Halloween fun ~ super cute!




BOO and Happy first full day of Fall!

Is it Fall weather were you live? I know that yesterday at 10:21 Eastern Time is was official…but…..It sure isn’t on the East Coast but on Sunday…magic is to happen (so the weatherman says) and I am looking forward to wake up and say….IT FEELS LIKE FALL and then I am going to go outside and do a Happy Fall Dance with the dogs and hope that cool and crisp weather is here to stay (I just love to dream) ๐Ÿ˜€

I am a “Happy” type person for Halloween. I am not a huge fan of scary stuff so when I share Halloween Fun…it is usually “Happy and Fun” things…like I have for you today!


Today I am showcasing the goodies that were in the latest Paper Pumpkin! Click on the image below to see the Stampin’ Up! video showcasing it – super short yet super cute and then I will share and show with you some ideas and ways that I have used this kit.

I was a “Silly Susan” and totally forgot to order extra kits for September as this one usually tends to be a SUPER GREAT Halloween one that is FUN but you better believe that I will be like a hawk waiting and watching to see when the refill kits are available – (I did call yesterday to see if I could get any scoop and all I know is that yes ~ they plan to have some refills….but as to when????, that is the mystery….probably next week.)

You bet that I will order a bunch of refills as I just love to have goodies like this on my shelf! You can see in the picture below that I am using the Paper Pumpkin from last year! (This is why I like to stock up on refills – super cute) I fill these with miniature Tootsie Rolls!

TIP ALERT….. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

When I was typing this I thought…what the heck – go back and see IF by chance the kit from last year was still available and guess what ~ IT IS!!!! (I highlighted the link for you above)


If you are a newbie to the Paper Pumpkin Program, you can get the 1st month (which would be October) and then you would get November FREE! If you wish to cancel your Paper Pumpkin Kits….easy, after November 10th – simply go on and cancel – POOF…it is that easy!

If you click here and order a month’s subscription and enter promo codeย  BOGO , you will get that November kit free PLUS….you will be able to order the last year Halloween Kit and/or refill if you wish and fingers crossed……this adorable test tube one form this year! A win-win all the way around!


You can see that I followed the directions from the kit but then I also made a quick super quick and easy note card….



You all know that I love the Note-card Size of Whisper White that we offer but for today’s card – I cut my own card stock to make a vertical card (I have no idea why I did not just use the fold on the left…but just call me silly) and I paired this up with the fun Halloween Paper we have as well as a speed tool, the banner framelits to make this sweet card!


There you go….some Halloween fun from the present as well as the past (last year). I adore both and projects like this are fun to give to all ages…What do I have in the test tubes? You will be surprised but I had them at the house….the are dark chocolate covered espresso beans – Hannah loves them and I bought some last week to send to her!

I am excited to hopefully get more of these test tubes! Hannah works in a Science Lab and wouldn’t this be PERFECT to send her a bunch to give to co-workers…I have a vision already – a basket filled with them and then a cute card/tag – BOO – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the Paper Pumpkin Incentive. I am out of town until Sunday morning but I will check my email as time warrants! Have a great day and I hope that this Halloween post brought a smile to your face!

dog shop now

Where did this stamp come from?




Good morning! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Are you scratching your head trying to figure out where this stamp (s) came from? Well….I think that this floral one is a keeper but I have sad news…it is something that you cannot purchase because it was a freebie from Stampin’ Up! for the Birthday Celebration of the Paper Pumpkin program and they mailed out over a million of these monthly kits!

You will have a chance to win this stamp set…because “Smart Susan….I usually say Silly Susan” purchased an extra kit last month for someone to win!





Before we get to how you can have a chance to win it…let’s talk about the sentiment. Isn’t this a wonderful sentiment? It is from the stamp set, Picture Perfect , one that I have not blogged about but hang tight, you bet I will be because it was carried over to the New Catalog so I am doing the happy dance!

I was rolling the dice on purchasing this stamp set…as I just purchased it about 3 weeks ago and I am so glad I did. My thinking cap is on and I know that you are going to love what I come up with!





I just had to add the button…I love this as an extra touch. I know that Stampin’ Up! is retiring the buttons and honestly, I do understand it as it is a product that probably does not sell a bunch, it is sometimes an addition that is the “special touch” that is needed.

