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Good Morning! This is a fun, very short but I hope informative post for you! It has been a while since I have shared some tips and tricks that I use to make my "Stampin' life" easier. I totally realize that it takes time to figure out a system that works for you.

I think I can speak for just about all of us, organization is something that we struggle with, we try new things….go back to what we used before…to go to the store and find a NEW -  "I just have to have item"….to come back home frustrated. Sound familiar???

The products that I am sharing with you today that works from me is from Stampin-n-Storage. You can click here to see their website. I cannot say enough amazing things about this company! The quality is amazing, the customer service is super….I just am so pleased with everything that I have purchased.

I am the very first to say that I realize that it is an investment….but I have slowly built up items from them and I can honestly say, they make my life easier! They fit our products perfectly and the "master mind" behind it has true blue experience and advice as to what we need as his wife is a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

Enjoy the pictures below and I hope that this will inspire you to "ROUND UP" your products and get them organized….whatever system works for YOU is the most important part…everyone does things differently but I hope that this helps you!

Remember….today is the magical day of the week that new weekly deals are offered! Click here to see the goodies this week – do you have a favorite?????



Let's chat about the label maker….it is a very important "friend" to me! You can find them at many local stores but I find it easier to just go to Amazon. This one allows you to print (2) lines if you want…there are many different font, it is just the best – Here is the link to the one that I use and love!

Click here to see the offering from Amazon.


Did you see the Yellow dividers that I used? Now here is a GREAT tip for you to take advantage of now with all of the Back to School items out everywhere. They are just simple plastic folders found at the office store….I think that they were 5 for $1.00 .

I just cut off the edge and them cut them to the size I wanted. They are PERFECT as they are super sturdy and take the abuse of flipping through many times!


 I have also found that Alphabetizing my folders as it saves a bunch of time when I am working on projects.

I love the fact that these products are designed to hold our product at an angle so it makes flipping through them super easy. Look at the website and you will see then design is at an angle.


I cannot say enough great things about all of these products…to me the label maker is one of the best things you can have at your house (plus it makes a super gift for that hard to buy for person) Another "heads up" – purchasing your tape for the label maker from amazon  will save you a bunch, it is soooooo much cheaper!

Yesterday was long but good….a great report (I guess) from the doctors – 3 more weeks of the boot 24-7 (I was really hoping that I could take to off to sleep) I feel like I am a pretty "tough old bird" but I have been saying that I have a "burning feeling"….yep – I have a nerve hypersensitivity something that we need to get under control before I go forward with therapy – in the meantime they said that water therapy would be great so in our pool I am going to go!

I hope that this  post shares with you a sneak peak of what makes me roll and you found it helpful! Please feel free to email me if you have other specific questions about the label maker etc…..Until tomorrow!

NEWS FLASH (every Tuesday we get updates…..and they are saying that TOMORROW, August 5th that NEW items will be added to the Clearance Rack)

news flash

I hope that it is a great offering…..I do not want to have "flashbacks" of the last one! I am being positive you you bet that I will pop on and see…..(and probably buy)!

12 x 12 Paper Storage Tips!

Here you go…I hope that you find this helpful. We all have different ways to store things and this works for me…please leave a comment and let everyone know how you store your 12 X 12 paper!

I admit…I am very, TYPE A and I adore trying to figure out storage solutions. We all look at spaces differently and to me there is nothing better than being able to go to the Container Store, IKEA, a great dollar store….etc….looking for new ways to make my life easier!


  • I have had this system for YEARS….and I went to google the company and it must not be around (or it has changed names etc…) I originally bought these from Cropper Hopper – it is now called Storage Solutions (love the name!!!) You can click here and see the offerings.
  • The "KEY" items are the Paper Folders and the dividers….I am the very first one to say that it is an investment but the way I look at it is…..IT WORKS AND MAKES MY LIFE EASIER! I am not a fan of the "Paper Holder" part and I know that I could find something a bit more decorative etc…but again, it works!


  • When I say years…I probably have had some for over 10 + years….and I would just purchase more of the Paper Folders as needed. I know I said that I can fit 6+ in there….it all depends on how much paper you stuff in the files! When new paper comes out…I peel off the labels and put a new one on!


