1/2″ square in Very Vanilla
  • Using 4 different patterns pop out (4) of each using the 1″ punch
  • Take a 4″ piece of scrap and cover the square with the pieces you popped out. (This is another key factor for this card…by having this as a base, you will never have to worry it you have them straight etc…)


  • Cut a piece of black a “smidge” larger, 4 1/8″ and add then the “fun square masterpiece” to it.
  • The “BOO” came from the Boo To You Framelits Dies….this is a fun bundle from the new catalog!
  • The Lots Of Labels Framelits Dies were the framelits that made the back drop for the BOO! Pull out your black pen and dash away and dot away, this add a great touch but…..


  • Now the the silly fun….the crazy silver threads coming out of the back of the sentiment. I simply took snail to the back and then added strands of thread to give it a festive effect –
  • The envelope was made with the envelope punch board…fast, fun and oh so custom each and every time. I laugh at myself when I think that I was so intimidated with this tool when it first came out but trust me, for $20.00 ~ it is one of the best bangs for your buck and you will always be able to make any size of envelopes.


That it….well not really as you know what today is…the weekly deals! Each Tuesday Stampin’ Up! comes out with 6 items that they are offering for 25% off….I say WOOT-WOOT and THANKS! Remember, they are only good thru next Monday evening so please do not put it off as you will be frustrated with yourself, trust me…..I have been there many times!

Thanks for your time…thanks for your support – Tomorrow will be a SUPER fun day as it is a Blog Hop…the theme is great, the designers will tantalize you with many, many inspirations!

Please feel free to click that SHOP NOW button or the products that I used for today are in the below scrolling store!

I have not share many animal photos lately but I could not resist this from yesterday morning. Milo is a super dog and fits in like he has lived her forever. Eddie is doing great – he had several days of not eating again, but now he has moved back to chicken!


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