By now you know that I love Bakers Twine…and making it fun and festive like this is just plain FUN! Glue dots are the best to hold buttons in place! ๐Ÿ™‚

One more look at this special card. This is a card that anyone could do. I know that many of you might look at this and think that it is complicated…..all it is is a stamp…ink…new stamp…ink…etc

I think that sometimes when we see stamps that create a “scene” like this, we feel it is hard….please take a moment and see what I mean – it really is easy!




Now to how you can win this stamp set!

If you join Paper Pumpkin, (even if it is just for a month –ย  see below in the shopping list)…you will have a chance to win this stamp set.

The beauty of this program is that you can join for 1 month…you can have a 3 month, a 6 month or a yearly subscription…you can skip a month and you can stop the program at anytime! Basically you can have it anyway it works for you!

I have been a member since it started 3 years ago and I can honestly say that there have only been a couple that I have not been a fan of but I have always found a way to make it work…

Stampin’ Up! has put a HUGE marketing presence in this program and all I can say is….give it a try – all you would lose is $19.95. For anyone that signs up with me by May 10th will have a chance to win this stamp set. I will announce the winner on May 11th!




The above picture is a “sneak peak” for the May kit. I know that we are already in May but with the Paper Pumpkin Program…the 10th of the month is an important date….as if you order by the 10th, you will receive this above kit (it looks super cute…..right!) plus you will have a chance to win this special addition stamp set from me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. – If you were a Paper Pumpkin customer before…I would LOVE to have you back and YES – you will have a chance to win this freebie from me!




Time for a reminder…



Good Morning! I am just giving you a gentle nudge to remind you that you still get the April Paper Pumpkin kit (THAT HAS AN ADDITIONAL FREE STAMP SET) in celebration of the programs 3rd B-day….but you need to sign up by April 10th. (the 10th of the month is always the magical date with Paper Pumpkin)






Please here me out…how can you lose?

Simple, YOU CAN’T. Just give it a try for just this one month – it is just $19.95 and that includes shipping (as I do feel that there is going to be something super special with the additional stamp set) and then if it is not for you….no worries…YOU ARE DONE!



clipart - reminder


Below are cards from the March Kit (I think that they are super sweet) that I CASED from the Stampin’ Up! Paper Pumpkin Blog….adorable and oh how simple! The Apple of my Eye stamp set worked out perfectly for a quick and fun sentiment!

I think that you will agree…you would smile if you received this sweet card. I think part of the fun with the Paper Pumpkin Program is that we have exclusive stamp set that can be used over and over….and each kit comes with a stampin’ spot cube of ink…. ๐Ÿ™‚








I know that we all get super busy and then all of a sudden…..the 10th (which is Sunday) will pass and then you will have missed this opportunity to get this SPECIAL….ONE OF A KIND kit that will have (2) stamps sets in it.

I decided to blog about it today as I know you wouldn’t want our 2 day weekend post to get off track! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  So……the moral of the story is click the Paper Pumpkin Box in the shopping area and get this kit for April…for $19.95, how can you go wrong ~ heck we usually pay that for a stamp set! (remember, shipping is included)




I am super excited to see what will be in our little box this month….but I can bet that it will be extra special…we all know when we are celebrating something – that is special in itself, but getting an extra stamp set…WOW…I am excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

Get ready for our weekend posts….hopefully you will find them fun. Thanks for your time, thanks for your support….please share my blog with your friends and if you are not a subscriber…please do so…I wouldn’t want you to miss some good old stampin’ fun!

p.s. – Here is a great idea….do you have a friend that you would love to have some “me time” with and just do something fun together….either share this post with her and let her see that she can have stampin’ fun with you for $19.95 or these make a super gift….and do something rewarding together!


My 3 Amigos….

Please do not click me off when you see that this post is about this months Paper Pumpkin (ha-ha)ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ because I think that you will agree that it is super cute! In the collage below are images that I took from Stampin’ Up! and you can see how they gave us instructions on how to put the kit together….but you know me – I like to twist it up a bit so please read on!

Did you know that Paper Pumpkin has it’s own You tube Channel? YEP, you can click here to see this months video but there is also something else that Stampin’ Up! is starting…..Paper Pumpkin will have its own Blog. This is a great idea as everything will be in one place…there will be alternative ideas on how to use the kits and also many other features that go along with the program.