  • A Label Maker is my friend and once you use one…you'll never be without it. I have found that Amazon is the cheapest and the tape is a SUPER DEAL at Amazon (always have an extra because there is nothing worse than having a wonderful type A time… to run out of tape!!! (now that REALLY frustrates me)


You can also go to Amazon and look for these folders….sometime I have found them there and my friend Jeanie….wowzers – she hit the JACKPOT one day and found a bunch of them in a clearance section at a Hobby Lobby.

It really depends on how much paper you have…I have just found this to be a huge help to me with our DSP. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried a new system thinking that maybe that would work…but it doesn't for me and I always come back to these Folders.

When a new catalog comes out and I still have paper that I want to use…I put the paper and scraps in a large Zip-lock Bag and take the label that I "peeled off" and pop it on the bag – hopefully this makes sense! I like to keep my "current DSP" in the system that I have shown you!

NOW LET'S get to the REAL ISSUE we all have and I am equally as guilty!

If we are honest….we all probably have TOO MUCH PAPER! When we have TOO MUCH we get stressed (well at least I do) and (when it is not organized) than we really feel like saying CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!

I do keep the current paper in my work space and then "selectively" keep the DSP that was discontinued in my baggies. The bottom line is that you either have to use it or be disciplined not to over purchase. (I can hear Chris laughing as she reads this)

If I have a bunch of DSP that I have not used, I will look at the paper and figure out a great clean and simple card to make and make TONS of them to use it up….we all know that we can use it up – you just have to be focused to say…I AM GOING TO DO MY BEST TO USE IT!

I also design my cards for the Breast Cancer project I do focusing on paper that I have not used…another great way to use it up! I could go on and on about this topic….there are ways to reduce your stash!

I just finished up my first Product Share from the New Catalog (but will do it again in the middle of the month) but this is the BEST WAY to stay organized.

The "Swatch Books" take up a minimal amount of space and provide a HUGE RESOURCE when we are crafting away and it is great to get a "taste" of the paper at a fraction of the price of buying full pack! (Heck, we can all find a way to use up a 1/2 sheet of DSP)


I am soooo passionate and love figuring out ways to make my life easier, we all see things differently and it is fun to hear and see what works for you.

Are you LOVIN' the new catalog? I am like that little kid waiting for my UPS Truck to come give me Christmas in June! I am excited to share with you new products!

Let's have a fabulous day…I hope that this has helped you…be gentle on yourself, we all see things in different ways and there is not a right or wrong way…it is YOUR WAY!


Fun Friday….

**** This is a 2 or maybe 3 cup of coffee post….but it is the "real me" – Yesterday I had trouble with my Truck and Trailer (thank goodness I did not have any horses in it) but I sat at a Repair Place for over 3 hours and there was no Internet…Microsoft Word was my friend….so the only picture is one that I used the other day – I did a copy and paste…here you go – I truly hope you enjoy!***


Good Morning and as promised on Monday post is going to be both fun and I hope helpful!

  • The “must have’s" to get ready for the new catalog
  • My Top picks for “must haves" from the new catalog in supplies

Going back to Tuesday’s Post I want to add some comments to questions that I have been asked. I was so happy that you enjoyed that post and I hope that I helped you to see what works for me.

Remember, this system works for me and I say if you have one that works for you…STICK WITH IT! We all do things differently. I do feel adamant that a system is imperative…you will be a lot happier and you will use a lot less paper….USE UP THOSE SCRAPS my friends!

For the Storage Bin…

  • Does the paper warp when hanging in these file bins? NO, I never had any problems what so ever and I have used this method for years, (even when I was a Creative Memories Consultant)
  • You said that you used (2) bins before…WHY???When I was storing both the full sheets and the scraps, I found that I needed (2) bins to accommodate all 50 papers we have. I used one folder for the full sheets of paper, and then right behind that I used another folder for the scraps of that color. Now that I am just using this method for scraps, I am sure that I could get by with (1)
  • How do you pick the colors to group together?Everyone has their own preference…. some like to do it by blues, reds, etc…. but I do it by color families! That just seems to roll with me. I look at the catalog and place them in there just as they are lined up in the catalog.
  • Why don’t you just keep full sheet and scraps together in one file? Hmmm…you could easily do that but I find that when I did that I was always pulling out paper and then the scraps would slide out all over the place. I think that it is easier to pull up the “scraps” folder and peak inside to see if I have a size I need before going to a full sheet!

To the Round Containers…

  • Could you put a strip of paper around the edge of the container and then place a sticker? Absolutely and what a great idea. If I had the storage container that Stampin’ Up! sell…I would probably do that as it would be super easy to spin around the caddy and you could easily see what’s inside.
  • What else do you put in these containers? Hmmmm…well all sorts of odds and ends! As I said in my post, I have them in a drawer with the buttons stacked up….the brads in another row….then I do put rubber bands, paper clips, thumb tacks…I just find the size super handy.
  • How do you adhere the 2½ circle to the plastic? I found that some simple glue dots work the best. For the 2” circle I just use a wee bit of mono glue.

Let’s move on to the topic today: The “must haves” to be ready for the new catalog – they are in no particular order rather they are in my head and I seem to do best by just writing as I think!


  • You need a plan. O.k. – I can already hear many of you laughing and saying PLAN…WHAT'S A PLAN! Please do not click me off and I do hope that you can leave a comment so we can get some healthy conversation going. (Chris…I know that you are going to leave a hoot of a comment, that's what I adore about you!!!!)

We all have craft spaces in all different sizes…amounts of products etc….and that is great and that is life! One thing that I do hear over and over (and I must admit, I have been guilty as charged) is that we have "stuff" that  – (1)we don't realize that we have, (2) have no clue what to do with,(3) look at it and say, maybe it will come back around and I will like it then!


  • Decision – Take some time and imagine what you want your craft room to look like…(not the dream craft room….I am saying work with what you have) Figure out what stresses you….figure out what's not working…Then MAKE A LIST of all of these things.
  • Discipline – Tell yourself that you are going to dedicate "X amount" of time to be able to start to work on the list. Make sure that your times are not HUGE…set small, do-able time frames….if you make them too long, you will become resentful! Be true to yourself and work at the times you dedicated to do this.
  • Determination – Sit back down and take some time and imagine what your area will look like when it is completed….how you will feel being free of clutter and now being organized etc….Now set a GOAL to when this needs to be completed….and once you have worked towards that goal….REWARD YOURSELF….When you are determined to do something that is a stretch for you…than you need to be gentle to yourself and make sure that you reward yourself….take a picture…take it all on with how it feels!

To get ready for the new catalog and the new goodies that you will be purchasing….I first say – KNOW WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE….now once you do the above steps that we've talked about than you already have a good idea of what you have and perhaps you have "purged" some things that you no longer use (I am going to touch on this later)

I always organize my stamps alphabetically. (I do keep the single stamps together on a separate shelf as the boxes are a different size)

When we do come out with a new catalog (like the holiday or occassions), I then keep those stamps on a different shelf so they do not get mixed in with the Big Catalog (annual) ones.

If you do not have a shelf…find a container or something that is not too deep so you can see the spine of the stamp sets…a CD rack/shelf works. I just do better with being in order alphabetically.

I then take my catalog and go in the back to the Stamp Index Section and out comes the highlighter – I highlight the stamp sets that I have in the catalog and then flip to the corresponding page and highlight the stamp name. This way as I flip through my catalog, I can see exactly what I have.

Have a "need to order list" at your work area. You can click here to have a list that Stampin' Up created.How many times are we working with something to find out that we did not have enough or are running low…by having this list, you can go right to it when you need to order!

I am going to be much more selective on the stamp sets that I purchase. This is what I am going to do – Look at it and then say…can I make this set work for at least 3 cards/projects? If so, than it is a possibility.We simply cannot get or need everything!

Remember yesterday's post….I have already used that stamp set (3) different times…this is a goal that I am hoping to do to inspire you to think out of the box.

The next part of today's post is…

Top picks for “must haves from the new catalog in supplies…

This is the fun part, the one that we can all start to get excited about …even though we have not seen the goodies ourselves yet…it's kind of like being a kid again and dreaming of what it would be like….