Did you know with a 3 months subscription, (Which is on sale until the end of Sale-a-bration) Yep, that right….and the BEST THING….when you subscribe to a 3 months subscription you will be able to pick a FREEBIE SALE-A-BRATION item….that deserves a WOOT-WOOT!


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.33.53 PM


You can click the button at the end of the post to subscribe – this is the way I feel about it…there might be a month that comes by that doesn’t make you do a happy dance BUT if that happens, I guarantee you that you will find a very quality kit put together….you will get a stamp set that you will use again and you will get a ink cube (I love them) that you will use over and over!


PicMonkey Collage


Every Month when my little red box is in my mailbox, I get excited. You never know what is in there and I adore that element of a surprise. I personally offer a Stamp of the Month Kit that is very popular with customers as they love to have a project “all pulled together for them” and then they get the joy of finding “me time” to create and feel rewarded. This is the same with the Paper Pumpkin Program.

After Stampin’ Up! sends out all of the kits to the subscribers, if there are extras…they offer them to people that subscribe to the kits the opportunity to purchase a refill…and YEP – this months is being offered as a refill and YEP – I have purchased several…..This means that I can make a complete card for under $1.00 a card…..THAT WORKS FOR ME! Below is an example of what comes in a kit.

Contains supplies for 9 cards and envelopes:
The February Kit Includes… (this is the refill)
* 9 printed card bases (3 designs)
* 9 printed envelopes (3 designs) THESE ARE ADORABLE!!!!
* 4 sheets of die-cut stickers
* 1 sheet of gold foil stickers
* 2 sheets of white banners
* 1 sheet of blue banners
* 50 sequins
* 200 adhesive dots

What was in the kit was also a Blackberry Bliss Ink Square and the MOST ADORABLE STAMP SET….you will be seeing this one again in posts….it is just adorable!

Now to my parade of pictures of how I took my kit and made it work for me! You will see in the supplies at the end of the post the products I used to change it up a bit. I was very happy with this months kit….




















I think that you can see how you can be a traditionalist and follow the instructions or you can let your own inner creativity flow and make it a bit different like I did. These kits also make fabulous gifts for someone as everything they need is in the box! A true box of fun!

Here is a little carrot to dangle to you…..sign up with me with a 3 month subscription and I will send you a pack of White Bakers Twine (this is a product that we always use and need on hand) Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Have a fabulous day and I hope that you enjoyed my twist on this kit!

p.s.- I had many emails making sure that I am ok where I am….yes, there was terrible weather yesterday but all is fine and they prepared and closed all of the barn areas down to prepare for the storm….I am hopeful as I wake up today that everything is good to go!


I “heart” this month’s Paper Pumpkin!


I admit that a huge smile is on my face when I see that little red box with the NEW Paper Pumpkin in it. I think the element of the surprise is always what make me smile when I see the box. (sounds like a little kid when they get a new toy)

One thing that I am guaranteed each and every month is:

  • I will have a FUN project for some “me time” as everything is included in the box!
  • I will get a new “Stampin’ Spot” (that is a small cube of ink) – This month it is Watermelon Wonder
  • I will get a new Stamp Set – This month it is a true Valentines classic one that will be used for years and years
  • I know that I can count on having extra left overs as Stampin’ Up! is always generous to make sure you have ample. (Many times I switch it up so I can use the embellishments for a future project. (that is what I did this month)
  • Because I subscribe to the Paper Pumpkin Program, I have the opportunity to purchase additional kit refills if they become available.
  • All of this for just $19.95 a month and that includes shipping


I know that some of you are reluctant to make a purchase without seeing the months offering but to me that is part of it that makes it super fun….the element of a surprise and you just need to trust me on this one – they are great kits…they are always a fun time for yourself to create. Even if a kit on month might not be my style 100%, I always find a way to use it.

With us being in the Sale-a-bration mode, you can get a 3 month subscription to the Paper Pumpkin program for $55.00 and that will allow you to pick a FREE SALE-A-BRATION ITEM….tell me, how can you go wrong?

Grab a “Cup of Joe” and enjoy seeing this months kit

(I adore Stampin’ Ups! Videos they are doing with this program…super short and fun!)