Here are my tops that I think are going to be must haves (remember, I have no stamps here)….and really I am sure that there are going to be more items added once I get them and play with them!

  • Metal Rimmed Pearls  -  these are just beautiful and just so darn classic!
  • Thick Bakers Twine – I love this as it makes a great touch to a simple card!
  • 5/8" Striped Cotton Ribbon – because this is in the In Colors, I think that this ribbon is going to tie like a dream and I can see it being perfect on gifts and 3-D boxes.
  • Tear & Tape Adhesive – YES….we all know that we LOVE sticky strip…but this is going to be amazing that you do not need scissors!
  • Whisper White Thick CardstockTHANK YOU…THANK YOU STAMPIN' UP! (We really, really needed this – woot-woot!)
  • The Envelope PaperLOVE the weight and feel and it is sooooo darn affordable – I am hoping that this is going to be a HUGE hit and we get more color collections!
  • Paper StacksYES – they are now in a NEW size…6 X 6 and we have (3) new prints! – YES!!!!
  • The Designer Series Paper StacksTHIS IS A FABULOUS CHANGE-UP! What is NEW? Stampin' Up! has made fabulous prints….so fresh and fun…
  • Punches – my favorites from just looking….here are a couple – Banner Triple (I have this and have used it – LOVE IT!)…Washi Label Punch (I think that this will be fabulous for sentiments), Tree Builder ( fun, fresh and versatile), 1 1/2 Circle Punch (just have to have all of the circle punches – PUNCHES ARE SPEED TOOLS!
  • Paper – You know that we have (5) different color collections of cardstock…the best tip I can give you is to purchase the cardstock in the color families….it is super affordable and you will get (2) pieces of each color, this will give you a great feel to what colors you gravitate to!

O.k – enough! You know that I could go on and on but these above items to me are "supplies" as these are a great group of products that make "clean and simple" card making a breeze.

Remember, that many of my favorites are included in my Product Shares and this gives you an opportunity to take a test drive on them without breaking the bank!

Now if you have the new catalog in your HOT LITTLE PAWS….you can click here and then print it off and use it as a handy reference to you in "pulling together" your favorites and your "must haves".

I am ending with this thought…wouldn't you be wondering why a friend would not tell you about a hot sale?

Well…I am your friend and if you add up all of the goodies that you want…and if it remotely comes anywhere near kit cost…just kick those tires and have you will get a great perk….2 free stamp sets….now that is a great carrot!

I truly love what I do and I would love to have you!


p.s. – I did not touch on the DSP's….there are ALWAYS amazing (as always) and I am super happy that there are several that coordinate with Very Vanilla!!!

p.p.s. – My Trailer was fixed and I am back on the road!

Pals Blog Hop: Earth Day is Every Day

2015aprhop_badgeWelcome to the Pals Blog Hop for April where every day is Earth Day.  This month we are showcasing projects that use recycled, reused or other earth inspired elements and colors.  We hope you enjoy the Pals creative projects.

You may just be starting the blog hop or may have come from Benjaman Turner at He Stamps, #13 on the Pals Hop.  If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you see all the projects.


If you follow my blog, (and I hope you do)….I broke my ankle in January. My Stamp Area is upstairs and the steps and I were not the best of friends.

I have a FABULOUS and supportive husband but the family room quickly became my Stamp area….he is very patient but I felt like I had to have some sort of order so I turned to a Kleenex Box and the rest is history!

I hope that this box of tricks is an inspiration to you and you look around your home to see what you can use…re-use and find a purpose for! We all have hidden gems out there and I hope that you like my gem!


I know that we all know what the size of a Kleenex Box is…but hang on to your Stampin' supples as I think that you are going to be shocked with all that I have in here…

This is full of the basic, must haves that we use all the time for creating works of Art from our Heart – to me these ARE to goodies that make me roll when I sit down to create.

I like to think of it as a kitchen, when you have the proper utensils, the cooking process goes so much smoother…and just like equipping a kitchen – it takes time, it is an investment but here is my take on the "must haves" for making me roll with my projects!


(These are in no particular order, I am just peaking in my box and typing away!)