When I saw this kit I immediately knew that these goodies would go to my son that is a teacher in the Boston area! I called him and he was excited for me to do this for his class –ย  I made each of them a heart with a fun sentiment and then asked my son about what candies he wanted me to send to him – I loved his response….

“Mom, I want to make them something myself” – wow…I think it is wonderful that he loves to cook…and WOWZERS, he has become quite the baker (one trait that I do not have) but when I asked him what was he going to make he said – “GRANOLA”“I make great homemade granola and put it in a little bags,ย  it will be perfect for them on their yogurt” I just had laugh as I was totally thinking a great chewy and decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie! (He’s my super fit runner)


If you are interested in a great deal – I would say go for the (3) Month subscription as not only is it on sale ($55.00) and also you will be able to get a FREE Sale-a-bration item…. you will be set for (3) months of FUN kits that come delivered right to your door! You can click here to go to the direct link.

Friday I am going to share with you another way that I S T R E T C H E D this stamp set for a SUPER CUTE treat for Valentines…trust me, you are going to want to POP back and no worries if you do not have this kit – the idea that I am going to share on Friday can be used with MANY stamp sets….it’s a KEEPER!


  • If you want a PRODUCT SHARE, today is the last day that I will be offering them for the Occasions Catalog, CLICK HERE to see the offerings I have and then if you want something, please email me and put in the subject line – PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it!
  • It is Tuesday and you know what that means, time for NEW Weekly Deals – CLICK HERE to see the offerings this week – my pick….WOW – there are 2 that I would go for….theย  Party Punch Pack (perfect little and quick accents) and also the Berry Basket (I know that these Dies are super $$$$ and this is exactly why I would go for it – 25% off YES!!!!!) Click here to see some adorable baskets I made….this is a GREAT die…a true and timeless classic!

Enjoy the day….stay warm and make someone smile!



I am soooo darn excited!!!

O.k. folks – I wish that you could have seen my face when the mailman came…it was here…..FINALLY it was here – my little box of fun from Stampin' Up! Now I told you that when I was at convention that I was able to take a sneak peak at future kits and this one – September 2015 is OVER THE TOP!

I did not have a minute to put it together but I am sooooo darn excited to do so this morning with my cup of coffee and then I will sneak back and add some photos of them but…….

Please take a minute and watch this video and you will see clearly what I am talking about – SO DARN TOOTIN' CUTE! Watch it and then read below….


Paper Pumpkin Kits are items that we can "cash and carry" which means that I can sell them to YOU! At the end of the month, Stampin' Up! will offer kit refills that you can take advantage of and GUESS WHAT – they have already this refill kit available for the people that are "PPP'ers" (remember, I call them Paper Pumpkin People)


As a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and a current PPP'er

I can order these ADORABLE refills and sell them to you.


Please remember that you will not get the stamp set and ink block that is in the regular kit but honestly, after seeing the video….I know that you have all sorts of stamps and sentiments that will work perfectly!

Here are the contents of the goodies that you will receive. I am just NUTS about this kit and refill. It is so cute, so fun….you need to email me and let me know how many refills you would like!I will send you a Pay Pal invoice for the fun!

The kits are $8.00 each and you will be able to make 8 of these fun and festive treat bags that look like good old fashion Caramel Apples!

Contains supplies for 8 treat bags :

Refill Kit Includes….
* 8 kraft bags
* 8 kraft fringe wrap pieces
* 8 paper straws
* 1 sheet of striped tags
* 2 sheets of white tags
* 8 white support pieces
* 8 pieces of orange bakerโ€™s twine (18" ea.)
* 8 pieces of raffia (18" ea.)


You know that I love what I do and I will pass on the shipping charges to you that the Post Office charges. This will give you a great opportunity to see what these kits are about and this one….WOWZERS – over the top = hands down my favorite!

I already ordered a slew of these as I am going to teach classes with them. Please email me and let me know how many kit refills you would like and you will have a BALL playing with stamps that you have to add some pizzazz!

Please put in the subject line PP Refill so I can SPOT YOU…..I have some refills coming in tomorrow with a big order I am expecting! (You can tell that I am excited about these)

Until tomorrow….I have something fun for you!

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