  • Stampin' Pierce Mat
  • Stampin' Scrub (Once you get use to using this – you'll never be without it)
  • Stampin' Mist
  • Craft Scissors (I know…and indulgence – but SOOOOOO worth it – you'll never regret it….actually I bet you'll buy another within 6 months – I keep one for paper and one for ribbon)
  • Paper Snips Scissors
  • Stamp-A-Ma-Jig (no sighing here….try it – you'll LOVE IT)
  • Adhesive Remover (Simply the best, especially if you use the "green glue" a bunch)
  • Snail Permanent Adhesive
  • Glue Dots
  • Sticky Strip
  • Liquid Multipurpose Glue
  • Stampin' Dimensionals
  • Silicone Craft Sheet
  • Bone Folder
  • Paper-Piercing Tool
  • Simply Scored Stylus
  • Project Life Journaling Pens (these are the best to write with in your cards…they do not smear one bit!)
  • White Gel Pen (what would I do without my trusty friend)


These are the Stampin' Up! Products that were a supporting actress to my box of fun!

  • Tiny Treat Boxes
  • 1-3/8" Circle Punch ( to make the hole for the boxes)
  • Blushing Bride 8-1/2" X 11" Card Stock
  • Blushing Bride 1-1/4" Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Itty Bitty Accents Punch Pack (A MUST HAVE!!!)
  • Flower Pot Designer Series Paper
  • Regals Candy Dots
  • Perfect Print Alphabet Bigz Die
  • Vanilla Coaster Board (I adore this and used it to "lift up" my letters, this is what I used to make my Easter Baskets. It is overlooked in the catalog but sure does come in handy!)
  • Big Shot



Non Stampin' Up Things in my box of tricks!

  • Mechanical Pencil (I think the lead is softer making it super easy to erase
  • Magic Rub Eraser (a simple eraser that you can buy at any office store)
  • A Good Ruler (I like one that is clear and one that goes down to 1/8" marks
  • A note pad (I always like to have scratch paper to write note and tips for my postings)



As the saying goes….THAT'S ALL FOLKS! You have a bunch of hopping to do – go and be a sponge and take it all in!

The next stop is Beth McCullough at Stamping Mom, #15 on the Pals Blog Hop!  Thanks for visiting; I hope to see you on next month’s Pals Hop!

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  17. Kerry Willard Bray at Peonies and Paper Chains

WHEW…..there are a BUNCH OF GOODIES in my box…you can see the scrolling goodies below! Remember, this week Stampin' Up! is offering FREE SHIPPING for anything….no matter if it is one item or 50 items!

This IS the BEST TIME to stock up – THANK YOU Stampin' Up! Enjoy the hop (wowzers, this is always a fun day) and I hope to see you tomorrow!

Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think or email me if I can help you!

p.s. – I am leaving to meet Hannah at a horse show for 4 days later this week….guess what is going with me? – My box….as it is great to have sooooo much…….soooo portable!


Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog


And the Envelope Liner Winner is……SELETTA!!!

This has been a fun post and topic of the different ways of lining envelopes! The lucky winner is…..
Here is her comment…

to say I very seldom used a liner in the envelope….that is till I came
upon Susan!!! and your cards always look so finished that I gave it a
try. Don't do everyone but lots more than usual. I make my own as per
your instructions, works great. Love your Blog.

Posted by:

WOOT-WOOT!!! I hope you enjoy your blog candy and please send mean email with your address and I will send you your goodies!!!!

Below is the liners and I threw in a couple of extra envelope already
lined for you! Enjoy and many thanks for your comment! They are all new papers and I mixed both methods of liners!


WOW….I know you guys love the attention that I  to do with envelopes but I will say "HAT'S OFF TO YOU" for reading that L O N G post!

Trust me… keep think of the analogy of riding a bike….once you get the "Susan" way of doing it….you will never have to look at a cheat sheet again to make them!

In total I had 61 comments from my comments on my blog and emails! THANK YOU….for being so diligent in reading and responding! It was super interesting to read the feedback and comments!

Many like the "Susan" way because they had all of the tools/products…and loved the concept of having the look of the whole envelope lined…..but…..

Many others loved the fact that they could purchase the New Envelope Liner Framelits and it was a help from Mr. Big Shot and then presto -DONE!

And the end result was….there were just a few more that liked the "Susan" method but I would wager to say they are waiting to get their hands on this super cool and fun framelit!

The lesson to this whole post of fun is…there are sooooo many different ways to do things and none of them are right or wrong….and none of them are better than the other!

I find that we are too hard on ourselves (and trust me – I'm a good one to talk on this one) – that we feel that because something is NEW is better…and guess what? – sometimes we just have to wait and find out what works best for us!

Please do not get me wrong as when I saw this new catalog….hands down – the 1st thing I knew that I was going to order were the Envelope Liner Framelits as I knew it would not only be a HOT item…it would be an item that I wound find practical many times for my uses! (Mainly because I can use the adhesive from the Stampin' Up Envelope)

Every month when a team of volunteers make cards for Breast Cancer patients…I always have to put sticky strip on them as I really do not know when the cards are going to be sent to the cancer patients and families. In doing it this way – they can simply pull off the sticky strip and PRESTO!

With the NEW envelope liner framelit….this might change my thoughts! True I will have to get the big shot out….but then again it will be nice not to have to worry about the sticky strip….see – every situation is different!

This has been a super fun topic to show you the different ways you can line an envelope! I am with you which ever way you like and I am an email away!

You all are the best and I thank you for your support……WOOT-WOOT to Seletta!

Until tomorrow…..

A Great “Golfer’s Thank-you”


On Saturday I hosted an event for my job and it involved golfing! I needed a "thank you note" to send to the golfers that came out to support the event!

I immediately thought of the Dapper Dad stamp set! Confession time…this is the first I have used it but will say – not the last… so get ready to see some great ideas using this super fun set!

I felt that the Perfectly Penned Stamp Set was a perfect choice to add to the golf shoe! Now you know what I am going to say…this simply could not be done without the Stamp-a-ma-jig! This silly little tool makes life so much easier but better than easier – it saves you a ton of time!


I knew that I needed to make many of these and I wanted to share with you how easy it is to do an assembly line process when making cards! Here are some tips that might be useful…

  • I always take a piece of scrap paper to write down all dimensions and tips!
  • I cut the base card (Crumb Cake for this card) and score in half.
  • Pull out the Crumb Cake Envelopes and decide the liner I wanted to use….easy-peasy  – Neutrals Designer Series Paper!
  • Make sure you ink pad has plenty of coverage…if not…use the refill as you continue to organize. ( you need to wait 10-15 minutes to settle in the ink pad)
  • Go to your scraps 1st and see if you can utilize them before using a fresh sheet of paper!
  • Cut the vertical pieces….stack them up in the colors per card!
  • Run the vertical strips through the Big Shot using the Argyle Embossing Folder.
  • Using the Stamp-a-ma-jig – prepare the clear sheet for doing your stamping.
  • Stamp the shoe 1st….then follow up with the sentiment!
  • When I made these…I did use a bit of snail on the back of each to hold it in place so the stamp-a-ma-jig would not wiggle!
  • Drew a pencil line down the center of the card to place the center piece and then it was easy to "eyeball" the others!
  • Adhere…pop it up with my Stampin' Vitamins – Stampin' Demensionals!


I personally think this is one fun and handsome card! Change the colors up for a more feminine feel….I think I am going to try it with a heat embossing technique! I can see a pink shoe!

Please do not forget to subscribe to my daily blog….I love creating and I love working my creations into my personal lifestyle! Click on the box right under the catalog!!!

On Wednesday is my monthly Breast Cancer card making fun time….we will make over 100 cards for the local "Angel Program"….sending a card and "pick me up" to those that are unfortunately going through some tough times! This is such a "feel good" evening!


Please leave me a comment or email me and let me know how you liked this card….sometimes it is hard to come up with an idea for a masculine theme…I think the colors set the stage for this card! I do say….I loved focusing and "picking up" the argyle from the show in the embossing folder! A great added touch!

Here's to a fabulous week….I am up for a busy one… but fun one…until tomorrow!!!!

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